Delta protects SkyMiles members and blocks the evil empire (aka AwardWallet)

Kudos to Delta SkyMiles for a true program enhancement! It’s not often a loyalty program goes above and beyond to protect their members, but today Delta showed just how much they care about their SkyMiles member. Some lazy people apparently use Award Wallet to track their miles and points balances, I guess because they can’t be bothered to check all the accounts individually (it must be nice to be so rich that you can’t even track all your mileage assets individually!). It’s pure laziness, and downright dangerous. I mean, I just didn’t feel safe letting AwardWallet check my SkyMiles balance, especially with my shoes on and a can of Diet Coke with lime at my desk containing more than 3.4 ounces of liquid.

So Delta made me feel just a bit safer about my SkyMiles account today, as they’ve issued a cease and desist to AwardWallet (which you can read here) to stop displaying their account information. As the letter states, “your continued unauthorized access to Delta’s websites and computer systems constitutes computer trespass as defined in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.”

After all, without using the Delta website to check on my SkyMiles balance, how am I supposed to stay up to date on the best deals on wine, pet medication, and rental cars? And it also restores my faith in them as an airline that they’re focusing on this instead of dumb things like fixing the award calendar or training their SkyMiles agents.

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  1. Just happened to look at the old Miletracker program that I use to use years ago…why are they able to access AA and Delta and AwardWallet not? I’m a huge fan of AwardWallet, use it every day; but what makes Miletracker so special????????????

  2. Too many people must be cashing in their skypesos and DELTA must be getting mad that people aren’t forgetting they have miles! What nonsense.

  3. LOL! Love it! The Delta folks behind this move must really enjoy shooting themselves in the foot – again. They are Idiots and they do not deserve any loyalty. In neaerly all cases, we DO have other options; I’d encourage eveyone to: 1)use those other options for tickets and 2) write or email Delta and complain like hell. The information in my Delta account is MINE and it is PERSONAL. I’ll authorize (or not) others to access that information at MY option, not Delta’s. Idiots, I tell you! They are Idiots!

  4. My favorite part of that entire letter is the closing: “Govern yourselves accordingly.”

    Like, was a simple “Sincerely,” or “Regards,” just not harsh enough?

  5. I feel so much safer……I feel so safe, here’s a question. What is the best airline in Skyteam to credit my miles to when I have to fly Delta??

  6. I’ve been a Delta customer my whole life living just South of Atlanta. I have never imagined looking to another airline, but alas they continue to push me elsewhere. Time to see if the grass is greener with oneworld or star alliance.

  7. Everyone has got to chill out. This is just Delta’s way of shedding some loyalty members, so the fallout when they switch to a revenue based program isn’t so great

  8. I could see this as a precursor for Delta wanting to charge awardwallet for access …. that is how they make all their money these days – out of ancillary revenue not flying planes around and giving good service …

    sad – just plain sad …

  9. Both United and Delta this week are so kind, they’re just trying to help AA stay afloat by sending them more of their own best customers.

  10. I switched my “loyalty” to DL when AA hammered AW…it’s just so much easier to log-in to multiple family accounts with AW, and see which kid has the most miles, etc. We basically dumped using AA when they screwed us out of AwardWallet.

    Is that their point? Millions of miles left un-redeemed for lack of convenient access?

    Guess it’s time to move on again…any thoughts on United vs USAir?

  11. don’t tell that to deltapoints… what a joke that post was. talk about a complete shill

    what is even more a joke is that he refuse to post an critique posts on his blog… so whats the point with even disagreeing with him

    he brings not only shame to his blog, but to the entire boardingarea group. why he is still featured, i’ll never know

  12. Delta will claim security – I wish banks, airlines and such would come up with read only access. This would allow third parties to display the information but not have physical access to accounts.

  13. I ve been using awardwallet for sometime and am quite happy with and its highly recommended by business traveller magazine so i guess if the experts in the market say that!!!!! Delta,air france and skyteam sucks even being platinium for life am spending my ladt miles before switching alliance.

  14. You’re an idiot for writing this post.

    Delta sucks for denying customers the ability to track their mileage information through whatever channel they choose.

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