Delta Promo: 1,000 Bonus Miles For Each New Partner Activity

Delta has a fun promotion offering 1,000 bonus miles for each new SkyMiles partner you earn miles with between March 24 and June 30, 2017. Those dates are based on the reported activity date by the partner.


By “new partner” they don’t actually mean that you’ve never used that partner before, but rather that you didn’t have any activity with that specific partner between March 24, 2016, and March 23, 2017.

Registration is required, and all SkyMiles members outside the APAC region should be eligible for the offer. It can take up to 60 days from the transaction for eligible bonus miles to post.

Per the promotion terms, the following SkyMiles partners are eligible for the promotion:

Credit Card Partners, Hotels, Car Rental, Limo & Shuttle, Cruises and Vacations, Dining, Retail and Specialty, Financial Partners, SkyMiles Shopping and SkyMiles Dining. For a list of partners in each category, please click here.  Other categories of partners, including airline partners and Citibank Asia are expressly excluded from this offer.

Here’s an infographic explaining the promotion:


Ultimately I value 1,000 SkyMiles at maybe ~$12, so I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to earn miles through this offer. However, there are some very easy wins here. For example:

  • If you have a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card but haven’t had activity on it in about a year, you could earn 1,000 bonus miles for using it (or for applying for one)
  • You could dine using one of the SkyMiles Dining participating restaurants
  • You could shop through Delta’s online shopping portal
  • You could take a SuperShuttle (with Uber and Lyft as cheap as they are in many markets, that may not be worth it)
  • You could transfer Starpoints to SkyMiles (if you’re a Platinum member you can transfer just one point, which would turn into 1,001 miles)
  • You can earn SkyMiles for Airbnb stays, so you can earn additional bonus miles through this offer; Delta even has a promotion right now offering triple miles on Airbnb stays, which can be stacked with this
  • You can earn SkyMiles for car rentals

Bottom line

While I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to take advantage of this offer, it’s a nice bonus that should be easy enough to take advantage of to earn at least a few thousand bonus miles. I’ll definitely transfer one Starpoint to Delta, dine through the SkyMiles Dining portal, maybe credit a Hilton stay to Delta, etc.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Delta’s partner bonus?


  1. Seems almost a little bit like US Airways’ old Grand Slam promotion, except not nearly as lucrative.

  2. Lucky, this also works with Amex MR transfer. I transferred to redeem an award yesterday and was happy to see the 1000 bonus. Was looking around to see what it was – thanks for this article. Also took advantage of the SPG transfer as you inidicated and helped me save buying miles 🙂

  3. Lucky, I did not register but both the bonus points for SPG and AMEX transfers have posted. So not sure if its needed.

  4. I remember when people would start ordering cheap Biscoff cookies for a cheap “hit” on the US Airways Grand Slam.

  5. Oh Boy, more points that can be devalued at a moment’s notice, or with no notice at all. Aren’t we lucky?!?!

  6. Do you think that every hotel partner would count separately? I’ve already set up my starwood/hilton miles component to go to Delta and I dunno if on marriott you can do the same – seeing as you can go between SPG and Marriott Rewards, that sounds like an extra 1K points free there?

  7. So if I shop and made a purchase with 25 different retailers, could I max out this promotion like that?

    I received and registered for this promotion weeks ago. I believe my deadline is near the end of this month (April).

  8. I had my first dine through Sky Miles on March 28th. I just saw this promo yesterday and registered for it (April 1st). Should I be able to get the 1,000 or will I be inelgible since I had not yet registered at the time of the dine, even though the dine was very new and occurred within the required dates?

  9. I did skymiles shopping. Registered and everything, first time activity. 1000 bonus points did NOT post.

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