Delta matches double EQM’s…. sort of…. kind of…. nah, not really

Delta Offers Triple Miles Toward Medallion Status For Worldwide Travel

I was speechless when I saw that headline. It sounded too good to be true, but we’re talking about Delta here, and they’ve had plenty of “too good to be true” offers in the past. Only in this case it’s not. Basically high yield flyers earn triple MQM’s, while those on “discounted” economy fares earn double EQM’s. Mileage runners and those on cheap fares, on the other hand, get nothing. Delta flyers can register here and Northwest flyers can register here.

I still find this promotion to be somewhat deceiving. Look at their explanation of this offer:

For example, a member flying Delta round-trip, nonstop between Atlanta and Tokyo will receive 13,700 elite miles – the actual miles flown – on a deeply discounted Economy fare. With this offer, a member purchasing a premium fare for the same itinerary will earn 41,100 elite miles and a member purchasing a discounted Economy fare will earn 27,400 elite miles, both of which would qualify a member for Silver Medallion status.

 Well, a “premium fare” flyer would already earn a 50% bonus, so you’re not really tripling miles. You’re doubling when you factor in the high yield bonus, or multiplying the base mileage by 2.5, depending on how you want to look at it.

Overall it’s a decent enough promotion. Delta would have been stupid to offer a full out double EQM promotion given how many elites they have right now. This seems like a fair (enough) compromise.

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  1. Yeah…this ‘promotion’ totally blows. Maybe instead of splitting my UA and DL 50k and 50k, I should dump DL and go 100K on UA.

  2. I think its a pretty reasonable approach. It offers something more than the other carriers are doing (triple MQMs) and matches the other carriers on fares that will actually make them some money.

    Sorry to the whiners but I think DL is right to decide that a handful of $98 dollar PHX-PVD flights is not worth medallion status. (In case you are wondering, 9 flights through MSP would put you <500 miles from PM.)

  3. I agree with Mike. Follow the $$$, and this is a very reasonable approach that DL is taking. I think this will reward and entice some more big spenders to DL, which in the long-run, we should all be happy about as it keeps the airline afloat and profitable.

  4. “given how many elites they have right now. ”

    The key words being ‘right now’. But then again, I’m not really convinced Delta cares about keeping their elites…. let’s see them de-hub CVG and MEM and still maintain all their ranks. Then we’ll talk.

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