Delta Double MQM Promo!

The airlines are starting to get desperate faster than I would have thought. Delta announced a double MQM promo for flights booked by April 30 on for travel until June 30. If Delta actually had award inventory I’d consider going for Platinum with them, but it’s just not worth it for their lousy award availability. You can find the full details here.

Thanks to Peter for the tip.


  1. Hehe, I’m sure we’ll see some nice promos this year, but I’m guessing we will also see the return of DEQM in Q4, although I wont really need it this year. 🙁

  2. I don’t know for sure yet if I will need DEQM. But if I knew for sure it would come, I could turn some planned revenue flights into award flights.

    Of course, there is no snowball’s chance that UA would ever help us plan this way 🙂

    But yeah, given the way the economy is going, I would expect 2008 to be a better year for promotions than 2007.

  3. is there any data or report that shows the availability of award travel on the different airlines? I think that report will be powerful and it will drive airlies to compete for loyalty through greater availability! how can we start one ?

  4. Well in general each alliance releases a certain amount of availability to the members in the alliance. OneWorld and Star Alliance usually have better availability, with Skyteam trailing way behind. Certain airlines in the alliances might not allow certain awards, like UA doing Starnet blocking or AA not allowing awards from the US to Europe on BA, but that’s it in a jist.

    Any specific airlines you’re referring to? I’d be happy to compare them based on my experiences.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. awesome thanks. well, im just really starting to travel more, unfortunately missed Silver elite MQM in 08 with Delta by about 2000 miles… any advice how can I bring it up to 25K so i dont loose status by end of february ’09?
    Also really debating whhether to try to go silver or gold again this year with Delta or Continental.. these are probably the two I fly most, other than that I may have a chnce at US airways since im in phoenix.
    your comments about award availability with delta i think are so right, i experienced this a couple of times i have tried to redeem for south america award tickets.
    also debating whats best way to get lounge access without having to pay 450! or some like that… any advice appreciated…


  6. Hey Gabriel,

    Sorry you missede Silver by such a small amount. The only thing you can do to maintain Silver would be to earn the MQM’s required. Do you have the Delta credit card, which would get you at least some MQM’s towards status? Other than that, flying is the best way.

    The choice between Delta and Continental is tough, and really depends on your travel plans. Keep in mind as a Delta Silver you now get reciprocal upgrades on Northwest as well, which is kind of nice and gives you more options.

    As for lounges, there’s no real secret other than buying a membership, getting an AMEX Plat (equally expensive), or buying day passes (around $30 for Delta).

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