Dear United Schedulers….

This is more of a rant than anything else, but there’s someone at 77 West Wacker Drive in Chicago that I’d like to have a talk with. In the current Tampa to Washington Dulles  flightschedule, we don’t have the 9AM flight we’ve had for years, which gets in at 11:20am, just in time for the 12:20PM bank of flights to….. well, everywhere!

Instead we have a 6AM, a 2PM, and a 6PM flight. So, why is this a huge issue? The 6AM flight gets into IAD at 8:11AM. There’s an 8:30AM bank of flights to just about everywhere out of IAD, and a 12:20PM bank of flights to everywhere. The 6AM flight gets into IAD too late for the 8:30AM bank of flights, and since the maximum connection time is four hours, I can’t legally connect to any of the 12:20PM flights.

In other words, I can’t fly to basically anywhere.

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  1. Yep. They’ve finally stopped you! LOL. Have you tried booking anything? Are you getting the Catch-22 runaround?

  2. Random dummy booking for TPA-CMH round trip brings up UA 424/7827 [layover of 4:13]. And, for that matter,UA 143/6027, with a 5:02 layover in ORD…

    But I suspect that’s not your dream destination… 😉

  3. @ MatthewLAX — I figured as much!

    @ Eric — I have, and it’s pricing out everything separately. I’m being charged for the stopover. Gah!

    @ Gene — That’s what it’s slowly starting to look like. Booo!

    @ FortFun — While you can book it, you’ll see that it prices them out as a TPA-IAD and IAD-CMH ticket, and not TPA-CMH. The best way to check it is to do a dummy standard award booking, where you’ll see basically nothing can be booked.

  4. Imagine that this is because there’s no longer enough demand to fly from IAD to TPA early in the AM to position a flight.

  5. @ bmvaughn — Actually, the 9AM flight always came from IAD the night before. There was never an early morning IAD-TPA flight.

  6. Ever try to book an evening flight to Europe from NYC through IAD? The first suggestion on the web site is a 6am flight from LGA, followed by the 6:30pm flight from IAD. Yeah, I love sitting around the Red Carpet Club for 11 hours. Not!

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