Choose your United 2009 Elite Choice year end reward now

While United hasn’t sent out emails yet with 2009 Elite Choice year end reward options, you should be able to select your preferred option by logging in here. It’s worth noting that if you go with the systemwide upgrade option, they’re typically valid for 12 months from the month of issue, so it might be worth waiting till late January or early February to make your selection, should you want these upgrades to be valid through February 2011.

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  1. Okay I see it is… I am not too interested in another visa with Diamond Club *Gold it is not too much use… so perhaps the SWUs or the miles… I am not sure how I’m going to use all the SWUs that I have already! The miles always can come in handy!

  2. LUCKY,

    I had chosen 2 SWU’s which mean I could use my $600 bump cert for my summer flight to BRUSSEL visiting my dear friends and end up paying $150 plus NC confirmed seat.


  3. Tom,

    I think SWU’s are worth more,IMO that is. A while ago I’ve heard some one say 1 swu worth 30k UA miles… maybe you have someone wanting the SWU’s and trade for more miles.


  4. @ Josh — Where are you finding an UPGRADEABLE fare of $750 to Brussels from US? The fare class must be W or higher.

  5. I already have 12 SWU, too many RDM, and don’t want the visa… I would take the RCC membership if I could get it without the visa…

  6. Annoying I cant get the 75k end-of-year since I ended at 1k..they should allow them for people who started the year at 1p or 2p šŸ˜‰

  7. The miles are a poor choice because UA/Chase will reimburse you the $375 fee for the RCC VISA. However, when you sign up for that card, you get 30K miles.

    So in effect, you get 30K miles, an RCC membership, and another VISA Signature card, which was useful for Hilton discounts last year, and fandango BOGO movie tickets.

    Easy choice for me since I won’t be able to use all those SWUs, and I don’t have bmi DC *G anymore.

  8. Gene,

    The trip is in May. With 8 days stay in Brussels. W class all the way and back $680 something before taxes.


  9. Got the email myself now. To answer my own question, selections must be made by February 28. Therefore, if you wait until the last day to make your choice, you MIGHT be able to defer receipt of the SWUs into March. Given my luck, I’ll completely forget if I wait to the last minute…

  10. How do the SWUs work with the way UAL is doing the upgrade with miles\cash? Wasn’t sure if they were staying the same or if even using them involved handing over the credit card. Note I’m specificially talking international upgrades……

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