Chicago Business: Reasons to merge at UAL? Try money

There was a pretty intuitive Chicago Business article yesterday:

United Airlines’ top executives have a lot of reasons to do a merger — about 13 million of them — and another 17 million reasons not to stick around after the deal.

The five highest-paid execs at parent UAL Corp. would receive $13.3 million, mostly in stock, if they negotiate a deal that results in a change of control — meaning executives of a merger partner run the combined airline — figures provided by UAL show.

Now despite my disagreement with UAL top management and their relations (or lack thereof) with employees, this seems pretty normal to me. Of course I’m sure the unions will have their opinions on this too, and as usual they’ll be worth a good laugh. Only time will tell, but I’m still not sold on a merger, and with everyday less and less so.

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