Wow: Chase Sapphire Preferred 80K Bonus (Ends November 8)

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In mid-September, an incredible best-ever bonus was rolled out on the $95 annual fee Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, which is oh-so-worth it for anyone who is eligible.

If you’ve been considering this card but haven’t yet applied, this is a “last call” of sorts to note that the offer is available through November 8, meaning you have just over a week remaining to take advantage of it.

Chase Sapphire Preferred 80K sign-up bonus

With this limited time offer, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is offering a bonus of 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $4,000 within the first three months of account opening.

That’s an incredible bonus, as there’s so much you can do with 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points:

  • You can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Chase airline and hotel partners
  • You can redeem Ultimate Rewards points for 1.25 cents each towards travel purchases, meaning 80,000 points could get you $1,000 worth of travel
  • You can redeem Ultimate Rewards points for 1.25 cents each towards everyday expenses with the “Pay Yourself Back” tool

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to travel anytime soon, getting a minimum of $1,000 in value with a sign-up bonus on a $95 annual fee card is almost unheard of. As a point of comparison, before this limited time offer was introduced, the bonus on the card was 60K points upon completing minimum spending.

The bonus on the Sapphire Reserve hasn’t been improved — the bonus on that card is 50K points, so I’d absolutely favor the Preferred over the Reserve at this point.

Transfer your Chase points to Hyatt to redeem for a hotel stay

Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus eligibility

The Chase Sapphire Preferred offer is available to those who don’t currently have a Sapphire card (whether the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve), and those who haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on a Sapphire card in the past 48 months.

Note that if you’re currently the authorized user on someone else’s Sapphire Preferred (or Sapphire Reserve) you’d still be eligible for the card. Eligibility is determined based on being the primary cardmember.

So if you have a Sapphire Preferred and your spouse is an authorized user on your account, your spouse should be eligible for this bonus by applying outright.

If you’re eligible for a Sapphire card, you should consider this offer

Why you should consider the Sapphire Preferred

Beyond the incredible welcome bonus, why else should you consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred? It’s an extremely well rounded travel card, so here are a few reasons to consider it:

  • It offers 2x Ultimate Rewards points on travel and dining
  • It offers excellent travel protection and car rental coverage
  • Most importantly, having the Sapphire Preferred means that points earned on many no annual fee Chase cards can be converted into “premium” Ultimate Rewards points, so it gives you lots more flexibility with other cards
  • It’s offering a variety of limited time perks, including 3-5x bonus points in select categories, a $50 Instacart Express membership, and more

See this post for a full review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Maximize the value of several Chase cards by having the Sapphire Preferred

Bottom line

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is offering an 80K sign-up bonus, which is the first time I recall seeing such a big publicly available bonus on the card. If you don’t yet have this card, you absolutely should get it, regardless of whether you’re looking for travel rewards or not.

80,000 Ultimate Rewards points can get you $1,000 towards travel or other purchases through Chase’s “Pay Yourself Back” feature. Alternatively, you can transfer these points to an Ultimate Rewards travel partner, ranging from World of Hyatt to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer.

You have until November 8 to take advantage of this great offer.

Do you plan on picking up the Sapphire Preferred with an 80K bonus?

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  1. I received my new CSP in the mail 10 days ago. Ugh! Is there any way to retroactively be eligible for this bonus instead of the usual? Do you know how I’d even begin?

  2. @ Josh — It can’t hurt to send a secure message to Chase and ask if they’d match the offer, since you were just recently approved.

  3. Big sign up bonus for our card, that based on recent changes to our other (cheaper) cards, has much less attractiveness in our line up!

  4. A lot of people are saying that the Chase Sapphire Preferred is “less attractive” due to the changes to the Freedom Card. I disagree entirely – the Freedom Card enhancements make the Chase Sapphire Preferred *more* attractive as a replacement for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. CSP holders that also have either of the Freedom Cards now *add* 3% return on drugstores and 5% return on travel booked through the portal while *increasing* dining return by 1%. If that isn’t an enhancement, I don’t know what is

  5. @ Reaper — I assume you’re referring to the changes to the Freedom Flex and Freedom Unlimited? If so, I think Anthony is exactly right. Yes, it might make sense to spend less directly on the Sapphire Preferred, but having the Sapphire Preferred (or another “premium” card) is what makes those other two cards valuable. To me it only enhances the value proposition of the Sapphire Preferred.

  6. I don’t think the CSP is less attractive due to the Freedom card, I think it’s less attractive due to it’s limited earnings potential compared to other products out there (AMEX Gold), COVID-19 bonuses (10x Marriott points on restaurants for a limited time can become 3 airline miles, where 2 Chase points is still 2), and I’ve actually had issues where travel related expenses, confirmed by the vendor as merchant coded for travel, aren’t awarded the 2x by CSP. It’s become a drawer card for me and likely will PC after I use up the points.

  7. How do you calculate the 48 month rule for getting a Sapphire reward? Is it from your approval date of previous card or actually date of being rewarded the ultimate rewards?

  8. If I signed up for the CSR back in 2016 when it just launched, can I cancel it now then reapply for the CSP to get the 80k bonus? I believe it has been 48 months since the CSR was launched back in Aug 2016. Thanks!

  9. @ BFD — Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s based on when you received the bonus, and not when you signed up as such. At least that’s my interpretation of the terms about the bonus not being available to “previous cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 48 months.”

  10. I’ve been considering getting a Sapphire Preferred card for a while, so I will probably take advantage of this offer. My question: how to they calculate the $4000 in spending? I’m assuming that if I return something, they’ll deduct that amount from the overall spending. Given that I’m not travelling right now, I’d have to put virtually all my other purchases on the card to hit the $4k requirement. It should be easier to hit that with Christmas shopping during that time period though!

  11. If you’re an existing CSP cardmember past 48mths, could you cancel the card and sign up the following day to receive the bonus?

  12. @ Dan — While you can get the bonus if you’ve had the card in the past, keep in mind that the 48 month rule is based on when you received the bonus. On top of that, when you cancel the card, there’s some sort of waiting period before you’re considered to not be a cardmember — many say that’s somewhere around a month.

  13. @ NAUgrad05 — Yep, you’ll want to make sure that you spend at least $4,000 not including anything you return or get a refund on, or else the bonus could be taken back. If you have a way of paying expenses you usually pay by cash or check by card instead (even if through a service like Plastiq), that could be a good way to reach the requirement.

  14. @Ben – You say the bonus is available if you “haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on a Sapphire card in the past 48 months.” Doesn’t that exclude every single person who has ever been the primary cardholder of a Sapphire Reserve card at any point? The Reserve was introduced 49 months ago (Aug. 2016), and even if you signed up immediately, you would have received your bonus a month later (Sept. 2016), which is 48 months ago. So at this point, anyone who has ever had the CSR is ineligible. Am I missing something? If not, can you make the article explicit on this point – seems to be a big deal, considering a great number of your readers have held the CSR at some point.

  15. Evan – you can hold a CSR (or CSP) without having received a bonus.

    For everyone talking about canceling cards to get this, the easier thing to do is to just downgrade to a no fee card (Freedom Unlimited, Slate, whatever) as that downgrade is registered immediately while a cancellation takes some time.

  16. In the past Chase used to waive the $95 annual fee for the first year. It appears that’s no longer the case. Still worth it for 80k points, just something to consider.

  17. I hope this offer lasts a couple of months. I am 2 months away from my 48 months with the CSR, and I was already considering canceling it in order to get the CSP. Wish I could cut bait earlier than 48 months.

  18. Wow, I’m in the same boat: I literally received my new Chase Preferred card last week with the old bonus terms. I’ve written Chase a nice message asking for the upgraded bonus and we’ll see what they say. We’ve been very good customers to them so maybe they’ll be feeling generous – it can’t hurt to try.

  19. I am confused by Chase’s strategy here. Pretty much everything they are doing makes the CSR less attractive to new customers and to keeping the card for existing customers.

    Given that they refreshed the CF/Flex, I have to assume the CSR has some moves coming down the pipeline soon, but we will see. My AF hits in November and at this point I would downgrade to CSP and get either Amex PLatinum or Gold.

  20. @Anthony – That may be technically true that you can hold a CSR without having received a bonus, but I doubt anyone frequenting this site signed up for a card with a ~$450 annual fee and whiffed on meeting the minimum spend for the sign-up bonus. So you can change the premise of my statement and it would still capture the same group of people: as of September 2020, anyone who has received a CSR sign-up bonus EVER is currently ineligible for this CSP bonus.

  21. Evan – another popular alternative is upgrading from a Freedom card or a Chase Sapphire Preferred to a Chase Sapphire Reserve (which is what I did)

  22. Is there guidelines for when you can get this card with new credits? my file starts from last November and I’ve always paid in full. I tried applying in april and got denied, is it worth retrying now?

  23. Any idea how long this bonus is planned to last, given that many people will be coming up on their 48 month anniversary of the CSR bonus in the coming weeks/months?

  24. Quick Question:
    – If my wife was opened up her Sapphire Preferred nearly 5 years ago and she downgraded to a different Freedom Card but she is a secondary user on my Reserve.

    If she applies now – would she be entitled to a bonus?

  25. If i want a CSR and never had any saphire before obviously i would get this for the 80k and then just upgrade the CSP to the CSR and pay the fee going forward. 80k a lot better than the CSR bonus.

  26. Any idea how long think this offer will be around for?

    I opened a Sapphire Reserve 3 years and 9 months ago, and would have received the 100k bonus shortly thereafter.

    fingers crossed I can re-qualify in time!!!!

  27. @Evan @Ben With those received the bonus for the CSR in Sept/October 2016, wouldn’t it be fine to apply for this anyway and just make sure we hit the minimum spend by Oct/Nov time frame to get the new bonus? I don’t see any issue with having both the CSR bonus and this CSP If more than 48 months have passed. Am I missing anything here?

  28. Have anyone seen that lucky only promptly answer when the post is about a credit card pitch? Money comes first…

  29. Have anyone seen that lucky only promptly answer when the post is about a credit card pitch? Money comes first…

  30. Wow, that “haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on a Sapphire card in the past 48 months” restriction is going to block out a lot of current holders of Reserve card. Pretty clever on Chase’s part. If there’s anyone who cancels his/her Reserve and manages to receive this new 80K bonus, please let us know! 🙂

  31. Temped by the big bonus, but I’m not sure I’d be able to spend $4k in 3 months during COVID. With my travel and restaurant spending down to almost nothing, I’m spending way less money than I did in normal times (which is great for my bank account). But it makes hitting sign up bonuses harder.

  32. @Rafael Of course money comes first and of course he’s more responsive to activities that will make him money. Duh and duh. Or are you volunteering to pay Lucky’s web hosting bill?

  33. @ Rafael — Did you have a question that we can answer? Your comments are typically just snide remarks, with suggestions that Ben be sent to a labor camp, etc. that don’t seem to merit a response, but if there’s something we can actually help with we’d of course love to!

  34. I downgraded my Sapphire Reserve to a Freedom Unlimited on Aug 28. I didn’t receive a bonus on it as I upgraded from my Sapphire Preferred because I was over 5/24. Do I need to wait 30 days or so to apply for this or can I apply right away since I downgraded?

  35. Is there any way to tell when you’ve received a prior bonus — that seems to be the magic date. I know I applied for the CSR on 8/28/16, but don’t know when I received the sign up bonus…

  36. Hi! Does anyone know if the refer a friend page will be updated to reflect the 80k bonus as well? As of now, it’s still showing 60k bonus on the refer a friend page.

  37. Hi Ben. Will the refer-a-friend bonus be upgraded to 80k at some point or will it stay at 60k. As of now, the referral link comes up with 60k bonus points only.

  38. Looking back at my old statements, my CSR bonus was credited to me on my first statement, dated 9/20/2016. So if I cancel this card now (which I was planning to do anyway, since my annual fee will appear on my next statement) I should be able to apply for the CSP card in a few weeks and be good to go with a new bonus. Make sense?

  39. @Tiffany – Why take the time to respond to a troll at all, let alone to ask if he has a question? There are a dozen legitimate questions from perfectly respectful posters pending response on this post! Those merit your time.

  40. An update: although I received this card about a week ago, and although I would consider us high-value customers with flawless credit to Chase, they turned down my request to be considered for the enhanced 80k offer. Calling in person to plead your case might work better than the message I sent through their secure messaging service. Good luck to everyone, though my guess is that Chase is gonna draw a clear and bright line on this: if they start granting exceptions there will be no end of calls for people who see new and better promos.

  41. Curious if I can refer a friend (my husband) and he get the 80,000 bonus and I get the 15,000 refer a friend bonus. The link still gives the 60,000 point bonus for him.

  42. @ Ashlee @ cK @ Liz — We don’t have any information on if/when the refer-a-friend bonuses might be changing, unfortunately. It is very common for issuers to run different offers through different channels though, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on it catching up.

    If you refer someone using your link that shows 60k, they will get the 60k offer, not this new 80k offer. And within a household, 80k points is likely the better offer than 75k (60k + 15k), provided you can do the extra $1k in spend.

  43. @ Dustin — I’m in the same boat, and I think that should be fine, but you might want to wait until your statement closes just to be sure.

  44. @ BENJAMIN — Eligibility for the new bonus seems to be based on the date you received the last bonus, however we don’t have firm data as to at what point in the process they are verifying eligibility. If it’s at the same time as they process the application (and we don’t know for sure either way), you’d likely be better off waiting to apply until 48 months after your bonus receipt date.

  45. @ MattO @ Rob — If you look at your old statements for the CSR, on the first page there’s a section with “Ultimate Rewards Summary”. You should see a “+ New cardmember bonus 100,000” in thee month that you earned the bonus.

  46. @ KV — Yes, but you should consider downgrading to a Freedom Flex/Unlimited rather than canceling. Data points suggest those process faster than cancelations, and you acquire a card with different spending categories.

  47. Do you know how long will this promotion last? I’m trying to hit the MSR on another card currently and would ideally like to wait about a month before I get the CSP but I will jump on this if I need to.

  48. @Kendor – You are correct. My husband was declined when he applied yesterday so I assumed it was because he also has the INK card. But it turns out it is because he does not have enough credit cards open, only the INK as the primary card holder. He has an excellent credit rating but was turned down because he is frugal and doesn’t have a lot of credit cards. Go figure….

  49. @tiffany’s first note about referral bonuses — also keep in mind that the referral bonus is taxable while a sign-up bonus is not, so the 80K point SUB is clearly better than 60K+15K

  50. Hi,

    Has anyone who recently received the card been able to get the offer upgraded?

    I got mine about 1.5 months ago, I send a secure message and got a pretty standard reply that offers change and I am out of luck. Now I know in the past I have seen many upgrades on partner cards, but this is purely chase.

  51. Hi Ben

    Quick question. I have had a Chase Sapphire Reserve going on 4 years now (since the card was introduced) thanks to your recommendation.

    I now find that as a result of all the Covid-response related changes, I am traveling (air, hotel, rental car, dining out, Priority Pass lounges, etc…) at a rate less than 5% of what I did prior to March. I am up for renewal on Sapphire Reserve at find it very hard to justify the high fee given the above.

    My question (questions actually) is (i) whether you believe the Sapphire Preferred is a good alternative at a lower annual fee, (ii) whether I need to apply and presumably be approved before canceling the Reserve card in order to preserve my Ultimate Rewards points,and (iii) whether I would be eligible for the 80K bonus given I have the Reserve card

    Many thanks!


  52. @ Kaitlyn — The referral offer is only for 60k. It’s not uncommon for the refer-a-friend offers to be different than other public offers.

  53. I have the same question as @Nick @Julian and @MansonTung. What’s the best guess as to how long this limited time offer will be around for? I think I just went under 5/24 a week ago, but I am reading it’s best to wait until the first day of the 25th month, so I’d like to apply for this on October 1 if we think it will probably still be available.

  54. @Tiffany – Here’s a data point, I downgraded on 8/28 and my statement closed on 9/15. I applied today and was instantly approved for the 80k offer.

  55. @Ben @Tiffany When I closed the card last year in July, the phone Rep mentioned that I would not be able to get another Sapphire family card in *3* years. Has that changed? Or he was just pissed that I closed the card…

  56. @ CK — When did you first get the card? If it closed now (for at least a few weeks) and you haven’t received the bonus on a Sapphire card in the past 48 months, you should be eligible.

  57. @Ben – I applied my Sapphire Preferred in May 2018, received the 50k bonus in Jun 2018, and closed in July 2019 (and previously applied in March 2012 and closed in June 2013). I remembered clearly the phone Rep mentioned 3 years ineligibility for another Sapphire family card, which I questioned him but he seemed pretty certain at that point. Am I the only one? If so, I might try to get a new card to put it to test..

  58. I have a CSR card that I was going to product change to CSP in order to maintain the ability to transfer points to partners. However it seems I could product change to a Flex card and then apply for the CSP and get the bonus.
    Question: how long does it take for a product change to occur, is it instantaneous or is more like the time it a card cancellation to go through.

  59. I have a current CSP card > 5 years – can i downgrade this card to Freedom unlimited and apply for new CSP card to get bonus 80k points ? How long should i wait before applying ?

  60. So, I just got the card at the 60k bonus level and then a few days later they came out with the 80k bonus.

    Has anyone had luck with calling them and getting the better bonus after they’d been approved for the card at the lower bonus level?

  61. Just to update this….I cancelled my CSR on Sept 17 (my original bonus was applied in my 1st statement dated 9/26/16). I applied for the CSP on Oct 2 and was approved for the 80,000 point bonus. Card should be arriving today.

  62. I have the CSR and was just rejected for the 80k CSP because, in their words, I already have a Sapphire product. I also have the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and ~150k URPs. 5/24 is not an issue. Can I move my URPs to the Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, drop the CSR, obtain the CSP, and then move my URPs back to the CSP? Or will I lose all my CSR URPs? How can I have my cake and eat it too?

  63. Charlie…:that’s what I did. Moved my UR points to my Freedom Unlimited, cancelled my CSR, then applied for the CSP 2weeks later

  64. Data point…player 2 sent me a referral and it listed 80k for me and 15k for her! The email I got said 60k but when i clicked on the link in the email, the page that opened had 80k and mentioned my friend getting rewarded if i apply by 11/7. I signed up and was approved immediately. Also screenshot the link that opened just in case any issues arise

  65. I’ll have a hard time spending $4k over 3 months. Will buying gift cards for my grocery stores, Costco, or Lowe’s to spend in the future count towards the spend to earn the bonus?


  66. @Sardis to get the CFU bonus I happened to buy some gift cards with my weekly shopping and it processed as groceries just fine, so you should be all good. I’m also debating getting the CSP now too.

  67. I was denied for this card and Chase also closed my Amazon Signature card account. I am waiting for a response from Chase on why this happened. I’m a thirty plus years Chase customer with excellent credit.

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