Challange: find a first class seatmap less full than this a day out

This is for a flight in less than 22 hours. And there are a bunch of confirmable upgrade seats, so all eligible elites have cleared. Can anyone beat 7/24?

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  1. A more important question for me would be if this is normal for that flight. If so, I’d really like to know who/where/when.


  2. @ Steve K — Yeah, it actually is. For the 9AM TPA-IAD flight I’ve yet to see a flight where there weren’t employees in first class, even since UDU is in place. But I’m never seen it this empty.

    @ gba — I’m impressed!

  3. I’ve had a Monday night IAD-TPA flight with less than 7 in FC, not seat map, actual boarding!

  4. Probably not quite as empty, but check out UA840 SYD LAX Sunday 23rd May (its Satuday night here already). 3 seats out of 12 booked. No doubt UA will fill it to the gills if Business & Economy starts to check in full :).

    Even more shocking, there is NC and NF space currently available (a very rare thing these days)!

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