CEO of Choice Hotels on “Undercover Boss”

I very rarely watch TV, though when I heard that the CEO of Choice Hotels would be on Undercover Boss, I figured it was worth a watch. While I’m sure the show is at least somewhat scripted and planned, it was nonetheless a very interesting look into the hotel industry and some of the challenges faced by workers. If you have 45 minutes, give the show a watch on Hulu (though I believe Hulu only works in the US, unfortunately).

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  1. Steve made a throw away statement that they actually follow up on problem properties! Good for him. I’m going to continue using those evaluation forms (hard copy and online).

  2. I am normally not a fan of reality TV; however, I saw the last part of this show yesterday evening, and I really liked how interested the CEO was in his company and how he REWARDED his employees for good work. Maybe some other travel related firms can learn from him.

  3. I saw the TV show and decided to stay at Choice Hotels on a trip we were going to take through the east coast and was really pleased after 2 nights then I reserved a room at the Ocean drive Location in Myrtle Beach NC, and I believe Mr. Choice should see the accomidations I was presented with, I do believe he would fire all the folks there on the spot.

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