Cathay Pacific $100 Business Class And Premium Economy Tickets

To celebrate their win at the Skytrax Awards this year, Cathay Pacific will be offering 2,014 business class and premium economy tickets for $100 each next week.


The tickets will go on sale at 8AM on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Travel must originate in Hong Kong, and the eligible destination cities will be as follows:

  • Bangkok — business class
  • Cebu — business class
  • Kuala Lumpur — business class
  • Nagoya — business class
  • Osaka — business class
  • Taipei — business class
  • Chicago — premium economy
  • London — premium economy
  • Male — premium economy
  • Newark — premium economy
  • Sydney — premium economy


Now, given how cheap the fares are it goes without saying that there are quite a few terms associated with it. There will be additional taxes and fuel surcharges on the ticket, though they’re not bad at all:

*Fares quoted are subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.

As reference only, the fuel surcharges for tickets issued on/after 1 May 2014 are as follows:

For flights between Hong Kong and Southwest Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent – HKD857 per flight sector;

For all other regional flights not mentioned above – HKD193 per flight sector;

Then the full terms for the offer are as follows:

Sales and Offer details

  1. Maximum of 2 tickets per transaction.
  2. Tickets are available at only.
  3. Seats are limited and subject to availability.
  4. Journeys must begin and end in Hong Kong.
  5. Tickets are valid only on flights operated by Cathay Pacific.
  6. Offers are valid on selected flights in specific travel periods.
  7. Tickets are valid on flights/dates shown and are non-refundable.
  8. Fares are inclusive of Hong Kong Security Service Charge, but subject to applicable taxes and other surcharges.
  9. Asia Miles™ accrual is applicable.
  10. Cathay Pacific, and Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.
  11. Passengers are advised to check the latest Hong Kong Government Outbound Travel Alert before planning their trip.
  12. For Club Miles / Club Sectors eligibility, please refer to Frequent Flyer Benefits

*Asia Miles™ terms and conditions

  1. Valid for members residing in Hong Kong and Macau only. Residency is determined by the registered member’s preferred mailing address as registered with Asia Miles.
  2. Membership number must be entered in the booking before the commencement of the first sector of the trip.
  3. Applicable to flights marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific only.
  4. Asia Miles will be credited to the member’s account 6 to 8 weeks after completion of travel.
  5. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. reserve the right to suspend, amend or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time at their sole discretion, without any prior notice or liability.
  6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion.
  7. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.

While I’m sure snagging one of these tickets will be competitive, 2,014 tickets at least sounds like a decent number. Do keep in mind that this offer is only valid for Asia Miles members residing in Hong Kong, which is defined as having your preferred mailing address on your account registered there. The tickets are even eligible for mileage accrual, so this can be a good mileage run if nothing else.

Cathay Pacific premium economy

(Tip of the hat to Christopher)


  1. @Will – Next time READ the article. Don’t just look at it.

    “Do keep in mind that this offer is only valid for Asia Miles members residing in Hong Kong, which is defined as having your preferred mailing address on your account registered there”

    You should probably apologize, too.

  2. Yes, Todd, I read that bit… at the very end of the article, after it was already mentioned just above that in the grey text from the terms and conditions. I would hazard that the vast majority of this blog’s readers are not residents of Hong Kong and therefore could’ve skipped this article had it been mentioned in the byline or opening sentence that they wouldn’t qualify for the offer. I hardly think that merits an apology; it merits an edit on the part of this blog’s author if anything.

  3. yeah complete waste of 1 min of my precious life in reading thru this article, i want to be spoon fed everything in a busy day, in fact go ahead take my card & book it for me.
    btw, only feed me the tricks that will not be shut down by other people jumping on it, even tho I will never figure those out myself.

  4. Maybe people should chill out, not fight, and just create Asia Miles accounts using the address of their favorite Hong Kong hotel, which they may consider more of a spiritual nexus than physical nexus. The enrollment page doesn’t really spell out what type of address information it seeks.

  5. It seems that u need to be HK or Macau resident only for AM mileage accrual purposes but not to buy the ticket itself?

  6. Was excited to read until the last paragraph..:(
    @ Brendan: did you have any luck creating an account? or you are a HK resident?
    @ Lucky: what about you? Are you trying to do so and get those tickets?
    Wondering if the tickets would be mailed to the address provided or have to be picked up with the prove of an ID.

  7. @ Lana B. — I’m tempted, but don’t think I’ll try. Maybe I’ll play along for “sport,” but doubt I’d actually book anything, given the positioning requirements.

  8. I thought you were due to fly through here (HKG) soon, Lucky? Chance are these tickets will be for a narrow window of travel dates within the next 1-3 weeks as CX offer this funfare sale every Tuesday (although they are normally for economy only).

    PS. If you need a drinking mate while you’re in town, let me know!

  9. Not that it makes a huge difference, but I wonder if the $100 fare is each way or round-trip. It’s not really specified. Although it appears the fuel surcharge is $857 HKD per segment, so $1714 HKD roundtrip.

  10. It says 857HKD for North American sectors. So are we to assume it’s 857HKDx2 for a roundtrip to the US? Roughly $220 USD.

  11. I have a paid ticket premium economy from Danang to HKG to ORD to ATL on 1/2 September. Only the leg from HKG to ORD is on CX though. The legs from/to ATL on AA. Legs to/from Danang on Dragonair. I bought the ticket through AA Advantage with a Chase Sapphire. Straight cash, no points or discounts or codes. If I could score a similar flight for $100.00 could I get out of my existing booking…..gracefully? I guess I am asking would you do it and then how would you do it?

  12. Thank you for posting this. I know that though majority of your readers are Americans, there are a few of us that are not. I am in Australia and this promo is very helpful, also because I am able to borrow a HongKong and Macau address from a family member who actually live there. I hope I am able to get some great tickets on Tuesday.

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