Bye bye flatbread! Long live the chicken wrap!

I’ve mentioned many times how disgusting United’s flatbread sandwiches are, which they served on “snack” flights for a while now. Check out some pictures of the flatbread here. It’s downright disgusting.

Well, I’m happy to report they seem to have replaced it now with a chicken wrap which is actually… tasty!

Not sure what purpose the strawberry serves… maybe United could add an extra olive instead? 😉

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  1. The chicken wrap is actually pretty good. Meanwhile the flatbread was an adequate substitute for rat poison.

  2. The question I havent’ yet answered is what hte mysterious semi-hydrated fruit is that they had in the wrap I had the other night. Much better than the flat bread thing though.

  3. It wasn’t terrible, but glad to see something else! I’m also happy to see that they have Harvest Cheddar sunchips! Much tastier than the current version!

  4. Lucky, do you know if the chicken wrap is universal now? I’m not crazy about the regular sliced wheat bread panini, either, and will continue to order special meals for snack flights if it’s still around.

    @mark: That was a snarky reference to AA’s Bob Crandall infamously reducing the quantity of olives from F salads by one to save $10,000 a year, then getting called on it by FFs who noticed. 😉

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