American A319

An AAwful Cluster: How American Ruined My Trip To Croatia

Anyone who has flown American lately, or owns stock in the company, has noticed the clear negative trend of poor operational performance, inadequate customer service and less than stellar elite recognition. Or as Ben wrote earlier this year: “American…

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Img 4297

My iPhone Has Me Convinced I Should Leave My DSLR At Home

The type of luggage you travel with and what you pack in it has been an ongoing topic of discussion here at OMAAT. I am with Tiffany in support of the spinner bag. They are particularly helpful when trying to get around with little ones. My last few…

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Hyattkidgifts 1

My Kids’ Favorite Part of Staying At Hyatt Hotels

Before being status matched to Hyatt Diamond, I was a pretty loyal Starwood guy. On average, I'd guess 85% of my hotel stays were at Starwood properties. That's changed and I'm on track to requalify for Hyatt Diamond this year. The benefits are great…

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Etihad First Class Lounge

How Do You Prepare Before Taking A Trip?

As I’ve written about previously, my wife and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary in the Maldives next month. And with the trip getting closer, I’ve become obsessive about reading reviews and anticipating all the little details. TripAdvisor, BoardingArea…

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Lax Bali2

When In Doubt, Feed The Phone Agent Individual Segments

I've spent the better part of a week working on a trip to Bali. Finding award space that fits into two work schedules, two school schedules and our sitter's schedule has been a bit of a challenge. But, I finally found a set of days with award availability…

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Which Amazon Kindle Is Best For Travelers?

Occasionally we like to highlight gadgets that make travel easier, or that enhance the travel experience. One of those "no-brainer" items for us has been the Amazon Kindle -- not only is it a great piece of technology, but turns out it's much easier…

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Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

US Paid Time Off Policies Are Absolutely Miserable

I'll do my best to not make this a full-on rant. But, I'm sure I'm not alone in being frustrated by paid time off policies in the US. I work for a small business and my boss is probably more obsessed with travel than I am. So, I'm fortunate that my coworkers…

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Vip Lounge Los Cabos – 18

Review: VIP Lounge Los Cabos Airport

We arrived at the airport an hour and a half before departure. After checking in, dropping off our bags and clearing security, we had roughly 30 minutes until our flight was supposed to board. The terminal was packed and there seemed to be quite bit…

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Hyatt Ziva Loscabos Grounds – 1

Review: Final Thoughts On The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

About halfway through our trip at the Ziva Los Cabos, I had a thought I couldn't shake for the rest of the trip: I don't think this is a "Family Resort." It might sound like a silly nuance. But the more I thought about it the clearer it became. The Zilara…

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Hyatt Ziva Loscabos Zaffirolunch – 4

Review: Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Restaurants And Bars

There are a lot of options when it comes to food and drinks at the Ziva Los Cabos. We did our best to cover them all but there are some gaps in the information below. Overall, I'll say the food was leaps and bounds better than the other all-inclusive…

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Hyatt Ziva Loscabos Oceanviewroom – 14

Review: Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Ocean View Double Room

As I mentioned in the introduction, our drive from the airport was arranged by the hotel but contracted to TransCabo. They didn’t have car seats for our girls. But, the short ride from the airport was quick and painless. Upon our arrival at the Ziva,…

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Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Introduction: A Week Of Rest And Relaxation In Cabo

Our family was looking for a relaxing week on the beach and that's exactly what we got at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. We really enjoyed our stay and plan to return. There are some areas where they have room for improvement, which I'll highlight as well.…

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Alaska Postcard

Should Kids Miss School To Travel?

I'm currently working on our family's travel plans for the rest of 2016 and have a new challenge to deal with... school schedules. My oldest daughter is currently in preschool. Thankfully her teacher has a great attitude and uses student travel as a…

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Lyft Las – 3

Why I Reported My Driver to Lyft

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post about using Lyft at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, I had a bad experience with my driver on the way back to the airport. It started as soon as I got in the car. A woman was crossing the street in front of us…

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Travel Ornaments – 3

The One Travel Souvenir I Love to Buy

There are a lot of things I love about traveling. Shopping for souvenirs is NOT one of them. At home, I generally try to avoid crowds. I hate going into busy stores. And most of what I buy is delivered by a UPS driver. Going into a gift shop while traveling…

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