Answers To Your Questions About The US Airways Preferred Trial

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On Tuesday I wrote about the US Airways Trial Preferred program, which is hands down the best way to earn top tier status with US Airways (and now by connection, with the new American).

It’s one of the few “shortcuts” to top tier elite status, so understandably there were many questions.

Many, many, questions. 😉

Between the original post, Ask Lucky, Twitter, Facebook, and my email, I’ve received literally hundreds of questions clarifying how the program works, so I thought it would be helpful to consolidate everything into one place.

Trial Preferred Overview

As a refresher, through a US Airways status challenge, you can get a fast track to status based on how much flying you do in a 90 day period.

US Airways gives you the status upfront, and there are fees associated with the trial:

  • Dividend Miles Silver Preferred status costs $200
  • Dividend Miles Gold Preferred status costs $400
  • Dividend Miles Platinum Preferred status costs $600

At the end of the 90 day period, your status is based on how many miles you flew, as follows:

  • Silver: Fly 7,500 miles or 10 segments
  • Gold: Fly 15,000 miles or 20 segments
  • Platinum: Fly 22,500 miles or 30 segments
  • Chairman’s: Fly 30,000 miles or 40 segments

Now on to the questions…

I don’t have elite status on any airline, can I enroll in the trial?

Yes. This is a challenge not a match, and you don’t have to show evidence of elite status in another program to enroll.

I am already a Dividend Miles Silver/Gold/Platinum. Can I use this as a shortcut to Chairman’s status?

No. US Airways elites aren’t eligible for the trial.

I am an AAdvantage Gold/Platinum/Executive Platinum. Am I eligible?

Yes, unless you also have US Airways status.

What flights count for the challenge?

Any flight marketed and operated by US Airways or American Airlines.

So if I fly an American codeshare on British Airways metal, that counts?

No. You need to have an AA or US flight number, and it needs to say “US Airways,” “US Airways Express,” “American Airlines,” or “American Eagle” on the outside of the plane.

Revenue miles flown on this plane count towards Trial Preferred.

As do those on this plane.

And even this plane!

But not this plane.

I thought travel on American, US Airways, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas was eligible for the American Airlines challenge?

Yes, but the American Airlines status challenge is different. The Trial Preferred program is through US Airways, so their rules apply.

But aren’t US Airways and American Airlines merging?

Yes, but it’s a gradual process. Both programs have separate rules at this time.

Is the challenge based on EQMs or miles flown?

The challenge is based on “butt in seat” miles flown. While you earn a 50% elite qualifying miles bonus for paid first class, for example, this challenge isn’t based on elite qualifying miles. It’s based on butt in seat miles. So you need to fly 30,000 miles in 90 days to earn Chairman’s Preferred, whether it’s in full fare first class or discounted economy class.

So, if I’m currently an AAdvantage Executive Platinum, can I use my systemwide upgrades to upgrade an AA flight, and then credit the flight to US Airways?

Yep! The reason is because anyone can use a systemwide upgrade, and it’s not tied to the person flying having any status. Just make sure your Dividend Miles number is attached to the reservation.

In the above circumstance, when should I put my US number in the record?

Anytime, it doesn’t matter. You can add it at the time you book, by phone, on the website, at check-in, at the gate, etc. Putting your Dividend Miles number on the reservation doesn’t disqualify you from using a systemwide upgrade.

Wait! So then I can use my AAdvantage 500-mile stickers on flights, and then credit the flights to Dividend Miles for the trial?

No. Systemwide upgrades and stickers are different. You can use systemwide upgrades and still credit to US Airways. That’s because systemwide upgrades can be used by anyone, and aren’t tied to the person with status necessarily flying. 500-mile sticker upgrades, however, are specifically tied to the person with status flying. So if you choose to fly on American for your trial and have status with American, you can’t receive complimentary upgrades or use 500-mile sticker upgrades and still credit to US Airways.

Can I receive my elite upgrades on flights for the challenge?

If flying US Airways during the trial you’ll have Dividend Miles status for 90 days (either Silver, Gold, or Platinum, depending on whether you paid $200, $400, or $600, respectively), so you’d be eligible for whatever upgrade benefits you get with that status.

The challenge lasts for 90 days, but the year is almost over. Can my challenge span multiple years?

Yes. If you start a challenge around November 1 and it runs through around February 1 of next year, that’s fine. Your status would still only be good through February 2016.

If I complete the trial, when will I get my golden ticket American systemwide upgrades?

Sometime in the second quarter of next year. It could be April 1, or it could be June 30… we don’t know yet, and neither does American.

I’ve already booked flights on American or US Airways. Will those flights count for the challenge?

Yes, provided they are marketed and operated by American or US Airways. Credit is based on when you fly, not when the tickets were purchased.

So if I complete the challenge in January, will Chairman’s Preferred status become AAdvantage Executive Platinum?

Yes, sometime in the second quarter.

How long will this challenge opportunity last?

It’s anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t count on it sticking around though.

How long will this status last?

As long as you finish the challenge before June 2015 your status will be valid through February 2016.

Where should I fly for the challenge?

Fares are often cheap to China in winter, and there have been decent fares to Europe as well. Follow @TheFlightDeal on Twitter for fare updates. Or just go visit your mother.

Bottom line

Hopefully lots of people are able to benefit from the trial to earn top tier status, before it’s eventually discontinued.

Any other questions?

  1. Ben,

    One thing: any miles accrued after January 1st, would count both toward the challenge and toward requalification for 2016? Am I right?

  2. Lucky.. could you reserve a flight with your AAdvantage elite number on USair… get upgraded at 24 hours, then at the gate put in a dividend miles number to credit it towards the challenge? It would sure be a lot better doing this type of mileage running in the front of the plane.

  3. @ Charles — No, you can’t. You can’t change your AAdvantage number if you’ve received a complimentary/sticker upgrade.

  4. @lucky – One more thing: I believe for purposes of this challenge any flights under 500 miles will accrue a minimum of 500 miles. Correct? I enrolled in the challenge yesterday….hopefully a nice fare comes up soon. BTW, there is a decent fare LGA-MVD all in AA for$700-$730. You can route it LGA-DFW-MIA-MVD and back.

  5. Thank you for all the info Ben! I just signed up for the challenge yesterday and I exactly plan what Fran stated above. For me, this definitely falls under the category of double dipping! Won’t requalify for EXP this year, but managed to get to Plat. I booked a total of 26K flights in January (and 4K in Dec) that I can utilize to qualify for EXP in 2015, which I can also use towards requalifying for EXP in 2016, thus giving me EXP status until Feb 2017! I hope my math is correct, but I’m absolutely excited about this opportunity to requalify for EXP next year. I was also able to take advantage of the cheap US Air / AA sale a few weeks ago to Europe so I have about 70K of flying already planned for the rest of the year! Thank YOU!

  6. sorry if this is a stupid question… if system-wide upgrades can be used by anyone… can we buy them off ebay for example?

  7. @ Lantean — Nope, the rules say they can’t be bartered or sold. So they have to be gifted to a friend.

  8. Will be flying back from muc dec 30th.will have 24840 miles. Would us air forgive the 160 miles needed and give silver status w/o paying for the challenge. Or do I shell out the $200 for 160 miles? Thanks mike

  9. Can anyone give me some ideas on the least expensive and least painful way to get the 30,000 miles or 40 segments?
    Transcon flights? Looks like would need roughly 8 roundtrips but it would be upgradeable! Or to Europe or HKG, etc. but likely would not be upgradeable with US Plat status since no CP upgrades or systemwides yet!
    Just trying to figure out how to get these miles or segments!
    May have a bit of non mileage run US trips in the 90 days but still am going to need a lot!

  10. Interesting. My understanding is that you could buy the $200 Silver challenge, but fly the 30k miles or 40 segments and receive Chairman’s (Executive Platinum) status, saving $400. Wouldn’t the only downside be: no hope of domestic upgrades and no double miles flown?

  11. @ Bill H — Correct, only difference is you’d get Silver benefits instead of Platinum benefits during the trial.

  12. The reason you would pay the $400 or $600 for Gold or Platinum during the initial trial period is for better upgrade priority, OneWorld status for lounges & bags, and for the bonus miles. I paid for Platinum mainly to get a better upgrade priority if I am going to be needing to take mileage run long trips!

  13. Great write it very informative! So I guess this a better deal to eventually get AA EP than a match request to AA as a UA 1K, right? I was planning to do that so in January but the path you just described seems a better option, agree? Thanks Ben.

  14. Alright – not to beat a dead horse, but……can you please clarify for me.

    I am currently Gold with AA. I know for a fact that I have around 10K miles I will be flying within the next 90 days which consists of 4 flights that I already have booked on AA. So, in this case, would I want to take the Dividend Miles Silver Preferred trial for $200 which in the end would make me Silver status with US Airways?? Since I’m already Gold with AA, I can’t really see any true advantage in this for me – with the exception that Silver gets confirmed upgrades 2 days in advance compared to AA’s 1 day in advance. Am I overlooking something here in my particular case?? (BTW, I know that I will re-qualify for Gold with AA for 2015). If I am overlooking something and should take the Challenge, how do I go about getting credit in the Challenge for the 4 AA flights that I already have booked?

    Thank you and sorry if this makes no sense or I’m totally missing the boat on this one.

  15. I understand you won’t get a physical preferred/elite card while doing the trial, correct? So if I were to sign-up for a Gold trial and then fly JFK-MXP-JFK on AA, I may not have access to the BA lounge at MXP because I have no US Air Preferred Gold card to show for it? I am currently AA Platinum but will not be able to re-qualify next year, however, if I do the trial, I could squeeze in just another transcon flight, combined with my MXP and LAX flights at the end of the year and qualify for US.

  16. If I do all 30k eqm trial miles after jan 1 are you sure when they merge mileage programs in 2Q they will not just the take the actual eqm flown on US air instead of noting that I’m chairman preferred due to completing trial? If they just count EQM I’d have only 30k and be just gold in new AA merged program?

  17. @Lucky
    “I’ve already booked flights on American or US Airways. Will those flights count for the challenge?

    Yes, provided they are marketed and operated by American or US Airways. Credit is based on when you fly, not when the tickets were purchased.”

    In reading the Terms and Conditions, it says, “Only bookings made after the member’s status has been upgraded reflect his or her new status.”

    Doesn’t this mean that only bookings made after you’ve signed up for the trial qualify?

    “Is the challenge based on EQMs or miles flown?

    The challenge is based on “butt in seat” miles flown. While you earn a 50% elite qualifying miles bonus for paid first class, for example, this challenge isn’t based on elite qualifying miles. It’s based on butt in seat miles. So you need to fly 30,000 miles in 90 days to earn Chairman’s Preferred, whether it’s in full fare first class or discounted economy class.”

    In the Terms and Conditions, it says, “Only elite-qualifying miles earned on flights operated by US Airways, US Airways Express, American Airlines and American Eagle can be applied toward the Trial Preferred program.”

    Doesn’t this mean that a paid first class ticket with the 50% bonus count towards the miles flown?

  18. @ Casey — Nope, keep crediting to American, in my opinion. Upgrade priority will be the same when programs integrate, and as it stands you have upgrade priority on American, while US Airways flyers have upgrade priority on US Airways.

  19. @ Cara — Technically correct, though if you print out your status and explain the situation they should be willing to let you in. Besides, in Europe they often give lounge invitations, in which case you wouldn’t need the card.

  20. @ John — No, they’re simply saying that you’ll want to re-enter your mileage number into those reservations so your new status is reflected in them for the purposes of upgrades, etc.

    As far as EQMs go, in practice it’s based on butt in seat miles. They’re trying to say that only EQMs earned on American and US Airways qualify, as opposed to flights on other airlines. I agree the wording is confusing, though.

  21. @John — the wording is confusing but I think it is based on US DM assumption that everyone only flies paid Y fares.

    The next interesting question, for me at least since I fly paid F/J fares, is when the programs finally integrate, will my 45k EQM from the 30k BIS accumulated during the challenge transfer? I am assuming (!) yes but will just wait for “sometime” in 2015/Q2…

  22. I only buy USDM, so I don’t have any status whatsoever. I’m thinking about doing a GRU-DFW-HKG roundtrip, but I would end with almost 27.000 miles. Still would have to think about getting these 3000…

  23. Lucky:

    If you are on a multi-leg trip during the Chairman’s Trial, and one or more of the segments is non-US/AA, will the other legs still qualify toward the 30K? Thanks.

  24. Hi Lucky,

    Doing the US Challenge: The codeshare flight will not be counted toward the US Trial Challenge but will I get EQM for this codeshare segment ? I have a flight: PHL- ORD, ORD- NRT — these are AA flights which will be counted for the challenge but NRT-CGK has AA flight number but operated by JAL — so this segment will not be counted toward the challenge but will get EQM? Thanks in advance!

  25. Hi Ben. You are a Prince to give us all of this information! I have two more questions I hope you’ll be kind enough to answer.

    1. In the Q&A above, you say: “If you start a challenge around November 1 and it runs through around February 1 of next year, that’s fine. Your status would still only be good through February 2016.”
    –> In this scenario, you qualify as Chairman’s Preferred in Feb. 2015, which would convert to EXP sometime in the Spring 2015. If qualifying for EXP this way is the same as the normal ways of qualifying for EXP in 2015, then the EXP status should last through Feb. 2017, correct? (I am already EXP through Feb. 2016, so the challenge only makes sense if EXP lasts until Feb.2017.)

    2. I have previously-booked AA flights in the 2015 part of the above 90-day window. If I add my US Air Dividends number to those flights, I can’t earn AAdvantage EQM for those flights, correct? (I realize this won’t matter once AA & US programs are combined, but it would matter if US/AA changes the terms of the Preferred Trial program mid-stream and I need to re-qualify for EXP on miles or points.)

    Many thanks.

  26. @ LarryH —

    1) Nope, it works differently here. When you become Executive Platinum it’s only through February 2016, so wouldn’t be valid for the entire following year.
    2) Correct.

  27. G’day Ben! At Q2 ’15 merge do you think the 8 SWU’s given CP’s will expire 2/16? ( I am assuming that the CP by Trial get EXPLAT and that whether they are CP by Trial or the old fashioned way would not make a difference to this.)
    Thank you sir.

  28. Lucky, if I complete the Trial in 2014 @ CP level and receive 2 certs, would I receive 2 more March 1st if they do give them out then?

  29. Ben,

    Is there anyway, shape or form possible that a current US Airways Platinum (and also AA Plat) can do this challenge to get EXP fast tracked??? If not are there any suggestions that you have?

    Thanks BEN

  30. @ adam — Nope, not technically. I suppose in theory you could open a new US Airways account, but that does violate the rules.

  31. Planning to enroll in the challenge and thinking about taking a trip to Asia to qualify. If the first leg is AA/US metal and the second leg is JAL or CX, the AA/US metal should still count for the challenge and the leg with JAL/CX is just extra miles right?

  32. Great great post, Ben! Thanks!

    This tiny flight would push me over for the challenge. Does it qualify?

    “American Air Flight 339 — Operated by Envoy Air As American Eagle”

  33. Ben,

    Just wanted to give you some feedback of taking advantage of this offer.

    I signed up today and instantly became Platinum. But when I called to change some flights I have upcoming, I lost seating priority and the Explat Agent said that my Systemwides would lose priority. She suggested the only way to do it is to have your boarding pass in hand and THEN change your number from AA to USAIR.


  34. Ben, do you know if the status gets upgraded pretty quickly? I will hit Platinum once I complete the first part of my MR and wondering if I should schedule the 2nd one right after and get it over with or give it some time (2 weeks) to reflect a higher elite status.

    I plan to fly AA for the challenge and have a couple of flights on hold on Is it possible to revise the FF number at check in? or should I just rebook with my Dividend Miles number when booking on

  35. Is there a way to force ita Matrix to not show partners? For example, I’m adding AA AA to the advanced routing code line but it’s returning results for AA flights but with legs on CX or JL.

  36. @ michael — If you’re waitlisted for an upgrade then you’re definitely better off waiting until your upgrade clears, as you would indeed lose priority.

  37. @ Jack — Yes, you can change the FFP at check-in. I think it will probably take a couple of days for your status to be updated, so I’d try to space out trips a bit.

  38. Sorry for bombing you with so many questions…

    Does it matter how I book the tickets? Might use some UR points to save on cash or get some AA e-gift cards and book.

  39. If this exists in 2015 and you finished 30k miles in march would your status possibly last until feb 2016?

  40. Hi Ben, just wanted to double check that AA would give the systemwides to those who achieved CP via trial and no just to those who qualified with 100k EQM. I assume their systems will just see CP through 2/16 and not focus on the lack of EQM

  41. Hi Lucky: after I complete my 30K challenge end of January, will I receive a US airways upgrade certificate immediately after completion on top of the 8 SWUs from AA in June? I have a flight to Athens via US airways in April and was hoping to use it. Thank you!

  42. In the past, I have purchased AA coach tickets for international flights and used my Aadvantage miles (and paid a fee) to obtain a confirmed upgrade to business class. In this case, you still receive credit for the miles flown. Is there any way to do this but credit the BIS miles to my US Air numbers (and towards completing the trial)?

  43. I have LAX-DFW-LHR-BUD round trip in Dec booked with first 2 segments on AA and LHR-BUD on BA. Can you suggest how to split the FFP’s on the PNR so that the BA flights credit to AA EQM’s and the AA flights credit to the US Trial?
    The credit for LHR-BUD to AA is needed to push me to AA Platinum which will be needed between Feb 28,2015 and D day. Yes I am predicting June 6,2015 as date of FFP merger.

  44. Hi Lucky, quick question please. If you book on US or AA and have a leg with AA that has a booking class of G, Q, N, O, S which are deep discount economy class, will these miles only count for half a point per mile or do you get 1 point per mile towards the trail please. AA’s charts show they will only earn .5 ppm.

    Clear skies

  45. @ Adam — The charts are correct. The American challenge uses points and the US Airways challenge uses miles so it would depend which you’re doing.

  46. Hi Lucky,
    I have an existing reservation associated with my AAdvantage number.
    Outbound: LAX-NRT-TPE
    Inbound: HKG-DFW-LAX (all AA)
    Is it possible to change the AAdvantage number to my Dividend number just for the inbound flights when I check in or at the gate at HKG?
    Do you know?

  47. Lucky,

    Have really enjoyed reading your travel blogs. My question has to deal with the Preferred Trial effect on ability of use of systemwide upgrades next year. I will be short of making Ex Plat this year by 35k. But earned it the last 2 years. Been thinking about taking this challenge with US Air for the SWU benefit. But this year was different from the last when using my SWU. I often had to wait until I was at the gate to get clearance for my international upgrades with SWU. Whereas before I could often use them at time of booking. With so many more Ex Plats in the pool from from this trial, possibly me included, how much harder do you think it will be to use SWU internationally in the coming year? Aren’t we all living on false hope?

    Thank you for any rely to this question


  48. Not to mention all the US Air FF’s who are already Chairman’s Preferred not doing the challenge coming over to AA after the merger

  49. @ Keith — There’s no doubt that over the years SWUs have gotten more difficult to use, and that’s not just a function of the number of EXPs, but also a function of the improving business class product on American, which long term will lead to a reduction in premium cabins seats. That being said, despite that, I’ve yet to have an upgrade not clear in the end. Definitely a long term concern, though.

  50. Thanks for the reply! When you said “which long term will lead to a reduction in Premium cabin seats”, I’m assuming you meant availability to use SWU’s on. Not that American will reduce the actual amount of seats in Business Class? Because I thought the trend in the industry was to eliminate 1st class and increase the quantity and quality of business class. Either way, I think we have one good year left of this honeymoon. Here’s praying all my ORD to NRT or HKG SWU’s clear in 2015. Wishing you the same.

  51. @ Keith — Nope, was saying that I’d expect a long term reduction in the total number of business class seats. For example, on the 777-200 American is eliminating the first class cabin and reducing the total number of first/business class seats quite substantially.

  52. Hmm.. Well, that sure is a valid concern. Sounds like I will have to give this Trial further thought.

    Thanks again for your insight on this matter

  53. Hi Lucky,

    One final question in regards to this topic. As stated before, I’m currently EXP. I’m gonna take the plunge and do this US Preferred trial as a Platinum. My flights will be on AA metal. Will I be able to wait until I get upgraded for the domestic portion of my flight as an EXP and then change my FF # from AA to US Air and still keep my upgraded seat? Or will I lose the seat and then have to hope I get upgraded again as a US Air Platinum. Or am I best to just put my US Air FF# right from the start and hope for the best? How would you go about this?

    Thanks for any reply

  54. @ Keith — No, you’d lose your upgraded seat. You can’t do a comp upgrade and change your frequent flyer number.

  55. I understand from your answer to Keith that you can’t do a comp upgrade and change your frequent flyer number. However, I am wondering about upgrading on an international AA flight using AA miles (and paying the applicable fees). If I then change the frequent flyer number to US to get the mileage credit for the coach ticket I originally purchased, will this cause any problems for me? I am considering doing a DFW to HKG flight to reach Gold with this challenge.

  56. Lucky, I have one more question.
    When I ask to replace my AAdvantage# with US FF# at check-in or at the gate after I receive my BP, does the system make the change for rest of the future flights as well?
    For example, I ask to change for the first outbound flight. In this scenario does the second/third outbound flights and also the rest (inbound flights on a different date) have US FF# automatically unless I ask to switch back at some point on the trip?

  57. If I signed up for the platinum trial and only fly enough to qualify for gold (15k miles), will I get to keep gold once the trial is over?

  58. @ Don — Nope, you have to at a minimum qualify for the challenge you sign-up for, or else you get nothing. Sorry!

  59. @lucky – would the opposite hold true then? i.e. If I signed up for the gold challenge and flew enough to qualify for platinum, would I then receive platinum? Or is “overachieving” only applicable for chairman’s?

  60. Hi Lucky,
    I would like to understand this promotion better. I am AA gold status, but I am not tied up with US. In Dec. I will travel BOS/GRU round trip and in early Feb. BOS/LAX. I think I will get at least 15000 miles. I can try to include other trips in the trial period. My questions are:
    1. When I book those trips, which FF numbers I will put in? can I book with my AA FF number and still counts as US promotion?
    2. if I pay the 600 dollars, I will get the benefits of platinum immediately? For example, can I have systemwide upgrades for this long flight to Brazil in December?
    3. If I decide to try the platinum status, pay the 600 dollars, but get less miles, I will be up to a silver status or once you decide the status you want you can’t get another one if you didn’t reach the maximum miles?
    Thanks for your help.

  61. @ Lilian —

    1) You would need to put in your US number and not your AA number.
    2) You would get benefits of Platinum immediately, though Platinum doesn’t come with systemwide upgrades.
    3) At a minimum you have to qualify for whichever status you “challenge” for. If you don’t achieve it you get nothing.

  62. When does the new status take effect? For example: If doing the silver challenge, do you become gold when you hit 15k miles, platinum at 23,5 and chairman’s at 30k or are you silver until the end of 90 days and then they adjust it?

    I will be hitting 30k around day 60, curious when it will take effect.


  63. I just got off the phone with US Airways-Dividend miles. She told me that I had to buy Platinum $600 and fly to 22, 500. Then when I receive this status, after March 2015, I need to fly 30,000 more miles to obtain Chairman’s preferred. ?? Is she right, have they changed it ? I was going to apply today and start flying. Thanks

  64. I think trial is not for someone who is residing in foreign country.. i tried to put my own post code.. it always said not valid 🙁

  65. You said earlier that, “you can’t change your AAdvantage number if you’ve received a complimentary/sticker upgrade.”

    Can you change your AAvantage # to USAir after using AA status to select AA main cabin select?

  66. @ John — I believe that should work, but you’ll want to check back and be sure you weren’t downgraded.

  67. What’s the best way to book a 8 step itinerary?

    IAD-LAX-SFO-DFW-HKG-DFW-SFO-LAX-IAD is pricing out just over 1k (~4.1 CPM) all on AA metal. Is the only way to do this, to call AA?

  68. @ David — Where did you price it? American’s website might be the best place to book using the multi-city tool, if you “chunk” the segments so that you search something like IAD-SFO, SFO-HKG, etc.

  69. Priced on ITA…but the AA site only goes to 6 legs. Unsure how to effectively chunk yet retain the same pricing. I’m a newbie 🙂

  70. @ David — I would search IAD-SFO, SFO-HKG, HKG-SFO, SFO-IAD, and do a “search by schedule” query. Make sure you enter your preferred times when doing the search. That should do the trick.

  71. I see what you’re saying now…had to specify DFW-HKG but that did the trick (otherwise a routing through Haneda on JL). Thanks Ben! 30,000 to nowhere 😉

  72. Here’s a question that I haven’t seen asked (or answered!) before:

    I’m in the middle of a challenge and will fly around 32K on US/AA. I’ve just noticed that one of these flights that I took about 10 days ago (CDG-PHL) was marketed by IB, but it was operated by US. Would this count for the challenge? Interestingly the mileage for that flight hasn’t posted to my DM account yet, while about 4 different AA flights completed since then have posted.

    From the US website it only says that flights “must be operated by US Air or AA” to be eligible, so I hope this means that I’m safe with this flight!

  73. @ Patrick — The flight does have to be marketed and operated by American or US Airways to qualify. It sounds like that flight was operated by US Airways but marketed by Iberia, so wouldn’t qualify.

  74. Lucky, thanks for the quick reply, but could you please point me towards where you read that it has to be marketed and operated by US/AA?

    On the Trial Preferred page (, I read:

    …over the next 90 days, fly a minimum number of miles on flights operated by US Airways or American Airlines to keep your Preferred status through February 29, 2016. If your trial began on or before June 30, 2014, you’ll maintain your Preferred status through February 28, 2015.

    As well as:

    …Only elite-qualifying miles earned on flights operated by US Airways, US Airways Express, American Airlines and American Eagle can be applied toward the Trial Preferred program. The program participation fee is non-refundable…

    My trial ends on 27 Feb, so if the IB-marketed, US-operated flight doesn’t count then I’d need to find a backup quick, by my reading of the rules would indicate that I’m fine. Perhaps this is a recent change??

  75. @ Patrick — You’ll want to follow up with Dividend Miles to be sure. I’m going based on what I was told by Dividend Miles, though I could be wrong.

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