Another United twitter bonus

I’m still waiting for the last bonus to post, but in the meantime United has put out another promotion. Once they reach 50,000 followers they’ll give everyone that registers a discount certificate. The certificate will be either 5,%, 10%, or 15%, depending on when they reach 50,000 followers. I have a feeling their goal of reaching 50,000 followers by June 22 is a bit unrealistic, let alone by July 17, given that they’re not even a quarter of the way there.

On the plus side, the discount certificate is good for a flight from the U.S. to anywhere and is good for most fare classes… that is, if we get a discount certificate.

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  1. Well just turn the Twitterbots on United… or pass this among everyone you know.

    Heck, maybe i’ll sign back up 🙂

  2. Wait a second… the promo doesn’t even give a link to twitter or UA’s twitter page. Seems like a miss to me.

  3. It is possible to automate additions, but Twitter is good about policing this. They would likely be wiped out eventually.

    REMEMBER PEOPLE: You do NOT need to follow United on Twitter to receive this bonus. They have no way of knowing if you are actually following them because they cannot tie your MP account to your Twitter account. Just register and you will receive the bonus… no worries on following, unfollowing, etc. Of course, if not enough people follow, the higher bonus levels won’t be reached, but that is a separate issue.

  4. Sinep-

    Have you received the original Twitter bonus? I registered but am anti-twitting, but did not get the 1,500 miles, yet…

  5. While you DO NOT need to follow UA on Twitter to get the bonus, UA DOES need to get 50,000 followers for ANYONE to get the bonus. THAT is why you should still follow UA on Twitter. Simply registering for the promotion will do you no good if we never get UA to 50,000 followers – so please follow UA on your Twitter account in addition to registering for the promotion.

  6. @boifromtroy – Yes, my 1500 miles from the original promo posted in the last couple of days and is backdated May 30.

    @huntersfo – Correct, hence my comment “if not enough people follow, the higher bonus levels won’t be reached, but that is a separate issue.” I was simply making the point that the actual follow or question of when and if to unfollow has no bearing on your individual eligibility.

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