And another $600

‘Nuff said. Travel credits weren’t an issue. 😉

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  1. I am jealous! Six flights for me on the weekend (a mileage run in the NE on RJs; fun for me, at least!) but open adjacent seats galore.

  2. Nice work. Question on bump vouchers and how they work. Are they type B vouchers, i.e.:

    * usable on domestic or international?
    * applied against both base fare and taxes?
    * residual value issued in a new voucher with extended expiration date?
    * not able to be used online?

    I recently got bumped off an international flight and was offered $800 cash or $1000 in vouchers. I took the cash, would you have done the same?


  3. It is a type B voucher, so it’s good for travel systemwide on United, and can be applied against both the base fare and taxes. You have to either ticket it at the airport or mail the voucher in. There’s no residual voucher, but the $600 voucher comes in a packet of four $150 vouchers, so you don’t have to use them all at once.

    In your shoes I would have taken the cash as well. As much as I love vouchers, I just don’t value them as much as cash.

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