ANA Starts Flying Reconfigured 777s To New York

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If you’re flying ANA between New York and Tokyo anytime soon, you may be in for a special treat!

ANA’s New First & Business Class

In early July, All Nippon Airways revealed a brand new first & business class product. This caught many of us off guard for a couple of reasons:

  • I wasn’t aware that ANA was even working on a new first & business class product; while other airlines hype new products for years, they announced this just weeks before it entered service
  • Both first & business class look spectacular; in particular, business class looks on par with Qatar Airways’ Qsuites, if not better

The new first class hard product looks very good, though not cutting edge. Crucially, it addresses some of the issues with the previous versions of the suites, like the lack of being able to look out the window or talk to a neighbor.

Meanwhile in business class their hard product does look cutting edge, as each business class seat has a door, and looks incredibly wide.

ANA’s New 777-300ER Routes

Not surprisingly, a lot of people are hoping to fly in ANA’s new cabins, given how incredible they look. Now a second route will be getting them.

ANA’s New 777-300ERs Debuted Between Tokyo & London

ANA began offering these new cabins between Tokyo Haneda and London Heathrow as of the beginning of August. Unfortunately the airline wasn’t especially clear about the rollout schedule for the new configuration beyond that.

We’ve known that ANA’s plan was to start flying these new planes from Tokyo to both Frankfurt and New York as of this winter, though we now have a more exact timeline.

ANA’s New 777-300ERs Will Soon Fly Between Tokyo & New York

ANA has now announced that they will start flying the reconfigured 777 between Tokyo and New York as of November 8, 2019.

The first flights to feature the new cabins will be NH110 from Haneda to New York on November 8, and then NH9 from New York to Narita on the same day. The catch is that the route won’t initially be operated by the plane consistently.

ANA operates two routes to New York JFK — one out of Tokyo Haneda, and one out of Tokyo Narita. The planes “swap” in New York, meaning that one aircraft flies from Tokyo Haneda to New York to Tokyo Narita, while the other one flies from Tokyo Narita to New York to Tokyo Haneda.

Initially fewer than half of flights will feature these new cabins, so you’ll have to rely on the seatmap to figure out if you’ll get the new cabins (more on that below).

For example, looking at seatmaps for the first week of service as of now, the following flights feature the new cabins:

  • November 8 — HND-JFK-NRT
  • November 9 — NRT-JFK-HND
  • November 11 — HND-JFK-NRT
  • November 12 — NRT-JFK-HND
  • November 14 — HND-JFK-NRT
  • November 15 — NRT-JFK-HND

ANA Will Fly New 777-300ERs To Frankfurt Next

While no exact date has been given yet, ANA has revealed that the next route to get the reconfigured 777-300ER will be Tokyo Haneda to Frankfurt, and we can expect that route to get the new cabins during the winter schedule, which runs through March 2020.

How To Tell If Your Flight Features ANA’s New Cabins

Want to tell based on the seatmap if your flight will feature ANA’s new cabins? The easiest way to tell is to look at the business class seatmap:

  • The new business class cabin has 64 seats, while the old cabin has either 52 or 68 seats
  • If the business class cabin goes to row 20, then it’s the new business class. Otherwise it’s the old business class

Bottom Line

ANA will begin flying their reconfigured 777s to New York as of November 8, which is exciting. This complements them operating the new first and business class cabins on the London route, and you can also expect that Frankfurt will get the new cabins in the coming months.

  1. That’s actually quite interesting since typically the inbound HND and NRT aircraft swap routes in JFK. The inbound HND aircraft returns to NRT and vice versa.

  2. I think it’s Haneda/Narita New York, not just Haneda New York.

    “Starting in winter 2019 the plane will also serve the Tokyo (Haneda/Narita) = New York route followed by the Haneda = Frankfurt route.”

  3. I’m not following the configuration. We have tickets for March on a 77W and the old configuration is 52 business class seats, not 68.

  4. I’ve been looking for award seats on this route in the winter, and basically there isn’t any in F or J. Especially for two. I was anticipating this development, but I guess others were too. In the end I booked JAL F instead.

  5. Wow, this is great news. We’re getting a big increase in seats to Tokyo now from JFK hearing this news, (mostly just more business seats) and now United is going Double Daily to Tokyo from EWR!!!

    United is ensuring it’s dominant position in the Asian market with its partners and service from NYC, way to go.

    Really seems like United is courting the international Business traveler as it’s the US Airline to expand aggressively in NYC. They serve India 2, 2 Chinese cities + Hong Kong, (Singapore through partner), this is 4 frequency to Tokyo (1/2 United metal, half ANA).

    Plus on Europe, they are ensuring their success by adding new European markets (Naples/Prague) and upgrading existing services to the 787–10.

  6. @Lucky
    Do you have any idea when United is going to be releasing new summer European routes for 2020?

  7. Hoping for west coast routes (LAX, SFO) before the Olympics next summer!

    Since there are a total of 12 planes that are either new or being configured, and with these routes using 6 planes (I think – 2 LHR; 2 JFK; 2 FRA), there is only a few routes left that ANA will announce. Most 777W’s fly to the US as well.

    Anyone have any thoughts on where logically the next routes will be?

  8. Booked an award ticket through Aegean to fly this config in first class from LHR-HND in April. Really looking forward to experiencing the new seat and amazing Japanese service!

  9. I think the economy class is different as well… now 10 up. My seats were changed on a flight near halloween

  10. Great news!
    No doubt many of your British readers will be moaning about how the seats look (and feel) like coffins.
    Not sure where their obsession with coffins comes from…..

  11. Weird that another Matt just posted what I was gonna say about the Olympics.

    I do think they have an interest in getting their routes done before the Olympics, anywhere. This is the time when they are going to get the most business ever to attract new customers.

    I would expect the major markets in US next. So, probably SF and LA. Then Chicago. Then everywhere else. SF and LA are the highest likelihood before the Olympics, I’d guess.

  12. I have a Tokyo to New York flight in F scheduled for first week in November so I’m not optimistic I will get the new cabin but you never know.

  13. Just flew HND-JFK today, and the plane they used contained the new seats. Perhaps they’re rolling it out ahead of schedule.

  14. I’m curious about the J seat: as Lucky noted, it looks incredibly wide — more like a bench than an individual seat. Are there no armrests? I can’t see any in the images, but they might just not be showing up. I am struggling to see how a wide bench with no armrests is good for sitting, although I expect it will be fabulously spacious for sleeping…

    Anyone flown it yet?

  15. I will give it a try eventually but I have to admit I am wary. Those Business Class seats look like old school European train bench seats.

  16. @The Nice Paul, – I had the same question when they originally announced it. It looks great for sleeping, but for sitting upright or lounging it looks like it may be uncomfortable to not have an arm rest. Overall though, it looks like a massive improvement on their current seat, and am excited to try it.

  17. let’s see how long before someone proclaims DL is winning the hearts and wallets of New Yorkers by offering zero own metal flights to East Asia and only ICN through JV metal

  18. @The Nice Paul; @GuruJanitor: I’m not sure what ANA plans to do but Singapore Airlines would provide a sort of portable armrest hard rectangular cushion on their wide business class seats. You could use this as an armrest when up right and then pick it up and put it on the floor or elsewhere when sleeping.

  19. @The Nice Paul and @GuruJanitor: God Save the Points has already flown and reviewed the new J seat from ANA, which he thinks ranks higher than the Qsuite. Google his review for details on the seat.

    Doesn’t seem like there’s an armrest for the wide seat.

  20. FRA-HND has 2 flights daily (NH204 and NH224). Are there any clues to which flight will get the reconfigured seats? If both routes get it, then they will need more than 3 planes since westbound flights are more than 12 hours each way.

  21. @Lucky
    Do you remember how long it took for all flights on the London route to be retrofitted? Any idea on how long we should expect the same for the JFK flights?

  22. I have F award flights from Houston to Narita and back for Feb-March. I am wondering if switching to NYC-Haneda is possible as I have an ongoing flight to Mumbai from Haneda.

  23. Hi! Just update I think now there are more flights from NRT/HND-JFK is the suite now! I briefly check the Jan and Feb schedule, looks like only 1-2 days in each week from each airport have the old products, otherwise, they were all new products now!


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