Amex Announces MAJOR Changes To The Platinum Card As Of March 30, 2017

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There’s no denying that the premium credit card space is getting super competitive, especially with Chase introducing the Sapphire Reserve Card last year.

In October American Express announced some changes to both their personal and business Platinum Card. With these changes:

At the time American Express said that this was only the beginning, and that we should expect further changes. Well, American Express has just announced some major changes to The Platinum Card® from American Express, which kick in as of March 30, 2017. These changes only apply to the personal card, and not the business card.

So, what’s changing about the American Express Platinum Card as of March 30, 2017?

$200 in annual Uber credits

Those with the Platinum Card will receive $15 in Uber credits each month, and $35 in Uber credits in December. Each credit is only valid for the month in which it’s issued and for rides in the U.S. There’s no need to actually pay for any Uber with the Platinum Card, but rather you’ll just have to link your accounts and then the code will automatically be added to your account.

Furthermore, Platinum Card members will receive Uber VIP status in markets where it’s available, though I haven’t found there to be all that much value with that.

5x Membership Rewards points on select hotel bookings

Last year the Amex Platinum Card added 5x points on airfare, which has been a huge new category for me that has super charged my points earnings. So initially I was really excited when I read about earning 5x points on hotels as well. But there’s a catch.

Those with the Platinum Card will receive 5x Membership Rewards points for hotel bookings made through It’s a shame this doesn’t include other hotel bookings.

Typically other bookings through Amex Travel wouldn’t be eligible for points accrual, since they’d qualify as a third party stay. So I’m not giving up points earning with a major hotel chain in order to earn an additional two points per dollar spent.

A new metal card design

Chase has introduced several cards over the years with a metal design, and Amex will be following their lead on this.

The Amex Platinum Card will have a sleek new metal card design.


Add Gold card holders for free

As before, you can pay to add Platinum authorized users to your card. However, up until now Amex has charged $45 for the ability to add up to five Gold Cards to your account. These cards don’t come with the same benefits, but rather are just a way to allow you to earn Amex points for other peoples’ spending while being linked to your Membership Rewards account (though personally it’s not a card I’d use, since it doesn’t offer very good bonus categories).

Those with the Amex Platinum Card will be able to add Gold Card authorized users at no additional fee.

An annual fee increase

All of this is coming at a cost, however. Through March 29, 2017 the annual fee on the Amex Platinum Card is $450.

As of March 30, 2017, the annual fee on the Amex Platinum Card has been raised to $550 (Rates & Fees). However, if you apply before March 30, 2017 you’ll still get all of the new benefits, but will only be billed the $450 annual fee the first year.

For existing card members, you’ll be billed the old $450 annual fee if your fee is due before August 31, 2017, while you’ll be billed the new $550 annual fee if your fee is due on September 1, 2017, or later.

What do I make of these changes?

I feel sort of lukewarm about these changes.

I don’t see myself getting much value out of the 5x points on hotels, given that they have to be booked through Amex Travel. If they offered 5x points on all hotel bookings, I’d be getting a ton of value.

I won’t personally get value out of being able to add Gold Cards to the account, since that’s not a great card to use for everyday spend anyway.

A new card design is cool, though doesn’t materially alter the experience.

So the way I see it, they’re raising the annual fee by $100 and giving $200 in Uber credits. Now of course the catch is that this isn’t as straightforward as them just giving you $200 of Uber reimbursements, but rather they’re codes that are given each month, and presumably can’t be used in conjunction with other Uber promotions. So I’d say the $200 worth of Uber credits is worth about half of face value.

Personally I’ll consider these changes on the Platinum Card to be mostly a wash. The annual fee increase and Uber credits balance out. Some might find value in some of the other perks, but personally I don’t.

What do you make of the Amex Platinum Card changes?

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: The Platinum Card® from American Express (Rates & Fees).

  1. Interesting timing, at the height of the #DeteleUber movement and the non-stop negative press from the company

  2. Never used Uber and dont have need to start now so the $200 credit is useless.

    To me this new is merely means $100 increase making the cards value even more questionable now.

  3. JAMES +10!!

    a LITTLE HELPFUL – CSR told me—now will not be charged for guest in Priority lounge

  4. Risky strategy Amex affiliating so closely now with Uber. I’m guessing all of this was figured out before the wave of bad press dropped, but ..

  5. Why can’t Amex just offer something without all of these conditions? When Chase offers a travel credit, it is available for all travel category purchases. When it offers 3x points for travel, it is for all travel purchases. This just seems annoying and really doesn’t increase the value for the $450 you used to have to pay for it, let alone this increased yearly fee.

  6. I wonder if these changes will influence the AMEX platinum offers in Europe (and the Netherlands 😉 as well. Just for comparison: currently the Dutch Amex Platinum cost EUR 700,- a year. I hope at least the new metal card and design will be introduced here shortly as well.

  7. @JvZ same here! I really wanted to apply to the AMEX Plat here in Germany, though it’s painful to pay a 600€ annual fee, whose earning points system is way shittier than the USA’s (for all purchases 1€ = 1MR).

  8. Uber is awful. A pure $200 annually in Lyft credits would be great. This is simply an annual fee increase. No thanks.

  9. I’m disappointed, thought their next roll out of benefits would be better. All there is is more restrictions either new benefits (, uber credit monthly).

  10. We won’t use the uber credit so this just means a $100 increase in the annual fee without any benefit or justification. We’ll be downgrading both our cards this year.

  11. According to the TPG post, Amex has now said FHR won’t count for 5x. That says a lot about unnecessarily convoluted benefits.

  12. I don’t see how this is MAJOR.
    – 5x on hotels via their booking – who cares?
    – $15 a month on Uber via some sort of promo code that will magically show up – why not just automatic statement credit like AmEx offers? And for being US only, it is not that great for international travelers that don’t see US months at a time
    – new look – who cares?
    – Gold AUs – who cares?
    And $100 increase in annual fee… AmEx really doesn’t seem to get it these days with all these other premium cards out there

  13. I will be cancelling the card. The Uber credit, as it is being described, does not help me in any material way, so it is just a $100 fee increase.

  14. Why not just a $400 airline credit – not accidental fee ($200 previously + $200 instead of Uber credit).

    **Rolling my eyes so hard and see the darkness inside my skull**

  15. @ JvZ — Unfortunately I doubt we’ll see any changes outside the U.S. market. The U.S. is just so much more competitive on the credit card front.

  16. @ JMB — Is there a U.S. Amex Plat co-branded with FlyingBlue? I know it impacts the co-brand cards from Morgan Stanley, Mercedes-Benz, etc., though I’m not sure I’m familiar with the Air France one.

  17. @ SB — I got emailed the press release from Amex’s PR company, which is where I saw it…

  18. Seriously, a $200 Uber credit with codes and monthly limitations? No thanks. 5x on hotels only when booked through Amex travel? You must be joking and no thanks. $550 for an overpriced card with terrible customer service? No thanks.

    I’ll happily keep my Sapphire Reserve.

  19. I was thinking of getting this card, but I won’t use any of those new benefits, and the extra $100 kills it for me. How is a card with a higher fee and less useful benefits supposed to compete with the Reserve? Put me in the category that sees this as a negative change.

  20. Wow, I think this is actually worse than what it was before… 200 in Uber credits. Come on. Maybe 200 in any ride share or taxi, then we can talk. But with an increased annual fee, no way. I held onto this card for so long and I am finally happy to see these changes so I can dump it. What a waste.

  21. Uber sucks. I deleted my account and will never go back. Looks like I’ll be cancelling this when my next fee posts in the fall (unless they up their retention offers).

  22. I need to enter a code each month to receive the Uber credit? Will the $200 AFC still exist?

  23. @stanley – is that confirmed regarding the free guest for priority? Main hub is sfo and tend to fly sky team which means for international and even domestic it’s inconvenient or not possible to get to Centurion.

  24. Well, as a Delta flyer this is now $55 more expensive for me to get access to Delta lounges (it costs me $495 if I buy the membership through Delta). Thus, although very disappointing it is still a good card for my needs. Any thoughts on how these Uber credits will be applied? I use Uber a lot for business trips under my personal account but I don’t want the $200 credit to go back to my company if they are just removed from my final ride cost.

  25. I would have signed up at $450. by March 31 for the bonus, but right now is just 40,000 MR points, so not worth the bother as only get it once.

    If they ever have a 75,000 or 100,000 point bonus, I might pay $550 for the card and cancel before renewal.

    I have never used Uber and it seems so crappy as one credit per month.

  26. What annoys me most is that newly introduced Uber credit is for “rides ONLY in the US”. Many people who carry this kind of premium card are usually Frequent Flyers, so why does AMEX keep this “US territories” limitation? As an expat abroad, I can still get all points/benefits WHEREVER I use Chaser SReserve. But many benefits offered from Amex Plat is often limited in the US. ( e.g. AMEX hotel offers – US territories only, Airlines credit – US airlines only, Uber credit – US rides only).

  27. It would be interesting if the 5x points also qualify for bookings made through AMEX Global Business travel (their corporate travel agency). My company uses them and of I can get 5x points for booking with them AND all my hotel benefits (since these bookings are considered eligible stays)…that’s a huge proposition.

  28. I’d consider changes lukewarm even if annual fee was not being increased.

    Major bummer that FHR bookings won’t get 5x points.

    If Uber credits can be used towards UberEATS that would offset the fee increase though.

  29. So having the Platinum card gets you Hilton Gold and SPG Gold status, yet if you book through Amex travel, you get no benefits? AMEX is trying to play both sides here but it makes no sense whatsoever….

    Let’s not forget there’s AMEX fine hotes which won’t qualify for 5x points or benefits at hotels, and they are trying to cover every possible travel type for booking hotels.

  30. I hold both a Bus Platinum and Personal and I have to agree the AF increase for features I won’t use makes keeping one or both card a lot harder to justify.

    Uber: I rarely use it (live in the suburbs of a small city). When I do it would likely be overseas where the credits don’t work. Also I don’t use Uber monthly so many monthly credits will go to waste.

    Metal card: Couldn’t care less. The Plat cards hardly leave my wallet. Non-bonused Amex spend goes on EDP or SPG. So basically that means personal plat get used only for airline tickets/fees which is mostly done online and business plat may get used for $5k+ purchases which is rare.

    5x on Hotels: Only useful for hotels where I don’t hold status and wouldn’t otherwise be earning points. These sort of reservations are a small minority of those I do and likely aren’t anywhere near enough to counteract the $100 fee increase.

    I will really have to crunch the numbers but I don’t think I can justify keeping both cards with $550 fee and would even have to think about keeping one now. For the moment I think the Prestige card which I also have represents a better value for me.

  31. Why couldn’t they have just added 3x on travel and dining, 5x on travel booked through Amex portal, added travel insurance, and allowed airline credit to be eligible for airfare with the selected hotel?

    The Uber credit to me, seems like a ploy to get millennial interested in the card. I just don’t see it attracting that many people.

  32. 5x on all hotels regardless of where the booking is made would be a great incentive to keep my card.

    I enjoy the lounge benefit when time permits in an airport where a lounge is available, but that’s not every airport and sometimes connections require just getting from one gate to the next.

    Uber? Don’t use it or need it.

    $550?? Hard to justify holding on to this card, unfortunately.

  33. The biggest problem I have with the Uber credit is how many people are now going to use the Uber credit because it’s a “benefit”, and not because they already use it. If people use the credit as a “benefit” or “luxury”, then you are not getting the full value of the credit and effectively paying for it.

  34. this whole delete uber movement is stupid. uber is the best thing to come out in a while. they are cheaper than cabs and won’t rip you off unlike a cab. uber is also more convenient than cabs. good luck going back to cabs.

  35. Here’s to hoping the Biz card doesn’t get nasty like the Personal card just did…it’s already a stretch for me to keep this card, another $100 would kill it for me.

  36. Man I was gonna switch from my current Chase sapphire and Chase freedom unlimited to Amex because they have more airline partners for the areas I need travel to and soon I’ll be traveling in and out of the country frequently and i would’ve fully exploited platinum’s cards benefits and gotten great value out of that $450 but I guess I’m sticking to getting the CSR after these changes. Thanks for the heads up Lucky, I almost got screwed over by this one.

  37. Makes you wonder how AMEX thinks they’ll keep customers if even the biz traveler doesn’t want to use the Plat card…

  38. It seems some marketing committee was tasked to revise the Amex Plat benefits to distance themselves from the competition. So we created a “benefit” even more restrictive than the airline fee reimbursement with a company that most women I know will try to avoid, raised the annual fee and compensated for that by making hotel booking benefits almost worthless. I guess the committee wasn’t told that distancing themselves from the competition didn’t mean falling farther behind. This “upgrade” is a big boost to CSR.

  39. My wife has a large amount of MR points and we have been trying to figure out a way to transfer these points to one of my frequent flyer accounts. Can she add me under a new gold card and open up the possibility of transferring her points into my account?

  40. Lucky, I as others will likely skip boat once renewal is up.
    Where would you recommend transferring the points to?
    I know it’s very individual, but a top 5 list would be helpful.
    Thank you!

  41. @LB – why not just pick up the Everyday card…no annual fee but still MR earning so it’ll keep your points balance alive

  42. The card was a non-starter for me because of the restrictions on the airline credit, i.e. have to pick an airline in advance and it can only be used to cover “fees” (I’m not willing to try and game the system with gift cards, only to have the reimbursement not go through). It’s even more of a non-starter now. This reeks of an “enhancement” that’s really just a stealth fee increase. No thanks.

  43. 100% agree with @Dale … It makes absolutely no sense to bonus spending through the amextravel ota when the benefits of spg and hilton gold are only guaranteed when making reservations directly with spg and hilton. You could also approximate hotel elite status by buying through fhr — but, oops, that will only get 1x per dollar. And Uber credits that are only good in the US and expire if unused in a month? This honestly seems like a half-baked way of generating media buzz for “increased benefits” that will suffer high breakage and amount to nothing more than a $100 annual fee increase.

  44. Why would I keep this card if it’s now $100 more expensive with no added benefit for me. I’ll keep the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Dumb move all around, Amex.

  45. Whoever is making these decisions at Amex is going to be fired. Raising the annual fee is a gigantic mistake. It has turned their announcement from something that was supposed to help them compete with Chase into something that will lead to people heading for the exits faster. You can tell already from people’s reactions that this is not going over well at all. They seriously would have been better off doing absolutely nothing rather than shooting themselves in the foot.

    Has anyone called to cancel yet? Curious if they are already realizing their mistake and offering something to minimize the damage.

    Also, does anyone know if cancelling the card before the first year of having it is over will hurt me in any way?

  46. I believe the benefits will extend to other platinum versions as well. What about the annual fees for those? For example, will the fee on the Mercedes Benz version increase from $475 to $575 or will it remain at $475?
    Depending on the answer, it may be better ti keep the Benz over the regular platinum.


  47. These changes are a step better for us at least… we do book hotel/resorts on occasion through Amex Travel, Aman Resorts for example, and was generally stuck having to pay with an Amex for the booking to get the perks… At least we get the additional points. Wish it were on all hotels, but we all have other options in our wallets, so a win for us.

  48. You said 5x is an extra 2x on hotel bookings. This card is 1x on hotels, not 3x, correct. I use prestige for the 3x on hotels.

  49. @Harold, I believe he is referring to the fact that moving his hotel spend to Amex Platinum for 5x would only net him 2x extra points versus his next best option like CSR or Prestige which pay 3x.

  50. This pretty much means I’m going to cancel it at renewal. At $450 it was a wash for me, but since I’m suburban and almost never use uber, this is effectively a $100 fee increase.

  51. @LB, You could just apply for a free Amex Everyday card and keep the points for later. It gives access to the entire Membership Rewards program, including points transfers to airline and hotel partners.

  52. @Eric, that link takes you to their UK/Europe version of T&C, it appears. The T&C is also dated from 10/2006. I would assume the current version doesn’t have any of that language.

  53. These new benefits just boosted CSR card. I would love to know how many accounts will be closed before new AF is due. Mine will be one of them…

  54. The reason they aren’t updating more points categories is bc they don’t have to. Quite often I go out to eat and someone uses an Amex Plat and I pull out my CSR. So many people are happy using their Plat and getting 1 MR. There’s and old school philosophy with this card and the key users are using it for everyday spending. Most of us are just using the card for airline purchases. So we aren’t the target audience. Changing any categories to bonus more points would lose them a ton of money. I tried convincing a few family members to switch to CSR for meals and they just rather use the Plat.

  55. @Marsh – Agreed 100%. People who read this blog are the farthest thing from normal credit card users.

  56. I don’t think the new benefits are necessarily worth the extra $100 for most people, particularly since you’ll have to remember to add the Uber credits each month (and use them each month.) That said, any reason to assume you will/won’t get the codes twice each month if you hold both the personal and business plat?

  57. Given the Uber credits work only in the US – unless you Uber all the time, I dont see this offsetting the fee increase. 5x points at select hotels…as you say, if this were all hotels, you might have something. Otherwise, not so much.

  58. by the way its a 22% AF increase for $200 uber you may not be able to use. those Havard MBAs at AMEX certainly know about breakage

  59. You have to be kidding me now… The only positive thing AMEX is adding is the $15 Uber credit but that’s super discounted & nowhere near its face value. Heck, even the T-Mobile Tuesday app is handing me $15 free Lyft credit pretty much every week and I am on a $25/monthly plan (granted it expires faster but the point being Uber/Lyft credit are nowhere near its face value)! The 5X on is basically useless since there’s no qualify stay/points… Unless you frequent individual boutique hotels with no reward program, it adds absolute no value… It takes me 30 seconds to realize the annual fee went up by $100 with virtually no improvement… I genuinely don’t understand how did AMEX think this makes them more competitive (It only made the card worse as far as I can tell). AMEX Plat might be a good card 4 years ago, but unless AMEX can actually step up their game soon, I don’t think AMEX will exist 4 years from now…

  60. A bit of info I just inadvertently found it from a friend: Amex had just sold its fx business. Not clear if that’s global or just UK. Change is afoot at Amex!

  61. What a fail. What is Amex thinking? Uber credits and a metal card? Who cares? They seem determined to lose the premium card market with these pathetic enhancements.

    I’ve got one last flavor of the Personal Plat to sign up for before the $100 AF increase, then I’m done with it forever. Won’t be missed as it never was a top of wallet card – always min spend card and then relegated to the drawer. Amex missed a huge opportunity to make the card competitive…

  62. Priority pass will now include 2 guests for free. See language from the terms on Amex website:

    Priority Pass Select
    These Terms and Conditions govern [X] Card Members’ participation in and use of the Priority Pass™ Select program. Priority Pass is an independent airport lounge access program. At any visit to a Priority Pass Select lounge, you may bring in two guests for no charge. You will be charged $27 for any additional guests. By enrolling in Priority Pass Select, you agree that you will be responsible for any additional accompanying guest visits and that your Card will be automatically charged after you have signed for the additional guest visit and it has been reported to Priority Pass by the participating lounge. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that American Express will verify your Card account number and provide updated Card account information to Priority Pass. Priority Pass will use this information to fulfill on the Priority Pass Select program and may use this information for marketing related to the program. Once enrolled, X Card Members in good standing may access participating Priority Pass Select lounges by presenting your Priority Pass Select card and airline boarding pass. In some lounges, Priority Pass Select member must be 21 years of age to enter without a parent or guardian. Priority Pass Select members must adhere to all house rules of participating lounges. Amenities may vary among airport lounge locations. Conference rooms, where available, may be reserved for a nominal fee. Priority Pass Select lounge partners and locations are subject to change. All Priority Pass Select members must adhere to the Priority Pass Conditions of Use, which will be sent to you with your membership package, and can be viewed at Upon receipt of your enrollment information, Priority Pass will send your Priority Pass Select card and membership package which you should receive within 10–14 business days. If you have not received the Priority Pass card after 14 days, please contact American Express using the number on the back of your American Express® Card. Please note, Additional Gold Card Members are not eligible for membership.

  63. Not a wash at all for those that don’t/can’t use uber monthly!

    Surprisingly weak article from my perspective.

  64. I have used the AMEX Plat card since 1998, but now I am retired, so its usefulness is somewhat limited. I like the Delta SkyClub access as well as Centurion and Airspace Lounges. I wish they had upped the airline credit to $300 without all the limitations. I may decide that it is now time to drop the card for something else. My son may get some benefit from the Uber deal since he uses it when he goes out so he can have a drink or two

  65. How can this be an attempt to compete with CSR? Maybe they can make some changes to the PRG like more points for dining and I’d consider.

  66. Just got the email with the news confirming the new “perks and changes”. Very disappointing update.

    This bit doesn’t tell me if Global Business travel even gets the 5x rate as it only applies to prepaid bookings

    “5X Membership Rewards® points for prepaid hotels booked on That’s in addition to the recently unveiled 5X points for flights when you book directly with airlines or American Express Travel.”

    Here’s a snippet of the email:
    & full details as mentioned

  67. For me most useful benefits are Delta access (but only cardholder) and SPG/Marriott Gold. Extra cards are $175 (any change?) for three – same two benefits. Uber non starter and “uber” usage credit convoluted compared to CSR.

    If I find myself using American enough, then Cit’s deal is same fee with extra cards at no added cost.

    Think most of us see the smoke and mirrors – we don’t Pass Go while Amex gets an extra $100. Costco and Jet Blue departed, so will individual cardholders.

  68. My heartache is the value of the points. At absolute best they are worth $0.01 a point. Considering that everyday purchases earn one point per dollar spent, that’s not a great return. Quite frankly it’s the worst. They COULD do something like double the value of the points for Platinum members. Considering that significantly lower end AmEx cards earn more points, yet they are worth the same, this really stings. The top tier customers should have higher value. I’ve basically put it down for my everyday use now and switched to the CSR. Getting a much better return on that when used for travel which is where I am likely to use the points. It’s sad because I do miss using AmEx as my everyday card.

  69. So the amex business platinum card is remaining the same and they’ll have two similar cards with different annual fees? do you suspect they’ll make similar changes to the business version?

  70. I was excited when I read ‘Major’ changes but these aren’t good for me. I was hoping they would include the Pay with Points 50% back on the Personal version. I would get good use.

    5X points on Hotels is ok with me as I don’t have any status with any chain apart from the hotel benefits this card gives me, which I’d give up most of the time for 5X points.

    I tried buying AA gift cards last year and it worked but it didn’t work this calendar year.
    So I’ll basically be canceling this card in the next few months.

    Does Citi and Chase have offers like Amex Offers that allow you to earn bonus points?
    I like taking advantage of the Spend $10 get 500 Amex Points offers at BK or Chilis.

  71. Amex meeting
    Boss: Those chases bastards are going into our turd, our card holders are decreasing and they are better then us!

    Employee A:I think that we should lower our AF,better service, more travel awards and…

    Boss:Dont you know that it decreases our profits? your are fired!

    Employee B: I think we should increase our AF that are higher then other credit cards that are better then ours, get some cooperation with business that recently having a negative PR and we should not care about benefits as most our customers dont know to compare.

    Boss: This sounds bad for the brand image…

    Employee B: But it will increase our profits! How about Uber? they like Trump and they mostly going to like America!

    Boss:you are getting your promotion.

    AMEX in a nutshell.

  72. Just when I had started using it again for the 5x airfare they come up with this.

    IMHO, Amex would be far better served making the travel benefit $300 like CSR and just valid on everything. Skip the Uber, skip the pick the airline. As it is, premium auto insurance and travel insurance cost extra on this card and you get a fee for taxes for transferring your points. There really isn’t any benefit that warrants costing more than their competitors, to the contrary, I’d say it’s a $350 card until it’s at least equal in most respects to CSR and Citi Prestige.

    They are trying hard to make it as complicated as possible.

    Oh, and I find the metal cards get ugly faster than the plastic ones, at least in my wallet.

  73. Metal cards seem like a cool idea. Until you go through PreCheck and the metal card (Chase Ritz Carlton) sets off the metal detector and here we go to the nude o scope. Now the wallet goes in the carry on through the xray which almost always gets a search through for the nice square black spot on the x-ray. Yay!

  74. Any word on if the Annual Fee for the Business Platinum Card is going to increase? Seems crazy to increase the fee to $550 but not let them in on any of the changes.

  75. As @Andy notes above, the Uber credits expire at month end every month.

    This is not really any sort of value-enhancer except for hardcore Uber users. Maybe.

  76. I dont understand why.
    Uber only in the US ? Why.
    2×1 business only when departing from de US,why?
    333 SPG for 1000 MR, why?
    What is the benefit for the travelers?
    $ 550 for the change , What change?
    Amex if you to look for the benefit for the travelers,local and international.
    I’m going to look for another card.
    Chase cards are better.
    I don’t want to paid $ 550 for nothing I’m an international traveler and all this change dosent look great for travelers.
    Amex study again all the changes, don’t charge more for nothing

  77. Dumb question so if I add my family members to get a free gold card will I get 5x?
    Also it seems like if you use fhr portal you don’t get 5x correct? If so I’d probably stick to my car for the most part maybe it’s time to pick up the Citi card for 4th night free benefits.

  78. @ relidtm — Correct, FHR doesn’t count for 5x points. I don’t believe the Gold cards earn 5x points either.

  79. Who’s coming up with these stupid ideas at amex?
    What about for people that don’t use Uber?
    Might as well move to chase… amex will lose even more clients and loyalty.

  80. Just a heads-up, Amex made another silent change to their international airline program and pulled the companion ticket offer without any notice 3 days ago. 1) I find the timing suspicious considering it was pulled just before the main summer travel season and 2) the new “discount” benefits seem to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors as the business class ticket I was looking at last week and ready to book this weekend is literally the EXACT same price now as it was a week ago even though they have a new “discount” program in place. Called in an received no support or apology from Amex on the sudden, silent change. Reconsidering my future membership if this is how Amex is going to treat it’s members (been a member for over 16 years).

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