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Update: Thanks to reader Jazz for sharing that the Platinum Concierge received additional inventory today (Thursday). Call the Concierge directly and ask them to search their system for you. Tiffany and I were both able to purchase $199 tickets in the Orchestra, with no Ticketmaster fees. Many dates had four seats together!

I feel like the resident Platinum Card® from American Express benefits correspondent here at OMAAT. I’ve written in the past about the great perks our family has received from the card.

Based on my past successes, I was pretty excited when I learned the Broadway show Hamilton was offering The Platinum Card® from American Express and Centurion cardmembers the ability to purchase tickets for the next run of the show before the general public.


Unfortunately, by the time I was able to get through to the Platinum Concierge, I could only find seats for $849 each.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show eventually, but, I’m not prepared to pay that much per ticket. I know, however, some people are paying twice as much (or more) for a ticket these days. So, I thought it might still be useful to share my experience.

Accessing the Hamilton presale

The presale requires an individual 14-digit code from American Express. Apparently 300,000 Platinum cardmembers who had previously inquired about Hamilton tickets, lived in or around New York or have had the card since its inception 30 years ago all automatically received the emailed code.

None of those criteria applied to me. So, I had to reach out to the Platinum Concierge. The easiest way to do that is to call the number on the back of your card and then say “concierge” when prompted. I was less than thrilled about the hour and a half hold time. But, it gives you a sense about how much demand exists for these tickets.

You can also try emailing the concierge for the code. But, when Tiffany tried that they told her it would be eight hours before they responded. So, it might be best to call and deal with the hold times.

When I finally had a concierge on the phone, he was quick to provide the 14-digit code.

  • Each code is good for a single transaction of up to 4 tickets
  • You have to pay for your tickets with a Platinum or Centurion card
  • As soon as you use the code, it can’t be used again

It’s worth noting authorized users are also eligible for a code, and the concierge can generate the codes for your authorized user cards on the same call (which should help avoid any additional hour-plus hold times).

Hamilton ticket availability

Once I had my code, I started to look for mezzanine level tickets. And anyone who has spent any time on Ticketmaster’s website knows that’s a really great way to spend an afternoon. Just like having a root canal.

Because this is a presale, you have to add your code each time you search a new show. It’s tedious to say the least. Tiffany and I were texting about the process and I thought she had two helpful tips on dealing with Ticketmaster’s user interface:


I’m sure I would’ve had a much better chance at the more affordable mezzanine tickets ($179) if I’d started looking first thing this morning when the presale started. It’s frustrating Amex didn’t publicize this to a wider audience so all eligible cardmembers would have been aware.


Unfortunately for me, the only seats I could find for any show were $849.

I thought about getting another set of tickets and selling them to help cover the cost of our own tickets, but ultimately decided against it. We are working to meet the minimum spend on our new Amex Platinum after the 100k offer last month, so this would have been a good opportunity to put some spend on the card, even if we later resold the tickets. But, I didn’t pull the trigger on that either. Something about seeing a subtotal of $1,737.20 in my shopping cart.

If you’re interested in Orchestra tickets though, there is decent availability, and you can access the Amex Hamilton presale here.

Bottom line

The tickets available aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But, there is clearly huge demand for the show that continues to support resale prices in the thousands of dollars. The Amex Platinum presale is an opportunity to avoid the resale market and get good seats for the show.

If you, like me, aren’t ready to spend that kind of money, you have another chance for tickets when the general public gets a shot at tickets starting this Sunday.

Has anyone purchased Hamilton tickets through the Amex presale? Did you see any Mezzanine tickets?

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  1. I did not meet any of the criteria (request Hamilton, Live in NY, or had the card for a while) and received my code automatically via email the day prior. This was on the Business Platinum – 2 year member on it.

    Took me an hour of searching for tickets right when they went on sale and many failed checkout attempts before I could get an order to go thru.

  2. You know the economy is in bubble when. ………..

    Complete the sentence!

    And the ding dongs at the fed can’t find inflation.

  3. I got the code, searched for the tickets in the morning and did manage to find $179 rear mezzanine tickets. I balked at it being the last row on top so I passed on them (stupid me of me, I know). By the time i thought about it and decided to fork over money for rear mezz, there was basically no availability, only $849 orchestra seats.

    What annoys me most is that Ticketmaster’s website SUCKS and that tickets are so expensive for 2017 when Lin Manuel Miranda is leaving the show a month from now, after the July 9th performance.

  4. Just bought tickets (for tonight’s show) last week on Stubhub. Since this is a pre-sale (and based on your picture) I’m guessing these are for far-ahead dates in the future so it wouldn’t have helped my need for tickets this month, but its a bit annoying that I didnt get an Amex offer as a Manhattan resident.

    Perhaps its because I only got the Platinum last month during the 100K offer, but I like easy arbitrage profit as much as the next guy…

  5. Yep, I found out about it from a news story the night before the presale started (on Facebook Trending no less). I didn’t get a code in my email, so I called and was on hold for an hour with concierge before I gave up. Then I decided to use the Text Concierge and they responded to me within 3 minutes and called me to read me a code over the phone. I called on my Corporate Platinum to ask for a code for that one (didn’t know you could do authorized users or I could’ve avoided all of that!) and I waited on hold for THREE HOURS until 2am.

    But anyway, got the date I wanted and the cheapest level $179 tickets! I wanted the $199 lower balcony tickets though. Oh well, better this than $850.

  6. I did not get an emailed code and I had already requested thru the personal Amex platinum concierge months ago. That request came up with no tix less than $1200 each. I passed.
    I have to say my concierge requests for tix for anything have never panned out. They are always more expensive than other avenues for me. Copa America soccer tix are another example.
    Not that impressed with concierge service to tell the truth. I always think that maybe they just think Amex plat people have money to burn and won’t notice. Ugh.

  7. I got seats at the $199 level near the rear of the orchestra but it wasn’t easy. A few timeouts and a fire drill in the office did not help my cause.

    The last presale (in July?) was the usual presale code that is always used on these and I think was available to a wider AMEX cardmember base. I fortunately had a code emailed to me (I’m have the business platinum card), otherwise I don’t think I would have known about it.

    It’s a nice perk for platinum cardholders and above, but you have to tell people about it for it to really be a perk.

  8. at $849 – you can just buy from stubhub.

    regular front mezzanine seats / orchestra seats are $160 ish, with premium orchestra at $300 ish. that’s the actual price, not marked up seats.

    how is amex giving you for $849, are they competing with stub hub?

    let’s see which of the cast stays on after the tony’s..

  9. Heard about this before the presale started from another blog thankfully. Although I was on hold for an hour, I was able to get the code and buy 4 tickets at $179 in the rear mezz. I’m still grateful that Amex plat card members have opportunities like these.

  10. If you live in NYC, another way to get tickets is to participate in the daily ticket lottery online. We won tickets this way and watched Hamilton from the front row for $10 per person (we had participated in the lottery about 10 times before winning). Great show; but I would not spend $200+ to see it.

  11. Was on hold for 90 minutes on Monday afternoon to get my code. Got four good seats for my preferred date at $199.

    I think the official Amex line is that you have to have opted in to marketing emails about events/performances in order to automatically get a code.

  12. Watched the musical last week with my signficant other on her birthday. I actually used my Marriott Concierge service to get second row (Row A) tickets (seats 107, 108) in the orchestra section. Marriott Rewards was providing a limited number of tickets to Lifetime Plat members at a 10% discount. With the high costs for the tickets, teh 10% discount was very valuable. Just putting it out there in case any Marriott Rewards Lifetime Plats may receive the same benefit.

  13. I highly disagree that it’s a shame this wasn’t more publicized. Hamilton is an amazing show. But the reason the “premium tickets” are $849+ is because there are people who do not live in the NYC area, and have no intention to see the show, are flipping the tickets for a business. It is frustrating when New Yorkers like myself want to take their grandparents to see a show and it’s turned into this game of snatching up tickets to flip for profit. In my opinion, they should’ve restricted this only to people who’s address on file is in the NYC area, and/or required the tickets sold to match a drivers license when you want to use them.

  14. I live in the NYC area and received my code by e-mail at about 1pm the day prior to the presale. I had absolutely no difficulty getting the date I wanted and/or with the overall process. I went online at about 10:02am, selected the date that I wanted and was offered 2 Orchestra level seats in Row P for $199 each. It couldn’t have been any simpler. Now that I am hearing about the “premium” seat offers going for $849 I feel like I got a bargain!

  15. I bought 4 tickets for $179 for May and sold 2 of them alreadybon Stubhub for $599 each. This is craziness. But I’m in effect seeing Hamilton for free and have pocket change to spare. Thanks Amex Platinum!!!

  16. Was also on hold for 90 minutes the night before getting the code. Was told by two separate CSAs that the code was for the account, and we could not get separate codes for AUs.

    Managed to get four lower side orchestra @ $199, but not before having tix vanish from the cart a few times.

    @liam Enjoy the vodka, more tix for the rest of us. 😉 Show is fab!

  17. @ Leigh — When I called, I had to clarify that I wanted a code for my authorized users (that I pay an extra fee for), not an additional user on my account. I didn’t even know the latter was a thing with Amex, but once I said that they looked up the names of the other card holders and could generate the codes.

  18. Vodka is right. My wife got the code the day before the pre-sale but of course once the sale started it wouldn’t work. Contacted AmEx and they said to call the concierge who put me on hold and then disconnected me. Then the code started working. Saw two great seats available on my date but as soon as I selected them Ticketmaster turned off my use map function and would only allow you to buy random seats returned by searching. I ended up getting two seats for a February weekend next year when we fly back from an international trip so if everything stays lined up we should be good but an extremely frustrating experience.

  19. I ended up getting two sets of two seats at $179 each for an April date but it was frustrating. Ticketmaster kept timing out and saying the seats I had selected were no longer available. I received the email with the code the afternoon before and logged on at exactly 10am.

  20. Hamiliton is going on tour. It will be in San Francisco (near me) in March 2017. That’s how I’ll see the show.

  21. @Steve, how did you sell them on stubhub? I don’t think they will be available until after January 3?

  22. @Gaurav You can sell on StubHub and provide a date on which the tickets will be shipped. So you would sell them now and then ship them once you get them.

  23. I’m a New Yorker who received the code by email and used it to purchase 3 tix at $179 for my son, daughter-in-law and 10-year-old grandson, who is especially eager to see it. It took me only 20 minutes and about three failed attempts to get first row rear mezzanine seats for late March. This has been by far the best AMEX Platinum benefit because, without it, my grandson might have had to wait until he graduated from college to get tickets at regular box office prices! While I enjoyed the show tremendously when I saw it last August, before Hamilton-mania took full hold, in no way do I think it’s worth the absurd prices people are now paying on the secondary market. It’s become more about the bragging rights than the show itself.

  24. If you want the miles, I’d be happy to buy two $849 dollars tickets from you.I only have the Delta American Express Platinum and are not eligible for the offer code.

  25. @Dan Nainan

    There should be plenty of seats available to the public at $849 on Sunday night at 11:10PM EDT, including good rows not yet released. Maybe not by midnight, but I can’t imagine all the premiums will sell instantly.

    The 179/199 will be gone in a flash though.

  26. I logged on at 10am and there was plenty of availability on both the balcony and upper mezzanine for the first day I tried. I got 4 upper mezz tickets on the front row after one failed – ticketmaster overloaded- attempt. Looking forward to seeing the show again. I saw it in January but really is as good as the hype.

  27. Sorry, but for once have to say it was nice to be a local on this one, and have a chance to get tickets (3rd row, center mezzanine, $199!!) that I’ll actually use, rather than someone a thousand miles away buying them just to sell them at three times face value. I don’t have a problem with how they publicized the sale, or didn’t…and since it was also in all the New York/New Jersey papers, it was hardly a secret. If you’re passionate about theater and seeing this show, I’m sure you knew about the pre-sale.

  28. I got call from Amex this morning since I called them yesterday after reading this post asking for code.
    They got me 2 tickets of $199 for Mother’s day! Thank you for the information!

  29. First try offered $849 premium. Retried and got $199 mezzanine seats. I tried for date when we will already be in the city. First time card rejected but then it went through. A little slow but basically easy.

  30. @Jazz – THANK YOU! I was also able to jump on and grab some reasonably-priced tickets in the orchestra. Tiffany is right, this was a much better experience than TicketMaster.

  31. Glad it worked out for you all. And I checked my email and Amex bill and was charged $398. No ticket master charge. I am not sure when we will get the tickets physically though.

  32. Thanks, Jazz (and Mike)! I was able to score two 3rd row orchestra seats for my daughter’s 16th birthday because of your post (and update).

  33. Oh my gosh I was able to get thru after waiting for an hour on the phone! I got 4 tickets for next April on a Saturday evening. guess I am coming back to NYC (actually in NYC at the very moment!) I was told that I will receive the tickets 7 days prior to the show by UPS and will require signature upon delivery! Maybe a way to prevent reselling?

  34. Just checked the site, and it appears that more of the $179 and $199 tickets have been released to the AMEX presale for many of the performance dates. I wish they were there the other day before I purchased the premium priced seats. Oh well. Even at the higher price they are still much cheaper than equivalent seats through resellers and I’m glad to have them!

    Has anyone attempted to make two purchases using the presale code? I’m wondering if two purchases of two tickets each will be allowed.


  35. I did not get the code till today (after two plus hours on hold). Then I used the TM app to search about twenty dates for four tix…when that failed I searched basically every single date for two tix. Nada.

  36. @ Nmlhats — Did you ask the concierge to search their inventory? Mike discovered they had access to lower-priced seats than TM had on offer.

  37. It is actually my cousin’s card and code….she did not want to deal with trying to buy the tickets…just gave me a code since she was not going to use it. It was she who spent two hours on thephone andI spent two hours with the TM site and app. I did not want to be any more of a burden to her!

  38. Got four for March in the public sale tonight. I didn’t even look up at Babs presenting the shockiner Best Musical trophy to Hamilton….because I was busy trying to get into TM–successfully, thank goodness!

  39. Despite what it says DO NOT call the number on the back of the card. Call the customer service number on the website. After 2 hours on hold with the number they tell you to call, I called the other number and got my code right away.

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