American Status Challenges For Hyatt Elites — Are You Eligible?

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Last week American and Hyatt launched an exciting new partnership. With this new cooperation:

  • Hyatt elite members can earn bonus points for American flights, and American elite members can earn bonus miles for Hyatt stays
  • American Concierge Key members can get Globalist status, and other American elite members can participate in Hyatt status challenges
  • Select Hyatt elite members can participate in American status challenges

When it comes to this cooperation, that last point seems to be the least consistent so far. When members registered to link their accounts, many American elite members reported seeing Hyatt status fast track promotions.

However, the American fast track promotions for Hyatt elite members seem less readily available… until now.

Deals We Like points out that many Hyatt elite members are now eligible for American status challenges. First make sure that your American and Hyatt accounts are linked, and then go to the American Airlines promotions page.

Not everyone will be targeted, though quite a few people are reporting seeing offers even though they haven’t been emailed about them. It seems that in general we’re seeing the most offers for Hyatt Globalist members who don’t have American status.

For those members, the most common promotion seems to be as follows:

  • Get free AAdvantage Platinum status when you register; you need to register no later than September 30, 2019
  • If you fly enough over a 90 day period you can earn AAdvantage elite status valid through January 2021, and the status is based on how much flying you do over a three month period:
    • Gold status requires 1,000 EQDs plus 7,000 EQMs or 8 EQSs
    • Platinum status requires 2,000 EQDs plus 12,500 EQMs or 16 EQSs
    • Platinum Pro status requires 3,000 EQDs plus 20,000 EQMs or 24 EQSs
    • Executive Platinum status requires 5,000 EQDs plus 35,000 EQMs or 40 EQSs

Being able to get a status challenge that can potentially earn you Executive Platinum status is pretty awesome.

Not surprisingly it seems like most of the Globalist members being targeted for this promotion are those without any American status, while those of us who are Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro seem to be getting nothing.

If you’ve linked your AAdvantage and World of Hyatt account, please report back on whether you’ve been targeted for an American status challenge, and what the terms are!

  1. The good times keep on rolling for me. I received an email in March for the promotional Hyatt Explorist until 5/31 and I linked my Hyatt account to my MLife to get Gold and once 5/31 passes, I will then match my MLife Gold status back to Hyatt for Explorist once again.

    And after linking my temp Hyatt Explorist to American Airlines, I now have a fast track to American. I have some international travel planned for the end of the year that should easily help me get Platinum.

  2. Sorry for the additional post and typo.

    After linking my temp Hyatt Explorist to American Airlines, I now have a fast track to American Gold for 90 days.

  3. Globalist and AA Gold, I received the challenge for Platinum or higher status. Unfortunately flight with Qatar do not qualify, according to the rules.

  4. Globalist and AA Gold, I received challenge for Platinum or higher statue. Unfortunately my incoming flights with Qatar do not qualify, according to the rules.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is no status match for AA Elite Members (whom are not CK) to Hyatt Elite? Kinda annoying that its not available the other way around

  6. Somewhat off-topic, but the AA website banner advertising the 60k Platinum Select World Elite card now says “ending soon.” IIRC it used to say “limited time” like most of the other advertising for this card.

  7. Hyatt is so frustrating to me. They seem great and their loyalty programme looks lucrative with worthy benefits but spending 60 nights at Hyatt hotels with their extremely limited footprint is impossible for me. Marriott is everywhere so for now I am sticking with my “Ambassador” status, for whatever that is worth.

  8. Not related to Lucky’s question, but for someone doing the Hyatt status challenge: does anyone know if booking through Amex’s site to get the 5x points for hotel stays will count towards the nights needed or does one need to book through Hyatt directly.

  9. Former EXP
    Current Lifetime Plat
    Current Globalist

    Ppro / EXP challenge
    Must enroll by 9/31
    90 day run from date of enrollment

    It is not solidly clear the status at enrollment but stated upon teaching the relevant threshold your status will be extended to 1/31/21

  10. @dave you will need to book through Hyatt directly to get elite night credits. Amex Travel gets treated like any other OTA.

  11. I am Hyatt Explorist and was only targeted for Gold status. I would consider going for it if I were offered Platinum or higher, but it appears I don’t have the ability to go for any higher status. Gold status doesn’t interest me much because there is slim to no chance getting upgraded from Gold and American is my least favorite of the Big 3 US ailines.

    Keep your AAdvantage® Gold status through January 31, 2021 by earning the required Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) and either the required Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) or Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) between the date you register and the date 3 months after you register:
    $1,000 EQDs and either 7,000 EQMs or 8 EQSs

  12. Same boat here Bogan, agree for sure. Gold is just not worth it, if it was Platinum possibly.

  13. Once I obtain gold, I’m considering paying $180 to get platinum while I’m a gold. I called the American Airlines status challenge number and confirmed this is possible because the Hyatt / American Airlines fast track to Gold is considered a targeted offer while paying $180 is considered pay offer.

    This may make sense for someone of you. Get the free gold if you have flights on AA metal or qualifying partners and then pay for the $180 for a platinum challenge.

  14. I feel sorry for all of the Golds that earned it.

    At least it’s not coming with 500 mile upgrades.

  15. I am a Hyatt Globalist and nothing with AA but was targeted for Platinum and higher. I registered the other day and was instantly Platinum. Don’t know if I will meet the challenge requirements but I will enjoy Platinum while it lasts. Currently on an AA flight now.

  16. Hyatt top tier for many years. Former AA EXP, then Plat. Currently no AA status.

    Received the “most common” offer indicated in the post.

  17. Oh man this is tempting. I live in Atlanta and am a Hyatt Globalist. I almost have Silver status with Delta but have been offered a fast track to American Executive Platinum. I love Deltas product and customer experience while I despise American in this fashion. What do I do? Stick with Delta or go for the top American status? What would you do?

  18. I’m Explorist with zero status on AA. Under “Promotions” on my AA account, the airline gave me a 3 month trial of Gold status for being Explorist, and said my Gold status will continue if I can book $1000 EQDs + 8 segments OR 7000 EQMs.

  19. I’m Globalist with Hyatt, no AA status. No promo.

    My Hyatt status is comp’d through corp program…probably didn’t get for that reason.

  20. @Lucky

    Are you actually going to write some more trip reviews? For April and May you published only four (!) reviews. Pretty lame to be honest.

  21. Loyal to Thompson Hotels (here) which is now Hyatt. AA EXP with MIA as a hub.
    Typically, we use TabletHotels and Design Hotels for our destination hotels.

    But, I tried to see if I could get status with Hyatt and it is a “no-go”. I think this new promotion is targeted to Hyatt loyalists for AA status – as opposed to the other way around. Sadly for me.

  22. @Wes D, for what it’s worth from an anonymous internet person who was Exec Plat switched to Delta and is currently PP until the end of this year. I usually pay for domestic F.

    Since I don’t care about upgrades, there is not a single benefit to status that I can’t with credit cards. Boarding, bags, I get with my card, IRROPS help I get in the Admiral’s Club (also with card and quicker than calling the Exec Plat line in my experience). The one thing I appreciate with AA is being able to switch around award flight without penalty and that doesn’t come with any status.

    I didn’t get treated any better, as Exec Plat, the Delta soft producct its vastly superior to AA and with “Project Oasis” the hard product is too.

    Oh and the Delta Sky Clubs that I frequent are far superior above the comparable Admiral’s Clubs.

  23. @Endre
    You’re lame, if you would have read Lucky’s “Not The Mother’s Day Surprise Anyone Hopes For…” maybe you would understand why Lucky has taken some time off. Gheesh, why do you feel so entitled to a free blog anyways?!?

  24. Totally agree with @Bogan. Same boat here. Not interested. Gold does not have any benefits. Only willing to put in the effort for one of the highest statuses… Use @United currently and very happy.

  25. Hyatt Globalist and AA avoider. Targeted toward the platinum promo. To keep it need $2K spend and 12K miles…. not happening. Doubt I’d even bother to sign up to get the plat for the 3 months. I have a boatload of previously earned AA miles I can’t seem to use for the places I want to go already… why would I want more? I’ll stick with Southwest and United.

  26. @endre – maybe you aren’t aware, he has had a family medical situation and rightfully so attending to that. He made a post about.

  27. mgm gold matched hyatt explorist, no aa, got gold offer. that is not attractive, current UA 1k though.

  28. curious if anyone was able to translate temporary Explorist (from a match from AA) to MGM/mlife Gold. If so, when does your mlife Gold expire? Has anyone tried to somehow match it back to Hyatt to obtain the 4 club level certs?

  29. Hi, Lucky, Just want to clarify the terms of the offer. What does it mean by marketed by BA/Iberia/Finnair/JL count? Do these partner airline’s flights with AA codeshare count, or only AA metals count? Thanks!

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