American Airlines Closes Flagship Lounges & Flagship First Dining

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With American Airlines having greatly reduced capacity, especially for international flights, the airline has just announced that they’ll be closing many of their lounges. In particular, Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining are closing.

American Flagship Lounges are closing

American Airlines has Flagship Lounges in ChicagoDallasLos AngelesMiami, and New York. These are American’s premium international lounges, which are much better than Admirals Clubs.

Effective immediately and until further notice, these lounges will be closing for the most part:

  • The Flagship Lounges in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami, will be closing
  • The Flagship Lounge in New York JFK will be converted into an Admirals Club for the time being, meaning they will be reducing the food and drink selection; it’s a bigger space than the Admirals Club in the terminal, which will be closed

American Flagship Lounge Chicago is closing

American Flagship First Dining closing as well

In addition to Flagship Lounges, American Airlines also has Flagship First Dining in DallasLos AngelesMiami, and New York. Flagship First Dining offers a la carte dining to those traveling in three cabin first class.

This will also be discontinued effective immediately, until further notice.

American Flagship First Dining Dallas is closing

Changes at Admirals Clubs as well

In addition to Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining closing, American Airlines is closing some Admirals Clubs, and adjusting the hours at others. This is something that can change over time, so you’ll want to check this page for the latest status on Admirals Clubs being open.

On top of that, you can expect big changes to the service in Admirals Clubs. The exact rules vary by location, though you can expect some of the following, largely due to local government restrictions”

  • All food will be served in individual containers
  • Some Admirals Clubs won’t serve alcohol
  • Some Admirals Clubs will only have grab & go food, which you can’t eat on premises

The following Admirals Clubs will be closing:

  • The Charlotte Concourse B Admirals Club is closing
  • The Chicago Concourse G & L Admirals Clubs are closing
  • The Los Angeles Terminal 5 & American Eagle Admirals Clubs are closing
  • The Miami Gate D15 Admirals Club is closing
  • The New York JFK Gate 42 Admirals Club is closing
  • The Philadelphia Terminal A & Terminal F Admirals Clubs are closing
  • The Phoenix Gate B5 Admirals Club is closing
  • The Admirals Clubs in Buenos Aires, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo Narita, are all closed
  • The London Heathrow Arrivals Lounge and International First Lounge are closed

American Admirals Club Terminal 5 Los Angeles is closing

Bottom line

With flights being reduced so greatly and airlines also trying to cut costs, it’s no surprise to see airlines closing lounges at many airports. I’m actually surprised the cuts aren’t more drastic, as lounges aren’t being closed in most secondary markets.

What do you make of American’s lounge closures?

  1. I think airlines now make a game out of it, they are closing the best lounges and reduce food onboard just for cost cutting reasons not for safety reasons. Still, a business class ticket costs the samr proce as before.

  2. Just visited the DFW Flagship lounge on March 10th midday. It probably had less than 20 people inside. Flagship First Dining was empty. Lounge employees were concerned about their future and rightfully so. The DFW-Tokyo fight departed that day with 30 empty business class seats.

  3. I’m not really sure who is still flying by now, since everyone has known for the past week that we should all be staying in…

  4. I’ve purchased a flight to get back home on the 9th. I have until Monday and hope my flight isn’t canceled. Some ppl are stuck in between states prior to this whole thing getting worse would like to get home.

  5. There appears to be a TYPO in the above story.

    In the 1st paragraph in the subsection labeled “American Flagship First Dining Closing As Well”, the second sentence ends with:” …to those traveling in “THREE” cabin first class.
    I believe it should read: “…to those traveling in “THE” or “THEIR” cabin first class.
    I sent a e-mail to Lucky and Tiffany about this on Friday, but it looks to be still outstanding as of Monday AM.

  6. Will admirals club members or citi executive card members with admirals club bennies be getting a credit or refund for services not provided?

  7. With reduced numbers of lounges and reduced operating hours of those few that remain open, it seems the $450 for the AA Citi Executive Card and the $450 JPMC UA United Club cards have enormously reduced value. Have either airline offered guidance on pro-rating the costs?

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