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I’ve never been to an Aman that didn’t delight in the food department, and this property was no exception. Breakfast and lunch were served at the piazza, located towards the back center area of the island. All the seating was outdoors, and there were a few different areas where you could sit.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast & lunch restaurant

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast & lunch restaurant

We always chose the beautiful tables near the water.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast & lunch restaurant

Breakfast was included with our room (and I believe is included with all rates here), and was served from 7AM until around 11AM. The menu read as follows, and you could order as much as you wanted:

They had really good iced coffees that we ordered every morning.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — iced coffee

Then we were always brought a basket with some toast and pastries, along with homemade jam.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — bread basket

Over the course of our stay I tried the homemade toasted granola muesli, the oatmeal porridge, and the bircher muesli as starters.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — homemade toasted granola muesli

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — oatmeal porridge

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — bircher muesli

I know I’m boring, but I ordered the omelet every morning as my main. It was that good.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — three whole egg omelette

We also shared the lemon ricotta pancakes one morning.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — lemon ricotta pancakes

Ford also had the brioche french toast.

Aman Sveti Stefan breakfast — brioche french toast

What a lovely way to start every morning.

Lunch was served at the same restaurant (with flexible hours), and the menu read as follows:

We were always offered some sort of focaccia bread to start, along with a different dip.

Aman Sveti Stefan lunch — bread and dip to start

One day Ford and I got a funghi pizza and chicken souvlaki to share. That was actually the only lunch we had at the hotel.

Aman Sveti Stefan lunch — funghi pizza

Aman Sveti Stefan lunch — chicken souvlaki 

Then dinner was served in the restaurant overlooking the water by the pool. There was an indoor bar area.

Aman Sveti Stefan bar

Then there was a huge outdoor terrace, if you wanted to enjoy a drink before or after dinner.

Aman Sveti Stefan outdoor bar area

Aman Sveti Stefan outdoor bar area

There was also an indoor dining room, which you always have the option of eating in, though I don’t think anyone would voluntarily eat there when you could dine outside. However, it was raining for two of the nights of our stay, so that’s where we had dinner those nights.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner restaurant

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner restaurant

The main dining area was the incredible outdoor terrace.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner restaurant

Dinner with a view, or what?

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner view

The view got much, much nicer than that, even.

Dinner with even more of a view!

The dinner menu read as follows:

There was always a bread basket offered shortly after we got to our table.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — breadbasket

Over the course of our stay we tried quite a few different things.

Below are pictures of some of the appetizers.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — Montenegrin burrata cheese

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — Montenegrin smoked prosciutto

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — yellowfin tuna tacos

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — braised beef tacos

And the mains.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — pan-roasted yellowfin tuna

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — seabass filet

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — corn-fed chicken breast

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — fish

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — aubergine tortelli

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — beef bolognese spaghetti 

And lastly dessert, which we only had one night.

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — pistachio slice

Aman Sveti Stefan dinner — cherry frangipane tartlet

I’m most definitely not a food critic, and there are only so many adjectives I can use to describe good food, so suffice to say that we found the food to be exceptional across the board. The food certainly wasn’t cheap, though I didn’t think it was too terrible either.

I found the service at breakfast to be pretty hit or miss. The people working there were friendly, but not over the top. However, like at any Aman, they always knew our room number, drink preferences, etc., and we never had to sign anything (there’s a built in service charge, but no expectation or real opportunity to tip otherwise).

Meanwhile I found the service at lunch, and especially at dinner, to be exceptional. We were mostly being taken care of by Ljalgana and Dragan, who were so professional and kind.

In terms of other dining options, you can also dine at Villa Miločer, which is the part of the hotel that’s on the mainland (there are also eight rooms in that building — speaking of which, the villa is open year-round, while the island is only open from May until October). It’s my understanding that the menu is the same, it’s just a different setting. There’s also a restaurant called Olive on the mainland, right by the bridge leading to the hotel. It’s apparently somehow affiliated with the hotel, but not owned by it, but we didn’t have a chance to eat there.

Otherwise you can always dine in the nearby town of Budva, which had tons of restaurants. However, we were enjoying the setting of Sveti Stefan so much that we couldn’t bring ourselves to not have dinner with such a spectacular view.

This is such a magical hotel with food to match. This easily ranks as one of my five favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed at.

  1. The octopus season in Montenegro is summer and the grill octopus at their restaurants are as good as any octopus I ever had anywhere hands down. There is a Nobu close to Villa Milocer but that one is not as good as the one in NYC. You are better off to eat at the resort. The head chef is very friendly and you can ask him to cook anything you want off menu and he will come up with something delectable.

  2. Perhaps I missed it but I never noticed any other guests in this post and the other. Were there any other people staying when you were there, Lucky?

  3. @ yyc — I tried to get the pictures when there was no one in them, which is easy to do. When we checked in I’d say there were maybe a handful of other parties, while by the time we left I’d say over a dozen rooms were occupied. We were typically alone at breakfast and lunch, while at dinner quite a few tables were taken, as they allow outside guests into the hotel. We were always alone at the pool, spa, etc., though.

  4. Hard to comment based on just pictures but most dishes look great! I would only take an issue with inedible garnishes (rosemary sprigs) and the spaghetti bolognese. The sauce/pasta ratio is definetely wrong, plus speghetti is a wrong pasta for a proper bolognese ragu

    The views are to die for!

  5. The photos reminded the lyrics of the Les Miserables song: “Phantom faces at the window
    Phantom shadows on the floor
    Empty chairs at empty tables
    Where my friends will meet no more”
    Since sound and smell determine a significant part of taste I trust your evaluation of the dishes.

  6. Those prices are insanely high for Montenegro, with that being said the food looks fantastic and the view is stunning. I love how clear the water is there and the pebbly beaches grow on you, no sand to get stuck in between your toes :-).

  7. Wow, super cheap prices! I think the prices in Dubai, where I was last week, are 3 times as high!

  8. Nicely written with great photos. In my Aman experiences, dining has been area needing most improvement (Amankila for ex). Amansara was very good I thought

  9. It’s probably “burrata” cheese. Did they used guns for that money or did you pay voluntarily?

  10. What are your top 5 hotels? also, top 5 airport lounges based on experiences/what they offer?

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