American AAdvantage Platinum Pro Upgraded To Oneworld Emerald

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American Airlines is making some significant improvements to its AAdvantage program for 2021, and it’s arguably Platinum Pro status that’s benefiting most.

Platinum Pro upgraded to oneworld Emerald

There’s some great news for AAdvantage Platinum Pro members — as of early 2021, Platinum Pro will get you oneworld Emerald status, rather than the oneworld Sapphire status it currently offers.

That’s only one of the improvements, as Platinum Pro will also offer an elite choice rewards selection, offering members their choice of additional benefit, ranging from a $200 travel credit, to a systemwide upgrade, to up to 25,000 bonus miles.

Platinum Pro is getting a oneworld status upgrade

What is AAdvantage Platinum Pro status?

Platinum Pro is the upper-middle tier of the AAdvantage program, as it’s above Gold and Platinum status, and below Executive Platinum and Concierge Key status.

Platinum Pro status was introduced back in 2017, and is intended to address the significant gap between Platinum status (which required 50,000 elite miles), and Executive Platinum status (which required 100,000 elite miles). At a typical qualification requirement of 75,000 elite miles, Platinum Pro status is right in the middle. Do keep in mind that for 2021 elite requirements have been lowered by around 20%.

What are the incremental perks of Platinum Pro over Platinum?

  • Unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades (rather than needing 500 mile stickers)
  • An 80% mileage bonus (rather than a 60% mileage bonus)
  • oneworld Emerald status (rather than oneworld Sapphire status)
  • Fast track security at airports
  • Higher priority for everything, from upgrades to standby

Platinum Pro members get unlimited space available domestic upgrades

What is oneworld Emerald status?

American Airlines is in the oneworld alliance, and each elite tier in the AAdvantage program maps over to a certain elite tier in oneworld. I recently wrote a detailed post about the perks of oneworld Emerald status, given that it’s my favorite alliance status.

What are the incremental perks of oneworld Emerald status over oneworld Sapphire status?

  • Access to oneworld first class lounges (rather than access to oneworld business class lounges)
  • Access to oneworld first class check-in (rather than access to oneworld business class check-in)
  • Priority boarding, often with first class (rather than business class)
  • An incremental baggage allowance

Without a doubt my favorite oneworld Emerald perk is access to incredible oneworld first class lounges, so this will be a real treat for Platinum Pro members (at least when these lounges reopen).

Access some amazing lounges with oneworld Emerald status

Alaska Mileage Plan MVP Gold 75K will also be oneworld Emerald

Alaska Airlines is joining the oneworld alliance as of March 31, 2021, and the airline has today announced how elite status will map over to oneworld:

  • Alaska MVP will be oneworld Ruby
  • Alaska MVP Gold will be oneworld Sapphire
  • Alaska MVP Gold 75K will be oneworld Emerald

It seems pretty clear that American is making this change to align with Alaska, given that the two airlines will be working more closely together beyond their mutual oneworld membership.

Platinum Pro ordinarily requires 75,000 elite miles, while MVP Gold 75K ordinarily requires 75,000 elite miles on Alaska, or 90,000 elite miles on partner airlines.

Perhaps the next interesting question is what this means for reciprocal upgrades on Alaska and American, which should be coming soon.

Are the implications of this for reciprocal upgrades that Alaska and American are essentially “aligning” Platinum Pro and MVP Gold 75K status for the purposes of upgrades? If so, does that mean Executive Platinum members will get upgrade priority over both tiers, or…?

Alaska MVP Gold 75K will offer oneworld Emerald status

Bottom line

Staring to 2021, American AAdvantage Platinum Pro will come with oneworld Emerald status, offering superior lounge access and other airport benefits. When you combine this with the new elite choice rewards selection, I’d say this is a very nice improvement for Platinum Pro members.

It’s great to see genuinely positive changes at AAdvantage, with (seemingly) nothing being taken away.

What do you make of this change to Platinum Pro status?

  1. i am assuming that along with the Emerald status, Plat Pro will get Fast track at select international security lanes. A privilege over Sapphire status.

  2. Will AA change access requirements to allow PlatPros in the LHR Arrivals Lounge and Flagship Check-In? Both of those are available to other OneWorld Emeralds.

  3. It is satisfying to watch airlines scramble as they realize that their revenue sources may be permanently harmed now that businesses have realized that many meetings can be done remotely. Turns out, all those years of screwing customers *would* come back to bite them. 🙂

    I contrast that with Hyatt. I’ve gone out of my way to give them business during this time (in fact, I’m doing a ghost-mattress run right now with a hotel < 1 mile from my house), because I want to reward them for treating us well during good times and bad.

  4. Agree with @EK and @Gregg that there seems to be little incentive to reach EXP. The choice rewards are “meh,” EXP doesn’t provide any same-day change benefit any longer, it doesn’t provide any benefit in terms of waived award redeposit fees any longer, etc. It seems like the main benefit of EXP now is simply a higher domestic upgrade priority. Obviously that’s valuable, but not the incremental $5k EQD of value.

  5. Yeah, I should have clarified… for someone like Ben (or me), who doesn’t get a lot of value out of SWUs (which presumably is what AA was trying to solve for), the incremental benefits are weak:

    A better shot at domestic upgrades along with a couple hundred dollars worth of perks.

  6. As someone already said …. good to see airlines scrambling now that OPM is gone, and coporate overlords are realizing that their minions are just as productive not flying around.

  7. Congratulations to all the Platinum Pros out there. I’m glad to see that you are seeing an upside coming out of this year.

  8. Again, congratulations to the Platinum Pros and AA’s recognition of their loyalty to the airline! There has been a need to provide this tier with some additional benefits not found before. AA should be applauded for their efforts in this regard. This certainly should be celebrated and not castigated by those in the higher tier. Unfortunately there are always those unhappy when others are provided consideration. Let’s be happy at what we receive without focusing on others less fortunate.
    Excellent and informative article which outlined the elite status changes clearly and succinctly. Well done!

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