5,000 bmi miles per Wyndham stay extended through March

In early February bmi announced a nice promotion whereby you earn 5,000 bmi miles for each stay at a Wyndham property through February 28 (maximum four). Well, this has now been extended through March 31, so there’s more time to earn bmi miles at less than one cent each.

I’m still debating whether or not to take advantage of this offer. I see some hotels that I could pay a visit to for $39 per night, which is a fantastic deal. But these are also the places I wouldn’t stay at unless my life depended on it. Take this TripAdvisor review, for example, of one of the hotels that’s very cheap:

No words can accurately convey how very unpleasant staying in this motel was. There were relatively fresh blood stains on the ripped comforter. Everything (walls, carpet, drapes) was grimy and mysteriously stained. Had to sleep in my clothes and couldn’t make myself take a shower in the morning for fear of having to use their towels. Would very strongly recommend staying elsewhere.

Or this one:

I found out it is a place that probably charges by the hour!! The locals said it was a hooker joint. It is NOT a clean place, nor maintained properly.

Yeah, no way in heck I’m staying there, but do I just go and check-in for the miles? Toughie….

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. but if you buy for the hour-do you still get the stay credit? Thats even cheaper šŸ˜‰

    Im more worried about people mentioning that they havent had anything post yet. Ill probably wait a week or 2 before deciding if Im in

  2. After my stay at the Sunrise Inn in Bradenton, FL last week (during a quasi MR to TPA), I could have written that first paragraphs you quote … and maybe the second. In retrospect, I probably should have slept in the rental car.

    (Having just forked out for 3 nights in full-service Hiltons, I decided to save money that one night … lesson learned; not gonna do that again!)

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