Hyatt Bonus Journeys Promo: Earn Double Points & More

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World of Hyatt has just announced the details of their next global promotion, called “Bonus Journeys.” This is very similar to the promotion that Hyatt offered last spring, and not that different to the promotion they offered last fall either.

Earn Double Points + Up To 1,500 Bonus Points Per Stay With New Hyatt Promo

With World of Hyatt’s new Bonus Journeys promotion, you can earn bonus points for stays at over 1,000 participating locations worldwide, starting with your second stay during the promotion period:

  • Earn double points on stays, including at 875 Hyatt hotels across 17 brands, 10+ participating MGM properties, 300+ Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties, and 300+ Lindblad Expedition experiences
  • Earn 1,500 bonus points for each qualifying weekend stay that includes a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, if you have a Hyatt credit card, including the World Of Hyatt Credit Card (review)

Once again, you only start earning bonus points with this promotion starting with your second stay. With your first stay you’ll earn points as usual.

In order to take advantage of this promotion, you need to:

  • Register between February 10 and March 31, 2020
  • Stay between February 15 and May 15, 2020 (this is based on your checkout date)

There are some further terms to be aware of:

  • You can earn a maximum of 200,000 bonus points during the promotion period; this includes a maximum of 100,000 bonus points from the double points promotion, and a maximum of 100,000 bonus points for the weekend promotion for cardmembers
  • Previously booked stays qualify, so it’s fine if you booked before the promotion period started
  • The number of points doubled is determined from base points, and members earn five base points per dollar spent
  • All stays booked directly with Hyatt are qualifying, including free night awards; for a free night award you wouldn’t be earning double points on the room rate (since the room rate is zero), but you could earn 1,500 bonus points per stay over the weekend if you have Hyatt’s credit card
  • Bonus points will appear in your World of Hyatt account within two to three weeks

Earn double points for stays at the Park Hyatt Paris

Crunching The Numbers On Hyatt’s New Promo

World of Hyatt members ordinarily earn five base points per dollar spent at all brands. On top of that:

  • Earning double points would equate to an extra five points per dollar
  • Elite members receive further bonuses — Discoverists earn an extra 0.5 points per dollar, Explorists earn an extra 1.0 points per dollar, and Globalists earn an extra 1.5 points per dollar
  • If you pay with the World of Hyatt Credit Card you earn an extra four World of Hyatt points per dollar spent

In other words, during this promotion a Globalist member paying with Hyatt’s credit card would be earning 15.5 World of Hyatt points per dollar spent, starting with the second stay. That doesn’t include up to 1,500 bonus points per weekend stay. That’s a solid return.

For what it’s worth, I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each. That means:

  • 15.5 World of Hyatt points per dollar spent equate to a 23.25% return on Hyatt spending
  • 1,500 bonus points per weekend stay equates to $22.50 of value

Combine This With Other Hyatt Promos

While this is Hyatt’s big upcoming global promotion, note that you can combine this promotion with many other promos that Hyatt has been offering, including:

There are rewards for staying at new brands, like Alila

Other Ways To Earn World Of Hyatt Points

If you’re looking to earn World of Hyatt points beyond stays, the good news is that points are pretty easy to come by.

In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with the World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Ultimate Rewards.

Earn Hyatt points

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Hyatt points with credit cards.

There are lots of great ways to earn World of Hyatt points

Hyatt Bonus Journeys Promo Summary

World of Hyatt’s new global promotion is a good one. Unfortunately in general Hyatt isn’t as generous with Hilton when it comes to the promotions they offer and how long they’re valid for, so it’s nice to see something from Hyatt again on this scale.

Earning double points on stays starting with the second stay is a good promo, and the 100K points cap on earning double points shouldn’t be too restrictive for most, since that equates to $20,000 worth of spending.

What do you make of Hyatt’s new Bonus Journeys promotion?

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  1. Sorry guys, link updated. The link I provided was the global link, while it’s now updated to the US link, which has the credit card offer. My apologies.

  2. Does this promotion apply to points earned on food and beverage at the hotel? I have a points booking at the PH Maldives in March. Would be nice to earn double on that spend at the resort

  3. Hyatt’s loyalty program is pretty awesome, and unique in that it allows free parking on points stays for top-tier elites (Globalists.) The free parking can translate to almost $70/night in value for stays in expensive urban locations (e.g. San Francisco).

    Frequent travelers should use these points-earning promos to best advantage. First, take care of your qualifying night with a staycation or overnight at a low-points or low price Hyatt. Next, pay cash and earn points during stays during the promo period. After the promo is over, book the next stays on points and enjoy free parking.

    Hyatt’s semi-recent change to allow awards stays to contribute toward qualifying nights have been a huge boon for status-seeking travelers, especially when combined with these periodic promos. The year can be strategically divided between points-earning and points-burning periods.

    Hyatt blows away the field with their loyalty program. I hope they don’t fall prey to the temptation that has ruined their competitors, of constantly devaluing their program currency. So far, so good: we’ve been very, very happy Globalists (née Diamonds). Consistency is key.

  4. Am I reading this promo correctly in that a Friday night stay at one hotel, then a Saturday night stay at another hotel, and then a Sunday night stay at hotel 1 again would bank 4500 bonus points for Hyatt credit card holders?

  5. If you can find off peak cat1 on fri-sun, does that mean you can rack up elite nights for 2K pts net per night?

  6. “I hope they don’t fall prey to the temptation that has ruined their competitors, of constantly devaluing their program currency.”

    LOL. That already happened while you were daydreaming and deluding yourself about how “pretty awesome” the program is. Really. 😉

    Having said that, this is a fairly competitive promo, for a change.

  7. If I stay a night on feb 14th checking out Feb 15th will that be considering my first qualifying night.? I’m a little bit confused with the checkout dates.

  8. Mathematical proof that this is more than just a “decent” promo, through comparison of what a WoH Globalist earns from this promo with what a HH Diamond would earn from a similar 2x promo.

    Rule of thumb:
    For very top elites, any Hilton-to-Hyatt earn ratio that is less than about 3 favors Hyatt.
    That is the case if considers just the program’s relative ‘base earning’ rates:

    HH base: 10x
    WoH base: 5x

    10x HH/5x WoH = 2.0 HH/WoH, which is less than 3,..

    … meaning that a WoH Globalist’s *base* earn rate is more favorable than a HH Diamond’s.

    But, because no top elite earns only base points, one must take into account everything else (i.e., elite bonus, CC spend, etc)…

    a) when doing the comparison using AMEX Surpass (12x) vs. WoH Visa (4x) earnings:

    HH earn rate: 32x
    WoH earn rate: 10.5x

    32x HH/10.5 WoH = 3.0 HH/WoH, which is the same as 3…

    …and means that these (32x & 10.5x) are the respective earn rates at which a WoH Globalist and a HH Diamond *earn equivalent number of points for the same spend*.

    b) Where Hilton shines is when one puts one’s hotel spend on the Aspire for 34x:

    34x HH/10.5x WoH = 3.2 is greater than 3 and, thus the earn rate with the Aspire is more favorable for HH Diamonds.

    c) How about this promo?

    — Let WoH base earning = B = 5x

    Total WoH earning from promo = B (base) + B (2x promo) + 4/5B (CC spend) +0.3B (30% elite bonus)

    = 5x + 5x (4/5)*5x + 0.3*5x = 5x + 5x +4x + 1.5x = (5+5+4+1.5)x
    = 15.5x

    (that is where @Lucky’s 15.5 above came from).


    — Let HH base earning = B = 10x

    Total HH earning from promo = B (base) + B (2x promo) + 1.2B (CC spend) + B (100% elite bonus)

    = 10x +10x +12x + 10x = (10+10+12+10)x
    = 42x

    42x HH/15.5x WoH = 2.7, which is less than 3,…

    …meaning that this 2x promo is slightly more favorable for WoH Globalists than it would be for HH Diamonds.

    Throw in the extra 1,500 (up to 4,500) for weekend night(s) paid for with the WoH visa and the bottom line is that this is more than a “decent” WoH global promo, for a change…


  9. I have an upcoming trip to vegas which I booked via Mlife, if I credit the points to my Hyatt account does it count as eligible stay for the promotions?

  10. So, I didn’t receive my 1,500 bonus points for this past Sunday night stay. I had a Friday and Saturday stay at two different Hyatts and did receive the 1,500 for Saturday night (booked using an annual night certificate). I inquired with Hyatt about the bonus points for the Sunday night bonus and they stated I didn’t receive them because the rate was not eligible. I booked the room on points, so I responded to them that their Ts&Cs states eligible stays include “redeeming a free night award”. However, after thinking about this I am questioning if this only includes free nights (anniversary nights, milestone nights, etc.) or also includes award stays. Can anyone confirm if “free night awards” include points stays?

  11. @AJ

    Just wanted to share my experience and why I think your experience was strange. Just to clarify, you had two stays at two different hotels, one on 2/15 (Sat) and the other on 2/16 (Sun)?

    As per the promotion language, you shouldn’t have gotten the 1,500 points for Saturday (2/15-2/16) since that was the “first qualifying stay”, but you should have gotten the 1,500 bonus points for your Sunday (2/16-2/17) stay.

    Also, you state that you had a “Friday and Saturday stay at two different Hyatts and did receive the 1,500 for Saturday night (booked using an annual night certificate)” The Friday night would not count towards the qualifying night, since the promo started on 2/15. I am surprised you received points for 2/15.

    I also had the same experience with two different hotels on 2/15 (Sat) and 2/16 (Sun); both were award stays. I received the proper bonus points for my Sunday stay; I did not receive the 1,500 bonus points for my “first qualifying stay” on Saturday.

  12. Does this work retroactively? Lets say I just registered today, but I had a weekend night last weekend. Will it count as the 1st stay? Not a huge deal, but would be great if it did work like that.

    For those thinking off-peak will be 3500-1500, good luck. I do live in an area where there are multiple cat 1-2 hyatts, but I’m not optimistic on the off-peak timing, maybe all weekends will be not off-peak. I imagine places like Beaver Creek PH won’t see a standard or off-peak day all ski season. Makes sense, but places like that are what have been worth using the hyatt system. 210,000 chase points or $8000, hmm.

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