World Of Hyatt Announces Hotel Category Changes

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It’s normal for the major hotel loyalty programs to adjust some of the hotels that are in each award category every year. The number of points required for a free night at a hotel is typically based on the average daily rate and also the average daily occupancy (since that’s what impacts how much World of Hyatt has to reimburse hotels for award stays). Understandably over time those amounts change, either due to the changes in a city’s hotel market, overall conditions changing in a city, etc.

World of Hyatt has just announced some hotel category changes, which kick in for bookings as of 12:01AM CST on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. The good news is that not many hotels are changing categories — eight hotels are going up in price, and one hotel is going down in price. I’m frustrated by the lack of notice here, but then again this is a fairly minor adjustment.

The following eight hotels are going up in category:

The Highlands Inn will become a Category 7 hotel

Meanwhile the following hotel is going down in category:

So any booking made starting at 12:01CST on December 13, 2017, will follow the new award chart, meaning you have just over a day remaining to lock in stays at the old prices. Any modifications made to existing reservations after the changes kick in will be charged per the new rates.

If you book before December 13 for a stay at the one hotel that is shifting to a lower category, World of Hyatt customer service will proactively deposit the point difference into a member’s account, which is a nice gesture.

Bottom line

On principle I’m disappointed by the lack of notice with these changes. There’s no reason Hyatt couldn’t have been provided more than a day notice of category changes. At the same time, these changes could have been much worse, as only nine of Hyatt’s 739 hotels are changing in category. We’re seeing a net increase in award costs at under 1% of Hyatt’s properties.

The way I see it, the most significant changes are to the Highlands Inn (which is becoming a Category 7 hotel), the Hyatt Place Santa Cruz (which is going up by two categories), and The Confidante Hotel (which is going down by two categories). The rest of the hotels are changing by only one category, and continue to be eligible for free night certificates that are valid at Category 1-4 hotels.

What do you make of these World of Hyatt category changes?

  1. FYI–It’s not “Hyatt Place Long Island/New York City” but “Hyatt Place Long Island City/New York City”

  2. I always thought Hyatt Carmel was overrated as a cat6. Its restaurant has a beautiful view but otherwise it didn’t impress me much. I guess it’s all about location but besides driving down a heavily traveled road there isn’t much to do there.

  3. Highlands Inn has always provided outsized value vs cash rates, with rooms regularly in the $600 + range. Sorry to see Santa Cruz jump 2 categories, but that’s probably where it belongs for summer rates.

  4. @R Yes, really – Long Island and Long Island City are two very different places in NY. LIC is a neighborhood within NYC whereas Long Island is the two counties to the east of NYC.

  5. The problem with Highlands Inn despite having a world class location with killer views and a nice service experience is that their hard product is sub par and dated badly
    No luxury rooms/suites there for revenue or points

    It aint no Park Hyatt as a category 7 no matter how you slice or dice it
    No luxury at all at this in sadly .Think Condo Holiday Inn quality room wise

  6. The Confidante felt over priced as a cat 6, but at cat 4 it’s an awesome value! Especially for Globalists within driving distance, since they can park for free and the breakfast is out of their full kitchen.

  7. This is fantastic news for me, as selfishly I’m planning a trip to Miami Beach in Q1. I stayed at the Confidante last year in February and it was a great stay. I think Cat 4 for that hotel is a steal. Service is not perfect (it is Miami after all) but compared to Hyatt Centric in Miami Beach you are getting oceanfront, ocean service, 2 pools, pool parties, etc. – I mean that is crazy good deal.

  8. Awesome to know that Confidante is now an option for the free night certs my wife and I get. I am always scoping out the list of Cat 4 options, and it never hurts to get a new one in Miami.

  9. Stayed @Hyatt Santa Cruz last weekend. It was nice and clean. Rooms are huge but felt a bit empty. good deal for 8K, probably would not pay for this 15K.

  10. None of the hotels I care about are changing levels, and nothing’s going from 4 to 5 (removing it from free night certificate), so I’m fine with it.

  11. I can’t believe the Highlands Inn Carmel is going up to category 7. It should be going down to category 5. It was a disappointment for me the last time I stayed there. The service was good, but the buildings and rooms were dated. Having a fireplace in the room is nice, but their daily rate is ridiculously overpriced.

  12. I am excited about the Confidante dropping in categories because I think it is a great deal as a cat 4. It is too bad they have not been able to command the rates they expected and hope they are not struggling too bad financially. I stayed there earlier this year and loved it. I got a great deal from a discount site and couldn’t believe how great it was for what I was paying. It was formerly a Thompson and you can see that in its design. Service wasn’t perfect, but it still felt more like a Thompson than a Hyatt.

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