World Of Hyatt Offering Up To 60K Points With New Global Promotion

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Update: Pushing this post to the top since registration is now open, so make sure you register at this link.

World of Hyatt hasn’t offered many global promotions lately, but rather they’ve been offering promotions for specific brands and segments.

For example, they’ve offered double stay credits for Andaz staysbonus points at Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regencyaward stay discounts for those with Hyatt’s co-branded credit card, the ability to double dip for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House stays, and more.

Now Hyatt has revealed the details of their next global promotion. While it’s great to see one of these, don’t get too excited.

World of Hyatt is offering up to 60,000 bonus points for stays between September 1 and November 30, 2018. This promotion is valid for stays at all Hyatt hotels worldwide, as well as MGM properties in Las Vegas. All eligible stays qualify, which even includes award stays, so you can earn points when redeeming points, which is awesome.

Here’s the tiered bonus Hyatt is offering with this new promotion, whereby you can earn at most 60,000 points after staying 40 nights:

Nights Bonus Points Earned Total Bonus Points Earned
5 +2,500 =2,500
10 +5,000 =7,500
20 +10,000 =17,500
30 +17,500 =35,000
40 +25,000 =60,000

Registration will be available between August 29 and October 15, 2018. You’ll be able to register at this link starting tomorrow, though that page won’t be active until around 10AM ET.

Hyatt has offered similar tiered promotions in the past, though typically they’ve been more generous, with the ability to earn 60,000 bonus points after just 25 nights. So having to stay an additional 15 nights is significant. However, given that hotels are full and that we haven’t otherwise seen such promotions in a while, I’ll certainly take it!

As you can see, with this promotion you’re earning the following number of bonus points per night, based cumulative nights:

  • An average of 500 bonus points per night if staying five nights
  • An average of 750 bonus points per night if staying 10 nights
  • An average of 875 bonus points per night if staying 20 nights
  • An average of ~1,176 bonus points per night if staying 30 nights
  • An average of 1,500 bonus points per night if staying 40 nights

Personally I value World of Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each. This means that if staying 40 nights you’d be looking at a return of $22.50 per night, which is a significant return, but that requires staying at least 40 nights. On the low end you’d earning 500 points per night, which I value at $7.50.

Like I said, this is better than nothing, though I’m not sure this would influence my consumer behavior all that much. Perhaps it would impact my decision if I were nearing one of the thresholds, but these are very specific amounts, and beyond the first couple of tiers you need an incremental 10 nights to reach the next threshold, which is significant.

What do you make of World of Hyatt’s upcoming promotion?

  1. Link not working!

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    Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.


    Lucky Qantas have a premium cabin sale (ends in three days) on right now and from Melbourne to Perth to London is about $3000 AUD one way in business ( $2200 USD) on the 787 this has been by far the best deal and there is heaps of seats available and you earn heaps of miles and points. I tempted to book one of these for me. You could even route it through secondary cities to make it even cheaper.

  3. If I start a stay on 8/31 and check out on 9/3, does it count? The whole stay? Or just the nights in September?

  4. @Lucky morgan is wrong, it’s about $6000 AUD round trip which morgan attributed to mean half price one way which it obviously is not. One way and rountrip prices are about the same price as is standard.

  5. These promotions are way too short. We’re talking about a 3 month period that includes thanksgiving and labor day. So like 10-11 weeks. That’s 55 worknight stays possible.

    I used to do these when my life sucked and I never saw my family…no wait, I did 25 back then…and likely went over by 5-10…40 is a lot.

  6. Its nice that award nights count and it over laps with the 10% rebate on reward redemptions in September.

  7. @ Ben — Do you know if Free Night awards also count? (I really wish Hyatt would just treat these awards as equal to points nights for all purposes…)

  8. Too bad I have ten nights in Hyatts from about November 6 until the New Year, and almost nothing until then.

  9. Can you get bonus points if staying in multiple rooms with family?

    Typically you can earn redeemable points on one account for all the rooms, though you can only earn nights towards status from the room you’re in. So I don’t know how this promo works with multiple rooms…

  10. I thought it could be roundtrip and one way though it is only available at that price ($6000 AUD return) for roundtrip that being said I am trying to do business one way and economy the other though Qantas is not letting me. As I am planning on going to London in a few months I really want to try the 787 business I might try call QF to do a mixed fare. As that would allow me to use the cheap fare of $3000 AUD and then $500 AUD economy (or even premium economy on the return and could throwaway. Lucky premium economy is $3500 return and you could upgrade one of the ways. (Or start reviewing premium economy and review Qantas 787 or A330 business class domestically in Australia). The cheapest one way flight I can find is through Paris or Athens or some cities in Germany. Or fly return which is quite cheap and on the outbound you can route through Dubai or Singapore.

  11. Exactly what I needed! Got 42 nights from august 30 to Oct 11. Will max this bonus. Then to get the new hyatt card in a month boom 66k minn from that and what I got currently I my account looking like next year I’ll be using 400k hyatt points for some fun!

  12. Anyone know if you check in before Sept 1, and check out after if any of the nights count? I had a multi-night 5 or great nights for which the bonus points are not posting

  13. @AMPfromBNA, don’t think so. I had some credit cards nights that posted a couple days ago and Hyatt didn’t pay out.

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