What does Hyatt have in store for us in June?

Hyatt recently had an event at the Andaz LA for FlyerTalkers, and they seem to have hinted at something cool coming in June. Hyatt is already rocking this year, with free internet for elite members and electronic suite upgrades, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their members next.

I’m leaning towards the “Faster Free Nights” promotion starting a bit earlier this year, although who knows, maybe they’re more creative than that.

I’ll probably status match to Hyatt come August, as I’m dumping Hilton.

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  1. I love hyatt I won a free night and have enjoyed evrey single stay with my diamond status so far!

  2. Actually I think SPG may be moving towards free internet for elites. I was at the Sheraton Waikiki last Saturday on a MR and the desk person asked me if I had a laptop. My response was yes, however I’d be connecting to the internet via my cell to avoid their ridiculous fees. The desk person responded that internet was free for SPG Golds and above. In the USA this isn’t a deal since my work pays for a Sprint BlackBerry for me which I tether, but I would pay maybe $3 more than a hilton that I didn’t get this at.

    Anyways, I think Starwood will match along with Hilton shortly, at least for golds or above.

  3. Why dump Hilton? In many international (and domestic) destinations they are one of the more affordable options and I find the service, overall, better than SPG (though SPG points are a bit more valuable due to the ease of transferring them).

  4. Chris, I’m dumping Hilton because as a points slut I just can’t support them any longer. They have no good promos (compared to Hyatt’s incredible FFN promo), and they now have the least benefits for their elite members. The program sucks. While they do often have affordable options internationally, I’m also Priority Club Platinum, so I’ll switch my “lower end” stays to Crowne Plaza. With Hyatt, on the other hand, I can earn tons of free nights through all the great promos they have for their nicer properties.

  5. Since I am Diamond with Hilton until 2011 as a winner of the Advance Your World Challenge, I guess I’ll be staying with them until then. However, if I weren’t a winner, I’d be looking elsewhere for my new homes away from home. I’ll be anxious to hear what new things are in store at Hyatt.

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