WestJet’s Epic “Frozen” Themed Plane

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Airlines occasionally come out with special liveries for planes. It’s a great way for them to attract attention at airports and also have a marketing campaign in cooperation with another company.

For example, ANA has a 787 in a Star Wars R2-D2 livery, which is pretty epic.

ANA 787-9 E-2

Meanwhile Air New Zealand has a 787 in a gorgeous “all black” livery.


But based on my personal likes, WestJet may have just come out with what I consider to be the coolest livery ever. WestJet has just unveiled a 737 themed after Disney’s movie “Frozen.”


Now, while I’m a “Frozen” fan in general, I love Olaf. He’s sort of my spirit animal snowman. I mean, can you get more perpetually delightful than this?

As luck would have it, Olaf is featured front and center on the Frozen-themed WestJet 737.

Here’s the video WestJet uploaded of them painting the Frozen-themed plane:

What sets WestJet apart from other airlines with special liveries is that they also revamped the interior, which is also Frozen-themed. Most airlines with special liveries just change the exterior. So kudos to WestJet for picking a theme and sticking with it, inside and out.

The special interior has seasonal “themes,” whereby it looks like summer in the front of the plane, and as you go further back, it becomes winter:

The interior of the Disney Frozen-themed plane brings together a blend of colors that mimic the seasons. As guests enter the aircraft, they will notice that the colors transition from warm-to-cold, mirroring the exterior of the aircraft.

The front bulkhead of the aircraft highlights summer with signature sunflowers that soon transition into fall colors. Mid-cabin, the overhead bin artwork begins to show signs of winter which eventually transitions into a full freeze and snowflakes. The rear bulkheads of the aircraft display a winter scene much like those a guest would see straight from the movie Frozen.


The Frozen 737 will be cycled through WestJet’s entire network, so keep an eye out for it at an airport near you.

Here are some fun facts WestJet has shared regarding this special plane:

  • The aircraft was painted in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The paint team included team members from Canada, the United States and Germany. They watched Frozen to get them into the spirit before work began.
  • The job took 21 days of 12-hour rotations involving a constant crew of six painters working 24/7.
  • The crew used 643.5 litres of paint consisting of 23 colors — five for the umbrella alone.
  • Sparkles were added to the paint in sections to add shimmer and shine as the aircraft moves.
  • An airbrush artist was brought in to work on details around the sun, water and castle.
  • The inside of the aircraft has decals and headrest covers that mimic the cold-to-warm (back-to-front) theme on the outside of the aircraft.
  • There are 54 separate overhead bin doors on the aircraft and each has a unique Frozendecal
  • Several dozen bagels were consumed during the painting of this aircraft (there weren’t any doughnut stores nearby). The crew drank more than 100 litres of sweet tea.
  • The aircraft registration is C-GWSV and the tail number is 810.

Bottom line

I’ve always had a lot of respect for WestJet, and thought of them as a pretty innovative, edgy airline (they have great holiday videos every year). That being said, given that they’re a low cost one cabin carrier and I don’t fly within Canada much, I’ve never really had the itch to fly with them. This Frozen plane sort of changes that. How could I not want to fly with Olaf?

What do you make of WestJet’s Frozen-themed plane?

  1. I look forward to the Frozen-themed jokes. Westjet has a pretty good reputation for customer service.

  2. Yawn.
    I hate Frozen and Disney in general.
    I mean, it might be cute and so on, but meh.
    I prefer documentaries — preferably about airplanes 🙂
    Speaking of which, did you see the LH Cargo film which was on my flight in January on longhaul J (new) on LH, Lucky?
    If not, watch out for it.
    I mean, who doesn’t love MD11s?

  3. Sorry, I find it absolutely hideous (inside and out).

    WS isn’t really a one-cabin airline anymore. They now have a “Plus” section at the front, with blocked middle seats (like LH) and 5 inches extra legroom (unlike LH), as well as meals on flights > 2.5h. Their newly acquired 763s have 2-2-2 seating in the Plus section, likely equivalent to US carriers’ domestic first class.

  4. WestJet is not and really has never been a low-cost carrier. Their prices and service mirror those of Air Canada. The only difference between them is the lack of a J cabin, and as [email protected] has stated, even that’s changing.

  5. That isn’t a livery. It’s just clip art pasted onto the side of the plane with no attempt to fit the form or integrate with the setting. For kids, and might as well have been designed one.

  6. Is this a specific route? I would love to take my daughter on the Frozen aircraft. I looked into it, buy can’t seem to find a solid answer as to how to book a flight on this aircraft.
    I’ve taken her on the Eva air hello kitty plane and she absolutely loved it!!

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