Air New Zealand 787-9 — sexiest plane ever?

Yesterday Air New Zealand unveiled their 787-9, and I think between the plane itself and the color scheme, it may just be the sexiest plane ever:

What do you think?

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  1. I love everything but the white ring around the nose cone. Should have used black rubber/or whatever that is.

  2. The old wunala dreaming by QF was nicer than this

    But I’m biased and I would say the stylized Union Jack on Concorde was the best … Ever

  3. i have to admit that black is a bold color and it does make a statement in most cases, but for a airplane, not something i would like to see

  4. I think this plane is absolutely amazing! The All Blacks design is stellar.

    Definitely better than Alaska’s salmon plane! LOL

  5. Lucky, I’m booked on NZ289 in J next year but it’s on a 777-200. Is this a flat bed product? How does it compare to the 787-9? Thanks!

  6. Music is sexy too! Oh that makes sense! The NZ rugby team is called the all-blacks! Duncan, the NZ football team is called the all-whites, from what I can remember back in 2010.

  7. NZers call Rugby football as opposed to Ruby Union, Soccer, AFL or Grid Iron. The “Silver Fern” is their national emblem, this planes colours is a red rag to a bull for people in the UK, France, Sth Africa, Hong Kong and a few states of Australia. If you ever watch them in action especially the start with a Hakka then you would know that the name “All Whites” is in correct.

  8. ANZ’s new 787 may be “sexy”…though the original, first truly “sexy” aircraft was Hugh Hefner’s-Playboy DC-9-32, circa 1969 that was also solid black with a white Playboy logo on the tail. The interior had multiple bedrooms, hot tubs and a disco…among other furnishings specific for the era. And then there were the Bunny Stewardesses. Check it out with the below link and then ask yourself, “Which plane is sexier?”

  9. Very nice looking paint job! Any idea why the tail had to be painted separately, before it was attached to the plane?

  10. One more vote for probably the worst painted aircraft out there. It’s butt-ugly, boring, funereal, and I hope to never be stuck in it on a summer day on the tarmac (which makes it eco-unfriendly too).

  11. @Duncan – as a Kiwi, we do not call Rugby “football”. We call Rubgy, “Rugby”. Our Rugby team are the “All Blacks”, our soccer/football team are the “All Whites”.

    Not entirely a fan of the overall design of the plane.

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