WestJet Christmas Miracle Video

WestJet just published a pretty adorable “Christmas miracle” video, whereby they ask people before boarding what’s on their wish list, and upon landing those things are waiting for them at baggage claim.

I’m not totally convinced it’s real, but it’s adorable regardless.

(Tip of the hat to Canadian Kilometers)

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  1. Quite sweet, something you’ll never see from AC

    I feel bad for people who wished for “socks & underwears” when one got a 50″ TV or Tablets 😛

  2. this is one of the most warm heart felt thing I ve seen done in a long time . west jet sure got the Christmas spirit. of giving. mabe other air lines can come aboard.and make other travelers as welcome as west jet does during the busy time of the year.

  3. This is typical Westjet (and I mean that in a good way). They may have a crappy FF program, but they know how to market their “caring” philosophy to the general public. I hope the folks at UA see this video and realize that it’s not enough to just sprinkle the word “friendly” throughout their advertising.

    There’s also a video with some outtakes featuring Santa:

    Still waiting for a One Mile at a Time trip report on Westjet. (Maybe try their newly-announced YYT-DUB due to the novelty of transatlantic 737 service?) There’s no first or business class, but you can earn AA miles (though not elite-qualifying).

  4. Yes, want that Westjet trip report. Exit row or PE provide great pitch, comfortable seats. Would love a review of YYT-DUB!

  5. One word: Incredibly Awesome. Ok, that was two, and there are even more wonderful things I could say about WestJet doing this. THIS is what makes any company, or individual (for that matter), truly exceptional. Well done, WestJet!!

  6. As other posters have mentioned this is right up WestJet’s alley. I was on their first YVR-OGG flight and they gave everyone free champagne and a whole slew of gifts (I got a free flight voucher). Very much part of their cultural Ethos.

    Air Canada has responded by doing other flash gifts including giving free carry on luggage (waiting at the carousel) for unsuspecting customers, and free ipods (and travel vouchers) for travellers flying yyz-yyg.

  7. This is so awesome! The outtakes video is pretty funny too 🙂

    Regarding blue Santa suits – perhaps it’s due to WestJet colors, but in some countries Santas or equivalents don’t always wear red.

  8. If you did WS to DUB you could go to Newfoundland…not sure if you’ve managed to make it but I know it was on your list (maybe? or I’m in a drunken stupor…)

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