US & Canada Border Closure To Be Extended

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The border between the US and Canada has been closed for non-essential travel since March 21. As of now the border is supposed to be closed through June 21, though it’s now being reported by Reuters that the closure will be extended by an additional month, through July 21.

This would mark the third extension, as we’ve always seen the border closure extended by a month at a time (first through April 21, then through May 21, then through June 21).

This is being done to control the spread of coronavirus. This prevents non-essential travel, but select essential travelers, as well as goods, are still allowed to cross the border.

As mentioned above, there hasn’t been an official update regarding this, though it’s expected that an announcement will be imminent. If you’ve been hoping to cross the border in the coming weeks, that might no longer be possible.

Any travel this summer (especially internationally) really will have to be planned last minute, given how often restrictions are being updated.

  1. And that’s a problem because????? Governments have to do everything they can to stop or diminish the spread of the COVID. You’re always trying to pushing your readers to travel aboard. That’s irresponsible. Iceland or any place in Europe won’t be open to Americans or anyone who isn’t European…

  2. That is funny. Not once did I consider the article to be irresponsible and pushing me to do anything. It was informing readers about traveling between border countries, nothing that would be considered traveling abroad for readers of either country.

  3. I’ve seen alot of Geographical change on Earth. It takes very persistent digging but the data is there to be found.

  4. Yes it is a problem! We have 10’s of thousands and rallies and noboby wants to say anything politically against it. peopl have friends families across the border. I understand at the beginning but this is just getting rediculous. And I will admit, I am biased – I have a girlfriend in Canada, but hence the point still. Heck, let me show something that says I am clear for covid. There are ways to do this – this is lazy.

  5. Passive, narcissistic leadership will destroy us. Get tested, provide “clear” proof @ the boarder that you have been tested in the last 72hrs. or what ever & “Welcome to our Country”. The Government MUST trust the people. Not the other way around. Read George Orwell 1984.

  6. Provincial travel within Canada is heavily restricted still. I’m in BC, and cannot travel to the maritime provinces and territories. Until our provincial travel bans are lifted the CAD/US border will remain closed. Wouldn’t make much sense if I was able to travel to Seattle but not to a neighboring province…

  7. @ Turco I would question if it is really “irresponsible” to travel abroad when most the worst hot spots have been here in the US… To be honest there is probably more of a risk to Canada from travelling Americans than vice versa….

  8. I live in Vancouver, and quite frankly it seems our friends down South don’t seem to be taking this pandemic seriously enough…there seems to be an over abundance of optimism that merely being an American makes one immune from the virus.

  9. @Scott Konczal:

    What will testing within 72 hours accomplish? That’s 72 hours during which someone could have been exposed multiple times, to include whilst on the plane or en route the destination. Testing on arrival is the only true way to track any potential spread. And with onerous-but-necessary quarantine rules in effect at destinations, travel isn’t going to be “fun” for a while. And if the “I want a haircut – let us OUT!” brigade of Karens taught us anything, it’s that a not insignificant portion of the public probably can’t be trusted.

  10. @JP – Nobody in America thinks being an American makes one immune. We just aren’t willing to be kept in lockdown indefinitely.

  11. Really a bummer for those of us who live in Southeast Alaska and would like to visit family in Fairbanks but aren’t keen to fly. Alas.

  12. The only way out of Alaska is on a plane, so am interested in when the border opens. Not a fan of flying, duh.

  13. I’ll be crossing the border Friday coming back from Ak to Idaho because I’m moving for work.. that is essential.. Canadian info said yes, it is possible to travel still

  14. Is there a similar policy on the southern end? Is Mexico also closed for non-essential travel?

  15. A large number of Canada’s COVID cases came from the US, including many of the early ones that arrived before the lockdown and resulted in community spread. For example, by mid-April there were 404 cases in Ontario related to US travel vs. only 5 from China. If we’d locked down the US border in February when Air Canada cancelled flights to China, we’d have saved thousands of lives.

    With the virus still out of control in so many states, the US is going to be a huge COVID reservoir for a long time to come. For this reason, Canadians strongly support keeping the border closed to Americans, with up to 88% in favour in some polls. Since the border has remained open to freight throughout the pandemic, the economic argument for re-opening is also pretty weak.

  16. Whoever said it’s irresponsible is narrow minded and viewing life through a cone. There are many people who cannot see their loved ones because the border is closed. It’s good to know what countries are opening. It’s been almost 4 months now. Enough.

  17. Last minute indeed.

    It’s looking like International summer travel will be hit or miss
    (More miss, less hit)

    I would be very wary booking anything for Fall or winter.
    That’s when COVID wave #2 plus Flu are highly likely.

    border lockdowns Will likely resume

    We have canceled all of our travel because it’s jus not worth the hassle.

  18. Ben, where can we find out what is deemed essential travel for Canadians needing to go to the US? I’m planning on accompanying my US citizen son on his move from Canada to A US university later this summer.

  19. I’ve crossed the Atlantic three times in the past two weeks. I’ll be going to Italy at the end of the month. Air travel between the US and EU should be open. Closed borders aren’t much help given that we are long past the stage when elimination of the virus might have been possible. This is all political pandemic theater with officials trying to cover their asses. If they’d actually “listened to the science,” they would have secured the nursing homes instead of sending viral bombs into them a la Cuomo. They also wouldn’t have lied about the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of the virus. If 80% of the population had worn masks, we’d have been done with this ridiculousness months ago. Why should low-information citizens believe them now? I hardly see anyone wearing one, indoors or out, in London. I started wearing a mask while flying in January. I fully intend to resume travel all around the world as soon as possible. The infection fatality rate for under-45s in the US implies a risk of death lower than that from choking on food. People at vulnerable or merely fearful should stay at home. More importantly, they shouldn’t prevent others from going about their lives.

  20. We should close us borders for cannadian commerce as well. We are the only country Tha in take their products. Get it together, and develop testing at your airports.

  21. I was planning on moving by vehicle from Alaska to Oklahoma. Planned on departing AK on the 18th this week however, now after consuming this information I am beginning to become “disgustipated” by COVID-19 aka Corona Virus.

    So what are some thoughts, ideas or suggestions about what I should do?

  22. Thanks for the update. Sad news that Covid 19 isn’t under more control. In April if you would have asked me, I would have thought for sure things would be opened by now. If only more people would stick to social distancing and remaining in place.

    Today, an article like this is sort of “of course”. This post would be similar to one on a topic of Boeing announces the 737 Max won’t be flying in July.

  23. I hope we open the border. Trudope is a major problem. Canada needs the USA. This is just sads anyway you look at it.
    It’s not confirmed so hope… there are no more delays. Tourism is getting slaughtered.
    From flight crews to ground staff this Wuhan virus has killed so many lifestyles and companies.

  24. For all the scummy things Trudope has done the only thing he has done right (though at least a month later than required) was to close the border.

    Today massive numbers of new cases of Covid are being identified in Trumpette’s Kingdom to the south. The MASSIVE numbers of cases in Ontario have been traced back to visitors from the US in the early days. We DO NOT want any more of that!

    If I was an American with any money at all I would FLEE the USA at this moment to a place with as small a Covid footprint as possible – and that would be Canada unfortunately. We also have some medical care and will care for anyone even of they cannot pay.

    The only real problem in the Health Care System is when Trumpette blocked the sale of medical masks and other PPE to Canada so perhaps we should remember that.

    Please do not open the border. It is already way too porous and the very last thing we need is a million covid carriers crossing the border into the “safety” of covid-reduced Canada.

    It would overwhelm is in a heartbeat.

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