Details: Canada’s New Mandatory Hotel Quarantine

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Canada has today officially unveiled the details of its new mandatory hotel quarantine for arriving international travelers. We first learned about this concept a couple of weeks ago, but we now know when the policy will be implemented, and how exactly it will work.

Canada adds mandatory hotel quarantine for travel

With Canada’s current restrictions on international travel, those returning to Canada:

  • Have to get a PCR test before boarding their flight
  • Have to self-quarantine for 14 days

Now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the introduction of a mandatory hotel quarantine upon returning to Canada, in addition to existing restrictions. For those arriving in Canada by air as of February 22, 2021:

  • Travelers will need to be tested before boarding their return flight to Canada
  • Travelers will be tested again when they return to Canada, before exiting the airport
  • All international flights will have to land in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver
  • Travelers will have to reserve a three night stay in a government-authorized hotel, where they will have to wait for their test results; these hotels will become bookable as of February 18, 2021
  • Travelers will then still have to self-quarantine for 14 days, with “increased surveillance,” which comes in the form of electronically submitting travel and contact information, including a suitable quarantine plan, before entering Canada
  • Towards the end of the 14-day quarantine, travelers will need to get an additional test
  • This whole process is expected to cost more than 2,000 CAD per traveler, which the traveler will have to pay

While several other countries that take coronavirus seriously require quarantining in a facility, Canada’s approach is different. Rather than requiring a 14-day quarantine, Canada is only requiring a three-day quarantine.

It seems like this is intended to simply squash international travel, rather than necessarily having much logic:

  • The price tag for three days of quarantine and testing seems extremely high
  • A three-day quarantine isn’t a long enough period to catch all coronavirus cases, since the incubation period is often longer than that
  • It seems that the three day quarantine is to allow time for results from testing on arrival to be processed, though it’s not entirely clear why it takes so long

My major concern here is that this creates a great rush for people to return to Canada before the new restrictions kick in. Given the new strains of coronavirus, is it smart to cause an influx of people returning to Canada in the next 10 days?

Travelers returning to Canada will have to quarantine in a hotel

Canadian airlines cancel Caribbean & Mexico flights

Not only is Canada adding the above restrictions for international travelers, but as of late January, Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing, and Air Transat, have “agreed to suspend service” to the Caribbean and Mexico.

It doesn’t seem to me like there’s an explicit flight ban, but rather that the government is working with Canadian airlines to discourage such travel.

WestJet will no longer fly to the Caribbean & Mexico

Bottom line

Canada is taking some drastic measures to restrict international travel, which will kick in for arrivals as of February 22, 2021. In addition to the current pre-travel testing requirement and 14-day self-quarantine, the country will also require testing upon arrival, a hotel quarantine of up to three days, and an additional test at the end of the 14-day quarantine, which altogether could cost 2,000 CAD.

Furthermore, Canadian airlines have agreed to cancel flights to the Caribbean and Mexico.

I’m not sure this strategy is terribly cohesive, but I imagine this will cause people to reconsider just about any discretionary international travel, which is probably the goal.

What do you make of Canada’s new international restrictions?

  1. The average incubation period before people seem to test positive is around 4 days. You could easily contract covid on your last day on vacation (or on the plane), and test negative when you test on arrival. Any quarantine less than probably 9 days. will have some initial false negatives slip through.

  2. Well, that will lower occupancy at Florida, Mexico and Caribbean resorts by about 25%. This could also very well be a preview of what’s coming to the U.S.

  3. I agree with these measures. With the virus variants become more common, more needed to be done because you cannot trust people to do the right thing by not travelling during a global pandemic.

  4. @Stuart

    Curious to know how you think this could come to the US. It would seem to be that any kind of restriction like this would get struck down in the (very right leaning) judicial system in a matter of hours.

    The Supreme Court banned Cuomo from limiting/cancelling Church services. If that doesn’t fly, I’d imagine a two week detainment in a hotel would be off limits as well on the grounds that it violates individual liberty, no?

  5. @iv

    Agree that international holidays are irresponsible, but you do realize some travel actually is essential. My grandfather is extremely ill in Iran and I’m travelling next week there. Is my trip “irresponsible”?
    The “don’t travel during a global pandemic” crowd fail to understand that sometimes travel is essential, and forcing people to pay 2 grand + 14 days in detainment is punitive.

  6. There seems to have been a lot of holiday travel despite the rise in cases in a lot of locations across the world. I think governments need to phrase it this way in order to get people to cooperate
    1) We are aggressively rolling out vaccines, treatments and other policies to get things back to normal starting int he Spring
    2) Until then, refrain from travel, mask up, etc – help fight the spread

    It seems like cold weather and holiday travel resulted in a slew of new spread and variants that are setting us back a bit

  7. I am starting to come around to support this move by Canada as something needed here. These variants will get even worse if we don’t curb travel for a bit until we get more vaccinated. They may anyway, but at least we have done everything possible. A perfect example is that Brazilians are flocking to Mexico right now because it’s so cheap and one of the few places they can go. Friends from S.P. are flying to Cancun in droves for $89 rates at the large resorts. How many of them are carrying the new strain and mixing with Americans etc?

    Biden really should implement a similar plan to discourage the Mexico and Caribbean trend that is happening right now. At least for 30 days as a trial. If Canada can impose three day hotel quarantines I can’t see any reason that we could not do the same if airlines would also voluntarily halt all flights to Mexico and Caribbean, etc.

  8. @Sam. Ask Tiffany, I have no idea. She seems to be the expert in what the Fed can do related to travel and restrictions.

  9. @Matt, if one has an opinion to completely ban unnecessary travel, the traveling to see ill family\ family in general should be out of question as well. Exceptions should be unless you are personally providing medical care that no one else can do near him for the ill member to stay alive. Although I sympathize for your pain knowing he is ill, we all cant pick or choose what is essential or necessary.

  10. I also agree with these measures. Now is the time we need to work together and stop the spread. We have seen what weak measures have done and if we can all work together we can get back to a more normal life sooner.

  11. International holiday travel is irresponsible? Ha! I’ve done it twice. It can be done responsibly. If we continue to cater to the lowest common denominators in society whether it’s this pandemic or other daily activities, at some point we’ll never leave our houses.

  12. The U.K. suspended all flights to/from Dubai and Abu Dhabi from today.

    A further announcement regarding a 10-14 day hotel quarantine from over 22 countries is to be announced shortly. In
    Australia it’s @AUD3000 for one person / 2 weeks. You get a bill at the end of your stay and must pay within 30 days.

    U.K. is also checking all outbound travellers to ensure they are essential trips and everyone will need to complete a form soon. Essential I imagine being ship crew, medics , government officials, compassionate and people returning home .

    I believe musicians and sports players do have an exemption provided they quarantine and have tests.

    E gates for inbounds closed and checks for example flying via Paris from
    Dubai I wonder whether the rest of Europe will suspend flights to / from the UAE.

  13. I think the best thing the Biden administration can do is offer a huge bailout to the airline industry contingent on dramatically reducing schedules for the next 3-4 months. Basically pay them to not fly much. Leave just a handful of flights for truly essential travel and ensure the fares are heightened by demand. If you truly need to travel, you’ll pay whatever. All the $30 one way fares out there right now are just encouraging unnecessary leisure travel! If we squeeze a little harder now, we might have some real travel opportunities back by July. Otherwise I fear all of 2021 will look as meaningless as 2020.

  14. “It seems like this is intended to simply squash international travel, rather than necessarily having much logic”


    “though it’s not entirely clear why it takes so long”

    Welcome to Canada / government / Canadian government. 😀

  15. Ridiculous and doesnt adress the 80% of people coming in still exempt because of real and fake “essential” designations.

    Because of course the virus only infects vacationeers.

  16. A sizable number of Canadians hate Americans out of jealousy. They feel they are always being ripped off by higher prices. Gas is much more expensive in Canada. So is cheese. So is almost everything except hockey pucks are cheaper in Canada (really, they are. I bought several)

    This estimated cost of $2000 for a test and 3 days of hotel with food is a typical Canadian rip off.

  17. @MG

    for how long? We can’t keep everything shut forever. It’s been a year and fauci (for whom I have great respect) has said this week it could be another year.

    We need to aggressively roll out vaccines, enforce masking and social distancing, etc. But we can’t just ban everything and hope things improve. It’s not a sustainable way of dealing with this crisis.

    And for the record I plan on quarantining when I arrive so not sure why my trip should be ‘out of the question’.

  18. Good policy. The US should follow suit, but also mandate the same requirements for all domestic flights, too.

    “We are in a national emergency. It’s time we started acting like it.”

  19. @Matt , my response was based off of one saying all travel not *essential* being banned or made next to impossible to complete. I, too have been able to, as safely as I personally think I can, completed some minor traveling. Not up for debating personal life or if my decisions were warranted, but all my actions and travels have not been wreckless and much thought have been put into it to coincide with the current times. Personally, im all for you seeing your family. Both of my remaining grandparents are dying alone in their nursing homes and highly doubt ill be able to see them again. I call that a slow and painful death and hope you can still spend time with your loved ones.

  20. Good! Let’s hope the USA does the same. The only way we’re going to get ahead of this and stop the SA and UK and Brazilian variants (and god knows what other mutations) is by SHUTTING DOWN the reckless, arrogant, selfish leisure flyers who are rip roarin’ all over the world being vectors of spread and normalizers of bad behavior as the US will approach half a million dead bodies by the end of February. There has to be time for mass vaccinations to catch up to the exponential spread. You CANNOT count on people (especially Americans) to do the right thing and not travel. Just look at @GaysOverCovid on Instagram. Horrid! I’m embarrassed for “my people.” Stay home. Save a life.

  21. They are trying to catch what is called a testing “window period.” There is quite a bit of logic in it. Not a perfect solution or a flawless one, but the best one for them is what they figured.

  22. I can understand countries striving for 0 cases to have mandatory hotel quarantine, but for case load as Canada, this seems unnecessary and very expensive for the service.

  23. @ShutItDown

    I find this line of thinking to be bizmare. Both moderna and Pfizer have announced that their vaccines work against both of the variants you mentioned. So why is there a sudden craze for border closures when in all likelihood the vaccines work against the variants?

  24. @Tiffany

    Any advice on the constitutionality of such a regime being implemented in the US would be much much appreciated!!

  25. @ShutItDown – You are absolutely 1000% spot-on. Sorry to inconvenience the entitled morons who insist on their precious vacations. Half a million dead Americans looming so these spoiled jerks can sit on the beach…but they just don’t care about anything or anyone except themselves.

  26. Justin is using covid as an excuse to hurt Mexico. Mexico is forcing Canadian mining companies in Mexico to pay their fair share of taxes, forcing them to pay Mexican workers the same as they would pay Canadian, forcing them to clan up after themselves. Joe has ro do what Joe tells him to do. joe is not happy with Mexico because, Trump helped Mexico became energy and oil independent, no more expensive USA gasoline imports to Mexico.

  27. @Matt – You are incorrect. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines seem to work OK against the UK and Brazil strains, but do NOT work against the South Africa strain. That’s the one that has everyone really worried (and rightfully so). There is no vaccine yet that works well against that one from South Africa.

    Most idiots out there can’t put 2+2 together. Look at the highly infectious, fast-spreading new strains (UK, Brazil, and South Africa). Look at how fast those all have spread (see London, Los Angeles, Lisbon…) and you will see what’s coming to YOUR city very soon. Trudeau can put 2+2 together. Dr. Faucci is worried about this one, and you should too.

  28. @rm the land border isn’t closed. It has specific restrictions. A Canadian entering Canada can pass. Soon a test will be imposed.

  29. This confirms it: Canada is in some rift in the space time continuum where ever I they do is from 6 months ago.

  30. @Matt

    They are difficult circumstances you find yourself in. Notwithstanding, for the greater good, I believe it is absolutely appropriate to implement the measures necessary to stop even more people from dying. If Canada has no limit on the number of travellers that can enter the country, I can appreciate the cost of quarantine for the country to shoulder may be excessive and it appropriate to pass this on to travellers who make the decision to continue to travel during a pandemic.

    I wonder if those in financial hardship and can prove as much might be subsidised.

  31. There seems to be a theme developing with countries introducing pre CV19 tests, mandatory quarantine etc, I think others are correct that the U.S will follow. I hope certain YouTube vlogers who have clearly been using “ I am a director of a media company and my trip is essential “ excuse will be barred from this non essential travel moving forward and cease posting flight reviews in countries like South Africa and the UAE which funny enough are on the U.K. red list.

  32. @Matt,

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather of being ill and you wanting to visit him in Iran.

    Pleases know, we are all making sacrifices:

    I among haven’t seen my elderly parents during these difficult times including over the holidays.

    Sadder yet, people have lost loved ones and they were not able to say their final goodbye’s because they were not allowed in-person visits.

    Hope your grandfather pulls through however, I still support the government measure because
    Covid variants are developing because people are travelling to other parts of the world and bringing it back putting other’s at risk and taking up health care resources.

  33. All for a virus that if you’re under age 50 you will have a 99.97% chance of surviving. The stupidity just gets more thicker and thicker.

  34. @george n Romey

    As someone who is against the restrictions mentioned in this article I must disagree with your characterisation of the virus. Many people have died, including those who are middle aged/not 80+. Moreover, IMO human life is precious regardless of age, a life is a life regardless of how many more ‘years’ that person may or may not have had.

    Which is why we should keep going with the other restrictions, masking, social distancing, even lockdown which in the UK seem to be working well in bringing cases down. I just object to mandatory detention in a closed space.

  35. I’m in favor for people cutting discretionary travel but this is ridiculous.

    Look at the math…. the death rate in Canada is about 1 in 2000 people. About 2% of the population in Canada had / currently has covid. It’s only serious for about 1 in 1200 people.

    COVID has killed nearly 20k in Canada which is very sad. And as stated, I don’t think people should be reckless. People should not expose themselves or others when possible.

    But keep in mind though that about 2k per year die in traffic accidents and 2-8k per year die of the flu. Many times elderly die of “pneumonia” or “flu” – just this year it is COVID. Even if people get COVID, the risk of dying of it is less than the risk of dying in a car accident in a person’s life irrespective of age – the same goes for COVID complications versus auto accident injuries. But keep in mind that many more people have been in cars than will ever catch COVID. Therefore, the death rate due to automobile accidents is much higher for the population. By Canada’s logic, then nobody should ever get into a vehicle again because it is too dangerous!

    Also they should consider that very seldom will the people at most risk (i.e. 600x the risk of the average adult and 6000x the risk for kids) be traveling for leisure.

  36. @Derek
    “A sizable number of Canadians hate Americans out of jealousy. They feel they are always being ripped off by higher prices. Gas is much more expensive in Canada. So is cheese. So is almost everything except hockey pucks are cheaper in Canada (really, they are. I bought several)”

    No, we don’t hate Americans out of jealousy. We hate you because you’re arrogant and ignorant. Your gun-loving racist culture is disgusting. I’m so glad not to be American.

    “International holiday travel is irresponsible? Ha! I’ve done it twice. It can be done responsibly. If we continue to cater to the lowest common denominators in society whether it’s this pandemic or other daily activities, at some point we’ll never leave our houses.”

    See what I mean? So ignorant and self-centred. You people are obnoxious. No wonder the rest of the world hates Americans.

  37. So my question is, what if one cannot afford this hotel stay? Borrowed from the government?
    I understand most who can afford to vacation can afford this but what if they can’t?
    I used every bit to visit my bf in the states here and my flight home is on the 1st and I have legit no cash, don’t even have a credit now what?

  38. Meanwhile, today in Tanzania, President John Magufuli says God has eliminated COVID-19 from his country. Tanzania stopped updating it’s statistics on the number of deaths from the virus last April, so it looks like a perfect holiday destination.

    They do have some really lovely beaches in Tanzania and plenty of sunshine waiting for all of you who think COVID is no big deal and it doesn’t matter if a few old people quietly expire a bit early. You will be warmly welcomed, and no stupid tests required.

  39. @Dick Bupkiss

    Your point that no vaccine works on the South African variant is patently false. Pfizer clans Moderna both have said there’s so and a study for Pfizer confirmed it. Please stop spreading misinformation on this website to scare people.

  40. Entitled Moron here.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my international trips with the opportunity to sit on a tropical beach without a mask and remember saner days. TWICE.

    None of my covid tests going and coming were positive so guess I didn’t infect anyone.

    Would do it again. In fact, will be doing it again in a few months.

  41. To those that think no one should travel you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I plan to continue going where I want and when I want. Before you rip me as irresponsible I take safety matters seriously including double masking in airports and on planes (with N95 or KN95 as one of them), distance from people and use a lot of hand sanitizer. That being said I have flown 3 times this fall/winter and have 3-4 more planned by April. A number of these were for casino trips so I’m sure that really chaps you that someone one would not only fly but visit a casino. I check my temperature and symptoms religiously and wouldn’t go if in the least sick. Also, on waiting list for vaccine.

    All that being said we can’t just shut down everything. The old adage of “we are in a pandemic” is getting old. Do you realize counts are down 35% in last 3 weeks, CA is doing away with some stay at home restrictions and Cuomo is approving dining in restaurants? We aren’t out of it yet but between whose infected (estimated 25-40% of US has already been infected) and rapid roll out of vaccines we are starting to hit a tipping point. Not saying people should relax their precautions but to say it is irresponsible to travel may be your opinion but isn’t about to stop the millions of us that feel we can safely travel and are willing to take that risk.

  42. The summary is incorrect.

    The first 3 days are at the designated hotel.
    If the COVID test comes back negative, the remaining 11 days can be completed at home or another location.
    If the COVID test comes back positive, the person has to go to a federal designated facility to finish their quarantine

  43. Meanwhile , how many essential workers such as truckers ( which consist of 85% of all travellers) arriving from Covid sanctuaries south of the border are we not testing and do not have to quarantine?

  44. @Jon W

    Can you just take your garbage arguments and shove them up your ***? It has been addressed over and over but people like you still repeat the same old tired argument. The death toll is “only” at the current level because of the extreme measures taken to reduce spread. Had countries allowed it to spread with no countermeasures, it would’ve killed many more (especially if hospitals get overwhelmed), and mutations would’ve occurred at a much greater rate.


    Can’t afford it? Don’t travel, same as before COVID. You’ve been warned, for months, not to travel. You’ve been warned for weeks, that if you travel outside of the country you may face new barriers to entering the country, but you made the decision to meet your boyfriend, apparently without even $2k in savings to tap into. You made your own bed, now you have to sleep in it.


    Please get the new comment system up. Too many people share common names. Wouldn’t want to be confused as the other (idiotic) David.

  45. I can’t even begin to discuss this polity.. except that it is a desperate attempt by Justin Trudeau to divert attention from the dismal failure of the vaccine procurement and administration program. These addition measure will have NO IMPACT on COVID in Canada, which is community spread by Canadians in Canada. It is simply a way to demonize and scapegoat what few travellers are left, for whatever reason. Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed entry into Canada… And latest figures show that only 1 PERCENT of COVID cases are traced to international travel. More hysteria and little substance, from a government that has failed in its mission with respect to COVID.

  46. We all know that Australia along with NZ and Singapore have a strict quarantine process. Statistics in Australia tell us 3 days in not long enough. We currently have the tennis players, media and support crew in Australia. All of whom provided a negative PCR test before they left on chartered flights to Australia. On day 4 they were tested and a small number of people were positive. Day 10 tested again (as per standard process) and some additional folk were positive. They were all part of 3 planes that had people who were positive and didn’t know it, on the plane.
    As for the cost in Australia you can seek an exemption based on financial hardship. By exemption I mean the cost. Obviously going on holiday and not being able to afford it when you return does not cut it.
    We have made massive sacrifices during our lockdown in Melbourne. I have several friends who could not see elderly parents before they died and at funerals could only have 10 people. We wanted a better life so most people did the right thing (after things got bad).
    Masks are a way of life for us in certain situations now but life in Australia is very much a Covid normal.
    Btw look at Serena Williams interview with Stephen Colbert. She has quarantined with her daughter and husband.
    I wish you all well.

  47. @fed-up Canuck. Obviously not all Americans as there are 331 million. We especially mean the Marjorie Taylor greene and trump variety

  48. @Jon W
    The logic you are using is seriously amiss, Covid19 or not the same number of Canadians will get killed in car accidents . Your attitude to travel for holidays at this time is very selfish and seems to be typical of many North Americans, who seem to accept 1/2 million deaths in the USA and untold millions of Covid19 cases, but are more interested is ensuring their rights under their Constitution and to hell with the hundreds and thousands who die because they won’t wear a mask or social distance or adhere to lockdown rules. My opinion it comes down to a singular poor education in most cases.

  49. A little too late perhaps? But better than nothing. Sadly US constitution doesn’t allow this kind of shutdown. So we will be full of SA variant in no time. I’m sure LA has the UK type and that’s why there was a huge explosive cases in LA not long ago. But as long as those travel to UK and brought the variant back is fine and dandy, who cares about those old and immunity compromised people (sarcasm)? The land of selfish knows no end. Sigh. Only vaccine is going to save America. Everyone else actually has a government that can save them from selfish people but not here in the US of A.

  50. This might be a little soapboxy, but I think the point is that no one really knows what the answer here is.

    I have acquaintances who have lost 58 year old relatives with no known underlying conditions. I myself have had it, (being 32 and reasonably healthy), and had zero symptoms. I only knew I had it because I had to take 2 tests upon arriving in Hungary, (where I now live). The first was negative 2 days after arrival and the second was positive 2 days after that. I have since taken an antibody test that was positive so I definitely had it, but had zero symptoms. My Dad, Mom, sister, brother, wife, brother in law, sister in law, both grandparents in law (in their 80’s with heart conditions), and many extended family members (I have a huge family), have had it. None of which had anything beyond bad flu symptoms, which did last up to 3 weeks, but all recovered just fine. This is my experience, and I’m a retail business owner, so of course my opinion is that this may all be all a little extreme and that life must go on. I also am capable of enough empathy to realize that my acquaintance who lost his 58 year old mother has had an entirely different experience, and clearly has a different opinion of how regulations should be. His opinion isn’t wrong, it’s shaped by his experiences, as all of ours are.

    The people who are saying doctors like Fauci are being outrageously conservative…that’s literally his/their job. Theories are theories until they are proven. Even scientific articles written by a team of PhD’s with massive amounts of evidence, are preprints, until they are peer reviewed and published in a journal. Someone like Fauci, who’s entire life has been devoted to the scientific method, isn’t going to let economic consequences deter him from that mentality. The point is listen to the man because he’s damn smart, but know he’s coming from an extremely conservative viewpoint, not politically but scientifically.

    People who have not been personally affected by this virus, and who are generally of a risk taking nature, myself included, will continue to try to keep life as close to “normal” as possible. This may include travel when it’s possible and legal. The people in this category need to have the decency, humility, and empathy to realize that a lot of people have died, and that the least they can do is exercise caution, wear masks, wash hands, etc. Even more importantly than that, realize the people calling them assholes for getting on an airplane might have a point, and if you walked a mile in their shoes you might get it.

  51. Almost a year into this and people aren’t even washing their hands after using the bathroom, they can’t/won’t properly wear a mask, and its estimated the suicides/drug overdose deaths are equal or more than the covid deaths. Add the “I’m not getting the vaccine” crowd and its really interesting.

  52. The virus and it’s variants have arrived and are alive and well being fueled nicely by community spread. Travel restrictions are not going to achieve containment. It’s a bit disingenuous to lock up the passengers and charge them an extreme price without placing the same requirement on the flight crews and other essential personnel who travel internationally. Apparently potential Covid spread by crews isn’t a problem. This is nothing more than a de facto international travel ban disguised as prudent public health measures in order to convince people (voters) that the government is “on the job.” I’m hoping the USA doesn’t follow suit. The current pre travel testing before return with ten day self quarantine is reasonable.

  53. ” but I imagine this will cause people to reconsider just about any discretionary international travel, which is probably the goal.” yes because covidiots think now is an ideal time to go on vacation and could pick up a variant that would potentially hinder the national recovery. This could all be brought under control if people just stopped with the travel, wore masks and socially distanced for a few weeks. The refusal of a segment of society to do this has prolonged the crisis and is leading to the development/spread of variants that spread faster and some of which the vaccines may not work well against.

  54. @The Original Donna

    The natural consequence of travel restrictions is reduced travel by flight crews, seeing as flights will be cut due to reduced demand. No one has ever claimed that essential travelers and crew do not spread COVID, but rather their jobs are ESSENTIAL (such as transporting medical and research personnel), even if there is a risk of spreading COVID.

    Leisure and non-essential business travelers fail that very same cost-benefit analysis, hence the travel restrictions.

    Your bad argument has been repeated over and over again since a year ago, and it’s not going to convince anyone.

  55. We have been in our home in Hawaii since the fall. We both have had the Pfizer vaccine (both shots) and would like to return to Canada in the spring as we always do. Our home is in Victoria, so would have to fly to Vancouver, stay in a hotel get tested wait for the results, even though we have been vaccinated and will have had negative Covid-19 tests 72 hours prior to leaving Hawaii. This is patently unfair for following all the rules. Is there not a grandfather clause available for others like us?

  56. A lot of Canadian haters today. That’s okay.

    We will still envy your right-wing extremism (not), pledge of allegiance to the almighty dollar (not), and addiction to the NFL (yes) .

    We are, in fact your largest and proudest trade partner!

    Signed, a proud Canadian and lover of most things American.

    Particularly, the people.

  57. I remember Canadians being so smug about their response and results with covid…seems now Turdeau is panicking and having to overreact to correct poor policy measures earlier in the pandemic.

  58. I am frankly shocked at all the hateful things I’ve read here. Canada and the US are neighbors-we should be friends. At the very least we should treat each other with respect.

    We have different ways of doing things, that is true. But for that matter, people in Vancouver do things differently than they do in PEI just as people in Georgia are different from those in California.

    I miss my friends from PEI so very much, but I’d rather never see them again than to carry the virus to them. And for the record, Prince Edward Island has had an extremely low amount of cases of the virus because they were smart-they shut the Island down and didn’t let anyone over the bridge for months. And if you compare Canada’s national Covid numbers with that of the US, Canada seems to be doing something right, so criticizing them is completely inappropriate.

  59. Lets face facts, Trudeau is in over his head. The Liberal government has mishandled the vaccine rollout and has lagged behind other countries in restricting travel. Why are they only prohibiting travel to sunny vacation destinations. If the government was serious they would restrict all foreign travel. The government continues to mislead people. Are they serious, $2,000 for a three day stay at a hotel. Get your act together Mr. Prime Minister, people are dying.

  60. Just to clarify the quarantine rules announced today, as the CBC story was a little unclear.

    The existing 14 day quarantine remains in place. The initial hotel stay is “up to” 3 days to give time for the test results to come back. If the test result is negative then one may complete the 14 days at home, with a second test after 10 days. If the initial test comes back positive, then the 14 days are completed in some “government facility”, the details of which are unclear. All accommodations are at the expense of the traveller, so I imagine the $2000 figure is for the full 14 days – up to 3 days in a hotel and the rest in a government facility.

    Numbers are dropping in Canada and it seems these measures are to try to keep the variants at bay. There has not yet been widespread community transmission of the variants in much of the country. But we’re not anywhere near out of the woods yet, with field hospitals at the ready in a few locations and some morgues overwhelmed and using refrigerator trucks for overflow space.

    My guess is that these measures are aimed pretty squarely at discouraging spring break travel. Whether they prove effective only time will tell.

  61. Political pandering that will accomplish absolutely nothing . The only proven strategies are social distancing , masks, and minimizing groups.

  62. I absolutely have no shit problem in isolating in a hotel. No problem in doing this for 3 days or 14 days. My problem is the fact that I have to pay for this. $2000/person. Do the math if it’s more than just 1 person.
    So, it’s not enough the price for the plane ticket. It’s not enough the fact that even on Canadian soil I will miss two weeks of work, so no income. Now, on top of these, I have to pay AT LEAST $2000 to be in a hotel I didn’t chose, thanks to a decision that wasn’t mine. Last year, the government decided that I need to stop working for two months and I got financial help for this. Now, the same shit head government decides something else and I suddenly I have to pay for this. Hey Canada, listen to this: were countries in this world so much more corrupt and a lot weaker economically than you who did the following LAST YEAR: they quarantined their citizens in hotels for two weeks, not three days and int his time, with their limited resources, they payed for the accommodation and the food for every single person. Why the hell you can’t do the same?

  63. @Matt: spare me your outrage. This isn’t all about you. 1) thousands up to millions have lost a family member without being able to see or touch them 2) these are in place so many other fathers don’t get deathly ill 3) my bet is there are provisions for true essential travel. While it may sound cold hearted, you are not the only person in the world with an ill parent. Yes, I lost one recently due to a crew workers negligence because “she” is an “American with rights”. So I can speak on the subject. American truly is a shithole.

  64. Right decision. Unfortunate for those with true “essential travel” needs, but the occasional need to see a sick relative does not justify risking the greater population.

    Ppl cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Look at America.

  65. The government should speak about why it takes so long to have the results back. Three days??? It is funny. I think it is less than a day in most countries even in Asia.
    Also, they should explain why only 2% of Canadians have been vaccinated thus far??? Look at Israel with vaccination rate of near 80%.
    Just covering up their mistakes and shortfalls with these unrealistic actions…

  66. Trudeau is a freaking tyrannical fool. But I am more upset at all those who are happily walking in goosestep with his diktats. Does anyone remember that the virus has a 99.9% survival rate for most age groups?

  67. @Ray

    What a rude thing to say to someone you don’t even know.

    I never said this was about me. On the contrary, this very much isn’t about me. But, as everyone else has, I am just sharing my opinion, which is informed in part by my life experiences.

    I support masking, social distancing, and lockdown measures, and will quarantine both during my stay and on my return. So I’m putting virtually no one else at risk with my trip. I literally only object to the most extreme covid response measure (mandatory detention in a hotel at a cost of thousands of USD), and I think I’m well within my rights to do that in a free country.

    Finally, it is incorrect grammar to say “American truly is a shithole”. Perhaps the word you are looking for there is ‘America’?

  68. @Jon W

    I’d push back a little on your characterization of the risk from COVID, partly because the numbers you reference are INCLUDING the very heavy protection measures we have taken as a society (and across the world) to stop the spread. The number of covid deaths would be a lot higher (it already is high, but it would be way higher) if we did nothing to stop it by way of masking, social distancing, and in some cases lockdown.

    So let’s take a 1% death rate from Covid. If 60% of the Canadian population were to catch it (thereby giving the country some sort of herd immunity, at least in the short term before antibodies wear out) we are looking at 60% of 38 million, or around 23 million people. 23 million *.01 = 230,000, so that’s around 230K deaths, which is WAY above “2k per year die in traffic accidents and 2-8k per year die of the flu”, which is what you mention in your comment. And remember that’s assuming the health service wouldn’t be overwhelmed with such numbers of covid patients (which it ostensibly would).

  69. Ridiculous and insane. How is this border fetish still alive after almost a year?

    Canada has substantial internal community spread. “Imported” cases are least of its problems.

    Not to mention that western society deteriorated to a state where we consider it normal and acceptable to imprison people who didn’t comit any crime and curb basic freedoms. All our values, all that we stand for was wiped out within a few months. We are now no better than authoriterian regimes such as China.

    Absolutely terrible. And the worst part is it doesn’t even work.

  70. It looks like most of Canada is facing a stubborn time getting that virus under control, while some provinces really are doing ok. There would be political reasons why that’s happening I guess.

    The news worldwide doesn’t seem to be getting any better for open borders. We don’t really know how many “variants” (we don’t call them mutations now) of the virus there are as not many countries do routine genomic testing of all positive cases. So there could be anything out there in the big wide world of viral infections.

    Yesterday , the New York Times was reporting on the J&J vaccine. Hidden away in the story is what many feared. That vaccine doesn’t stop people from getting infected, but rather stops people from getting really sick. The other vaccines still have to be more clear on this, as it is crucial. There have been cases of people being infected by the virus after the first shot with some of the competitor vaccines, and what with production problems, and often only having emergency approval, vaccination isn’t entirely wonderful at the moment.

    “Scientists still consider the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be a success: It was 85 percent effective in preventing severe disease. In all three regions where the trial was run — the United States, Latin America and South Africa — after 28 days, none of the vaccinated participants who developed Covid-19 had to be hospitalized. It is also easier to transport and administer than its rivals.”

    So, it looks like Canada has the government(s) it has got. And Canada has to try to live with that.

  71. @Matt: poor you. You had to lower yourself to internet spellcheck manager. Of course autocorrect might enter into your considerations before you publish your findings.

  72. For everyone saying this flu isn’t anything to worry about, think on this:

    You say “only” 2 in 100 people die from the disease so why should people stay at home/wear a mask/isolate/get tested, etc? OK. I have a bowl of 100 jelly beans and 2 of them will kill you… want to dip your hand in and eat one?

    Respect others and stay at home/wear a mask and stop being so flipping selfish.

  73. Unless a country is willing to lockdown like Wuhan did initially, the number of cases will never drop to zero. Partial lockdowns as the west are doing may temporarily slow transmission but once one begins to reopen, cases rise again. Many of the destinations in Mexico and the Carribe have lower case counts than the major cities in Canada. One could easily make the argument that it is thus safer to travel than to visit the local supermarket or mall. And the latest news on the vaccine is not promising as one US congressman who had both shots just tested positive.

  74. Close all borders now until everyone is vaccinated. No International travel until December 2022. Full lockdown and curfew now. No jab = no job or travel.

  75. It appears many people don’t understand the vaccine efficiency data released by Pfizer, Moderna etc. The 90% + efficiency data only refers to symptomatic infection!!!. J&J also announced 85% efficiency against severe infection. This doesn’t mean that the people who received the vaccine didn’t test positive, however, compared to those who received the placebo, most of the subjects from the vaccine arm did not show symptoms even if they tested positive with PCR test. Hence, if you get vaccinated and go kissing someone who has Covid, you may still test positive with the PCR test, however you are very likely not to show any symptoms cos your body has built up immunity to stop the virus from harming you!! The Jury is still out as to whether asymptomatic carriers transmit the virus, hence people are still asked to self isolate even if no symptoms. I’m tired of the media announcing every case that tests positive after vaccine.
    1) The efficacy data was calculated based on 7 days after 2nd dose (Pfizer) and 14 days after second dose (Moderna). This translates to 28 days and 42 days respectively from 1st shot. As a matter of fact in both cases, up to 12 days post first dose, almost the same number of people with placebo and vaccine had a positive test and symptoms. The difference starts manifesting by week 2, therefore it is expected that people with vaccine will have positive PCR test .
    2) Even with second dose, there will still be 5% that will show symptoms, and with the amount of community spread in the US, even if 10M get 2 doses more than 500,000 could potentially still show symptoms (Theoretically)
    3) This doesn’t even include positive PCR test!! Technically all 10M could test positive but only 500000 may show symptoms
    4) Most of the regular flu shots have less than 60% efficiency and yet the media doesn’t report every damn case. Could we stop the madness already

  76. @Cami: your analysis is flawed. Actually they have put a choice on the table. It is a shithead that decides to now go with the added expense. You make the best choice for you.

  77. Several months ago, cases were surging in India and it appeared that their totals would soon surpass the United States. But the govt starting giving free medication to those testing positive as well as any family members living with them. Both new cases and daily deaths have dropped considerably. Maybe Canada and the US could learn something.

  78. @Jon W I’d push back a little on your characterization of the risk from COVID, partly because the numbers you reference are INCLUDING the very heavy protection measures we have taken as a society (and across the world) to stop the spread. The number of covid deaths would be a lot higher (it already is high, but it would be way higher) if we did nothing to stop it by way of masking, social distancing, and in some cases lockdown. So let’s take a 1% death rate from Covid. If 60% of the Canadian population were to catch it (thereby giving the country some sort of herd immunity, at least in the short term before antibodies wear out) we are looking at 60% of 38 million, or around 23 million people. 23 million *.01 = 230,000, so that’s around 230K deaths, which is WAY above “2k per year die in traffic accidents and 2-8k per year die of the flu”, which is what you mention in your comment. And remember that’s assuming the health service wouldn’t be overwhelmed with such numbers of covid patients (which it ostensibly would).

  79. Does anyone know if the “hotel-rule” applies to immigrants landing for the first time into Canada upon an approved COPR?

    Would new immigrants be allowed to do their landing?
    Would they too be forced into a rather expensive 3 day quarantine?

  80. @ Sam — The Federal government has extraordinarily broad powers when it comes to what happens at international borders, especially in the case of a pandemic/public health emergency. So it probably could be implemented (there is historical precedent, albeit from the 1800s), and would probably be much more effective than the questionable pre (but not post) travel testing, and the truly silly banning by nationality, but I suspect we lack the political willpower to attempt it at this point. Last March people would probably have gone along with it and rallied as a short-term national effort, but…it’s been a long year, to say the least.

  81. This is a political move, plain and simple. Most of the cases In Canada are a result of community spread.

  82. If the US-Canada border actually opens and US citizens can cross the border to fly out of YYZ, do the quarantine rules come into play when you return? The article says the quarantine rules are in effect until 30 April. I don’t want to fly out of YYZ to OGG then back and have to quarantine when I can just leave the airport and drive home to WNY.
    *yes, I am planning on traveling if I can. I’m vaccinated and will follow all testing requirements.

  83. The $2000 is an estimate, not in stone. Government has said the fee will cover accommodation, all meals, testing and “security” (their word, not mine).

    Implementation is scheduled for February 3, but only one of the four airports (YYZ), has testing capability in place, so rollout will obviously be haphazard.

  84. @Tiffany
    Thanks! Very interesting

    I wonder if it makes sense at this point though given how many people have come in with basically no checks. Vaccines are on the way (in fact they are already here, we just lack the organizational skills to administer them properly).

    @Matthew Danner

    A nuclear conflict is about the only thing that would make me regret my vote given the calamity of the past 4 years, but I get your sentiment… I’d be quite angry and disappointed if the fed gov tried to pull this.

  85. I am hoping to hear from more details from the relevant Ministries within the federal government about what the actual cost is to quarantine people in hotels for 3 days. If we followed the Australian model and said “this much for the full 14 days in mandatory quarantine” I can understand. But three days in a hotel, then the rest of the period at home? $2000 *per person* seems a little silly. And what about for travellers with actual essential reasons?

    And what about Trudeau’s reassurances that citizens and permanent residents will always be able to travel with intentions to return home (and not because of vacationing)? My wife is a permanent resident with the card and everything. Card is in Canada. Fast courier services don’t exist where she lives and Canada Post is… a bit swamped with volume in mail for such a previous document like a PR card. So I am bringing her card to her and we’re coming home in May. We will have to tolerate whatever the federal government expects from us, and I’m presuming the new app to check in during quarantine will still in place.

    But as long as IRCC is not in full operation processing documents for immigrants, and those who do have their paperwork are “expected to follow residency obligations as usual” according to their advice, we don’t have a choice but to travel. I’m not going out to “vacation” but to serve a quarantine in Cambodia, then a quarantine in Canada, with a total of 5 COVID-19 tests. Fine. She needs to come home.

    There. Not a single American reference either.

  86. The idea that Australia and NZ have had success due to being islands is silly. The US has only Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The US could have easily implemented the same measures as Australia and New Zealand but decided not to. There really isn’t much more to it.

  87. Did you leave out the date the new restrictions kick in to prevent the “rush” of Canadians returning to Canada before the new restrictions kick in?

  88. I’m a dual citizen of an EU Country and Canada. My partner is in the military and is working in Germany. I have paperwork from Germany stating I am allowed to travel there. Upon my return back to Canada there is no direct flight to YVR from Frankfurt. My point of entry to Canada will have to be either Toronto or Montreal. I want to know if I’m able to continue on my flight travel back to Vancouver to have my PCR test done there at YVR while I quarantine in a hotel for three days? Or are they expecting us to quarantine in Montreal or Toronto? I

  89. If I’m a Canadian citizen, returning to Canada from colombia having connection in Mexico, I have to do the mandatory three-day quarantine hotel and pay the 2000$? Or it’s only for people in holidays ?

  90. Are we gonna continue to allow the Rays of this world to tell us what to do?
    The man cannot control himself to spell a sentence without spewing his hate and insecurity on others, yet he’s gonna tell us how to control the spread of COVID?

    Speaking on the subject, good job Canadian govt(no relation to Canadians, we love you). Bravo, the supreme leaders of a small(population-wise) country with some of the lowest vaccination rates in the developed world, you’ve now saved the day, this was surely what was missing here the entire time, such a relief we’re Gucci now.
    Now back to caving in to ever-increasing social demands from self-centered entitled egomaniacs like Rat. My bad, it was Ray, autocorrect here.

  91. The new measures here in Canada are DEFINITELY to discourage travel, especially over March break. The US has some of it’s busiest airport days at Thanksgiving, for us it’s March break. Sunwing and Air Transat have their biggest chunk of business from vacation flights south. Many families go south to Florida and the Caribbean for March break. In fact, last March they extended March break from one week to 3 here in Ontario to account for a 2 week incubation period when travelers returned – we joke that it was the longest March break ever since it ended up being almost 6 months before kids returned to in-school learning.

    To clarify, it is 3 nights in a government designated hotel which means you can’t shop around for a cheaper hotel. Although I do think saying it could cost up to $2000 is a stretch, even when you account for food I still don’t know how it could cost that much per person unless they are surcharging for extra cleaning & sanitizing. Also, recreational travelers returning to Canada have to pay for the COVID test out of pocket. The 3 nights is to get test results back and a big part of that is to try to isolate the new variants. Once there is a positive test, usually within 24-48 hrs, then they have to do further testing to see if it’s one of the variants.

    The airlines agreed with the Federal government on doing this – likely in an agreement to receive some kind of financial aid (they haven’t received any). Also, they would like their capacity to return to pre-COVID numbers so the best thing to do is limit the spread.

    It’s really difficult to cease all flights so any measures implemented to help reduce the spread are welcome. Our 2nd wave has been worse than our 1st and now there are new variants of the virus to contend with. Panicking? Maybe. But I’d rather our government panic and do something rather than to do what Trump did in response to the pandemic.

  92. IT was about the mining companies. Amlo and Justin are in a fight. For the last 40 years, Mexico was bing pushed around by the USA, but not so much these past 2 year. USA let Canada do want it wanted in Mexico. Canadian mining companies screwed mexico …no taxes paid, slave labor, destroyed environment, etc. Amlo is going to force First Majestic Silver to pay $500,000 USD in back taxes. Justin is using covid travel restrictions to push back.

  93. Will the other Airlines apart from Canadian airlines, refund for the tickets ? as all flights are not being suspended.

  94. Also if you want to go to Mexico or all those locations, then just fly to USA and catch a plane from there. So dummmbbb wtffff

  95. One might take note that the Australian experience showed .1% of all hotel quarantined travellers (over nearly a year) had covid – that’s right…POINT 1 percent. Staff at the hotel had more positive results than the travellers, introducing the virus into the quarantine setting. They are now coining the term for vaccinated people as potential “shedders” while non-vaccinated people are potential “spreaders”. Vaccinated people should be allowed to quarantine at home, and be subject to the same followup as those in hotel quarantine.

  96. I am so in trouble. My Fiancé was planning to come down to Dubai to meet me in April, but now he cannot come because of this restriction. Is there any ray of hope that this kind of restriction gonna lift up soon???????????. Please Mr.Trudeau help me :(((((((

  97. It’s not about the virus……. Canadian mining companies have been screwing mexico for decades. Mexico is asking for back taxes.

  98. How will Canadians get their covid-19 vaccine if they don’t leave the country? They certainly won’t be getting the one thing guaranteed to stop the spread. A vaccine.

  99. This is an absolute abomination to freedom of movement and the mental health of Canadians in Canada and overseas. I would like to see all members of Parliament on full salary take an 85% pay cut until the borders are fully opened. Its funny, most people are laughing at America right now but I have a feeling America will come out of this much much sooner than the rest of the world. I hope Im wrong, but i doubt it.

  100. @Syd, there you go again. Dishing out half-baked psychoanalysis to belittle other people who you’ve never met. People like Ray, who you don’t agree with. So you brand then mentally weak and unfit in one way or another. I think you need to go speak with your own psychiatrist because there is a DSM for that. It’s called narcissism.

  101. FYI, the cost includes transport from the airport to the hotel. Also, they are saying hotels are able to bid for this program, so you will see different offerings with different prices. I would actually be curious as to what hotels participate in the program.

  102. @Elizabeth, .1% is enough to spread the virus to millions of people, and kill hundreds of thousands of people, like in the USA. Australia has lost less than 1,000 people to Covid. As an Australian, I’m very proud of how our country has managed this pandemic and I hope careless reckless people like you never come visit. If our mandatory quarantine in hotels is enough to stop you from ever visiting Oz, then good. Stay away.

  103. Thankfully Canada finally catches up with the rest of the world! We are living amidst a Pandemic with at least two more deadly strands out there, and Trudeau does the right thing by trying to stop international travels. It is the only responsible thing to do.

    To be honest, you only need to stay in quarantine in a government-appointed hotel for only three days. For the rest of the world, it is a 21 days quarantine in a list of government approved hotels along with restrictions regarding food delivery and room service. Electronic surveillance bracelets have been quite common in the Asian-Pacific region and proves to work well.

    Honestly, if we all wear a mask and observe social distancing from day one, many of these policies will not be needed. Covid-19 will negatively affect our lives for sure because it is a Pandemic, but at the same time, there are steps that we can all do that make our lives a bit easier and safer. We all love to fly and travel here and should embrace all these policies. These kind of short term restriction will allow the country to reopen quicker after we all get vaccinated.

  104. Yeah this is only 3 days of a forced quarantine. That’s easy. The fact is this: international travel goes a long way to spreading COVID. This is a logical way to manage that better.

  105. It is obvious to me that in particular left wing governments, such as the one in Canada, are limiting travel for other motives (CO2 emissions, social equality). And therefore, the story of the virus mutations comes handy. South Africa itself currently has little restrictions and very low infection rates, much lower than Canada …

    We had the same sort of discussion here in Switzerland about skiing. Socialists wanted to ban skiing, similar to Germany. They made the mistake to state publically, that they wanted to ban a “luxury sport” … and lost the debate. Ski resorts are open (with restaurants mostly and bars/clubs totally closed) and, indeed, not one contagion could be attributed to skiing.

    Back to travel restrictions: I think it is important to force politicians to state the true motives of the restrictions, e.g. in interviews. This will greatly reduce the political support they get.

  106. I’d have a heck of a lot more respect for those calling for restrictions in the name of health if they were actually serious about saving lives. Diet and exercise would save countless more lives than masks or travel bans. 300,000 lives annually in the US pre covid. And you can probably count about half of the under 70 covid fatality co-morbidies as directly related to diet and exercise.

    Why doesn’t Fauci say that? Why is your right to eat 5000 calories a day of fast food more important than my right to travel?

    I’ll stop traveling as soon as I see government start limiting access to high calorie, low nutrition foods. And promote an hour a day of exercise rather than 24 hours of couch potato.

    Until then it’s hypocritical to claim that it’s only about saving lives.

    Suck a lemon. Seriously. They are good for you. I squeeze and drink two every morning. While traveling to all the places that will still let me in!

  107. The Biden administration continues to talk about even placing restrictions on internal travel within the USA yet permits any US citizen/resident as well as Mexicans with work visas to cross the US/Mexican land border with zero restrictions. So if you want to avoid the hassles of testing, etc when entering the US just book your return flight to Mexico. Given the Tijuana airport has easy access to the border, this may be your best option. I live in Monterrey which is the largest city near the border and has plenty of flights but it is still a 2.5 hour drive from the border.

    As @Ryan points out the government does nothing to promote a healthy lifestyle nor provide any information on vitamin supplements which might actually help people who during the winter receive much less sunlight.

  108. Its clear…. Justin is desperate to deflect his utter failure at the vaccine procurement and administration program. Canada has only vaccinated 2 percent vs 12 for the US and 20 for the UK. The international traveler (who are only Canadian citizens at this point) have been demonized and scapegoated from day 1. Air travel is down to a trickle. Land border is predominately truckers, who are totally exempt from all of these draconian measures. The government has stated that only 1 percent of international travelers later test positive for COVID and 99 percent compliance with the 14 day self isolation program. Its a total sham, and the sheep in Canada eat it up. The numbers in Canada won’t change, which has been in increased lockdown and downward economic death spiral. Call an election Justin, let the people speak.

  109. @lucky

    I agree with the Canadian government’s approach. Not sure I agree with your assessment since the 14 self-quarantine is still required and now elevated. If the entire 14 day quarantine period is at a traveler-funded hotel (i.e., HK and certain other places), then the cost to the traveler will be much higher than $2,000 CDN. Therefore, I think a 3 day traveler-funded hotel quarantine + 14 self-qurantine is a reasonable compromise.

    I live in South Florida and I wish our government can implement something like this here. Community transmission is uncontrolled here and the international COVID variants are spreading wild here because MIA continues to have numerous flights from Latin American and Europe. Yes the weather is nice, and we have outside dining, but not that good when bars are packed with no restrictions whatsoever (Sigh)

  110. My hope is that citizens of the world , will remember what Trudeau did and how he treated people, citizens, the economy and the Charter of Rights, and take Canada off the destination list.
    Also, he has effectively killed intellectual business travel between the US and Canada ….. it would amount to beans to the US, but has killed another Canadian industry, with downstream economic negative effectives.

  111. So the cases in both US and Canada are coming down by the peak to what it was at the end of October and this has nothing to do with the vaccine rollout, social distancing rules, and mask requirements. But the public is now ready to accept any guidelines the largely un-elected bureaucrats will come with.

  112. Trudeau, you da man although this should have been done long ago but later is better than never.

    People agree or not but I strongly believe that the reason the US is so screwed up with covid because Trdumb is a moron and incapable of even being a human being, and many Americans have the I don’t care attitude. Canada you rock!!!!

  113. @Joe Suklotadick… hahaha! The worst country in terms of containing the covid virus. Wake up and stop day dreaming.

  114. Flying to a US city and driving across the border avoids the hotel stay in Canada. (Which raises the question – why restrict air travelers only?). Detroit, Buffalo, Plattsburgh etc should work. The caveat is the test required of travelers crossing into Canada at the land border apparently must have been performed in the US – so a stay in one of these cities might be required for those traveling from outside the US.

  115. So this none sense is going to cost me over $4000 more a year for my daughter to attend University in the USA nullifying any scholarship money. I hope we can claim this as an educational expense as this is exactly what it is for her.

  116. @Elijah

    “No jab = no job or travel.”

    Sweeet! Your tax dollars can pay for me to sit on my a$$. Free vacation baby!

  117. @Anna. No. You selfish people only think about yourself. Ask your daughter stay in the US or pay the expense. Be a responsible citizen or Canada don’t want you. Learn to own your own problem.

  118. So I understand that many of you feel that individual rights have less value in the face of a public health emergency. Some seem to feel that individual rights have no value.

    Has this always been the case?

    Aids has killed over 32,000,000 people. Far more than Covid. Did you previously, and do you still feel now that we should suspend individual rights to tackle that ongoing pandemic?

    Condoms and monogamy are proven ways to prevent transmission of Aids. And are less devastating to the economy and culture than masks and lockdowns. So are you in favor of also making those mandatory? Or do those 32,000,000 lives have less value?

    I understand the fact that it would be difficult to enforce. Let’s face it, masks and lockdowns have been near impossible to enforce as well.

    My question is if you favor the loss of individual freedoms in the name of public health. And if so, are you willing to back government enforcement of condoms and monogomy?

  119. Very expensive: looks like a benefit program for the hospitality industry rather than meeting the needs of returnees.
    The Australian quarantine program has worked *OK* (a few security guards having sex with guests/ whining tennis players excepted…); it costs not much more than this Canadian program for the full 14 night hotel stay, all meals included. The fee does not have to be paid ‘upfront’, it can be deferred ( guests get an invoice upon checkout) or even waived in cases of hardship.
    The Canadian initiative is a de facto acknowledgment that the path to unrestricted travel is going to be very long indeed, mass vaccinations notwithstanding…

  120. @Ryan
    Public health officials did shut down many of the places , eg, gay bath houses, where transmission of HIV was likely to occur ( in fact unquestionably HAD occurred …), but there were obviously serious constraints on what could be done to proscribe any behaviour in private. Some religious figures even tried to resist the promotion of condoms as a safer alternative, on the basis that they are anti-procreation.
    It should be said that many of the initiatives in health, education, research came from the gay community ( and through the efforts of people like Elizabeth Taylor, who raised hundreds of millions), not via the federal government. In fact , Ronald Reagan could not even bring himself to say the words “HIV/AIDS” for many, many months. His ineptitude cost many lives and is not dissimilar to the COVID/ Trump tragic fiasco…

  121. @Paolo I’ll buy that, and appreciate the thoughtful response. I still feel like we have a major disconnect on how we dealt with past pandemics versus the current. And most importantly how we will deal with the next, which is guaranteed to occur eventually.

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that it is a very slippery slope to just give up individual liberties without debate. We don’t know what future crisis may warrant denial of other freedoms. We are setting a very dangerous precedent which many seem fine with today, but may feel very differently when the next version of “lockdown” affects something they do care about.

  122. What a croc, typical, an ignorant reaction by the wimpy politicians, dishonest liberal govt. slam the door after the virus was already in the country before Xmas last year. When announced the variant was out in the UK or Brazil all people and or flights from those destinations should have been banned from entering while the politicians were on a holiday, getting paid while small business owners go bust and get zero but they did nothing, that would have been proactive. Same as the vaccine, lies from the govt, why are we vaccinating the old people first? Get the economy working immediately, the oldies aren’t going anyplace. I am over 75 and prefer to see groups vaccinated who can get out and open the economy. When I turned 21 life expectancy was for a male was 68. Who is going to tell the honest truth about the damage being done with these restrictions? Rest assured the govt will be patting themselves on the back, oh look what we did? Indeed collapsed the economy. If the reaction was to quarantine all entering then who made the study of the number of new cases arriving from say Cuba or other Caribbean countries, cases weren’t exploding there but they were in the UK in October / November. Each year a number of older people die from the flue in Canada , who is separating these from COVID deaths or just all lumped together? Seems to be no separation I can read about. A Calgary company offering to manufacture vaccine , a Canadian based company but only recently acknowledged after the Manitoba premier made it public. Trudeau gets away with lying cheating and still people look up to this clown, a drama teacher with zero common sense, Trump had him nailed, “2 faced” only in power by his name and smile. Where’s Steven Harper when we need him to replace Trudeau and his hand picked crony friends, the govern general springs to mind, get rid of these clowns and get the country opened to Canadians who can contribute along with those diligently staying at their posts for the last year, get them the jabs they deserve, get the schools open and let the kids build some immunity as they always do. Let Mother Nature take some action, it’s called the survival of the fittest, that’s how this country was settled.

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