US airlines take note: the smile meter!

You’ve gotta read this article:

Endo, who works at hectic Shinagawa Station in central Tokyo for Keihin Express Railway Co., sits in front of a laptop computer with a digital camera mounted on top. At first she is a bit grim-faced, and the verdict from the company’s smile-rating software is instant and candid.

“Smile: 0” pops up on the screen.

She breaks into a broad grin and the computer responds cheerfully, giving her a score of 70.

What a corny yet brilliant idea!

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  1. Hey now, there’s no reason our asses couldn’t be saved AND kissed. šŸ˜€

    And yeah, most passengers most definitely do need a smile meter…. or a manners meter…. or a “why the hell are you telling me this?” meter…. or, well, you get the point….

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