United Tells Elite Members Not To Expect Anything

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Update: United has now announced that MileagePlus elite status will be extended by a year.

I can’t help but feel like United’s response to the coronavirus situation seems a lot like their initial response to Dr. Dao being kicked off a plane, which United’s CEO described as the passenger being “reaccommodated.”

Earlier I wrote about how United has just changed their policy (even for previously booked tickets) regarding refunds. Previously if the airline changed the schedule on a flight by at least two hours they’d refund you, while now they need to change the schedule on a flight by at least 25 hours before they’ll refund you, which is outrageous.

United’s email to MileagePlus elite members

While not nearly as egregious (I think the above is one of the most despicable airline policy changes we’ve seen in years), there’s something else at United that’s leaving me scratching my head.

United’s VP of Loyalty sent an email to MileagePlus members yesterday. I want to share the note in full, because I find it to be so off base:

As a MileagePlus Premier member, you are one of our most loyal customers, and I wanted to reach out to you personally to share the steps we are taking in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including how it pertains to your Premier status.

By now, you also should have received an email from our CEO, Oscar Munoz, outlining all the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and employees when they travel on our aircraft.

We know customers are looking for more flexibility as they make their travel plans right now, and that’s why when you book a flight with us between March 3 and March 31, 2020, you can change it for free over the next 12 months. You can read more details by visiting the United Hub.

We’ve made changes to our international and domestic schedules, and those reductions — combined with your own corporate travel policies and personal travel choices — may impact some of your flying activity in the near-term. And we appreciate that some of our members are concerned about retaining and earning the status levels they anticipated prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

At this time, we are not planning any changes for our 2021 Premier program but we will continue to evaluate our options as we learn more about how the current climate is affecting members’ activity. In the interim though, we do plan to give members who are participating in a MileagePlus 2020 Premier Status Match Challenge promotion an additional 30 days to complete their challenge. This extension will automatically be reflected in member accounts within the next week.

I will stay in touch to keep you aware of any further decisions or adjustments and, as always, want to thank you for your continued relationship, and for your loyalty to United. At times like this, we are especially grateful for the strength of our MileagePlus member community and the strong bonds that we have built together. I look forward to seeing many of you on board throughout the year.

Why this email is off base

To me this email seems kind of tone deaf for three main reasons, which I’ll share below…

“How it pertains to your Premier status”

First of all, the email starts by saying it will share the steps United is taking in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including “how it pertains to your Premier status.”

But then if you keep reading the email, the answer is actually that they aren’t taking any steps specifically for Premier members. They are offering certain waivers for all customers, and they are making exceptions for those on a challenge, but they’re doing nothing for existing Premier members. Nada.

It’s basically like “hey, let me tell you how we’re going to help you… we’re not.”

New customers are more important than existing customers

United is saying that they don’t have immediate plans to do anything for elite members, with the exception of those currently doing a status challenge. To me that sends the wrong message:

  • United cares about newly acquired customers, but not existing customers
  • Why is United telling existing Premier members that they’re doing something for those on a challenge? Shouldn’t they be sending out separate emails to those two groups?

It seems silly to tell people what they aren’t getting…

Just to give an example, United has a change fee waiver for tickets booked between March 3 and March 31, 2020. To me this is the equivalent of United emailing people who booked tickets in February and telling them what’s being done for people who booked tickets in March.

United will do something, whether they want to or not

Whether United wants to admit it now or not, I would be willing to bet just about anything that they will make significant concessions for elite members in 2020. Not only is it the right thing to do, but demand for travel is way down, and United is going to need people on their planes.

I’ve argued that airlines shouldn’t necessarily be saying what they’ll do now, because we have to see how long this lasts.

With that in mind, it seems silly that the moral of the story seems to be that they don’t plan on doing anything, but “will continue to evaluate options.”

This makes it sound like it’s all about the program rather than about the members.

This isn’t an uplifting message, and it doesn’t make members feel like the airline has their back. Shouldn’t the message be about how they recognize the challenges people are facing, and they don’t know the full impact of the situation yet, but they have their members’ backs and plan to do something in the coming months?

Bottom line

I’m confident that all of the major US carriers will offer opportunities to extend status in the coming year. I’m not necessarily saying they’ll lower the thresholds, but I think they’ll offer promotions, or something material.

As far as I’m concerned, this email from United sends the completely wrong message. In a time like this, a loyalty program should be contacting members and making them feel reassured, rather than telling them to expect nothing, and telling them what is being done for new customers.

What do you make of United’s email to MileagePlus Premier members?

  1. Moved most of my flights to Alaska and Delta, don’t really care. Sometimes stuck with them to certain cities if non-stop. Company has halted travel rest of this month anyway.

  2. @Ben
    I think you are overreacting to this one, it is early in the qualifying year, and there is no need to do much now. Other than, as he does, reassure members that this topic will be evaluated throughout the year.
    The extention of challenges, is maybe a bit much to put in the same mail, they should know who needs what message. But that is actually a needed step right now. As people may be failing to reach their targets right here right now due to travel restrictions.

  3. To be fair, if you are willing to wear a mask and risk a pandemic illness, there are probably some great deals on mileage runs right now.

    That said I will not shed a tear if I have no status in 2021. Not remotely worth it.

  4. So you yourself have said it’s too early to extend status and United is just affirming that.
    Was that worth yet another United-bashing post? I get it you don’t like United.

  5. I’m a 1K and have had no emails from UA at all on this.

    And yes, I’ve checked the Junk folder because that’s where these belong.

  6. People keep saying that there are travel restrictions now. What travel restrictions???? Just because your boss is not paying for your flying, does not mean you can’t!

    United (and others) still operate thousands of flights daily.

    The only people whining and crying now are those who never pay for their own tickets anyway.

    Good riddance!

  7. My tweet to United (sorry for bad language):
    @united Just lost a customer for life. If I need to change flight by 2 hrs, I pay $100’s In change fees. But if YOU want to change my flight by 24 hrs, you owe me nothing? Nope! Nada! You greedy corporate pigs. Not another $ from my wallet! F U
    Their response:
    Hi David, we’re sorry to hear that we’ve let you down here. If you change your flight within 24 hours of departure the change fee will drop to $75.00 ^TP

  8. I am a 1K and received the e-mail. My initial thoughts were similar than Ben’s. Why the heck are you telling me that you don’t do anything?

    I reached a point that I don’t chase status anymore, it’s not worth it.

  9. I think even if you are paying the airfare for yourself and not your company, it doesn’t mean you can easily fly and keep your status at any alliances. I am really concerned that if I am traveling to given country, e.g. to Spain, and this country will be banned from travel, my other travel plans are vanished. So I disagree with @Bob, no, it is not easy to travel nowadays. For me this is the sort of travel restriction. I know usually travelers may be banned for 14-day period, but having multiple trips, all might become nightmare. Not mentioning self-quarantine after every single trips.

  10. First of all, Josh is an absolute moron and obviously knows nothing about this disease (or pandemics in general, apart from how they were depicted in “Contagion”).

    Secondly, who in their right mind would willfully fly United at this point?

  11. @bob

    There are government-imposed travel restristions in Tahiti, Isreal, and Italy. And while many companies are holding off on sending staff overseas, many have also told they’re employees that even personal international travel will incur mandatory time off.

  12. – Robert Schrader- not sure what you’re talking about. I fly United mostly because they have the best schedules to where I need to go and the service is always fine. I’ve had no issues and had a particularly pleasant flight to London last month in Polaris. Food was good, flight attendants friendly, lie flat seat comfortable, and arrivals lounge in London perfect.
    As far as this email, I received it, and wasn’t offended by it. No thought it was fine and moved on to more important topics.

  13. This is why I felt truly ‘liberated’ when I decided, after UA changed the cost for achieving 1K from $15K to ~$24K per year, that I would no longer pursue top elite status in MileagePlus despite being a 1MM, and to focus instead on achieving Gold/*G status with SQ.

    Since for $24K/year one would be able to fly in premium cabins pretty all year and enjoy the perks that one would get as a 1K, why bother trying to achieve the 1K status? I do not think UA thought long and hard before deciding to change their program’s status qualification requirements, just like it does not appear that they thought long and hard before deciding that they were not going to give their elite members any breaks if they should fail to requalify as a result of limited travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. I agree with @Lucky that “United will do something, whether they want to or not”, again reemphasizing the empty-headedness of their decision to go out on a limb and say that they offer no breaks to their elites this early in the game.

  14. There are a lot of good reasons to beat up on United. This isn’t one. We’re only a quarter into the year. It’s too early to do anything regarding status. Heck you said so yourself just a few days ago. This one sounds like manufactured outrage.

  15. @Robert Schrader sez: “Secondly, who in their right mind would willfully fly United at this point?”

    Anyone in their right would or should willfully fly with United at this point when they offer the most convenient schedule or itinerary because the airline is no longer plagued by the service issues that they had after their merger with CO.

    I will keep flying with UA, as I did to SFO about a week ago, when they offer the most convenient schedule, but I will credit both flight and status miles to SQ. Although crediting the flights to SQ means that I would be flying on UA without status despite being 1K/1MM/*G, I did start the year with a whole bunch of PlusPoints (340), which I have been using to try to upgrade to premium cabins (First). To my surprise, despite having no status, my upgrades last week to SFO did clear on 2 of 4 segments (LGA to ORD, then SFO to ORD)! In addition, I still have my UA Club membership, which enables me to still use UA Club lounges on domestic flights. So, I am getting a “soft landing” as I work toward terminating my relationship with UA and moving to SQ, after which, armed with UA *G (for life) and SQ *G, I will have all the bases covered, like boarding with Group 1 on UA or using UA lounges as a SQ *G, even when traveling domestically.

  16. I’m 1K and I had no issue with the email. They said they would make additional considerations as they year progressed.

  17. “There are a lot of good reasons to beat up on United. This isn’t one. We’re only a quarter into the year. It’s too early to do anything regarding status.”

    That’s precisely why it is bone-headed of UA to declare this early in the game that they won’t be giving their elites any breaks, when the likelihood that they would end up doing just that is quite high, if the pandemic is not contained soon…

  18. Agree with Jesper. To me, this is letting you know the issue is on their radar, and will likely be dealt with. Better than them not saying anything at all, so it’s a plus.

    As for the challenge, that’s because it’s a more urgent issue to be dealt with so is again reasonable.

    I don’t see anything wrong with this email.

  19. Cathay Pacific is on the other hand giving out free points every month to their members, even at the noisy basic tier. I guess some airlines are trying to keep their frequent flyers happy during tough times.

  20. I don’t think the post is manufactured outrage. Lucky is calling out the very point that should be called out.

    Outreach to customers should accomplish something positive. This email does nothing of the sort. It fails PR 101.

    Now, when United really does need to engage with those members, this email will be the point of comparison. This, in turn, will make it that much harder for any future offer/message to break through the general reaction this email is going to generate.

  21. Never been on a united plane and she I read about the reaccomodation of the passenger, I decided I will never be for as long as that CEO will not be replaced. This ema just makes me wonder, why does anyone still fly with them…? How do they manage to retain any reasonable business…?

  22. I am also 1K and based in Shanghai. So UA stopped flights to China (all airports) and there are no UA till end of April, and they think it’s OK for all their MP elite members?! Cathay did the right thing for their Marco Polo members way earlier.

  23. “United Tells Elite Members Not To Expect Anything”

    I would’ve thought this was a typical story about United and had nothing to do with coronavirus!

  24. Can we get some reviews and normal stories? The email is fine. I think you should go out more and get outside the narrative/bubble you’ve created where AA/UA = BAD and Delta = GOOD.

  25. …. At this time I feel very good of not stepping even once onto UA metal after being UA Silver (thanks to Bonvoy Lifetime Titanium) and logging 3.5+M with AA.
    P.S. If only UA would also take Doug to complete the packahge…

  26. Let’s put this in context. If this virus continues on its current trajectory, travel will not be the same for a long time. Millions will have health issues. Many will die. United is trying to make the best of a very difficult situation. They are not perfect and they are a little tone-deaf… but if this crisis continues as is, concerns about our frequent flier status will be the least of our worries. We have been coddled by decades of relative peace and prosperity (for many, but not most). The world is about to change.

  27. Does anyone know if US carriers are re-positioning long-haul aircraft to other routes (e.g. Delta a330neo that was going to China)?

  28. @Lucky or @Tiffany, a typo:

    “I would be willing to best just about anything…” > presumably it should be “bet”.

  29. Some will still earn 1K and GS, so why should UA give freebies to those that don’t. This will thin the herd. There can be 20 1Ks on a flight – a good way to reduced that.

    Unless you are GS – then you aren’t as valuable. Maybe they will lower the GS requirement this year. But those who have bought many expensive J tickets to China in the past – maybe they would get requalified for GS with lower spend – but since GS is subjective – this doesn’t change the rules.

    If some don’t like it then move to another airline.

  30. I kinda get the impression Lucky only feels lucky if he’s on Delta. To hell with United and American. It’s kinda boring now. I didn’t find the email particularly outrageous at all. Far more important things in life than this.

  31. Agree with Jesper and MH.
    While this could’ve been worded differently, is basically saying “we’ve had queries about whether we will make changes to MileagePlus. No changes for now, but we are monitoring”

    But if an overreaction @Ben and folks.

  32. @Peter Bollok – agreed. This is a very challenging time to be flying since it’s so much uncertainty about what areas will be branded “high risk” within the (very) short term. Just look at Italy. I’ve cancelled some trips and I monitor the situation and policies of both airlines and countries on a pretty much daily basis, and things change rapidly. I’m also worried about the uncoordinated response in the US and what that might result in (as someone who travels frequently to the US). Here in Sweden, you can call a government hotline 24 hrs and get a test within a day with the test results the following day, and I was told that France and even Turkey have similar setups, whereas the CDC advice in the US is “call your doctor”, in a country where 30 million or so lack insurance. Seems a bit strange.

  33. Just want to say my own experience agrees with TLS and Enwei – Cathay Pacific really does run a great program. It’s clear mileage and status isn’t just something they giveth and taketh away, and they can hand out a lot of incentives on- and off-the-table to get you to take part.

  34. Singapore Airlines has already sent an email saying they will renew our status for 2020 (the virus has affected Singapore since Dec/Jan). Would expect UA to give customers automatic renewal during 2020.

    I am Solitaire status on Singapore Air
    And 1K on United but with their change in rules and being grounded since January many of us will need the help and support of UA to requalify

  35. Yet another middle finger from United but it’s their business model. “Come fly the friendly skies, or don’t, it doesn’t really matter to me, I’ll just swap craft and adjust prices to meet demand and try to lose the least amount of money as possible through the loyalty program that I don’t really want to do in the first place.”

  36. Even CEO Oscar Munoz is not that dumb to do this.
    Just like fare increases, fare sales , and new ways to pad books( pay for reserved seats, legroom, baggage charges etc.) If DL or AA don’t match, don’t be surprised if it goes back to former self. Maybe even better.

  37. As I’ve said before in Corporate America you truly are just a number and not really a valued customer. If I’m so valued they give me a free flight just for flying for the last 40 years do some contest giveaway seats for $19 give me free drinks even in coach and upgrade your meals once in awhile to more than crap

  38. More ham fisted handling of an opportunity to make their customers feel valued.
    This one was simple – send a separate email to the new customers who are doing the mileage challenge. By putting it an email to 1k’s you send the message that loyal customers don’t matter to United. This message has been delivered to 1k’s over and over, and it’s unnecessary. Don’t tell your 1k’s you hate them, just keep your mouth shut!

  39. It’s clear from all of your negative spin about United that you are not a fan. I have to tell you I completely disagree, and the company as a whole has made major sweeping changes in how they operate and how the employees get treated. The current CEO, Oscar Munoz has made a major positive difference for this company. How many U.S. corporations love their current CEO? Your reference to the Dr Dao incident, along with all of the crazy media hype that never told the true story, but instead gave snippets of video clips to twist and sensationalize irrational behavior of a passenger. Once again, the news media putting their “spin” on the story to sway the reader and pass judgement and condemnation without ever presenting just plain facts. I see your opinion here as being bathed in this very same spin.

  40. There are two separate issues here. First, UA’s new draconian change policy is extremely short-sighted and will no doubt leave many with a bad taste in their mouths.

    Second, this email is merely acknowledging that they’re monitoring the situation and how it will impact them, including Premiere status.

    But perhaps they should just join the herd and give in to the moronic, toxic hysteria…

    Dear Customers:

    We appreciate your loyalty for many years while things were fine. But, now isn’t the time to remain calm and be guided by facts and common sense. Yes, more Americans die from bee stings, slip-and-fall accidents, and simply driving on the highway, but rational analysis of this situation is officially dead. R.I.P.

    It’s time for us to join the herd and panic, panic, panic!

    So, from now on, on the few flights we’ll be running, automatic upgrades for Elite members will be eliminated. We will now hand out clubs in the gate area (Elite members can ask for gold-plated ones), and you can fight it out to see what survivors will be left standing to occupy the Business cabin (we got the idea from where all good ideas come: social media. We also watched a lot of bad pandemic horror movies). Additionally, feel free to use your club to pummel anyone who is wearing a face mask, uses hand sanitizer, flashes a roll of toilet paper in their open carryon bag, etc., so you can take it, for after all, the apocalypse is here!

    We’ve also eliminated catering, because you can simply feast on the skulls of those unlucky passengers who were not as nimble as you. This will save a lot of time, crew resources, and money (at least for us).

    So, for the love of God, don’t remain calm. Hysteria is the new normal. See you all on the other side.



  41. I have been a customer of United for the past 60 years. I don’t like their business practices. I tell them every time there is a policy change it’s always in favor of the airline never in favor of the customer. I call them UNTIED for a reason.

  42. You…want United’s response in a pandemic to depend on how loyal a customer has been in the past? I thought this was the first non-idiotic thing United had done in a long time.

  43. I agree with the wait and see approach because this thing could be a problem all year or it could kind of fade away in a few months. In the mean time, I don’t see why the airline wouldn’t be extremely generous with upgrades for people who are still flying. They should also try to keep middle seats empty and volunteer to keep seats empty and give people space. This seems like it hurts financially but it really doesn’t because it just spreads out over more flights. I have a coworker who was on an empty flight to Taiwan and they wouldn’t let him upgrade while the seats sat vacant. Also since everyone’s travel will be done this year I don’t see why not just combine 2020 with 2021 as one big status year.

  44. What also needs to be pointed out is that the United Airlines offer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They want you to think that their customers are their main concern. In fact all the offer of changeable tickets purchased between 03/03 and 03/31 on United does is encourage you to buy tickets to protect their revenue stream. If you already had a ticket on United and think this might not be a prudent time to travel, you get nothing. The offer should have included any passenger flying in that time frame. Instead, if you’re stupid enough to purchase a ticket to Italy and the get cold feet, you’re protected. You’re also protected if you buy tickets going to totally unaffected areas – say you bought a ticket to go to Denver to ski and discover the snow condition are terrible, you can change it for a ticket next year – no penalty or change fee. Existing ticket holders flying to problem areas – no consideration. United already asked a lot of their loyal customers to go away when they changed all the premier status requirements this year – now this. They should have included the phone numbers to other airlines in their e-mail and make as easy as possible for us to go away. For the record, I’ve been a loyal United customer for 25 years. I’ve booked a ticket through no other airline in that time.

  45. As a 1k flyer, I sent an email to them concerning this issue. The email from the head of the Mileage Plus program reveals their rendition of one way loyalty. THey are cutting flights, capacity, offering furloughs, and working the Fed Gvmt. subsidies. Yet they ignore their best customers.

    1) lower the thresholds for elite status
    2) provide percentage leverage on future flights. For example, if the current condition extends 3 months. Then a 33% bonus on elite to all who travel.

    To do nothing reveals bankruptcy of ethics. We shall see.

  46. I had a two week trip upcoming at the end of the month, flying Delta, to Helsinki, then to France, and back to the States. I booked it through my company’s travel portal on the 12th of February. I was going to our two offices for training, but those got cancelled to the Coronavirus. So, I’ll get a credit, but will still have to pay an extra $300 for the change (I know I’m not paying, but that’s besides the point). I would’ve had my status by the time I got back, but now will have to wait. You would think an airline that gets a lot of business travel (4 of my immediate co-workers are platinum or diamond, and those are just 4 that are in my department in my office) would wave the change fee. Just my two cents.

    BTW, I’m fine with flying and going over there…I’m not scared of this stupid virus.

  47. alaska is offering a promo for status for the next month probably to get people to fly 50 percent bonus on elite qualifying miles till april 11

  48. Another idiotic response from Oscar.
    It would’ve been far better for Oscar to just shut his mouth.
    Stupid Oscar.
    And stupid Parker.

  49. As a UA 1K, I simply don’t see the sense in even sending this mail. I received it, read it and felt it was wasted time. No honest warm and toasties, no good news, in fact no news at all except that UA will do what they want. My inbox is full enough.

  50. Is it a surprise that United is consistently at the bottom of airline rankings?

    I’m a Million Miler on United and even this program has been stripped of the value it use to have, talk about not caring about your most loyal customer.

    I’ve become so accustomed to “my” airline’s poor service and disregard of it’s mileage plus members that I don’t read any correspondence from United cause it NEVER benefits me, just United. Don’t believe me? This recent letter is a great example.

  51. My read is that United is about to blink and modify its change to the MP program. I expect that, very soon, we’ll see some sort of temporary adjustment that accelerates the accumulation of PQPs or PQFs or both. Stay tuned!

  52. I wrote to Oscar and told him politely that I thought his email and the one to members was a slap in the face. I have existing tickets booked before March for three trips. I just cancelled the first one. It’s too early to tell about the other two. They should be waving change fees at the very least. Waving them for new tickets is completely self serving and it certainly doesn’t earn points with me.

  53. I do agree that it is smart to take a “wait and see” approach; however, I’m surprised, given Delta’s Keep Your Status program they instituted prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, United never did anything to follow suit….. oh wait, ok, I’m honestly not surprised. This is why even though I live in SF, I still exclusively fly Delta even though I have to connect to get pretty much anywhere.

  54. I am Platinum for Live, received the email and wasn’t happy with it at first read. Then once I reread it, I felt it was just poorly written and timed. Basically to send an email that no decision has been made, it is an attempt to tell you we are thinking about it but not sure how to react.

    I, for one, fly United simply because it has the best schedule and fares are typically in line with all other carriers on my selected city/dates/schedules. I have had some issues but for 2.5M miles, nothing so outrageous to say I will never fly them again.

    Serious question: how many of you that post you will stop flying them for a particular reason, really stop? I get the initial reaction but is it really happening? I see this over and over on the blogs about airlines, car rental, and hotels.

  55. United and the other two US based airlines could care less about their customers, as is evident by their abysmal service. The frequent flyer programs are a sham and pyramid scheme at this point. The high requirements have dis enfranchised most members, and even at the top tier, the benefits are minimal. There are very little upgrade opportunities, your checked baggage doesn’t get there any sooner, and they barely help you out in a disruption. They don’t give you lounge access. The only real benefit is free checked bags. Big deal, most frequent business flyers draft on their suitcases ( way too many) and stuff them in the overheads. Big deal

  56. With United’s 2020 Mileage Plus changes, I revisited my airline booking strategy for my international flights. Domestically, it’s the airline with the most comfortable seats for a reasonable price – I will pay more but not 2x which is common with ORD – cheaper to fly AA.

    For this year, it’s book the cheapest Star Alliance ticket to max out my benefits. Next year, it’s get the American Express card for lounge privileges and purchase a mix of cheap economy and business class fares.

    Cheap economy fares on nice airlines like Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air etc. and cheapest business class if the delta between business vs economy on one of these good airlines is not too much. Based on research, BA, AI, TK have a lot of relatively cheap business class flights that go where I fly for business. Worst is UA, AC, LF. Good thing is that it’s easy for me to qualify for BA’s lounge status. Looking forward to trying new airlines and their earning programs.

    Change is good – we just need to stop being lazy and initiate the change.

  57. Clearly you beating up on United and those who are so outraged they aren’t doing anything 2 months into a loyalty year have never run a business but definitely haven’t run anything to the scale of a large airline. Lousy journalism here

  58. As a million Miler who bought four business class tickets to Barcelona for May 1st in February I’m not happy with this policy at all.

  59. I got a call this afternoon from a woman in the executive outreach team at United about my email to the CEO. They have since this was posted changed their policy to cover tickets previously booked for travel on or after March 9th and now through the end of April. She was interested in anything and everything I brought up about my experiences good and bad. She also clearly understood why many of us saw the initial policy as tone deaf. We spent over 30 minutes chatting about United, the industry, present challenges and my work years ago at Boeing as it relates to the 737 Max debacle. I have to say I am impressed that United has people doing this and that my email was handled in this way. It goes a long way to restoring my faith and justifying my long standing loyalty. She noted that the response to the outbreak is being evaluated daily and they anticipate having to extend the timeline as the situation continues to be impactful. They understand that what is going on is not within the customers control.

  60. All the airlines are bleeding out and with all that is going on this is your main concern? Elite points? For shit’s sake man get a grip and focus on what really matters. You and your families health. It’s a low blow shit piece and you know it.

  61. Some of us here actually work in aviation and earn a real living “one mile at a time” and are legitimately concerned about our jobs and livelihood. Meanwhile you’re over here concerned about your status. This is disgusting. You are everything that’s wrong with this country right now. Some of us will be out of jobs and you will be out of any routes to complain about flying on.

  62. I’ve been a loyal UA flier for many years. Something like 20 consecutive years making at least UA Gold level, consistently. Changes put in place to qualify as Gold in 2021 were such that is was going to be much more difficult for me to achieve. Now with travel restrictions and cutbacks on top of that due to virus issues, it seems a lot less likely that I achieve a Gold minimum.
    I am pretty close to making 1MM and thus being UA Gold for life. I may well just make a last push for that, and then move on to some other airline to build status,,,,, an airline that actually wants my business loyalty, rather than one that wants to cull loyal customers from their programs.

  63. Likewise, I received this email earlier in the month and was looking to see if there was any update since. (Didn’t receive any email but thought maybe it might have gotten mixed in some spam.)

    I think you’re over thinking this. I didn’t feel any offense reading it myself when I first got the email.

    I think they just wanted to reassure mileage plus members that they’re thinking about things – following up from the earlier email about initiatives to combat COVID19 spread on their airlines. Then the situation may change and so to may their policies be (it mentioned they’d be looking at concessions later).

    This was early-March and evidently much has changed in the airline industry. It was a good call, they didn’t make any decisions then and have to change their words later. Rather evaluate the casualties and then make a call later.

    Been fairly happy with United Mileage Plus despite being from Canada – Air Canada is pretty useless airline and even more useless loyalty program.

    Just my opinions.

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