United Extends Global Services Status, Adds United Club Perk

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Back in early April, United Airlines extended MileagePlus status by a year. However, at the time, United’s invitation only Global Services status wasn’t formally extended. That has now changed.

United extends Global Services status

United Airlines has today sent an email to Global Services members informing them that their status will be extended by 12 months, just as has been the case with other MileagePlus elite tiers. As the email to members explains:

We invited you to be a United Global Services member because we deeply value and appreciate your loyalty to United Airlines. In the midst of these challenging times, we don’t take that loyalty for granted.

We’ve taken some time to think about the Global Services program and how to make it more rewarding for you, one of our most valued members. Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s clear that basing your 2021 Global Services program invitation off of your travel activity this year wouldn’t fairly reward your loyalty to United. For this reason, we’re pleased to offer you some certainty during these uncertain times by extending your Global Services status to January 31, 2022.

This is logical enough, and a good move on United’s part. Global Services is typically offered to those who spend a lot on United (think $50,000+ per year), or those who control a lot of travel of others. Understandably, this is going to be an off-year for a lot of people, so it seems silly to downgrade anyone from this status.

United is extending Global Services status by 12 months

Global Services members will get United Club access

Not only is United Airlines extending Global Services status by 12 months, but the airline is also adding a new perk for these elite members.

As of January 2021, United Global Services members traveling on domestic itineraries will get access to United Clubs. Global Services members already get access to United Clubs (and other Star Alliance Gold lounges) on international itineraries, so this new benefit is useful when traveling domestically.

United Global Services members on domestic itineraries won’t be allowed to bring any guests into United Clubs, though, unlike on international itineraries.

Global Services members will receive United Club access

In many ways this is an area where United is catching up with American. American’s invitation only Concierge Key members not only get Admirals Club access on domestic itineraries, but they get access to Flagship Lounges, which are American’s premium international lounges. At least they did until they all shut down shortly after the coronavirus pandemic halted operations.

Concierge Key members receive Flagship Lounge access

Bottom line

United is not only extending Global Services status by 12 months, but is also adding a new perk for Global Services members. These invitation only members will receive United Club access on domestic itineraries as of January 2021.

  1. Delta 360 members also get a complimentary Executive Sky Club membership (though of course a few years back Delta Diamonds also got that, and can still get it through Choice Benefits if they want).

  2. Remember all the hyperventilation back in April about how they MUST address GS status extension right away or risk losing the high value fliers

    Sounds like a reasonable policy was decided upon today

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