Uganda Airlines’ Gorgeous New A330-800neo

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Not only is this plane exceptionally rare, but it sure is pretty too…

Uganda Airlines’ first A330-800neo

Uganda Airlines is Uganda’s recently relaunched national airline. The airline started flying in August 2019, and currently operates a fleet of four new CRJ-900s.

In 2018 Uganda Airlines placed an order for two A330-800neos, and the first of those is now just weeks from being delivered. Uganda Airlines has shown off pictures of its first new A330-800neo, and is it gorgeous, or what? I love that tail…

It’s expected that Uganda Airlines will take delivery of its first A330 in December 2020, and that the plane will be configured with 261 seats, including 20 business class seats, 28 premium economy seats, and 213 economy seats. I haven’t yet seen any details about what we should expect from the onboard product, though, as I wonder what business class seat Uganda Airlines will choose.

As far as the routes go for the A330-800neo, last I heard the plan was to fly the plane to Dubai, Guangzhou, London, and Mumbai, so we’ll see if that sticks.

What makes the A330-800neo unique

The A330neo is the newest variant of the popular A330 jet, as it features improved performance (in terms of fuel efficiency, range, etc.). There are two versions of the A330neo — the A330-800neo and the A330-900neo.

While over 330 A330neos have been ordered by airlines, those orders have overwhelmingly been for the A330-900neo. There are only two airlines taking delivery of a total of 10 A330-800neos — Uganda Airlines ordered two, while Kuwait Airways ordered eight.

For whatever reason the smaller of the jets just wasn’t popular, so it will be truly rare to see these planes, unlike the A330-900neo, which has orders from nearly 20 airlines.

Bottom line

Uganda Airlines’ A330-800neo order has to be one of the most interesting aircraft orders in recent years. The airline is now just weeks from taking delivery of its first aircraft. The livery looks gorgeous, so here’s to hoping the interior is equally cool.

Do you love Uganda Airlines’ livery as much as I do?

  1. I love it and idk why but it looks 10x more amazing on the 330 than the CRJs. I’m planning a major trip to Africa and depending on timing, may have to add this to my list of reviews.

  2. I am based out of Kuwait, so I kinda feel lucky for being able to experience the A330-800neo as soon as Kuwait Airways receives those planes! Nonetheless, I would definitely want to try out Uganda A330-800 as well! Imagine KWI-DXB on KU A330-800neo and DXB-Kampala on Uganda’s A330-800!

  3. Interesting side note: These supposed long haul routes are identical to that of Rwandair’s intercontinental routes.

  4. It’s beautiful, but the stupidity of entering the African Aviation Market for Uganda was always ill considered. Mouseveni needed to “compete” with the rest of the loss making carriers in the region. East Africa now has 4 international airlines for a region with a GDP roughly equivalent to the US State of Kentucky.

    Obviously they’re aiming for an international market share, but there is no reason for this airline to exist and given the state of teacher salaries, roads, etc., in Uganda, it’s a tragedy that it does and has sucked up a significant portion of very limited state resources . This plane was not cheap and likely benefits very few Ugandans, but is a “prestige” toy for the elite. Entebbe was already well connected before this boondoggle and very few people are coming to see the Gorillas for the next 1-2 years anyway.

  5. Love it. Always makes me happy to see an African airline expanding its fleet and route offerings. It will be nice to see the interior, as well.

  6. Chris, I was thinking the same! London I understand, but what makes Dubai, Canton and Bombay so attractive?

  7. It’s still Uganda, a country that harshly criminalizes homosexuality. Boycott anything out of this bigoted country.

  8. here we go.
    People: But remember Uganda is a terribly repressive regime. Extrajudicial murders and the like, not to mention…
    Lucky: But the TAIL tho! It’s KWORGUS KWEEEN SLAY SLAY SLAY!
    People: Um

  9. @John, “East Africa now has 4 international airlines for a region with a GDP roughly equivalent to the US State of Kentucky.”

    That really puts it into perspective.

  10. I don’t care for the bird even if it is a national symbol. I would have ditched the bird and just gone with the colors. Also, I find the .com advertising on the side of the plane totally unnecessary since anyone with two active brain cells can find them on a simple web search.

  11. I agree. The bird really detracts from the aesthetics of the tail, which would have been stunning without adornment (like Aeroflot’s tail, for example). The bird looks like a cartoon character. If it’s a national symbol, they should have done something like put it near the front of the plane, perhaps in the way Turkish does with the tulip.

  12. “Canton” (more properly known as Guangzhou) is attractive due to the massive amounts of Chinese foreign direct investment in Africa.

  13. These are photo shopped, are they? Just wondering about the French registration… Or do they all get registered (and painted?) twice?

  14. @Matt – New aircraft are registered in the country in which they are manufactured until being delivered to the customer. These planes will be registered in France until they are turned over to the airline, at which point they will, presumably, be registered in Uganda.

  15. @Daniel from Finland
    Guangzhou is China’s trading hub with Africa, with roughly 350,000 annual visitors from Africa, and the largest African diaspora you can find in East/Southeast Asia.

    Mumbai because the Indian migration to Africa under the British colonial rule. Africa now holds 3 million Indian descendants, with 300,000-500,000 residing in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

  16. Idi Amin kicked out all the Indians and now the predatory Chinese are back in Uganda. Time to give the crocs some dinner again!

  17. So because a country is not as rich as a European country, it is not allowed to invest in an airline? A national airline is much more attractive than a bunch of different companies flying around. A national airplane is a flying billboard for the country. This is how the UAE are boxing above their weight with Emirates, Qatar with Qatar Airlines, Singapore with Singapore Airlines and so on.

    Uganda is homophobic: if you would only deal with ethical countries, there won’t be many countries to deal with. Isolating a country usually radicalises positions.

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