Two great links!

Two things:

  • I love to read trip reports, especially very detailed ones with pictures that make me feel as if I took the trip as well. There are many amazing trip reports, but today I read one which was in a totally different league, probably the best report I’ve read to date. It’s about Cathay Pacific First Class service, and can be found here. If you enjoy trip reports, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love this one, it’s the holy grail of trip reports. Just amazingly well written, a true masterpiece.
  • There was also an excellent piece about mileage runners, which can be found here. I wouldn’t call a $2,000+ fare a good deal, even with the discount, but I guess it’s all relative. Still, it should clear up a few things for those completely puzzled by the concept. Also, please note that some of us don’t just do it from November on, but rather all year. Also, some of us do it for more than just status, but rather the miles that come with it. Some of the comments in the report make me chuckle a bit, and it seems like the worst ones have been moderated and aren’t even there. Don’t want to guess what they could possibly be.
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