Tampa EDITION: City’s First Five Star Hotel (Opening Late 2021)

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This isn’t breaking news, or anything, but I just realized I had never written about this, so I think it’s time. Admittedly I probably find this more interesting than most, given that I grew up in Tampa, and still go back all the time to visit family.

New EDITION hotel opening in Tampa

The EDITION Tampa is expected to open in late 2021, and once open it will be Tampa’s only five star hotel. For those of you not familiar with EDITION, it’s Marriott’s modern premium brand. Think of it as a modern take on Ritz-Carlton, aimed at a younger crowd (while still denying Bonvoy elite members breakfast).

The EDITION Tampa will feature 172 rooms and 37 residences. The property will have 26 floors, with the first 10 floors consisting of hotel rooms, and the top floors consisting of residences.

Tampa EDITION exterior

Construction has just topped out, so at least the building is structurally there. Personally I think a late 2021 opening date is optimistic, but then again, does anyone really expect construction to finish on time for anything?

The EDITION Tampa is part of a $3.5 billion redevelopment of Tampa’s Water Street. I’ll be curious to see what kind of rates the EDITION Tampa is able to command. Tampa isn’t a particularly premium hotel market, and aside from periods with exceptionally high demand, hotel rates rarely go above the $200s.

Will the EDITION Tampa be looking for rates in the $300s, or…?

The JW Marriott Tampa Water Street just opened

Interestingly the Tampa EDITION isn’t the only new Marriott property in Tampa. Just this week the JW Marriott Tampa Water Street has opened, which is just a block from the location of the future EDITION.

This 519 room hotel is JW Marriott’s 100th property globally. While it looks nice enough for a generic conference hotel, it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of charm.

JW Marriott Tampa exterior

JW Marriott Tampa guest room

JW Marriott Tampa lobby bar

JW Marriott Tampa pool

On top of that there’s also the 750 room Marriott Water Street, which is also in the same area.

Between these three hotels there will be around 1,500 Marriott-family hotel rooms within a block of one another. Even though the three hotels are going after (slightly?) different markets, ultimately they’ll still be competing with one another. I guess they’re hoping for conventions to make a full return ASAP.

Bottom line

Having grown up in Tampa, I never in a million years thought the city would see an EDITION. Okay, in fairness, when I was growing up there, the EDITION brand didn’t exist. 😉

Nonetheless I’m excited to see Tampa finally get a five star hotel, and I’m curious to see what kind of prices the hotel tries to charge. The hotel isn’t yet bookable, though I’ll be sure to post an update when it is.

What do you make of the new Tampa EDITION and Water Street redevelopment?

  1. The Tampa Marriott Waterside is across the street from the JW so there are another 700 Marriott rooms on that block. There is a Marriott property at pretty much every exit to the Tampa Convention Center now with the Westin across the bridge and the Sheraton, Aloft block on the river.

  2. This hotel looks very south beach (I don’t mean that as a compliment). I like Tampa because it doesn’t feel like MIA/FLL

  3. Sorry Ben, but I disagree with your classification of room rates in Tampa. Even rooms at the Aloft are routinely over $200; rates at the Edition will be in the $300s easy.

  4. Hmmmm not sure about the statement that rooms rarely go above $200. Tampa is increasingly popular and it seems that most weekends are exceptionally high demand with lots of cruise departures, concerts and sporting events, rooms now regularly go above $200 for basic rooms at some of the great Marriott hotels that have popped up over the past few years.

    Will be exciting to see this one. Hope the area lives up to the hype. Last time I went to Sparkman Wharf area it was dead.

    Le Meridien (rarely below $200)
    Epicurean (never seen it below $200)
    Westin (either one)
    JW Marriott
    Marriott Waterfront (past 2 years always seem packed with some quite expensive rates)

  5. Haha you got your post in before me. Totally agree Jason! Yes there are rooms below $200 but lots of the nice hotels are $200+ nowadays.

  6. @ Jason @ Matt — To be clear, when I said rates don’t usually go above the $200s, I meant to say you don’t often see rates in the $300s (by “$200s” I meant $200-299). And I do think that’s true? Yes, the Aloft may sometimes be in the $200s, but are there any hotels in Tampa that are regularly priced in the $300s? I would think at this point the JW Marriott might be the most expensive, and it seems to max out just below $300, and that’s probably optimistic pricing many months down the road that will eventually be lowered.

    I could be totally wrong, but just my observations based on what I’ve seen in the Tampa market…

  7. Ok, I thought it said over $200, not over $200s? $200s are definitely regular, but agree $300s are more rare, but still there. Gone are the days you could easily get a stay at one of the Westins for around $120!

    In the past, I have found the Epicurean the most expensive with weekends in 2019 being $400-500 per night which I thought was crazy. Although a quick look for at the March flexi chart it doesn’t currently seem to be too bad. Maybe it has fewer rooms so the less expensive sell out faster, which isn’t happening in COVID times.

    Looking at Marriott’s flexi charts for March, some regular nightly rates are:
    Marriott Water Street $275-295
    JW Marriott $320-370
    Westin Waterside $250-260

    So suspect EDITION will be $350+

    Also, I never I never really get why the Marriott Water Street commands the high rate relative to other decent hotels in the area especially with the high number of rooms–always thought it was the cruise ships, but they aren’t around right now and its still relatively expensive.

  8. Back in the day Tampa had a pretty standard Intercontinental across from West Shore mall but that has since changed hands. Otherwise the Epicurean is ok for a boutique and will get you close to a fancy steak and French red at Berns.

  9. @Matt agree with your assessment. Epicurean gets to some crazy rates, though it is rarer to see Le Meridien above $300.

    I fully expect the Edition to be the most expensive Marriott property in Tampa – and way cooler than the JW.

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