Is Cathay Pacific About To Join Star Alliance?!?

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The Star Alliance has a reciprocal upgrade program, where on select fares you can request upgrades on other Star Alliance carriers. It’s a bit more restrictive than requesting upgrades through the airline’s own program, since only very select fares are eligible, and there needs to be award availability in order to confirm an upgrade.

But none of that is the reason for this post. šŸ˜‰

Instead, check out the hilarious blunderĀ on the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards webpage.


Yeah, that picture isn’t of a Star Alliance first class product, but rather of Cathay Pacific first class.


Ouch. I showed Ford the picture this morning (he’s only an aviation geek in training) and asked him if he recognized what’s wrong with it, and he even guessed it — “isn’t that Cathay Pacific? And aren’t they in that other alliance?”

Star Alliance, if you’re looking for a new picture, you’re more than welcome to useĀ any of my pictures of first class on Air India,Ā ANA, Asiana, Lufthansa, Singapore, Thai, etc.

Lufthansa-First-Class-747 - 8

So… over/under on how long it takes Star AllianceĀ to fix this?

(Tip of the hat to Jonas)

  1. does not make any sense if Cathay comes onboard with Star Alliance (at least, I hope not)

    they would benefit heaps with the trans-pacific routes and what-not if they stayed put.
    Shifting over the Star Alliance implies agreement with SQ on how the Asian pie is to be sliced, and prices are likely headed north.

  2. Hilarious! Hasn’t that happened before (a wrong photo was used)? Seem to recall reading about it here.

  3. Ford must have really been HONKED by this news!

    Beep beep, vroom vroom, Cathay Pacific first class is in the room.

  4. @Blue Mountain
    Avianca (AV/TA) and Avianca Brazil (O6) are still seen as two airlines, so it’s 28 in total.

  5. I got just got an email from Ethiad and the picture was the Qatar business class seat! Will happily send photo if anyone wants to see.

  6. It helps when the napkins are embossed with “Cathay Pacific”

    @ JT – You might want to read the article before you post a response, lest you look like a fool. Or worse, you did read the article and the point of it soared 35,000′ over your head.

  7. Please… Do… Not… Write such headlines. Almost got a heart attack šŸ˜‰

    This piece of “news” would have screwed up most of my travel plans!

  8. “It is now official that the A350 is delayed till June, according to internal ENG communication. Also, it is said that the centre business class seats did not pass all the tests. Since the company wants to save face, it will take delivery of the aircraft with the centre seats blocked off from revenue service. The intention is to modify these seats once a redesign is completed and only God knows when this will be done! Meanwhile, there is good chance the A350s will be flying at a financial loss for a significant time as part of the business class is blocked off until they fix the problem.”
    (From CX secrets)

    Saw this on CX secrets, is it true??

  9. Err….Ben….you do realise that you’ve got this wrong too, don’t you? You’ve mixed up your new vs old CX F! Plenty of differences if you look closely at both pictures.

    Accuracy matters!!! šŸ˜‰

  10. @El Plauzo Surprised Shutterstock could even list this shot without a release from the airline (I’m a photographer by trade and releases are important). Yes this is a stock shot! No reading anymore into it than a designer bought a cheap stock photo.

  11. God! Ben you freaked me out! Talk about bait headlines! I can see your marketing education shining through.

  12. You nearly scared me with that post title. I was about to have a mini breakdown that my cherished Cathay Pacific was about to jump ship and leave us with fewer options to Asia on OneWorld. Phew.

  13. I’m just coming off a LH flight from Munich and was searching for news on CX joining Star Alliance. Had a conversation with the Purser on the flight and he meant ‘don’t be surprised if this is happening soon.’ He didn’t want to say much but when I digged a little deeper he meant that cargo agreements where signed yesterday (Friday 13th May) and that’s only the first step. Fair enough, CX joining Star Alliance has come up once in a while over the years but is it going to happen now? Can anyone confirm the information I got? Thanks!

  14. This headline made me look twice, as it is something I have wondered about. Now that SAS flies direct ARN-HKG I have been investigating using that route to Australia. SAS are now selling tickets to MEL/SYD via HKG connecting with Cathay, I was surprised to see them ‘ticket-sharing’

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