SpiceJet Under Fire For Inflight Dancing

SpiceJet, the “hip” Indian low cost carrier, has landed itself in hot water with the Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA), over some choreographed inflight dancing during the Holi celebrations.

Here’s a video of the inflight dance on a flight between Goa and Bangalore:

Look, I’m basically the world’s biggest grinch/party pooper, but can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong with this.

Via The Daily Mail:

However, the DGCA yesterday issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet, saying the dancing on board the SG-876 flight endangered aircraft safety and created an ‘unruly environment’, and asked why its licence should not be suspended.

The DGCA notice states: ‘Cabin crew acts had drawn the attention of other crew on duty, thus reducing their preparedness/alertness. 

‘The frequent movement of the dancing crew may have affected the aircraft’s centre of gravity during flight and created turbulence.’

Really? Three people dancing on a 150,000+ pound plane is going to throw off the center of gravity?

A spokesperson for SpiceJet said the following:

A spokesman for SpiceJet said it had put on extra staff for these flights, adding: ‘The cockpit was manned at all time as per DGCA regulations that govern the situation when one pilot is outside for example to use the lavatory.

‘The dance was professionally choreographed and was Holi delight for passengers much like it is done by several airlines around the world to celebrate a special occasion. The entire dance sequence lasted 2.5 minutes.’

I mean, I kinda feel like this was innocent and well thought out fun, unlike the Air India flight last year where both of the pilots supposedly decided to leave the cockpit and take a nap in business class:

An Air India pilot has been suspended following claims that he and his co-pilot put more than 160 passengers at risk by leaving two female cabin attendants in charge of their airliner while they slept in business class seats.

They were only forced to return 40 minutes later when the attendants accidentally switched off the plane’s auto-pilot switch, according to the claims.

What do you guys think? Should SpiceJet be punished over this, or is the DGCA off base?

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  1. I don’t see a thing wrong with this, it made the trip a little more interesting than the mundane of just sitting on an airplane for hours on end during the flight. Especially since this was a special traditional dance I think the DGCA is way off base here.

    Oh, and, FIRST 🙂

  2. Hi Lucky,

    I have an award ticket in J on LH booked through UA. I made some changes after the ticket was issued and the agent messed up the itinerary, which caused the LH website to show wrong flights. I called UA twice to fix the problem. On both occasions, the agents re-issued the ticket, but I still see the LH website showing the wrong flights. What can I do other than keep calling UA? and how can I select seats on LH? They seem to have changed the website and I can’t assign seats when I pull up the booking. Thanks.

  3. It can be annoying for passengers who want to sleep or rest. I am just not into their music. Punishment —> No

  4. As an aeronautical engineer, this is bullshit. 3 people dancing(and barely moving from their spots) does not change the CG or “create” turbulence.

  5. @ David — Nowadays you have to call Lufthansa to select seats for partner award bookings. Have you tried calling Lufthansa to see how they see the ticket? Could be that it’s Lufthansa’s website that’s glitchy.

  6. “What do you guys think? Should SpiceJet be punished over this, or is the DGCA off base?”

    I think YOU should be punished for being a grinch-like party pooper!

  7. I think it’s harmless fun in the air. But DGCA thinks otherwise as in the video the guy clicking a pic is one of the pilots!! They took this as serious breach of rules though SG defends that it was doing it under the rules as in one pilot was in the cockpit while the other was outside clicking pics just like how one of them is allowed to use the lav one at a time.

    Well in light of MH370 happenings and doubts being cast on the pilots for the planes disappearance the DGCA wants to “show” they are acting tough!

  8. Throw off the enter of gravity? The dance consisted of 3 barely moving people standing in the center of a single aisle jet. Way off base.

  9. @Rick,

    There is more at play here. the recent downgrade by the FAA maybe. As for the finnair stuff, that was before takeoff. so, not the same thing as inferred by the DGCA.

  10. I would have so enjoyed that flight. Watching the video (twice!) just made me smile and made my rather sour day so much better. Normally, I am one of those passengers who expresses displeasure (by way of angry glares) at such LOUD frivolity on planes. But the joy of the celebrating was so intoxicating! I bet I would have joined in the clapping. The DGCA needs to back off.

    Lucky, thanks for introducing me to Ultimate Airport Dubai. I watched six episodes in a row..II am so hooked. I am nursing a fractured femur (I’m an oaf on skis) so this has been a wonderful diversion.

  11. @ Imperator — Hoping for a quick recovery for you, and happy you’re enjoying the show. You have me beat, I’m only on episode four.

  12. I can’t believe they got in trouble over a harmless little dance! Now if they had thrown colored powder over the passengers……………LOL! I flew SpiceJet BLR-MAA-CMB last year, it was a great little LCC even if I didn’t get a free dance show!

  13. Holi is one of the busiest times of year for travel within India & having flown SG last year from ATQ to DEL those people needed something to cheer them up! (Ground services with SG are severely lacking…planes & flight crews were great!) Although I can understand the DGCA concerns about the pilots being distracted.

  14. Aarhgh…. the Indian authorities clearly have nothing better to do. The dance routine was harmless fun and a nice gesture on the parts of the flight attendants to add some excitement to a mundane flight. How that endangers the safety of the flight is beyond me. They have such more important things to go after, so they should. Leave handsome and smiling dancing flight attendants be 🙂

  15. Don’t see a problem with a dance (although it seemed kind of lame) but I also noticed a pilot taking photos/videos so I guess this is why SG is in trouble.

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