Air India pilots take a nap in business class and leave flight attendants at the controls

Via The Telegraph:

An Air India pilot has been suspended following claims that he and his co-pilot put more than 160 passengers at risk by leaving two female cabin attendants in charge of their airliner while they slept in business class seats.

They were only forced to return 40 minutes later when the attendants accidentally switched off the plane’s auto-pilot switch, according to the claims.

But Air India denies it ever happened. Instead the autopilot magically got disengaged while the flight attendants were “distracting” the pilots in the cockpit:

Today it denied passenger safety was ever compromised. In a statement released, it said two cabin attendants had overstayed the permitted length of stay in the cockpit, but denied that either the pilot or co pilot had at any point left the cockpit.

The airline did however confirm that the pilots had been distracted while the attendants were in the cockpit and that the auto-pilot had been disconnected during the incident.

You can’t make this stuff up… or maybe you can.

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  1. Reminds me of the time i caught an Air India FA putting his bare finger in the rice of the dinner tray – presumably to check temperature – before serving.

  2. God I hope that they don’t join Star Alliance like the Indian gov’t wants. I hope Star takes Jet Airways instead.

  3. Oh, well, don’t even get me started on the stupidities of Air India. Here is the original story and all the dope. Air India can continue denying this happened.

    They can also deny a lot of other things, like they offered to serve me wine with ice inside.

    @John, you’re hopes are dashed. Jet Airways went with Etihad instead so I don’t presume they join any alliances soon.

  4. It is amazing that the Indian government continues to support an airline which is a clear embarrassment to the country.

  5. “…at risk by leaving two female cabin attendants in charge…”

    I don’t see why the gender of the flight attendants is relevant in this context.

  6. oh my god!

    This is unbelievable.

    This is much worse than the crappy code from India I have debug everyday.

  7. Obviously I’m an overly sensitive fem but why did the Telegraph feel it necessary to let us know the gender of the attendants?

  8. Agree with Eduardo and Heather. The only reason to specify “female” is to suggest this was even more egregious. The Telegraph should be called out for that suggestion.

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