Rumor: Big Changes Coming To Sapphire Reserve

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Updated: These changes have now been confirmed. See this post for all the details of the Sapphire Reserve changes.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve has quickly become one of the most popular travel rewards credit cards out there, and for good reason — it’s incredibly rewarding.

The card was initially introduced in August 2016, and the card was so popular that Chase reached their 12 month membership goal within two weeks. Heck, the Sapphire Reserve is so rewarding that Chase has indicated that they’re not sure they’ll ever make money on the card.

In mid-2018 some minor changes were made to the Sapphire Reserve, though rumor has it that same major changes will be made to the card soon. This is being reported by Doctor Of Credit and others, as Chase bankers are apparently starting to get memos about this.

Rumored Chase Sapphire Reserve changes

So, what’s expected to change about the Chase Sapphire Reserve? Let me once again emphasize that I have no inside knowledge here, so I can’t personally vouch for any of this. But I will share what the rumors are.

Annual fee rumored to increase to $550

The annual fee on the Sapphire Reserve is rumored to increase from $450 per year to $550 per year. This would put the annual fee on the card in line with that of the Amex Platinum, which had a similar annual fee increase a while back.

The Sapphire Reserve cardmember agreement already states that the annual fee on the card is “$450 to $550,” which basically seems to confirm that this is coming.

Rumored new Sapphire Reserve benefits?

There are conflicting reports about what new benefits will be added to the card to offset the $100 annual fee increase. The rumors regarding this seem a lot less certain than the rumors about the annual fee increase.

Chase has just added a DoorDash DashPlus membership as a benefit on some of their cards, which is a value of up to $9.99 per month. So in addition to Sapphire Reserve cardmembers getting that for free, there’s also a rumor of a $60 annual DoorDash credit.

Furthermore, Sapphire Reserve cardmembers will allegedly get a free Lyft Pink membership. This ordinarily costs $19.99 per month, and offers the following perks:

  • 15% off unlimited car rides
  • Priority airport pickups
  • Relaxed cancellations (they’ll cover three cancel fees per month)
  • Surprise offers (“seasonal discounts and exclusive savings”)
  • Waived lost and found fees
  • Bikes and scooters (three 30 minute bike or scooter rides per month, in select markets)

This might be part of an even bigger Lyft perk, as Sapphire Reserve cardmembers may also earn 10x points on Lyft rides through March 31, 2022. I value Ultimate Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so that would be like a 17% return on Lyft spending, and that’s before factoring in the discount you would be getting with Lyft Pink.

What about the timing of these rumored changes?

Again, none of this is confirmed, but according to rumors:

  • The new annual fee will kick in for applications as of January 12, 2020
  • The annual fee increase will kick in for existing users with renewal dates in April 2020 or later

According to reports it is not currently possible to product change to the Sapphire Reserve from other Chase cards. This could be because these changes are being implemented soon, or could be for other unknown business reasons.

Bottom line

As of now these are just rumors. The annual fee increase is being reported as a fairly reliable rumor, as is the timing of those changes.

What’s less certain is what benefits will be added to offset that increase.

I think it’s likely that these changes wouldn’t be good for many consumers, given that Chase has struggled to make money on this card. I’d love to see an increase in the travel credit, or maybe see increased bonus categories on the card.

But I also think it’s quite possible that we see a DoorDash and Lyft credit, along with a $100 annual fee increase. For some that will be well worth it, while for others it won’t. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, you can learn about the Sapphire Reserve in this post, and can of course still apply with the current annual fee terms.

Would any of these changes impact whether you’d get/keep/cancel the Sapphire Reserve?

  1. If any of these benefits are real, I’ll be canceling my card as none of them are worth $100 a year. I’m already questioning the fee with most of my restaurant spend on AMEX Gold and airfare on AMEX Platinum for higher point return.

    The only thing keeping CSR in my pocket is a stash of UR points and redemption at 1.5 cents each.

  2. Will need to redo a lot of credit card maths to see whether changes make sense. I think with a lot of the latest changes the target market for those who get more value out of the prestige cards than the annual fee narrows quite significantly.

    Pretty sure I’ll be looking for a new primary travel and dining card after I run the numbers unless there’s ~$100 of value in the Lyft thing or some added bennies / insurance.

  3. Gonna plan to liquidate UR points because only reason I’m keeping this card right now is the 1.5 CSR redemptions

  4. With newly added benefit, it’s acceptable for an increased annual fee. I would like to say the fee raise is a long overdue when you compare with any competitor. It’s just another time to do the math.
    I can’t adjust AMEX pla benefit into my daily use since all the perks are highly restricted. CSR? 300 travel credit no matter what. As a FF with status on different programs, I can hardly using amex airline incidental fee. And I rarely ride uber coz my company partnered with lyft, even get huge discount on personal use.

  5. If Chase wants to increase the annual fee to $550, they better improve the multipliers for bonus categories.
    Amex’s platinum card comes with x5 points on airfare purchase for the hefty annual fee of $550.

  6. I’ve enjoyed having the CSR, but a $100 bump in the annual fee also bumps up the odds of my cancelling at renewal time.

  7. I would definitely dump it. I’m not traveling for work anymore and find myself using this card less and less. Only got to use the lounge access once in Vancouver and it was a crowded mess with little food available.

  8. Irritating
    I personally get so much value out of the Chase card that it won’t change much for me

    I struggle to use my Uber Credits (Amex) , so doubt I’ll use Lyft credits consistently

    I considered jumping to the Amex Ecosystem (I have Platinum) but too many merchants don’t take Amex, especially in Europe
    Thus I use the Platinum for airfare and MSP Escape lounge only

    In the end, better to raise the annual fee than to discontinue the card!
    So I’ll pay the $100, as will most in my demographic (which is probably Chase’s target)

  9. Having a few $95 fee cards isn’t crazy but having multiple cards at $550 a pop is too much. I bet this will start to force people to pick or choose. Either Amex or Chase.

    I keep seeing more value in Amex. They have more lucrative categories.
    Biz Blue 2X on everything
    Gold Amex 4x groceries and restaurants
    Platinum 5x Airfare

  10. If I were to downgrade from the Preferred to the Reserve, will I keep my points? I assume so, but that might be my option until I use my UR points.

  11. This trend towards really niche and situational benefits is highly questionable. The nice thing about the CSR has been that the perks are simple, simple, easy to use and apply to almost anyone. One of the reasons I dont get the AmEx Plat is due to how useless almost all of their “benefits” are to me personally.

    Chase and AmEx must have determined that their customers are mostly urbanites. I live in the burbs and Uber rarely, if ever, and I NEVER have food delivered.

  12. Give me 5x pts on travel please. That’s all that’s needed to keep Amex Plat and Citi Prestige at bay.

    There’s not even a Doordash service in my area.

  13. @Jan I agree 100%. Adding Lyft and Door Dash doesn’t do anything about the CSR’s point earning deficit compared to The AmEx Gold and Plat. Perhaps the intent is to misdirect people’s attention from the fact their point multipliers are weak.

  14. I just checked my CSR account and under Benefits, DoorDash has been added as a “NEW” benefit. Here are the details:

    Complimentary DashPass Subscription*
    No delivery fees on qualifying food purchases from DoorDash after activating by 12/31/21.

    No delivery fees for a minimum of one year on qualifying food purchases with a DashPass subscription from DoorDash – over a $100 value. You and your authorized user(s) will receive at least 12 months (and a maximum of 24 months) of complimentary DashPass when the subscription is activated with a Reserve card by December 31, 2021. Subscription period for all users on a Reserve account will begin and end based on when the first user activates the subscription on the DoorDash mobile application.

  15. No matter how you slice or dice it, these rumored changes are HORRIBLE for a $100 fee increase.

    CSR fanatics will try to justify why the card is supposedly “better” than Amex Platinum, but I will likely dump this card when and if these “benefits” along with the fee increase is implemented.

  16. These changes are killing the card for me, along with Chase never truly replacing the loss of KE as a transfer partner and the updates last year to the Amex Gold card. If Chase doesn’t increase the travel credit or add anything else of value, I’m probably gonna spend my remaining UR points and close my account.

  17. Overall, I am very pleased with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and I appreciate being rewarded as a valuable customer. However, I don’t feel tethered to CSR, so if the costs increase without any tangible offset and/or the benefits become less enticing, I would probably just return to using a few other cards in lieu of CSR. However, I wouldn’t even object to an increase in the annual CSR membership, as long as the travel credit increased by the same amount, which would of course, continue to target customers such as myself who routinely use CSR for travel, but without actually degrading the cost/benefits.

  18. @JP you hit the nail on the head. I was already considering dumping the CSR next August, as an Amex Gold/Plat/Green duo/trifecta is much more lucrative earning wise. A $100 annual fee increase and Amex-style “jump through the hoop” benefits for the CSR just makes me want to consolidate to Amex even more.

    Time to liquidate my UR points.

  19. @Kevin the 1.5x travel multiplier is still too good for Economy flyers like me to switch over to Ames/Citi but these new “benefits” are going to suck for sure

  20. “it’s incredibly rewarding.” – Umm not really. I barely put any spend on this card. I can transfer UR points with my ink preferred card or if I didn’t have that a CSP. I get better earning on restaurant spend from the amex gold card and that also gives me bonus points on groceries. Sure the PP is slightly better because it includes restaurants but I have pretty much always been disappointed by the restaurants I’ve gone to with PP. Seriously if the restaurants were really that good they wouldn’t be cutting deals with PP. Amex plat offers more lounge choices and gives hotel status. The only thing that made the CSR somewhat appealing in the long run was the lower AF. If they increase the AF i’ll be dumping this card. The card with the AF increase is average at best. Heck the Aspire card might pull ahead of it at the new price point.

  21. Amex could put the nail in the coffin of the CSR if they gave a x4 bonus on general travel spend on their plat card. Amex could make that move now and come april you will see a lot of people re-evaluating. Maybe have a smaller than normal signup bonus on the plat card for people who have had the plat in the past but cancelled it already.

  22. I am not interested in DoorDash and I am not willing to pay a cent for it. I would do a 100$ fee vs a 100$ travel credit though.

  23. @Jan

    The 1.5 UR redemption sounds nice in theory, but I often find that the prices quoted on the Chase travel portal are higher than what I can find directly on an airline’s own website or on another OTA.

  24. So far the best thing about CSR other than the lower AF has been straightforward benefits, primarily the $300 travel credit good for anything rather than games with airline incidentals, Uber, etc. – this change would take it in the wrong direction.

  25. All you whiners are EXACTLY the customers that Chase wants and needs to get rid of. They aren’t making any money off of you. Don’t think for a second, they haven’t thought this out.

  26. I never use the Amex 5x on flights because all my flights are on points. I guess there are a lot of people out there paying for flights. Makes sense especially if you can buy your own business flights and get reimbursed, but I don’t have any. Gold not worth just getting 1-2x more on dining, which adds up but no single large charges. Amex Blue Biz a great card, just got that one and will put non-bonus spend on it. I will probably keep the Chase Preferred I just got despite 11/24 (pre-approved offer) and not upgrade to the Reserve since moving my points to Southwest always gets over 1.5 cents of value and provides free cancellation on all Southwest tickets for entire family.

  27. @Jassy Seems like Chase has decided their clientele consists of 20-somethings living in downtown loft apartments who have to have their food delivered and frequently need rides home from bars.

    Not applicable to me and not worth $100. I want points – the rest is just superfluous BS.

  28. Chase just charged my account for $450 last Friday so I guess I got lucky before the fee increase takes place. Yesterday I really liked this card. Today I’m not so sure. I’m all for raising the fee if we can get a Marriott gold/Hyatt globalist status and United Club/British Airways status. Other than that I will be downgrading to the preferred next year. I can’t rely on 3rd party transportation to get me food or get me to work on time and I don’t ride rental bikes. When I am off work I recharge by vacationing away and traveling so I prefer hotel/airline status. I refuse to apply for any card from American Express but I can see why people still carry their cards.

  29. Not a surprise at all given both Amex plat and citi prestige had hit that $550 mark. It was just a matter of when. The big question is both cards have at least one 5x in one category. Will Chase match or will they just assume people will stay on due to 1.5 cent UR redemption? Like the other Kevin said, Chase travel portal is often higher than airline’s own website….

  30. These changes suck. I have no use for any of them.

    2% cash back Fidelity Visa with no annual fee for the win.

  31. I was thinking about dumping CSR anyway because I do have plenty of FF miles for personal air travel and hotel booking through Chase portal do not give elite credits and benefits. So without x1.5 multiplier it is just 3% return on restaurants and travel. But Costco Anywhere Visa gives you that anyway + 4% back on gas and does that with ZERO annual fee.
    If Chase decides to go with changes, I would expect a very sizable number of cancellations and cashing in on the available point balances.

  32. I’m all for the increase, but I would like to see airline transfer bonuses and another airline partner or two added. The pink membership would be nice. Otherwise a raise in dining and travel multiplier to 4x would be welcome.

  33. The CSR would still be significantly better than the AMEX Plat as the travel credit is so flexible. And AMEX Plat customers likely won’t use their credit since it’s for airline fees not general travel. It’s also a card targeted at wealthier people who’d probably have elite status, making the benefits moot. As long as the Priority Pass membership isn’t changed, the annual fee increase won’t matter that much to me, though irritating for sure. And assuming there aren’t changes to the Priority Pass membership, Chase has an edge over AMEX due to the Priority Pass restaurant benefit. You can get up to $84 of value per visit with that, so even with the fee change it’s still pretty amazing value. People shouldn’t be acting shocked-this was inevitable. Overall, an annoyance but not a dealbreaker for me.

  34. 2 premium cards enough for me. I have Citi Prestige and Amex Biz Platinum for the 35% points back on Pay with Points.

    I was only planing for Chase Sapphire Preferred when out of 5/24 prison anyway, but this confirms it

  35. 3-year CSP holder, and I’ve been on the fence about upgrading to the CSR… I’ve held back to this point due to the hefty annual fee (and the authorized user fee, which the CSP doesn’t have!), so a $100 increase here, even with the new perks, ensures I’m staying with my CSP.

  36. Just increase the travel credit and 5X per travel dollar spend and it’s Gucci. All this other stuff is junk.

  37. I’m with the Texan, no DoorDash or Lyft here and I struggle to use the Uber credit on my Platinum (Subway via UberEats, yum).

    These “benefits” aren’t benefits for me. If they raise the fee but only add these items it’s a clear No.

  38. I totally agree with @Lolo since CSR’s travel credit includes car rental and cruise. For Amex: flights only.

    Make it 5X dining as well and I would seriously consider canceling my Amex Plat!

  39. It’s worth remembering that relative to Amex, CSR offers more around Priority Pass restaurants as a differentiator. Glad my fee renewed this month if it is to rise.

  40. I was going to cancel Prestige when the fee got and get this card.

    I think at this point I’m just switching to a cash back card and calling it a day

  41. These benefits are useless for anyone living outside the states which I think is a huge mistake as the CSR was always heavily marketed to expats.

    Agree with all posters, already prefer amex and even capital one points / eco system. Just keeping chase reserve card for 1.5x on flight bookings, once the miles are burned i will probably downgrade to a CSR.

    They really need to up their multiple to 4 or 5x for certain categories to justify this.

  42. I love the indignation from everyone threatening to cancel their cards. If Chase isn’t making money on you, canceling your card is exactly what they would like you to do. Chase also hasn’t “decided” that their clientele are 20-somethings living downtown — they literally know the ages, locations, incomes and spending habits of every one of their customers and make data-driven decisions to maximize profit. Sorry you aren’t their target audience.

    I already have hotel status and airline status from spend (and rarely use the CSR for either), thus Amex Plat does far less for me to offset the $550; nothing close to CSR’s immediate $300.

  43. I don’t think I’m usually this reactionary, but these are terrible changes. A DoorDash Credit? $1.50 off your Lyft ride? Wow please take my money!! I have loved this card since it came out, and somehow accept that I now also pay $550 for the Amex Platinum, but if they don’t sweeten the pot a little better than this then it is bye bye birdie for the CSR. I’ve got a chunk of points left, and have continued to spend on the card when there are better redemptions since that is how much I appreciate the value it’s brought me.
    At best the DoorDash and Lyft “benefit” add about $20 of the $100 extra dollars they are adding. This makes the value even harder to argue for a ton of people, and really I can plow into Amex since all their cards offer better bonus categories and basically the same transfer partners.
    Chase – you need to think a little harder about this.

  44. Well, I just saved $450 per year. These “benefits” are worthless. Why can’t they leverage their partners for usable travel benefits?

  45. The proposed benefits are definitely not worth an additional $100 AF. I’ve been getting less and less value from the CSR priority pass membership as more and more lounges and restaurants are limiting access.

    Since lately I’ve been using my UR to redeem for paid tickets through Chase’s expedia portal, I guess I’ll think about the Venture, or just downgrading to the CSP when my annual fee comes up?

  46. @ Steve – oh, I’ve been to that hellhole. Yikes. Priority Pass needs to dump that lounge for great justice. My wife and I waited by an unoccupied Hawaiian Airlines gate for 3 hours because it was vacant, which was so much better than the lounge.

    On this new about CSR: come on, Chase. First off, they don’t provide any benefits for being a Private Client / Sapphire Checking and being part of the ‘Chase ecosystem’ (unlike CitiGold), and then they increase costs of their best assets… which still lags behind Amex and Citi’s leading offerings.

    I’ll have to rethink the ecosystem. YouInvest has been exactly the experience I would expect for $0.

  47. Ug. I’m going to have to figure out my card strategy. I was planning on cancelling the Citi Prestige this year b/c of the price increase. My 2019 renewal was right before the increase last year and given that I already had a lower rate b/c I was a Citibank Priority banking customer, the increase was just too much when most of the benefits were cut. I moved all my travel spend to Chase and most of my dining spend as well (since I no longer bank with Citi so want to decrease my ThankYou points balance before I cancel).

    So, I was planning to keep the Sapphire Reserve. However, $550 is just too much for me. I like the Doordash benefit but its not a key item for me so its not enough for me to stay. Same with the Lyft Pink – I just don’t value that highly. So an additional $100 for luxury items that aren’t that helpful for me might tip me over to cancelling…

    I wish they would cut Priority Pass – I have that through other cards so that’s not a value to me. Also maybe they should look at the SBE free night – although I can’t imagine that’s used much since the footprint is so limited.

    I will really need to compare cards and give the Amex Platinum a strong look. It has the trip cancellation that is important to me and it has different lounge access which would be nice to have. If it has the same fee as the Sapphire, I think I might value its benefits higher.

  48. The more I think about this, the more short sighted it seems of Chase. I know they won’t mind trimming the ranks of CSR users, and I probably wasn’t profitable for them anyway, but I’m sure my 40-50k spend on the CF/CFU was. Cumulatively, they’re going to lose a ton of share on those cards by devaluing the CSR.

  49. After the $300 travel credit the CSR fee is $150 a year. So this increase is $250 a year. I’m sorry but a 66% one-year increase in the price of any product is insane!

    And for that 66% price increase I get some coupons to Lyft and Doordash? Hell no! Amex will be getting my business.

  50. Just got the Reserve. If they’re going to increase the fee, then at least increase the earnings categories to 4x restaurants and travel (and include gas). Very easy to do and would nullify, to a certain extant, most Amex and Citi cards (I use the prestige for gas and to have another currency to transfer to airlines which accept all three). A simple change but it’s as due as a fee increase and it would probably stave off a number of cancellations.

  51. Just got the Reserve. If they’re going to increase the fee, then at least increase the earnings categories to 4x restaurants and travel (and include gas). Very easy to do and would nullify, to a certain extent, most Amex and Citi cards (I use the prestige for gas and to have another currency to transfer to airlines which accept all three). A simple change, but it’s as due as a fee increase and it would probably stave off a number of cancellations.

  52. Amex said last year they were going to defeat Chase because Chase is fake premium whereas AMEX is real premium.

    How does Chase respond? They throw 15% off Lyft coupons at us and ask us for an extra $100 a month? Insulting!

    Did Amex put spies in place at Chase to sabotage them? Or are they just this dense?

  53. So glad the info is apprearing now, just before I had planned to upgrade to the Reserve card. Won’t be bothering to do it as it appears like money down a rathole. Recently ate in a restaurant in int’l terminal at LAX that’s part of the Priority Pass network and was underwhelmed by the setting, the service and the food. It might have a high dollar value on paper but wasn’t an experience I’d rush to replicate.

  54. Everyone has different circumstances … my wife and I live most of the year in Europe and travel extensively internationally for pleasure. The AE Platinum is not widely accepted at restaurants internationally. We’ve had an positive experience with the Priority Pass for lounge use and found excellent comparative pricing using Chase’s travel portal. While none of the mentioned “rumors” are of interest to us we will remain happy CSR customers.

  55. Obviously, for marketing purposes, they feel the need to add some sort of benefit to justify the annual fee hike. Equally obviously, they are going with niche benefits that will have high enough breakage that this won’t cost them anywhere near $100 per card. Amex’s whole strategy on the platinum is to offer benefits that sound generous and are exceptionally difficult to use. With the fee hikes on both, it’s increasingly difficult to justify having both. You have to buy something like $18000 a year in airfare to make those extra two points worth it, unless you also take uber domestically all the time and shop at saks. While paying $550/year for the CSR would be irritating, I’d be more likely to economize by dropping the amex platinum.

  56. Seems pretty clear that Chase feels too many people have the CSR. When they launched it they hit their year target in 2 weeks and it has been reported that they are losing money on it. Other card issuers have been strengthening their cards and Chase decides to weaken theirs, the message is clear. This is also why I doubt they will increase the travel credit or earning power.

    That said, for a decent chunk of people the CSR is still better than the Amex Plat. The effective AF is $300 dollars lower ($550 vs $550 -$300 travel credit). Amex has credits that sound great, but I doubt people get much value out of the $200 on incidentals on one specific airline, the Uber credits, or the Saks credit. Likewise I doubt people will get much use out of the Lyft or DoorDash credits. Then the math comes down to if hotel status + 5x earning is worth $300 bucks. If you spend more than $9,000 on travel then it is a no brainer (at 1.7 cents per Amex and Chase point that is above the break even). Otherwise it depends on how you value the hotel status. If you mainly stay at AirBnbs and don’t spend that much on travel then CSR it is. This makes me think Chase is targeting millennial and trying to build a long term relationship with younger people rather than targeting middle age people who want a “true” premium card.

  57. Uber, Lyft and Doordash are useless for me. I’m not a self-absorbed millenial.

    If Chase wants a bunch of semi-broke kids for clients and lose the high rollers, then this is a good way to go about it

  58. Haha. I guess AMEX was right when they claimed Chase was behind and copying them. ‘Chase is 18 months behind Amex on things’.

    I did not have CSR given I had Plat Biz & Citi Prestige. With the Citi changes I was going to switch out Prestige to CSR, but unless there is more changes I’d say CSR is the weakest card now.

  59. People often failed to realize that it’s SUPER EASY to get retention offer from Amex Platinum in oppose to Chase Sapphire Reserve lol.

    Yes, people will argue that retention offer shouldn’t be counted or it’s YMMV. But in reality, I haven’t heard anyone was declined for retention offer for Platinum card while Chase Sapphire Reserve has no retention offers. (I only heard few single DPs saying people getting $ 60 for Chase Sapphire “Preferred”).

    I think getting 20,000~30,000 MR or $200-$300 is very easy (Of course, some people can even get 50,000 MR or $500). When you factor that in, the effective annual fee is like negative even if you give a huge discount on Amex credits lol.

    And for those who are fascinating about dining and travel bonus categories, it’s like a joke considering now you have a lot more card doing better in those categories or tie with it.

    Obviously, making points worth 50% more toward travel makes the ultimate rewards system more flexible (Even though if you don’t use point transfer, you honestly cannot maximize its value. But for a normal household, you cannot ignore this benefit as it provides great flexibility. And this is where Membership Rewards points and ThankYou points fall short of.) But for those lucrative travelers, we would never book through Chase just for 50% more travel value. We would just use point transfer. Thus, Chase Ink Preferred or Chase Sapphire Preferred is a better option with $ 95 Annual Fee.

    However, the only thing I can praise about this card is its travel protection benefits, which actually few cards can compete with it. US Bank Altitude Reserve actually carry similar protection in terms of primary car rental insurance and trip delay insurance.

    That being said, if you can only have one card or you, then Chase Sapphire Reserve is a good card even with $ 250 effective annual fee (lower if you value some of the added benefits). But if you can put other cards together, Chase Sapphire Reserve can be easily replaced.

  60. Chase has really been phoning it in lately. Their Freedom Quarterly Bonuses have been lackluster, AT BEST, the past couple of years. Restaurants haven’t made it in several years now. And the other quarterly categories are frankly awful. Paypal??? ChasePay??? WOOF. Their ecosystem has become less and less valuable lately.

  61. If a $100 fee increase is causing you to cancel the card, then you’re likely not a profitable customer to chase anyway.

  62. Chase Ink Preferred + Chase Ink Cash = 3x Travel + 2x Dining + Point Transferability for $ 95
    Chase Sapphire Reserve = 3x Travel + 3x Dining + Point Transferability for $ 250

  63. Count me in the camp of downgrading to the sapphire preferred. Door dash membership for two years and some puny lyft discount for $100 increase in fee? Get that weak sheet out of here, what about increase in earning potential and a Hyatt status of discoverist or globalist? If they at least give me a better Hyatt status I’ll keep the card.

  64. I just looked at my travel earning from the CSR – Jan 2019 to Jan 2020. I earned about a 147K points. I mostly used them to make transfers to Hyatt and BA, for weekend trips to the Bahamas from the East Coast. I paid my annual fee in September, so I have to see if my spending is the same this year, but if is is, paying an extra $100 in September is a no-brainier.

  65. I’m just waiting to see how TPG spins this as a positive development.

    5/24 and the 48 month rule drove me to Amex. This might make me stay.

  66. This would be a real bummer if true.

    I don’t often use the Priority Pass subscription since I have AMEX Plat and usually fly Delta (F Skyclub in ATL is better than the PP lounge). Same for the 1.5 cents per point redemption ability – I always transfer to partners and redeem for 2+ cpm.

    But, I do find a lot of value in the 3x points and primary rental car coverage (and obviously the $300 travel credit). It’s tough to justify 2x $550 annual fee cards with overlapping benefits. If AMEX would provide primary rental coverage and 2x or 3x points on more purchases on the Platinum, I’d drop the CSR entirely. Even if they raised the Platinum’s annual fee to $750.

  67. I’m seeing the door dash benefit appear now in the chase app under benefits for the sapphire reserve. No mention of a $60 credit.

    “No delivery fees for a minimum of one year on qualifying food purchases with a DashPass subscription from DoorDash – over a $100 value. You and your authorized user(s) will receive at least 12 months (and a maximum of 24 months) of complimentary DashPass when the subscription is activated with a Reserve card by December 31, 2021. Subscription period for all users on a Reserve account will begin and end based on when the first user activates the subscription on the DoorDash mobile application.”

  68. We have the CSR and our latest statement says this:

    Your Account Messages:
    We hope you enjoy all the benefits your card has to offer and we appreciate your business. Your annual membership fee in the amount of $525 will be billed on 2/1/2020.

    So we are definitely not grandfathered in until April. We’ve had this card since mid-January 2018.

  69. @jan

    Economy flyers that have the CSR primarily for the 1.5x multiplier should be even more inclined now to just go with Wells Fargo Propel/Signature combo. Same bonus categories and 3x multiplier but with a zero annual fee vs CSR $250 AF

  70. I’m fine with this. I have 4 other Ultimate Reward earning cards that have no annual fee.

    Even with this increase to $550 and not using these new benefits, I’m still way in the green when it comes to value when I pool all my points together to use that sweet 1.5 on the travel portal.

  71. In the same boat as a few others here. I’m finding it harder to keep the CSR. My renewal date is coming up in April and I’m still on the fence. I’ve personally been having more success with Amex products (platinum and gold) than Chase. Only thing keeping me around is the $300 travel credit (which isn’t even flexible), and the transfer partners. Considering downgrading to CSP but I assume I would not be eligible for the welcome bonus on CSP if I downgraded.

  72. If someone offered to sell you the Doordash and Lyft benefits, and only that, for $100, would you buy?

  73. With the annual fee at $450 and a $300 travel credit, the card is at the margin for me. Raising the fee by $100 and adding the rumored paltry benefits will probably force me to abandon the card.

    I put over $10K spend on the card per year; not sure if that counts as profitable for Chase.

  74. I am one who has actually been able to get enough value out of carrying CSR, Citi Prestige, and AMEX Platinum for the past couple of years. It was already difficult to justify the CSR over CSP, but with the difference in cost being only $55 after travel rebate and the increased travel spend bonus and better portal value of points made it worth it. The new benefits don’t add enough to justify a $155 difference. I had already decided to downgrade the Citi Prestige due to all of its devaluations. The AMEX Platinum has gotten harder to justify because the airline credit has become much harder to use. For now, I think the AMEX Platinum is the one I am going to keep, but maybe I should consider a different premium card and get rid of all three.

  75. I was just confirmed by Chade through secure communication email that my fee will indeed rise to $550 in April 2020.
    I responded asking about benefit changes, but they did mention new card member agreements are being sent out to all car holders before the change, so they may not anticipate any changes until that time. I will add info if I get it.

  76. Yeesh. So many people are looking at this the wrong way. Pitting the value of the perks against the value of the increase is not smart. Pit the value of the card as a whole against the value of all of the perks, and see where you are. If it makes sense for you, great. If it doesn’t, cancel it. Chase won’t miss you, because you’re not all that valuable to them if you aren’t using the card.

    I bank thousands in points from this card each year. A higher fee tempers that marginally, but not nearly enough to cancel it. And I find UR points to be extremely versatile unlike other card companies, plus their credits are far easier to use (AMEX, by comparison, limits you to specific fees that I rarely use and only for one airline at a time. I never check bags or buy food on planes, so it’s a waste).

    I’m not happy about a price increase, but I’m not dumb enough to shoot myself in the foot either. This card is still worth it.

  77. Love how every 5 or 6 comments there’s a guy saying ha ha well those complaining just aren’t profitable blah blah. While there may be some truth to it I have been one of those original cardholders who actually really fell in love with the card and I actually put all my dining and travel all on the CSR regardless of Amex bonuses and truly just stayed loyal to an easy go to card. Ive had it since 2016 and some years the points I earned and bennies offset or exceeded the effective AF and some years where I didn’t use as much I prob had a net loss but I stayed loyal. Problem is with such a drastic change they instantly lost me unfortunately. Will cancel next round after everything is burned.

  78. Sounds doable. My friends and I travel often, take advantage of the Lounge Access or Meals, and Lyft at our destinations.

  79. @Tom “Uber, Lyft and Doordash are useless for me. I’m not a self-absorbed millenial [sic].”

    Huh? I am a Gen X-er, and while I agree door dash is of limited value (I do use some food delivery apps, mostly Caviar, but door dash has mostly low end food places in my city)…why does using Uber/Lyft make one a self-absorbed millennial [note the correct spelling]? How do you get around a city when you are traveling? To and from the airport? Back from a late dinner when mass transit has stopped running – and what would using Uber/Lyft have to do with age??

  80. These rumored perks are not worth that $100. Obviously CSR is aiming for a specific demographic. I cook at home regularly, and won’t use Doordash. I use Lyft/uber a handful of times a year generally. I’d rather drive myself most of the time. This is extremely disappointing. I have always touted the great perks of the CSR, as I saw it more of a $150 fee since it had the travel credit. It was worth that fee because I have global entry and the priority pass. Chase had better come up with better perks, or I along with every member of my family will cancel this card. It definitely won’t be worth it.

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