Royal Jordanian References U.S. “Muslim Ban” In Latest Ad

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From Aeromexico to Air Canada, we’ve seen quite a few airlines get political lately in light of the U.S. election. Last November, Royal Jordanian tried to capitalize on the U.S. election with an ad saying “Just in case he wins… Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to!” Not surprisingly, this was in conjunction with a fare sale for travel to the U.S.


Well, in response to the recent “Muslim ban,” Royal Jordanian is back with yet another ad promoting travel to the U.S.:


Now in fairness, Jordan wasn’t one of the countries on the ban list, so perhaps the sale should really be for travel from Syria, Yemen, etc. Quite to the contrary, Jordan is known for being welcoming of refugees. Furthermore, there’s no indication that the ban will be lifted permanently, so I’m not sure it would be good advice for someone who was previously on that list to book a ticket now.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking this ad. 😉

Regardless, well played, Royal Jordanian!

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)

  1. Well the Add is while the ban is lifted temporarily by the Seattle judge lets people take advantage before its overturned.

  2. Lucky wrote, “Well, in response to the recent “Muslim ban…”

    It is **NOT** a Muslim ban. That is leftist #FakeNews. It is a seven country denial of entry for their citizens. If the order were a Muslim ban, it would be specific in stating such. Make note, #FakeNews ads like this are egged by that creature, Barack Hussein Obama and his disgusting wife Moochelle Obama, a pair of anti-American oligarchs who had no place to be in that WHITE House for eight (8) years……even Saudi Arabia blurred out Moochelle on their media when she visited the country, which was a correct decision

    Trump will reinforce the 7 country ban, which is NOT a Muslim ban, so that we all know what “the hell” is going on after a 30 day assessment. Make note the UAE agrees with the Trump ban.

    And P.S.: Notice under Trump, Hilton is re-valuating their point program, all others will follow suit. Under Barack Insane Obama, they were all devalued 10 times over. As they get better, you’ll be kissing Trump and the system.

  3. Lucky, I know you moderate comments. So please, do not let a racist comment like the one made by Melissa stain your blog. Because the Obamas are black they had no place to be in the “WHITE House”. Really? 2017. Really?

  4. Aww…Isn’t that cute? Now “Melissa” is even pinning Fakenews to the leftist conspiracy. Keep fighting that alt right and alternate fact fight, brother.

  5. I agree. All citizens of the 7 countries have been denied entry. If trump had kept his mouth shut and not said they will prioritize Christians no one would have called this Muslim ban. The right wingers elected a monkey brain.

    Now, I would like the rich Muslim Arab countries to take in refugees, they can even only take other Muslims, like the rohingya or the uighurs or the Muslims from aceh. All are persecuted. They won’t because they are hypocrites. And so are the Muslims marching only about themselves, and don’t anything to change their mother shipa in the Arab world.

  6. To the other people responding –

    Melissa isn’t a real person – the Russian government is paying for ‘farmed comments’ to respond with boilerplate comments to create the appearance of people actually supporting this stuff. That’s why you see this crap immediately targeted on flagged posts to create the illusion the ‘liberals’ are outraged. They scan various blogs and create fake user patterns. Perhaps you’ll notice why ‘she’ has no opinions about, say, the Sheraton Club lounge and recites the same boilerplate crap you see across blogs.

    It’s sad, really.

  7. Melissa’s post is typically unhinged, probably bc she is a false flag troll, trying her best to paint Trump supporters as idiots by pretending to be one.

    But part of her comment is correct, it’s not a “Muslim ban”. First of all because it’s not a ban at all. It’s a 3 month pause while the vetting process is overhauled. And bc it doesn’t apply at all to most Muslim countries, for instance Egypt or Indonesia. And of course, most obviously bc it applies to everyone from those 7 countries regardless of religion.

    Finally, Trump didn’t come up with this list of 7 countries. This is list of failed states with active terrorist training organizations as defined by the prior Obama administration. All of the anti-Trumpers screaming about the “ban” are ignoring that Obama imposed a total “ban” on immigrants from Iraq for 6 months in 2011.

    I might add that the Rasmussen Poll, the only polling company to correctly call the last 3 POTUS elections, is currently reporting that 58% of likely voters are in favor of Trump’s 3 month pause. And despite what the MSM is trying to falsely claim, Trump’s current overall “favorable” rating among all likely voters is @54%. And the more the anarchists riot in the street, smashing windows and setting limos and buildings on fire in protest against the “Fascist Trump”, the higher those favorability ratings are likely to go. 😉

  8. What’s wrong with this picture?:

    As we “know”, the US is horribly Islamaphobic, homophobic, zenophobic, younameitaphobic, and governed by the iron fist of a “Fascist Hitlerian Idiot”, and still much of the world is clamoring to immigrate here. 😉

  9. @Alpha…. Im with Robert Hanson. He couldn’t be more correct.

    What disgusting times and a joke of a country this is becoming. Noticed the world backlash and pushback from average IQ and above Americans?

  10. Robert Hanson – Perhaps no one mentions that because it’s completely and utterly irrelevant?

    Not to mention we know “what the hell is going on”, so I have no idea what we’re waiting 90 days to find out?

    Finally, perhaps people think it’s a Muslim ban because Trump specifically stated he wants to ban Muslims? I also don’t share your admiration of dictators so couldn’t really care less whether their evil rulers like it or not.

  11. Given the Saudi’s, Jordanian’s, et.. al. aren’t banned, I’m surprised they aren’t outraged when they found out they’re not Muslim.

  12. Remove melissa’s post. Smh!!

    White men will always turn a blind eye to racism.

    Lucky – i bet if someone said something about homosexuals you would have been outraged. Smh

  13. Lots of wild lefties out today. All emotion, all outrage, all insults, little to no capacity for rational thought or debate. It’s been well established that this is/was not a Muslim ban, as roughly 90% of the global Muslim population would not be affected by it. This just attempts to ban travel from a select few countries where the previous administration, via legislative action found that terrorism is particularly prevalent. Pointless to try to explain this though. Facts are pesky things.

    Royal Jordanian jumping in on fake news is somewhat surprising.

    A question that never gets answered: Why does the left feel that the US must accept anyone who wants in to the US, regardless of existing immigration law and/or potential negative effects on US citizens? Where does this strong sense of obligation to foreign nationals over US citizens come from?

  14. @ Robert Hanson supporters on this board ….).

    Like you noted, of course Melissa is a paid troll. And I think a couple more trolls have jumped in after her. Unfortunately, although I doubt you are a troll, several of your statements not quite accurate. So let’s take a closer look at what you said.

    RH says: “But part of her comment is correct, it’s not a “Muslim ban”. First of all because it’s not a ban at all. It’s a 3 month pause while the vetting process is overhauled.”

    FACT: Uh, let’s see. Who signed the Executive Order (EO)? Trump. And who called it a “ban”? Yeah, Trump himself in one of his tweets.

    RH says: “And bc it doesn’t apply at all to most Muslim countries, for instance Egypt or Indonesia. And of course, most obviously bc it applies to everyone from those 7 countries regardless of religion.”

    FACT: We all know Trump talked numerous times during the primaries about his interest in a Muslim ban. He has a fixation on Muslims, as with his false claim that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 catastrophe. So just because the EO does not reach every Muslim in the world (like those Muslims, for example, that Trump does business with . . . ) that does not mean the EO is not targeting Muslims. Also, contrary to what you say, the EO does NOT apply equally to everyone in those countries regardless of their religion. In fact, the EO specifically instructs “. . . . to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.” So that means, yeah, special treatment under the EO for all religions except Muslims.

    RH says: “Finally, Trump didn’t come up with this list of 7 countries. This is list of failed states with active terrorist training organizations as defined by the prior Obama administration.”

    FACT 1: Failed state? Iran is not a “failed state.” Neither is Sudan. Just because we don’t like these governments don’t make them “failed states.” More importantly:

    FACT 2: From 1975 until the present day, the odds of actually being killed in the U.S. by a terrorist who immigrated from one of the seven countries in the EO was zero. Zero! Yeah, zero. Oh, yeah, and the 9/11 terrorists? Nope, not from any one of these seven countries. See .

    RH says: “All of the anti-Trumpers screaming about the “ban” are ignoring that Obama imposed a total ‘ban’ on immigrants from Iraq for 6 months in 2011”

    FACT: Obama did not impose a “total ban on immigrants from Iraq in 2011.” As analyzed at length by, the Obama action only affected one type of Iraqi visa: the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV). Unlike the EO Trump just signed, the Obama action did not affect other Iraqi visa holders, refugees, or green card holders. Numerous Iraqis, including Muslim Iraqis, entered the country during this 6 month period.

    Robert, you go on to talk about polling numbers on the popularity of the Executive Order. Your claims could be accurate, but I didn’t check because polling is simply irrelevant. The appropriateness and lawfulness of this Executive Order, like any Presidential action, is not determined by polls — just like the truth of facts is not determined — no matter what Trump thinks — by how many people believe them to be facts. And regardless of whether Trump’s ban is ultimately upheld in the courts, it is a FACT that Trump’s EO was hastily and horribly implemented. He failed to coordinate the contents of the EO with all the appropriate federal agencies . . . and then he failed to coordinate its implementation with those agencies responsible for the order’s implementation. These failures led to the denial of access to those Iraqis who had worked and fought side-by-side with our military. These failures caused the separation of family members who were actually in flight at the time the EO was signed (and implemented) with no notice. And these failures denied reentry to long-time green card holders and US residents who were returning from overseas.

    Many intelligent people think that Trump’s anti-Muslim actions will actually be counterproductive, that is, that they will mobilize terrorist recruiting and terrorism against the United States. Still, the real danger to this country and our way of life is not from terrorists, but from other countries that have nuclear weapons — like China and Putin’s Russia. And a secondary danger to our way of life — small but real — is from a leader like Trump who uses fear, ignorance, and a stupendous disregard for the truth to sow domestic discord and weaken our Republic and its institutions.

    Finally, I do agree with you about one thing. The right wing media like Fox News is playing up the actions of a few hundred violent, leftist protesters — out of literally millions of peaceful protesters — to further mobilize Trump’s base. As Trump likes to say, though, that sort of media bias is just “sad.”

  15. @Wes wants to know “why does the left feel that the US must accept anyone who wants in to the US ….”. Tell you what Wes. I can help you answer your own question, if you can answer this one: “Wes, when did you stop beating your wife?”

  16. Paul5795,well written! But let me share with you that the people you wrote this for are Trump supporters!
    To quote their president ” I like uneducated people”!
    So unfortunately they may not be able to grasp the explanation.
    Thee rest of us appreciate your effort.
    Mellisa we ignore.

  17. If Melissa isn’t a troll, I want whatever drugs and alcohol she has access to, because, damn, what a trip.

  18. @Wes: “Why does the left feel that the US must accept anyone who wants in to the US…”

    We don’t. We require this thing called visa. People not from our buddy countries have to apply, pay a large fee, get verified (interview required in some cases), and then get approved.

    Now, tell me, why should this not-a-Muslim-ban ban people who we have decided are cool after we made them go through the chicken dance initiation?

  19. Interviews are required for all visas, not just in some cases. And the large fee gets paid, for processing, even if your visa request is denied.

  20. the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia (our “ally”), so clearly this travel ban makes no sense even if you are the most hellbent person about keeping dangerous people out. Iran is on the list, which is a shiite country (and thus an enemy of ISIS).

    Yes, the list of 7 muslim nations was taken from the previous administration, and yes, it’s not a ‘muslim ban’, as that would be blatantly unconsitutional (that is what he had promised during the campaign however, and we all know that is what he wants and what his most ardent supporters want). Instead, he issued a ‘travel ban that targets muslims’, elaborating that he wants to give Christians priority.

    Keep in mind that persecution in history usually started with baby steps. In 1933 they didn’t immediately kill people. They issued travel restrictions for Jews, took their passports away, then later made them register and wear the star of David, then restricted which jobs hey could have, then where they could live etc etc all the way down that slippery slope. I don’t think there is any likelihood this will develop these dimensions, but it still makes sense to sound the alarm bells. After all, Trump say he wanted to register all muslims.

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