Aeromexico Subtly Takes Aim At Donald Trump In Latest Ad

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Aeromexico recently unveiled a brilliant ad, which I just saw for the first time. It’s called “Fronteras” (“borders” in Spanish), and is brilliant. The fact that it’s an Aeromexico ad isn’t revealed until the last few seconds, but rather the entire ad talks about borders, social issues, etc. Per AdWeek:

At first, it feels like a social-issues PSA, with moody footage of traffic jams, military parades, riots and even a grade-school bathroom “swirly” tossed in for good measure. Actually, it’s a commercial for a leading brand in Mexico, whose identity isn’t revealed until the final seconds of the riveting minute-long ad.

The copy even touches on issues of intolerance toward others’ religions or sexual orientation, decrying the fact that we wall ourselves off from others—or worse, engage in abuse and discrimination—simply because “someone didn’t want anything to do with someone next door.”

Here’s the ad:

While it’s a captivating ad in general, I think it goes without saying that the timing isn’t a coincidence, and that it’s at least partly intended as a response to Donald’s Trump’s plan to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it:

Something tells me this ad will resonate with consumers. Well done, Aeromexico!

  1. I love how the elite corporations, politicians, and individuals of several countries, including the US, are scared to death of the possibility of existing law being enforced. Tells you all that you need to know when the elites on both sides of the border stoop to hate-mongering and race-baiting in the name of open borders. Public health, public safety, and protection of our economy be damned- it’s all about the Benjamins for the elite and crony capitalists. Funny how it’s OK for other countries to enforce and uphold their borders, though. I don’t recall much outcry over Thailand refusing entry to a Brit whom chose to use some of her passport pages as toilet paper. Good on them.

  2. Not sure how yet how I feel about the illegal issue. What’s amazing to me is how Mexican authorities treat illegals from El Salvador and Guatamala, and other central American countries. I’ve read it’s pretty horrible. I don’t think they can have a moral high ground commenting on what we do. Ouch.

  3. *Grabs popcorn and settles in to watch the teabaggers lose their poo in the comments*

  4. Uh oh…I think it’s about to get real up in this joint…

    I think I am just going to sit back and drink some mimosas while reflecting on all the brave men an women who protect the U.S. and our borders.

  5. That is an outstanding ad.

    Of course, it won’t resonate with your run-of-the-mill ignorant and racist Trump supporter. But it will resonate with its target audience, which would consist of fluent speakers of the language in which it is written.

  6. Open borders now. Don’t discriminate against rapists, pedophiles and terrorists. Put them in jail here but no need to stop them from comING here. Why only otherwise law abiding but illegal people are allowed? Why choose what laws are OK to break, and which aren’t. Open borders now.

  7. Spot on Wes.

    F Aeromexico and their two-bit airline. Waiting for their ad subtly mocking the existing draconian Mexican immigration law….which is actually enforced. As a US taxpayer I love being told I’m a hateful bigot for merely questioning

    I haven’t voted in over 20 years (no point choosing between two corporate, MIC water carriers) and as of a few months ago, had no plans to vote in November. Because of garbage like this, I registered to vote.

  8. Xfinity, Mexico’s immigration laws are a million times tougher than those of the U.S., which is understandable as they do not want to risk the instability that would come with half the population of Central America trying to get in. It’s just a shame that they seem to get so upset over anyone in the U.S. questioning the border control (or lack thereof) at the southern border. Trump isn’t the answer, but it would be nice to be able to discuss the problem and look for viable solutions without the insults of racist or bigot being thrown around, which happens way too much these days when it comes to this issue.

  9. Well, Trump’s policies are mostly about the elite trying to scapegoat a group of individuals to maintain the status quo (hence you see the “as a (dumb) taxpayer, I’m outraged” stuff.) It’s no surprise Trump supporters skew on the bottom 20% of the bell curve for education, but it is kind of sad.

    Great ad regardless.

  10. Intolerance is intolerance, walls were a solution for the Middle Ages. There are solutions that don’t fit onto bumper stickers.

  11. @Observer, since we are throwing pejoratives around I suppose the wetbacks will like the ad as well. *Grabs popcorn and settles in to watch the libtards lose their poo*

  12. Lucky:

    “Well done, Aeromexico” ….

    I suggest you travel to some of the upscale areas of Mexico City. Houses are walled in with 10 to 15 foot walls with shards of glass or “spears” at the top. The wealthiest also have armed guards and attack dogs surrounding their houses. I’m sure the Aeromexico CEO lives in one of those houses.

    What does he say about his walls, his borders? Okay for him … Not okay for you.

    Could say the same thing about the White House ….

    A lot of hypocrisy and NIMBY going on here.

    And you should research how the Mexicans treat the Guatemalans crossing the Southern Mexican border illegall before you praise Aeromexico.

    Still stand by your “well done” comment?

  13. In case someone has not noticed, in 2016 we are in an entirely different world than when any of the mentioned “walls” were erected. If we had a similar wall to Mexico’s own southern wall and, enforced illegals like Mexico does, well we would not have near the issues we have in the US.

    Do you really think that if there was as much drug trade coming across the southern Mexico border as comes across their northern border that they would have the same wall?

    In this day and time, just in California, illegals cost that state over $3B a year that the tax payers have to pay.

    Now let’s look at the ability of enemies of the state to enter the US without anyone being able to stop them.

    Ok, back to AeroMexico, this is a purely PR motivated commercial that tries to shed some of the blame on the US for everything from gay rights, billeting, poverty and more! AeroMexico and Mexico, you better start taking care of business in your own country because a wall will be built and our immigration laws will be enforced.

  14. Oh please y’all. Obama has deported the most immigrants ever as president, so much that his nickname among immigrant activists call him the deporter in chief. Yet you all say that somehow immigration laws are not enforced? Please.

    DACA helps ICE focus more on undocumented immigrants most recently arrived or are at risk for violent crime.

  15. Immigration aside I love the add and its theme of unity for the intended audience. The LGBT inclusion is also especially timely given recent Mexican court cases.

  16. @Jon W

    You do realize that the deportation process starts after they finish out their prison sentences, which began BEFORE Obama came to power. Or do you really believe ICE and other agencies arrest and deport those who haven’t otherwise been in the system.

    They weren’t the luck 19+k illegal immigrant criminals including murders and rapists that the Obama administration kicked back onto our streets.

  17. Aeromexico is a crap airline and the employees are terrible (only flown coach). The only reason I fly them on occasion they are part of Skyteam and they a cheap on some routes. I’ve gone to them with a printed reservation with a specific seat assignment and they move me to a middle seat in the middle of nowhere …. And just say “tough luck”.

    They should stop the political commentary and focus on providing great service …. Better business model. Do you really think this ad will increase their business? I think not.

  18. Wow… I love u Americans sometimes. Good on ya! Sitting back with a glass of wine and these blog comments is all the entertainment I need!!

  19. I think Mexico is highly hypocritical on the immigration issue. They strictly enforce their southern border, yet the northern border with the U.S. is a sieve because it serves their purpose. Our politicians are a joke – Democrat or Republican – for their absolute refusal to enforce existing laws. Sanctuary cities … please. That this concept is supported by some and tolerated by others should be grounds for mass impeachment.

    I don’t think Trump supporters are any more ignorant than those of Obama, Clinton, etc., and to call these people racists is unfair. The issue here is not immigration. We are a country of immigrants. It is ILLEGAL immigration – a big difference that seems to only be ignored by those who feel that the concept of national borders is either antiquated or, for some other reason, just wrong. Every country in the world should have its borders respected and should have the right to set its own immigration limits.

    Furthermore, every country should have the right to establish its own laws and to have these laws respected and enforced.

  20. Those who have commented on Mexico’s hypocrisy regarding the treatment of immigrants into Mexico vs Mexicans illegally entering the USA are correct.

    It is also correct that Maximum Leader Trump’s use of illegal immigrant labor on many of his projects (coupled with documented wage theft) makes him a hypocrite as well.

    Individuals and countries choosing political positions based on their own self-interest? And acting in contravention of those same positions when they deem it in their self-interest? Who would have thought!

    This is a pretty good ad, and its premise no worse than any US carrier ads which promise delightful passenger experiences which seldom materialize.

  21. I like how one commenter says the “tea baggers” will lose it but nothing but reasonable replies speaking on enforcing existing law and the hypocrisy of Mexico with it’s own illegal immigrants.

    Of course the pseudo intellectuals on this board call Trump a racist and all of his supporters racists with nothing at all to back up to, thereby proving who really loses it.

    Illegal aliens aren’t a race

    The US loses 100s of billions of dollars in the black market trade deficit with drugs flowing over the border.

    Illegals DO bring massive amounts of crime.

    Women crossing the border have an over 80% chance of being raped by their countrymen.

    A wall would put an END to all of that including cartel crime in Mexico since their economic incentive would be wiped out.

    The US economy would have 100s of billions of dollars still circulating from that one move alone.

    But yeah, that makes me a racist.

    Trump 2016 Make America Great Again!

  22. Josh, it’s really simple! Let me break it down for you!
    If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!!
    Great ad!

  23. Josh, you can read about Donald Trump’s usage of undocumented workers here:

    Yeah, I realize they were Polish and not the scarier and darker Mexicans, but they were illegal all the same.

    BTW, while I would never argue that *all* Trump supporters are racist, the evidence is that an oversized number of them are when compared to other candidates of both parties):

    Anyhow, back to travel. AeroMexico isn’t the best airline, but they seem to have a lot more staying power than the Trump Shuttle did.

  24. “Something tells me this ad will resonate with consumers”

    Seriously? I think you mean it will resonate with left wing Democrats.

    I can just imagine the response from Mexico if a major US airline attempted to interfere in an Mexican Presidential election. We’d be hearing screams of “Gringo Colonial Intimidation” (sic), and worse.

    As others have already said, Mexican law against illegal immigrants is many times worse than in the US. For an illegal to participate in any “political actively”, which would include simply being part of a public demonstration, is a Felony under Mexican law.

  25. It is illegal for ANY foreigner (legal OR illegal foreigner) to participate in ANY political activity in Mexico. So, if I was walking along with some protesters in Mexico City …. They can toss me into jail.

    Where’s the Aeromexico video about the massive corruption, terrible schools (which is the REAL social injustice IMHO) and intolerance in Mexico? Hmmmmmm …

    Lucky, love your blog …. Hope you have the courage to defend your “brilliant” and “well done” comments…

  26. You guys are missing the point. This is an advertisement for the Aeromexico brand. Of course it will resonate with the Mexicans and Mexican Americans that form their core market as they don’t like Trump. At all.

    Aeromexico is NOT government owned. DELTA CURRENTLY OWN 17% OF AEROMEXICO. There’s not hipocrisy involved, just great marketing timing. Aeromexico is a public company listed in the Mexican stock exchange and Delta has just received approval by the Mexican competition watchdog to acquire up to 49% of the Mexican airline as well as to enter into a $1.5 billion joint venture between both companies.

    Oh and, by the way, according to Reuters US – Mexico is “the world’s second largest cross-border market” for air travel.

  27. Fernando:

    First of all, this is not an advertisement. It is a political commentary. It’s a swipe at the people who believe securing the border between the USA and Mexico is immoral. I couldn’t disagree more. The USA has a right, just as you as an individual homeowner or business, to enforce your property line and build a wall or fence. To suggest otherwise is to show disrespect for my rights.

    The fact that Aeromexico is a private corporation and that Mexico is a large cross-border market has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion (IMHO). I fully support legal immigration, free trade and a guest worker program for Mexicans that want a better life for their families..

    Aeromexico is free to make any political commentary they like (unlike the fact that I am NOT FREE in Mexico to make political commentary) and I’m free to disagree and take my business elsewhere. I will do my best to take my business elsewhere …. But not at any price. And I wish Delta would not acquire 49% of Aeromexico … But that is their choice.

    And finally … Would you disagree with American Airlines putting out an “advertisement” that highlighted the Mexican government’s mistreatment of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border?

    Ever hear the expression: “Good fences make good neighbors”?

  28. All nations have borders and immigration laws including Mexico! Mexico doesn’t want it’s culture destroyed as Mexicans become angry with Western Culture allowed in their nation’s commercials. If a white person is working in Mexico police ask for their papers at least one or twice a day to make sure they are working legally in Mexico. (I have a friend that has worked in Mexico)
    But for some reason there is no respect for American citizens that want the same respect as other countries have? The hypocrisy sickens me.

    Donald Trump for President!

  29. KidstarA do you even read your the articles you post?

    The Politifact (which is a joke btw, proven to be unethical)

    It was Trump’s CONTRACTOR, not Trump that hired illegals and it was 36 years ago.

    Nice try.

    Regarding Trump supporters being racist you site a NYT’s article polling his supporters if they agree with stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal aliens (not a race) and whether they support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration (not a race). No surprisingly they do support these two things.

    Basically you have zero evidence and you’re lying but you’re hoping no one will check up on you. Unethical.

    Anne K,

    Let me break it down for YOU, you’re a duck.

  30. Mexico can’t handle that the US might actually elect a President with some balls, for once.

  31. Aeromexico is trash! They suck as an airline and they should work on bettering their product and service instead of meddling in a foreign countries’ affairs. Im sure Mexico would be just fine with American companies doing the same in Mexican elections.

    Mexico has very strict immigration laws and they don’t F around. So much hypocrisy from some Latinos. My wife is Mexican, my dad lives in mexico, I LOVE Mexico, but they should just stick to figuring out how to make their own country better.

    Funny how every other country has an immigration law that is followed and enforced and we are told to respect them when we go abroad, but yet, somehow America should have no border or law?

  32. How can Aeromexico talk about human respect, they treat their clients without any respect. They trick you with the air miles and the customer service is non existent. Instead of investing on adds they should invest on customer service which is horrible, specially the Premier people, they are not doing a good job representing Mexico.

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