Trump’s Immigration Ban Creates Chaos For Travelers

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Update: A Federal judge has issued a stay on part of this order, ruling that the 100-200 people currently being detained at U.S. airports cannot be sent back to their home countries. The ruling stopped short of saying travelers had to be allowed in, however, and thus effectively only applies to people currently in the U.S. As best as I can tell, travelers in transit from other countries may still be denied boarding.

Yesterday afternoon, President Trump issued an executive order immediately banning nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya from entering or transiting the United States. This is a sweeping ban, and includes not just tourists, but students, guest workers, legal immigrants, refugees, and potentially U.S. green card holders who originally came from one of these seven countries.

As there was no grace period, there are many people who boarded flights with valid documents only to be told upon landing that the law had changed and their paperwork was no longer valid. Others were denied boarding despite having valid visas when they checked in even an hour prior. U.S. lawful permanent residents with long-term visas and green cards are being detained for hours upon arrival, or are stuck in transit.

Leaving politics aside, this is a mess from a travel perspective.

Horribly, refugees who have completed the (lengthy and pervasive) vetting process are being turned away or detained. These are people who have gone through years of investigations and paperwork, and already have housing and jobs lined up in the U.S., and in some cases had family members who traveled earlier in the week that they are now separated from.

Beyond refugees, this order also impacts students and workers on visas, who may now be stranded in another country if they were outside the U.S. or in transit when this order was signed. Universities are advising their foreign students not to leave the country, and Google has recalled their staff from overseas trips.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the immigration ban “also applies to people who originally hail from those countries but are traveling on a passport issued by any other nation.” In practice, this means if someone is a dual Canadian-Iranian citizen, and was intending to travel to or transit the U.S. on their Canadian passport, they will not be allowed entry.

As written, the ban also blocks legal U.S. residents and even green card holders from re-entering the U.S. if they originated from one of the seven listed countries. There are, however, reports of green card holders being allowed entry after lengthy interrogations, so it seems authorities are scrambling with how to implement this, and experiences have been mixed. NBC reports:

The State Department and Customs and Border Patrol on Saturday were still devising the formal rules for who is eligible for waivers — such rules were not written up before the executive order was implemented.

The Trump administration also has yet to issue guidance to airports and airlines on how to implement the executive order. “Nobody has any idea what is going on,” a senior Homeland Security official told NBC News.

In addition, the order applies to both refugees who are still “in transit” and U.S. green card holders from the affected Muslim-majority countries currently overseas, a senior administration official said. Those people would also need to apply for a waiver if they want to return to America, the official added.

So you have a lot of confusion, and the fact that this was implemented on a Friday night with no notice is creating a lot of pain for travelers.

Canadian airline WestJet has issued a waiver with the following advisory:

Effective January 27, 2017, guests traveling with a passport issued from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen or Libya are prohibited from entering or transiting the United States for at least 90 days. Immigrant and Non-immigration visas issued in these passports have been revoked.

Please contact your local U.S. Embassy if you require any additional information.

WestJet is temporarily waiving the change and cancellation fee for guests who are impacted by this travel advisory:

Cancel your reservation – we’ll offer a refund for the full amount paid.
Change your destination – just pay any difference in fare. If your new itinerary costs less, we’ll give you a travel bank credit for the difference.

Air Canada is waiving change fees, but not allowing free cancellations yet:


Other airlines will likely follow, but in the meantime if you are a national of any of the seven banned countries and have upcoming travel I would start evaluating options.

Reciprocal actions

Iran has already announced it will bar entry to U.S. citizens until such time as Trump lifts his ban. This is unfortunate, as relations between Iran and the U.S. have been steadily improving, and there has even been discussion of resuming commercial flights between the two countries.

The other six countries may reciprocate as well (though I realize there isn’t a high demand for leisure travel to some of these places right now). If history is any indicator, this will only escalate and spread.

Other countries, such as those in the European Union, may also take a stand when it comes to visa reciprocity. The EU has highlighted the disparity in policies between the EU and the US before, and as this ban applies to dual-citizens of the EU and the seven countries there may be repercussions there.

Bottom line

Travel is a political act — whether that means traveling to a country to support its citizenry, or to encourage the spread of ideas, or just to support the principles of freedom of peaceful movement. All those who travel (or aspire to travel) should be horrified by the implementation of this ban, even if they for some reason agree with the merits of it. If you’ve ever traveled anywhere on the assumption that rules and regulations that were valid when you started your trip would apply at the end of it, you should be protesting this action.

People boarded flights yesterday with valid visas that were then suspended by the time they landed. Legal residents on business trips out of the U.S. won’t be able to return. Customs and Border Patrol agents weren’t given notice or clear direction, leading to even more confusion. No-notice actions are never acceptable — we complain when loyalty programs change something as petty as program terms with zero grace period, we should be livid when governments do the same.

To those immediately impacted by this order — I am so sorry. I know that doesn’t help if you’re stranded in transit or separated from your family, but I, and many others, are furious on your behalf.

  1. In my 30 years I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a US citizen. It’s just a disgrace. I’m saddened to my core by what is happening here.

  2. Leftist Tiffany,

    Trump said he was going to destroy ISIS once and for all….and he was elected, by the people, to do that. Let’s look at these countries, unlike your “NBC” #FakeNews, or Google “broadcast all beheadings with appended ads” point of view:

    Iran: The **LARGEST** State Sponsor of Terrorism. This is a fact. You said, “relations between Iran and the U.S. have been steadily improving.” No, no, no. Relations between Hussein Obama who wrote letters to the terrorist Ayatollah as if he were Santa Claus was steadily improving. Trump stopped that cold.

    Iraq: At war. This is a FACT.

    Sudan: A genocidal maniac country at war. A FACT

    Somalia: A maniac country at war. A FACT

    Syria: In a major war. A FACT

    Yemen: In a civil war, via a military coup orchestrated by Iran. A FACT

    Libya: Destroyed and currently in a major war thanks to Crooked Hillary Clinton. A FACT

    I’m sorry that wrong information has been placed inside your little head….if your brain were put in a bird, it would fly backwards. I support Trump’s executive order, it is exactly what a President should do for national security. Give it 60 days, you’ll be thanking him. Thanks.

    P.S.: The ban expires in 120 days, subject to renewal.

  3. RE: Melissa

    Please take your opinion to the curb of your double wide and leave the big people discussion to the educated. I am sure you’re quite excited to visit Mississippi next month as I heard that Jackson has a new KFC you’ve dying to try.


  4. This is going to make work fun for those of us on the ground in Airports. I wonder how this will affect flights not transiting through the US but travelling through US airspace.

  5. HEY Tiffany, we were on one of those flights… AUH- JFK. We left prior to the ban and then landed and there were issues… such a sad situation, as we had cleared US Immigration. When we landed we were told abruptly that US immigration has taken control of the aircraft and to provide our travel documentations as we exit the plane. Most of us didn’t use the wifi so we were blindsided by this. As an American citizen, we were allowed to pass through but it wasn’t until later in the lounge we learned what happened.

  6. There probably needs to be some more countries added to the list. Perhaps any country with a dry airline? In any event, Canada said they’ll take the refugees. Moreover, Hollywood said they’re going to go on strike. Surely, that will force a change!

  7. @ Melissa — If you have sources that contest how this order is creating chaos at airports and havoc for travelers, please share them.

  8. @ Melissa — Yikes, I hadn’t thought about the timing of the pre-clearance flights. So CBP met the plane at the gate?

  9. Hah so if there really are terrorists in the US at least we know who they’re gonna target. Dumbass Trump should run for his life

  10. I’m glad a U.S. President FINALLY is putting his foot down. This country is totally out of control with violence, etc. Time to get control and the only way to do that is to close the gates, figure out what the hell is going on, and then move cautiously as we proceed forward. Sorry, but times have changed and we have to adjust the way business is conducted in this country.

    And as far as Iran is concerned, are you kidding me? As a gay person, Lucky, you should know, better than anyone else, that Iran hangs gays from cranes. The only people Iran hurts are those in the U.S. who have family in Iran.

    Thanks, TRUMP, for getting tough!!

  11. Melissa,

    You are disgusting.

    Tiffany might or might not be leftist, that is no downside for her. She wrote very unpolitically, I wouldn’t have been able to do so. You have such a narrow mind and such shallow knowledge of these subjects, it is really embarrassing.

    Don’t even try to offend me over my english, at least I can engage in conversations in 4 different kinds of language. I doubt you have taken your ass out of the chair to learn anything other than the bshit you have spoken.

  12. This is beyond sickening.

    Citizens from those countries were already subject to extreme vetting, and there hasn’t been a case of a terrorist attack in the United States directly perpetrated by one of them.
    Meanwhile, citizens from other countries with known links to terrorism such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan are not banned. This certainly has nothing to do with Trump conducting lucrative business there…

    This whole thing is plain racism which only aim is to appeal to Trump’s base voters. The fact that it was effective immediately without prior notice and prevented even some permanent residents from reentering the country is pure madness.

  13. @Tiffany
    Way to speak truth to power!

    Trump is a facist and an embarrassment to the USA. I am sad about all the suffering he is perpetuating.

  14. Congrats guys. You elected a small brain/big ego in office and you got it. Of course your election system is totally rigged by Wallstreet, but we cannot change that for you, will not intervene en send planes to start bombing you because we don’t like what we see.
    Sad for those of you who would have preferred otherwise but hey, this is your form of facis….eehh, democracy.
    If it becomes more unpleasant we will tighten up immigration procedures and try to keep you as much as possible within your own wall where you can do what you want, except getting out.

  15. This is very sad and because of some bad apples now many people that have nothing to do with terrorism is suffering. Bigger issue than Trump’s actions is that people are surprised by them. He is not doing anything different than what he promised during his campaign. People knew this was coming but did nothing to avoid it. People that are today crying and whining are the ones that did nothing to avoid this. Also, for the last 8 years the US population was in lethargic mode. We had a president that was a product of the media who did nothing to unite this country. He made his own decisions, he imposed his own agenda and did not care if a huge part of the population was NOT OK with it. He didn’t care. Also, he and most of the population thought they were in auto pilot running this country and if they had a statue running for president they would win over and over again. Well, the candidate offered by them was not up to the job and the population that was not happy with the way he ran this country for 8 years spoke out. Again, we knew Trump was coming but we all thought it was a joke. We thought it would never happen. We thought the Democratic party was here to stay. Well, guess what??? So, if he is now sitting at the WH and signing whatever orders he wants there is only one person to blame: the person that ran this country for the last 8 years. BTW, it is about time for the US to wake up from the past. Why do we need 2 parties? Why do we vote for the party? Why should I be either Democrat or Republican? It is time for us to vote on the person. Not on the party. What scares me the most is that we already started the count down to the next election in now less than 4 years. And who will we have as options? More of the same? It is time for people to stop whining and hide behind a computer keyboard and rant on social media. We need good candidates for the future of this country. No matter what party they are from.

  16. Melissa.

    Germany terrorist truck attack was from Tunisia– FACT!!

    France terrorist attack in Nice was from Tunisia—FACT!!

    9/11 attack carried out by men from Saudi Arabia–FACT!!

    Brussels airport attack by men from Belgium with Moroccan decent—FACT!!

    Countries not apart of the ban–Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco—FACT!!

    If he is “fighting” against terrorism, why aren’t those countries on this list?

  17. If you’re going to report news, please attribute your statements to the appropriate news sources. It’s basic journalism.

  18. @Melissa from January 28, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Do you have nothing better to do than to offer your alternative facts?

    I dont see how this ban would help end ISIS. He’s just causing unnecessary trouble for everyone. You read like a dumb uneducated white supremacist who is alone with no one who cares about you. If you weren’t, you’d spend your time doing something else than make hateful comments on a travel blog. Also remember that Trump lost the popular vote. He’s only President because of the Electoral College system.

    I hope the ban gets lifted ASAP because there was no notice but is also not doing anything helpful.

  19. @Tiffany and @Lucky I think it may be best to disable comments on this article. This blog should be about travel and the comments I believe are becoming too political on this article.

    @Tiffany I just also want to say thanks for all you do, as you are the one who always writes about breaking news stories and you do a great job and often with little facts to go on.

  20. I’m an American first and a republican second. I’m disgusted by what has transpired in our country.

  21. A profoundly un-American stance by a profoundly un-American executive cheered by his racist, sexist, narrow-minded, xenophobic, anti-science supporters.

    The shame of our actions will follow us for decades.

  22. Would pay money to hear Melissa tell us why Saudi Arabia is not on the list.
    But you can’t fix stupid.

  23. @Kwguy

    Those countries were not on the list because Trump has business dealings there. They really do,

    The conflicts of interest grow by the day.

  24. Before this gets locked down, I would also like to thank Lucky and Tiffany. As part of a family of immigrants that has been affected by this order, we’re thankful for any support.

  25. @ Brad B — I appreciate the sentiment, but I’d like to keep the comments open. There will always be some ridiculous people, but engagement and discourse is important, and I’d like to encourage both if we can.

  26. I am having a very difficult time trying to understand this, especially when it comes to Iran.

    Iran is of no threat to the US. And thanks to President Obama, the relationship between Iran and the US was improving. Certainly, having cordial relations with Iran would have gone a long way towards stabilizing the volatile Middle East and helping combat ISIS. But Trump’s ignorant and reckless behavior has destroyed any hope of this. And I feel his actions will jeopardize the safety and security for those of us who work in the Middle East.

    I regret Iran’s decision to retaliate by banning American citizens. Iran is such a spectacular country to visit! It is a magnificent treasure trove. And the Iranians loved having American visitors; I had never encountered a more genuinely hospitable people. @Tiffany, I can very confidently say that you would love Iran.

    Trump is the Mussolini of our times; an egotistical, reactionary fool that preys on the perceived and oftentimes ignorant fears of the masses. He will, no doubt, greatly and adversely effect the everyday lives of Americans who travel, live and work overseas.

    Congressman Ruben Gallego has very openly questioned Trump’s mental health. I strongly believe we all need to hop on Gallego’s bandwagon.

  27. Thank you, Tiffany, for your excellent post, and thanks to all those attempting the unenviable task of addressing the first @Melissa’s ignorance. I hope to see this blanket ban rescinded immediately as just one more instance of “security theatre” that serves no one while burdening so many.

  28. 31 years in the military for this country, so I assume I can opine: what a sad time to be an American with such a juvenile leader.

  29. It’s amazing that people seem to think it’s easy for anyone to get a visa to come to the US. These people go through an extremely thorough vetting process. I’m not sure how Trump thinks he’s going to make it any more “extreme” than it already is.

    And to also block green card holders and legal residents is even more insane.

  30. @Tiffany It would be nice to know that Ben agrees with your observations, particularly that travel can not be separated from politics. Holding dual citizenship, whose parents immigrated from Germany, he – like most Germans his age who are my friends – should be particularly sensitive to this. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise, as Trump & Pence focused their campaign on bashing women and minorities…yet, unlike The Points Guy and Skift, during the campaign (and now) Ben remained silent. Perhaps Ben should study up on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and put ethical principles above financial success.

  31. @Tiffany, thank you for your eloquent words. My heart is immeasurably broken for my country, one that was so good to my immigrant family. Everyone deserves the same chance that my family had.

  32. Only in America once again. TG I live in beaut Australia. I reckon Trump should completely lock the gates anc keep the red neck and caravan park trash in. Who needs them visiting other countries.

  33. Tiffany,

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts, but you are out-of-bounds. This is a blog about points and miles, and you have stepped into politics. Please remove this post

  34. Congratuations america
    Very goos what u do
    Please add more country like india and pakistan and greece.
    It good to stop animals before they eat humans.
    Congratautions america.
    Congratulations melissa you nice lady
    Please come to visit me in china

  35. The UAE, Kuwait, Qatar etc. all ban refugees yet they don’t get the same amount of flack for it.
    Admittedly, this order has caused some chaos and confusion and could have been implemented better but it has been blown out of proportion by the media. Only 11 people were detained in New York airport. Out of the hundreds of thousands that travel through there.
    Also, if you read the executive order in its entirety, you will see that dual nationality citizens are not included in this ban (the Wall Street journal was intact making up that line). However, it’s highly unlikely they’ll apologise for it.
    The media has blown this out of proportion to imply that anyone foreign can’t enter the US, when really it’s only 7 countries that all have fairly high links to terrorism that are effected.
    The Executive order should have been a bit more clear on the implementation of this ban to try and ease the trasnsition but that’s easy to say in hindsight

  36. Putin must be sitting and laughing his ass off!! This is exactly what he wanted. He put the clown in the white house, and the idiot is making reckless decisions to alienate and embarrass the USA in the international community under a false misguided ambition of America first . This is going to make certain countries form unnecessary alliances backed by Russia’s CIA . Omg this is getting so bad so early already.

  37. Trump and his supporters have two glaring commonalities

    1. I have yet to come across anything they say that can stand up to the most basic levels of intellectual scrutiny.
    2. Their speeches and online posts are generally marred with spelling and other grammatical errors.

    Forget policy or understanding nuance, these people cannot even bring themselves to master the basics of English. This is ironic since so many of them argue that we should not entertain Spanish or other languages since “this is America.” I guess we are stuck with the English of the barely educated and ignorant.

    They are so easy to bait that a post that did not need to be political–it was about chaos and confusion at the airports–becomes immediate fodder for dumb comments and a stage for them to once again show off their ignorance and stupidity.

    @Melissa is a special breed of uneducated who in all honestly probably could not find Yemen on a map (hint: its the one on the left). In your small mind, I guess you have concluded that you can wake up and fly from Mogadishu (that is the capital of Somalia btw) and roll into JFK that afternoon. Hint, it really does not work that way. It is going to suck that the nonstop from Damascus (save a google search, its the capital of Syria) to IAD will likely be canceled. I could go on, but I recon that those of us with some basic sense get the point.

    I have tried to be more open and understanding in the wake of this election and have read about the plight and general profile of the Trump voter. I agree that neoliberal economics do not raise all boats as proponents long suggested. I was even dumb enough to listen when pundits from all sides said “give him a chance.” It has been a week and I have had enough.

    I come here to learn about good value when it comes to awards and to read trip reports. I am well aware that my small rant is useless and probably counterproductive–I really do not care. Trump’s America is pretty shitty and it has only been a week. I cannot wait to plan my next trip and get away from it all. The worst part will be explaining what has happened in America.

  38. Truly the best thing donald trump has done so far. An excellent fuhrer who will go along way in restoring peace and serenity in the global war on terror.
    I look forward to the day when i van visit ccanaa and the likes and feel safe from extremists muslims.
    Great idea to ban immediately.
    I feel safer already. For the first time in eight years i slept with front door open last night to enjoy the cool Mississippi breeze.
    Lets make amaerica great again

  39. To: Tim, Melissa, et al

    Get off your high horses !!! This is not YOUR blog, anymore than it is mine.

    Don’t like whyat these folk post on THEIR blog, then just move along… #UGH #ByeFelicia

  40. The reality is that Melissa has a very good point to consider. The mere pointing out of facts is necessary. To call one uneducated and a double wide resident only emphasizes how ignorance dominates facts.

    Consider parents that have lost their children in the armed services. Consider the reality that these countries are breeding terrorists. Consider he may have more facts than the general public. Consider that if he had not made an immediate order that countries could have sent hundreds to the US and waited for terrorist instructions while we give them some sort of grace period.

    As an educated business man and owning a substantial home, I can say I support our nation’s sovereignty, our borders, and opposing anyone who threatens them. There are considerable foes who want a permeable border and loose immigration which will allow a significant threat we have yet to see raise its ugly head.

    If the article was composed to start this dialogue, then I’ll easily remove myself from its following. I think it’s in poor taste, aside from reporting facts.

  41. Tiffany your comments are completely appropriate.

    Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camp had words that I encourage everyone to read.

    “The New Colossus” on the Status of Liberty also offers us guidance as to the principles for how American can and should lead the world by being honorable and generous.

    Mister Trump needs some reading homework, or he needs to learn to read.

  42. @ tim — I appreciate the support, and the perspective, but disagree that this is “out-of-bounds” in any way for a site that writes about travel. This is something that impacts people coming to and transiting through the United States, and is well within our purview.

    When other countries change their visa and entrance policies, we write about those too:


    And I think that regardless of politics, we can all agree that this was not implemented thoughtfully. It’s placing CBP and airline agents in a difficult position, if nothing else. Heck, one of our readers above was on a pre-cleared flight from Abu Dhabi that had to be re-screened upon arrival!

  43. The 9/11 attacks, which were mentioned in the executive order, were perpetrated by individuals from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt are not part of the executive order’s list of countries.

    Trump’s companies do business in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

    Food for thought.

  44. if only 1 terrorist is “inconvenienced”, is it not all worth it- if it was your family member he, or she, was coming to slay?

  45. US is a shitty country which spent 7 years and $6 trillion in Iraq, only to establish ISIS and get their ass out. Nothing more than this can be expected from them.

    Iran Air and Iraqi Airways have over $10 billion worth of orders from Boeing. They stand cancelled.

  46. I am interested in how this played out on the pre-clearance flights. Aren’t you technically in the United States sovereign terrritory once you ore-clear customs in a foreign country? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it follow that anyone who precleared before the order would already be in the US and would not be held up by the order? It seems like that’s not how it played out.

  47. Unfortunately these things were handed out like candy in the past. The cleanup will be messy and affect a few people, but looks like it’s mostly angering liberals who will never be affected by this. Sovereign countries can and do cancel visas for many reasons. YUGE surprise, Trump has been saying he’ll implement this for a long time, people voted for him. He became president. Australia, Canada and U.K. have cancelled or refused to issue visas to speakers because they didn’t like the message (search Roosh visa cancellation). We won’t lose much economically as we don’t trade much with these countries. Tourists, if any, won’t spend much from these poor countries. And very few Americans would ever want to go to these countries.

    Seems like the biggest complaint here is that this ban doesn’t include other countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Hopefully the ban is expanded, there’s certainly political support for it. But we trade more with these nations. Saudi Arabia is the silliest proposal I hear from Trump opponents. You do remember we import tons of oil from SA, don’t you? And they buy lots of military gear. And we have a deep intelligence partnership since 9/11? And very few people from SA would ever want to settle here, given their generous welfare benefits and extreme conservative culture of most Saudi Arabians.

  48. Folks… Stop the name calling. Thats totally uncalled for. We can disagree with respect. This goes to both sides here.

  49. Here is what I am looking forward to from trump:

    * Complete abortion ban
    * Complete immunity to cops to shoot people in street

    I hope he throws in denial of suffrage to women.

    And Anything else the republican nazis haven’t thought of yet.

    As I have said before, the smug liberals that didn’t vote and the low iq trump supporters are getting what they deserve. And finally the lap poodle Obama looks worse everyday. Trump changed more in 7 days than Obama did in 8 years, only because obama had no fight in him. He was handed everything to him because he is black.

    Liberals, next time elect a ‘fighter’ not what is PC to make a class of voters feel better. See what disaster it results in.

  50. The point is, this was announced with no warning at all. Not like one day’s notice even. So people who boarded a flight with all their documents checked and perfectly, truly, legitimately in order landed and got detained! Or even sent back. Come on, you can’t agree with how this was done.

  51. With due respect, ANYONE can please tell how many were impacted(injured/killed…) in the US by the people from these countries in the name of terrorism.

    At the same time, tell how many (you might lose track of numbers) were impacted by gun violence in the US. Especially innocent kids in school shootings.. Are they going to be deported to a place a human cant live?

    What ACTIVE measure this or any government can take to curb these mass killings from happening. ANYONE with a clear conscience cannot disagree that the problem lies within the US…

    Moreover NOBODY within their rights can say NO to people coming into US legally as it clearly violates the principle and basic constitution this country was built…

    Many people’s proud to be president migrated from germany and his strong supporter Rudy migrated to this country and his father had a long list of criminal charges… If his family was deported, then he had a ZERO chance of living the american dream…

  52. Poor babies trying to come here and live of the US workers.

    I hope they add Afghanistan and Pakistan and the other Crapistans too, until we can figure out how to vet the potential terrorists.

  53. If you are outraged by any of this call your congressperson and complain. If enough people do this, it will get results.

  54. @Tom no it won’t…they should have voted. As someone who is politically in the middle ( I think both parties make valid arguements on different issues) I am rather enjoying the extreme comments on both sides. Makes for good entertainment.

  55. @Tiffany, while I do not agree with you’re politics, I appreciate that you posted the article and think it’s appropriate for the site. Whenever divisive topics come up, whether it be US politics or Israel in general, there’s always people who feel strongly on both sides and are not afraid to make their opinions known.

    I personally support Trump in general, but think the way this ban was implemented was quite bad indeed.

    With hope next week will bring either clarification, modification or renunciation of the ban as it exists today.

    Keep up the good work!

  56. Don’t forget, the real enemy behind the orange clown, Steve Bannon. The fact that this guy has Trump’s ear and seems to wield a ton of influence in the oval office is very scary, as we are seeing.

  57. Dear Trump Supporters,

    Please move to a country that has a long tradition of an autocratic dictator like North Korea with Kim Jong Un, or Russia with Putin. The USA has been a beacon of democracy and civil rights to the world for centuries. Don’t ruin it!

  58. It seems legal residents can’t return?

    Thus if you are domiciled and employed in the USA with a family , Trump is ordering that the doors are closed

    You paid your taxes and you have a family here. You are not welcome anymore.

    Therefore I ask what would you do if placed in this position?

    For example flying from Dubai to Chicago via London.

    On arrival in London you are in transit and have a document check only to be told you can’t fly to Chicago

    You may not be able to enter the UK because you might need a visa. You had no plan to stay in the UK anyhow as it was just a transit point. Even if you could, you can only stay a certain number of days

    You were on a business trip to Dubai so can’t be sent back there

    That’s frightening !

    Just think of an orchestra on tour, or a mother or father going to visit a sick relative

    Are they all going to end up like Tom Hanks in ” The Terminal”?!

    Presently Europeans have to apply for an ESTA under the visa waiver programme and pay a fee
    Yet Americans don’t when they visit Europe.

    In less than one week Trump has antagonised everyone, as was expected

    I doubt he comprehends the knock on affect for the tourist industry alone

    On a personal level I’ve been dozens of times
    There are so many great things in the US but I am having second thoughts

    Working for a multinational company with a major US partner this has been the significant topic of conversation. Most of my colleagues say they would not visit the US

    I am aware of fairly recent immigrants in the USA who are now pretty scared

    Trump wants to bring jobs back to America
    yet this policy alone may cause to airlines to reduce schedules

    Each flight generates revenue inbound business and tourism
    and employs local staff. Service reduction results in job losses, hotel rooms cancelled and so forth

    In a nutshell, Trump is telling the rest of the world you are not welcome

    ” give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breath free”

  59. Do Americans even know that there were ZERO terrorist acts on US soil by Iranian citizens (or ex-refugees from Iran) in the past 30 years and that Iran did much more to fight ISIS that US did ? Do Americans even know about Shias ans Sunnis ? Which one on is ISIS and which one is Iran ? I guess 99% dont have a clue. Ignorance is a bliss. .

  60. The big unknown is what will happen to those who are allowed to ‘stay.’ That hasn’t been clarified, nor does that mean they can go home. The domestic detention centers are awfull. So will we have Google or Microsoft senior execs in detention centers as their situation is clarified???

  61. One peculiar thing about laws, executive orders, doors, walls or other such barriers that are designed to keep people out is that they simultaneously also lock in and isolate the persons who erect such barriers! So, if Trump’s xenophobia continues unchecked and unabated, Americans need to prepare themselves to becoming the ones who are isolated and alienated from the rest of the world.

    BTW, have those who voted for this mad man begun to experience “buyer’s remorse” yet?

  62. Disgraceful. It goes against everything the US stands for: fairness, decency, justice, equality, opportunity. A sad day.

  63. @Icarus

    Valid points. I would love to see visa requirements for US citizens being rolled out, including extra security checks etc.

  64. As german I always wondered how the generation of my great grand parents could elect Hitler and fall for his lies.

    In 2017 I learned that facts don’t matter anymore and how 1933 was possible.

    Fingers crossed something can work out for all those living in the US abd currently traveling outside who are affected.

    @Lucky: Guess thatmean Iran is off the travel list

  65. If you hate Trump globalization has worked out well for you… If you love Trump globalization hasn’t worked out well for you. For those who have made successful careers in this “new” global economy (OMAT writers) the burden is on you to help others benefit. Otherwise Trump will win in a landslide 2020!

  66. @Maddy has got it right. Look inwards first, before confirming what a lot of the rest of the outside world thinks…. Trump needs to get his own house in order before closing the doors to the world. A little too much misguided sabre rattling and throwing the toys out of the cot…

  67. People who compare Trump to Hitler are as dumb as people who compare Obama to Stalin. Just saying. I don’t like Trump but come on seriously?

  68. @tiffany
    Yes, when we landed the captain turned off the seat belt sign and then we waited a few minutes then announced that immigration has taken control of the plane.. and we had to provide our travel documents.. we were then met at the gate.. we didn’t realize what was going on until later.. I can’t wrap my head around how someone can do pre-clearance and then be told you can’t enter when you arrive… just sad.

  69. The utter ignorance anc stupidity in this thread by folks like @Melissa and @david is utterly astounding. This is one of the most shameful acts in US history and the fact that there are people out there that are so ignorant to support this … wow.

  70. I think Trump should ban all american citizens from entering the US, as history has shown that most terrorist attacks and mass murders in the US has been committed by… americans.

  71. @Charles S
    Who said that these people didn’t vote? More people voted against Trump than for him. He won by a slim margin in a few states. There has been this sentiment in the last few weeks that people protesting trump are people who didn’t show up at the polls, but that is not true at all.
    Calling your congressperson and showing up to town halls does work. Look at the rise of the Tea Party and the 2010 midterms. Trump is activating a whole generation of people who voted, but were not politically active otherwise as well as people who didn’t vote in the past. Trump barely won and he doesn’t have the popular mandate he thinks he does. The pendulum will quickly swing back.

  72. hehehhehe that’s what you get when your only two choices are a woman mass murderer of children by bombing Serbia and other countries and a total jerk who easily won this once Bernie was out of race, Clintons are devils in almost human bodies, Trump is total moron but never killed nobody let alone a child. Greeting from so much bombed Serbia I wish someone bombs US just for you to loose a family member and see how it is, and I wish the truth will now come out how US is really the biggest agresor of today’s time, enjoy in what you’ve been cooking for the world last 20 or so years.

  73. It’s so easy to avoid having a nightmare like this at US-immigration. Just don’t go there.There are so many nice places around the globe.

  74. My next trip is to Iran. Why would anyone in their right minds go to US now. This so called president has major issues. God bless you all as you’ll need it.

  75. All these libs losing their minds… smh. I’ve disliked Trump since his “you’re fired” days, but this is actually a sane move. Time is needed to take stock of our vetting system (a system developed under the feckless Obama administration).

    One would think an order had just been given to intern every Muslim in America. Grow up.

  76. I just love how americans spread war all over the world now they have it in there own front yard.

    Courtesy of yo all Americans

  77. Excellent post. For those who demanded the removal of this post, please do us a favor – jump off a cliff.

  78. When your president is THAT dumb. I mean I get that 9/11 happened and ever since everyone has been terrified of a repetition, but ton’t go all hate to Middle Easterns or Muslims or whatever. And IMO at least ask the other side before building a wall. If I was American, I would go up to Canada for the next 4 years. You can’t just ban a whole country of entering a country (even for vacation). The next President better undo everything Trump has, and will do until he leaves. And for the record Clinton would suck about as much (just trying to avoid a fight here).

  79. @ Nikolaus

    Absolutely. For holidays the US has always been off my radar screen for exactly that reason. For business trips I had to do short visits once in a while. I have now concluded there will be no business reason that justifies me visiting that country anymore. For my trips to Central and South America I will avoid the transit experience as well and bypass the US.

  80. Ben, realize it – you and all your liberal friends have lost this battle.

    All the lies from the Mainstream Media did not help Hillary. One or two biased articles will also not change it now.

    You have lost.

    But don’t lose this blog too. People are fed up about political and biased article on your blog.

    Do what you do best – review airlines and hotels, but stay away from politics or people will leave.

    You can be a liberal in your dream world, talk about it all night with your boyfriend, but don’t bother to publish it online.

    Trump will save the United States of America from further degradation!

    Be a proud American or go to Germany, your secomd home country. There are enough cucks who can’t wait to destroy Germany fast enough with all the immigrants.

  81. @Tom…understand what you are saying but if you look at any election data you will realize that the democratic base did not come out and vote. That’s not something made up. And they usually don’t during midterms either. For each call you make there is another from the opposite point of view. But regardless of what you are saying, Republicans control all branches of government. Technically Trump is doing what he said he would ( I Don’t think it’s a good thing). Do you really think that a Republican controlled congress would go against Trump on this? If so you are not as smart as I thought.

  82. I do feel sorry for Americans like Alex (first commenter). It’s a deeply embarrassing time for America.

    But, of course, I feel sorriest for the innocent people caught up in this (and that’s the overwhelming majority of people). I think of a hard-working student who’s overcome tremendous odds and is studying in the US. Now he or she can’t leave, or even worse if they happened to be out of the country they now can’t resume their studies.

    No doubt history will judge this a deeply shameful moment …

  83. I think for all of us the repercussions of this are only going to trickle down. First and rightfully so I hope that more protestors begin to occupy airports around the country so as to bring air travel to a halt. Nothing like chaos at the airports and our system of travel in the US to open the eyes of this tyrant and his wielders. While causing us a lot of issues as regular flyers it is a cost worth paying and I am planning on joining in myself. And for the haters…no, I am not leftist thinking. I am a moderate who has become ashamed and frightened of the actions of a deranged leader.

    As well, we should all prepare to recieve extra scrutiny at airport customs around the world as a “revenge” tactic by countries who are justifiably appalled at this action. Even in Europe I am expecting customs agents to begin profiling Americans and harassing them with baggage searches just “for fun.”

  84. Something is factually wrong in your article, Tiffany. You seem to imply that having a visa is permission to enter the US. That is incorrect. As clearly stated on the Department of State website:

    A visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to a U.S. port-of-entry (generally an airport) and request permission to enter the United States. A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the port-of-entry have authority to permit or deny admission to the United States.

    Just because these individuals had valid visas, does not mean that they were guaranteed entry into the United States.

  85. All of these countries, and especially Iran should respond in the manner that the US elite understand, IE, the language of money.

    Boycott all American products, cancel all Boeing orders, cancel all infrastructure contracts to American companies.

  86. This is beyond sickening. How dare Mr. Trump inconvenience these travelers by prioritizing the safety of the American people.

  87. While I agree this issue is very contentious and Americans are probably split in 2 polarized factions, right along the blue/red lines; those severely against letting these people come in – were they AWARE we are bombing 5 of those 7 countries, and have killed a HUGE number of people in those countries? If they were aware, did they protest with the Obama Administration?

    Is this protest really against the act itself, or against a President elect from a party not their own? Because killing some of these folks is WAY worse than denying them access to our borders.
    Just curious.

  88. Calm down folks, the order is temporary.
    It probably should have more countries on the list to meet its objective. This may just be an initial trial.
    There certainly should have been more notice so people can plan around it but Trump said he would do this during his campaign, he was fairly specific.
    The visa process is a mess and full of holes. It should be scaled back until it is put more in order. I can’t wait for all of you to cry about the new exit immigration coming to Americas airports. Have you read about that?
    The biggest thing I am concerned about is the disruption the protests are having at the airports. This impacts far more people and is unjustified to hurt all travellers. They can protest elsewhere where the rules are made, not enforced.

  89. Are the protests against these actions really protest against these actions, or against a President from the ‘other’ party?
    Because I do not remember anyone protesting when our military was killing a bunch of people in 5 of these 7 countries the last decade or more.

    Our country is in a mess, because of the extremes on both sides of blue/red, Dem/Repub, Conservative/Liberal.
    Where are the moderate voices that react based on the issue itself, and not whether the party that is acting is ours/theirs?

  90. @Elijah

    Nuclear fallout crosses over borders. Don’t count yourself immune to what Trump does. We are all screwed!

    The latest news, Trump will make another executive order asking all travelers to reveal ALL the information on their smart phones as to websites, contacts, etc; or risk being turned away.

  91. Oh bummer I can’t beleive Iran is banning Americans. I guess I’ll have to go somewhere crappy now for vacation.

  92. The outrage is comical in that it’s only done because it supports a certain anti-trump narrative but refuses to focus on the details of a temporary ban and the fact that the visa process is in need of a complete overhaul

    As a moderate the disruptions being caused at local airports by the same occupy Wall Street nutters is the real issue

  93. America first! Safety first ! All this super emotional “sympathy” for others has got to go. We need to take care of our Vets and homeless first. 21 trillion in debt is a reality. Those who manage this website need to stop making things political and start acting more professional

  94. Your Mr. President is still running his election campaign and he has no understanding at all, how international terrorism is working. 9/11 was done by people from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Orlando last year by an American from New York. This is not about borders or nationality or even religion. The recent immigration ban is a perfect gift to ISIS, giving them a new reason, why they have to continue their fight against the western civilisation.

  95. On both sides of this discussion people are emotive to the point of rudeness and distraction.
    I agree this blog now enters the realm of politics and it should not be the case.
    Lucky, gets the heck out of the political arena and get back to writing about flying experiences.
    You may just find that your sponsors will pull their support.
    If you start hitting out against the administration, directly or indirectly your business life will likely be turned upside down, either by loss of readers or attacked by overwhelming numbers of trolls or both.

  96. Stefan

    Continuing to operate out of fear of ISIS is coming from a position of weakness and does not work. Out vetting process during Obama was a catastrophic joke. Orlando was inspired by ISIS and have you forgotten about San Bernadino ? A good number of these immigrants espouse an ideology that is intolerant to Western values. Such an ideology is firmly entrenched in their belief system and is immune to assimilation. If you don’t believe me, just look at the United Kingdom and France where there are many communities have such people who have lived there for decades and have not assimilated in the least. Safety first America first

  97. Great job by Trump by reversing the open door from the past 8 years. USA can finally determine who comes here, and for what purpose. It’s great for the security and economy, inconvenience for foreigners? Who cares?

  98. Nice article. Thank you for putting it up and drawing our attention to the situation. You have a lot of patience to write such an article and you have a lot of courage to post it.

  99. Hey Folks, President Obama, yes, Obama had a similar temporary ban of citizens from Iraq to the United States, somehow this never received much attention or outrage, we all survived that and we will also survive this….

  100. Thanks everyone for keeping this mostly civil overnight. I’m impressed by that, and this readership in general. A couple of thoughts:

    • I don’t believe this is, or should be, a partisan issue. All Americans should decry decrees made by fiat — we have systems and processes and checks and balances in this country for reasons. If the White House truly has intelligence that people from these seven countries specifically are an immediate threat, it is their prerogative and responsibility to do something about it. But they should still involve and follow the recommendations of the Department of Justice, the State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security. Language should be specific, and implementation directives should be clear. Questions like “what about green card holders?” and “what about people in transit?” and “what about people who are already here on work/student visas?” should have specific answers, vetted by lawyers, and everyone should be on the same page. That would have avoided almost all the chaos yesterday, and is basic governance.

    • Discussing refugee levels should be able to be done without anyone on either side getting the vapors. Ditto for refining visa processes, strengthening border controls, or otherwise exercising national sovereignty.

    • Banning populations of entire nations based on their place of birth lacks nuance, and comes across as capricious.

    • Because Americans have so much freedom of movement, it seems some people think that’s true for people coming here. We leave countries, show our passports in other countries, and there’s rarely paperwork. The same thing is not true for people coming here. There is a lot of advanced screening and paperwork for people from most countries. One could argue that having an even more thorough process would be in the best interest of national security, and that’s probably true, but it’s not like if there had been an announcement Friday that said “effective Feb 1st _____” that the country would have been flooded with people from these countries. It just doesn’t work like that.

    One of the things that is missing in America is rational agreement on common-sense topics. Rather than saying “yes, these are all true facts. Now what do we do about them?” people have been losing their minds and disputing reality. That’s not helpful.

    So I really appreciate that the conversation here has been mostly fact-based. We all love travel, so we already have one thing that unites us. If we can keep engaging respectfully and thoughtfully on topics that impact travel, even if they’re controversial, I think we’ll all be better for it. Thanks guys.

  101. ” No-notice actions are never acceptable”
    “All Americans should decry decrees made by fiat”


    Where have you been for the past 8 years of President “I have a pen and a phone”?, many of whose “executive actions” made by fiat have been overturned by the Courts as unconstitutional, with many more placed on hold as the court cases still proceed.?

    Please post of link to your posts angrily protesting Obama’s no notice orders by “fiat”…

    From the Washington Post article Obama On Executive Actions: ‘I’ve Got A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone’

    ““We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” Obama said Tuesday”

    “Obama continued: ”And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions”

    “The approach has strong echoes of Obama’s 2012 “We can’t wait” campaign that sought to depict Obama as an impatient executive in the face of inaction from Congress, particularly in the Republican-controlled House.”

    Please post a link to where you angrily protested that…

    From ABC News “Exclusive: US May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees”

    “Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said”.

    All Iraqis banned for 6 months, with no notice, including those whose lives were endangered from having aided US troops, some of who were indeed murdered due to this no notice rule by fiat.

    Please post a link to where you angrily protested that…

    From the very “Liberal” Washington Post: “Obama’s cruel policy reversal on Cuban refugees”

    “For some fifty years, the US has had a policy of welcoming refugees fleeing the brutal communist dictatorship in Cuba. In the 1990s, the policy was changed to “wetfoot, dryfoot,” under which Cubans who succeeded in reaching the United States would be allowed to stay, but those unfortunate enough to be caught at sea were barred. On Thursday, President Obama ended the wetfoot, dryfoot policy and made Cuban refugees “subject to removal,” like undocumented migrants from other countries.”

    “President Obama and the US government are not responsible for the oppression that Cuban refugees are fleeing. But they are responsible for using force to compel refugees to return to a nation where further oppression is likely to be their lot. Such action makes the US government partially complicit in the injustice perpetrated by the Cuban regime.”

    Again, by that arbitrary fiat you claim to abhor, Obama with no notice at all, suddenly ordered that Cuban refugees that had left Cuba days earlier in dangerous unseaworthy boats, and unlike the thousands who have died trying, managed to get here safely, were told they got here one day late, and would now be sent back to be punished by the Communist country of Cuba for the crime of trying to escape that “workers paradise” (sic).

    When has there ever been a Terrorist attack in the US by a Cuban immigrant?

    Please post a link to the post where you angrily protested Obama doing this “with no notice” by “fiat”….

    There is a saying “if it wasn’t for double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all”, but I’m sure that doesn’t apply to you. So I’m looking forward to reading those past posts of yours that I somehow missed at the time you posted them… 😉

  102. @ Robert Hanson — You are one of my favorite commenters, and our pre-Trump politics were likely aligned in many ways. But none of the examples you’ve mentioned relate to travel, and even if they did, most of them pre-date my having a byline here. 😉

  103. Robert is right on…it’s like how the democrats passed reconciliation and now they are not happy about it since it’s harder for them to stop republicans. Again I don’t agree with the executive order, but I feel as though it is constitutional. For those of you saying it is unconstitutional please tell us why. Government can provide for a common defense and honestly since this is a 90 day order it to me falls under the Execuitve branch authority. I love the examples Robert provides as well, especially Obama ending Cuban policies to try to appease Cuba. The reason no one ever has serious discussions about issues in this country is because you have people who call you racist if you are a republican and a communist if you are a liberal. That’s what I am most tired of. To my liberal friends, where is your outrage over the murders in Chicago where the vast majority of the murders were black on black violence. I actually saw outrage when an “armed” black man was shot by police. The news was trying to make a big deal out of it. Put yourself in the cops shoes. Are they supposed to wait until they get shot and then shoot back? Now should we continue to investigate the crimes that a small percentage of cops commit…yes. To my conservative friends, where is you compassion for the orphans from Syria. I mean the US at the vary least has contributed to the situation with ISIS. I am not crazy so unlike some people I won’t say we created it. Should we look at tougher immigration policy or at least a thorough review, yes. But should we allow green card holders back in…I mean come on make a legitimate arguement why we shouldn’t cause I don’t think you can. Unless there was a imminent threat to the US ( which there isn’t because the alert level has not been raised) this was not handled correctly. We have all kinds of real problems to deal with in this country ( spending is out of control, even though jobs have been created pay is super low, education). I will tell the same thing I told my super conservative friends after Obama won, protest peacefully if you want, but if you want to talk bad about other Americans or protest violently just leave. Every election people threaten to move to Canada…just do it already. If the shame of being an American is just too great we don’t want you. Hopefully we get this resolved because I would rather have 10,000 Syrian refugees who will be glad to be here then 10,000 people who have 0 Amercian pride. So if democrats are upset now about the election that’s fine. But instead of complaining about it, do something about it Get you base for 2020 with a better candidate. Figure out how to mobilize your base for the midterms (something democrats struggle with). I mean when you run a criminal vs a brash a-hole someone had to win. Real brief on the criminal thing since I am sure someone will challenge it. I was in the military. If I sent classified information to/from my personal email I would be in jail. Doesn’t matter the intent of me using the information. Intent is irrelevant when dealing with classified information…well unless you are a well connected politician. People have focused about Trumps business dealings overseas what about Clinton’s foundation dealings overseas. Sorry I know the end was more anti-Clinton than balanced, but as a moderate I couldn’t stand her since she came across as dishonest. Ironically enough she probably was the moderate candidate, she lost me when she started to pretend to be some progressive champion.

  104. Trump is doing what he promised during the election and people voted for him. This
    should not be a surprise to many.

  105. @Jen,

    Even though he legitimately won the election, he did not have the support of most American people. He won on the basis of approximately 80,000 votes spread throughout MI, PA, and WI. He needs to realize that even though he won, he has to answer to those of us who are among the majority of Americans who did not vote for him (especially those of us who are among the plurality of Americans who voted for Clinton or someone else). We are going to continue to make sure he hears our voices loud and clear, to make sure he ceases to operate in abject disdain of the Constitution, and to remind him that most real Americans stand united against him.

  106. Tiffany: Thanks for the nice words, and I didn’t realize you weren’t posting here in 2015 when Obama came up with the list of 7 countries to get extra screening that Trump is using now. But you were surely here when Obama banned Cuban refugees in the first week of Jan, 2017.

    The other part has me really confused. Trump banning Iraqi immigrants for 4 months relates to “travel”, and Obama banning Iraqi immigration for 6 months doesn’t? Immigrants coming here by plane is travel, but Cubans coming here by boat is what if not “travel”? Or was your entire post just about “tourists”? How many tourists are there wanting to go to Disneyland from Yemen and Syria anyway?

    Sorry, but there seems to be a serious set of double standards here. Obama said Cubans have to be treated the same as illegals from other countries. But when it’s brown skinned Mexicans and Central Americans, they do “catch and release”. They give them a court date, and turn them loose. When its mostly black Cubans, they now send them straight back, knowing full well they will by punished by the Cuban Dictatorship for trying to escape. A very strange decision by the “First Black President” indeed. .

    Seems to me it’s a matter of pro-Obama folks not caring what Obama did, and screaming blood murder when Trump does something quite similar. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it seems quite hypocritical to me. IMHO…

    I do a pretty good job of keeping up with the news, and not only did I see no mass protests over deporting Cubans, I didn’t see a single article of protest from Left or Right, Dem or Reb.

  107. Of course a Melissa comes along and goes off the rails on having an open discussion. No thanks for her personal misguided judgements and “facts.” We’re so much more enlightened now. Not.

  108. I hope people understand that this extends far beyond politics. This executive order hurts the wrong people. People who play by the rules and who put their trust into the USA and into the fact that the USA are predictable and follow the rule of law. People who hold a valid visa or even greencard and who have done nothing wrong are denied entry into the US, simply because they happen to hold the wrong citizenship. Had they not left this country, maybe for a vacation, maybe for a business trip, they could continue to live here peacefully and contribute to society.

    Please understand that this is not only extremely unfair to these people, it is also very damaging to the US.

    I am myself a citizen from a European country and live in the US on an investor visa. I have invested over $ 2 million and created over 50 jobs. I have always played by the rules that the USA set and I fully expect the US to play by the rules as well. Luckily, this executive order did not affect me. But there was a reason I wanted to come to the US with my family and start a business here and not elsewhere. It was not only because I love this country and its people, but also because I knew it was safe. Guided by old democratic principles and the rule of law, immune to corruption or the erratic behavior of a tyrant.

    This is not about politics, about whether you like Trump or not. Even if you love Trump, you should understand that this was a great mistake which will cause enormous damage to the US long term. Every investor and every brilliant mind looking for a job in Silicon Valley will now think twice if they want to come here. This executive order will kill more jobs than anything else.

  109. @ Robert Hanson — Perhaps because the situations and circumstances are different if you look beyond the headlines:

    1) Obama’s list of “countries of concern” mandated additional screening, and added restrictions on Visa Waiver Program travel for those individuals who had visited the countries after a given date. It wasn’t based on nationality, and didn’t include a sweeping ban that encompassed permanent lawful residents of the U.S.

    2) Suspending visa interviews and approvals for a country for a period of time because you don’t have the resources or intelligence to adequately screen is (again) different. That order didn’t leave people stranded in airports or foreign countries. If the Trump Administration had said “hey, we’re suspending the Syrian refugee program for x months while we look over the screening procedures because we have information that suggests it’s not being done properly” that would have still been sad, but you wouldn’t have read about it here, and I doubt you’d be seeing these kinds of protests.

    3) Immigration policy should not be conflated with refugee resettlement policy. And both are separate from people coming to the U.S. on tourist/student/work visas. And people who have lived here for decades and have gone through the process to have green cards or on track for citizenship are again different. As a country we have to start looking at things (and people) complexly. A Friday-night decree that lacks this nuance and doesn’t provide the people responsible for enforcing it with any direction creates chaos and should be justly criticized.

    4) Regardless of whether or not I agree with it, deciding that Cubans would be considered as “immigrants” not “refugees” is within the purview of the President. And not something that impacted the “normal” movement of people between the two countries, and thus not relevant to what we do here. If you want to talk about how every Executive branch of my lifetime has selectively and arbitrarily enforced immigration law we’re going to need a bottle of scotch and several hours.

    Recommended reading (from someone who is far to the right of you on security issues):

    I get what you’re saying, I really do, but I don’t think it’s fair to say “but you did/didn’t publicly condemn x, so how dare you/why aren’t you speaking out on y?!?” If we apply that standard then Trump supporters should be crying for his arrest due to his use of an unsecured phone and his teams’ use of private email accounts. But I’m sure we agree that’s ridiculous…

  110. Has everyone forgotten Operation Desert Storm, the Iraq War, false reports of yellowcake uranium, “shock and awe,” weapons of mass destruction, Valerie Plame, the war in Afghanistan, the hunt for Saddam Hussein?
    I haven’t read every comment, but I have read many. Most sound like they believe:
    1. the U.S. is some long-suffering blameless victim nation
    2. these problems began with the Obama administration
    3. and, those awful Muslims have suddenly decided to pick up and move to greener pastures, destroying the pastures as they arrive.
    There seems to be so little understanding, knowledge and awareness. This is not even to mention how damned little compassion there is. Not whining, compassion.
    SuperVC10: the United States became so “mean” when it became so poorly educated on a broad scale.
    And, it got “mean”er as our politics turned into trench warfare.

  111. Tiffany, take your robe and hood and continue pleading the KKK’S stance. You and every white supremacist agree

  112. Trump is the greatest president in the history of the United States. Does anyone remember the morning of September 11th ? I do. It was the most picturesque beautiful morning ever. Then all of a sudden BAM ! Muslim terrorists with student visas hijacked planes and attacked us. They shouldn’t have been here in the first place. No one saw that coming. Never forget. Never again. America is the most powerful country in the world. I have never been more proud to be an American than I am today .

  113. I am urging a boycott of this site and sending the threads to every gay media outlet in the country

  114. @ Justin
    We are not talking about people from these countries who are unknown to the US authorities , who just seek entry.
    This executive order affects people who have been living here peacefully and legally for years, even decades. Who may own houses and/or businesses here. Who add to the tax base of this contry. And then, from one second to another, they are denied entry to the country they live in, the country where their life is.
    And you are proud of that? Really?

  115. @Lars Yes. I don’t care about peoples feelings. These people don’t pay my rent and bills. I work 7 days a week .

    I drove an Iranian businessman home from the airport last night and when we got to his house his family was out in the streets waiting for him. He made it .

  116. @Justin
    I hope that President Trump will help you make your life better. Maybe this would help you develop some empathy for others.
    And I certainly hope for all of us that we will never be in a situation where an unpredictable and arbitrary decision by a government can ruin our lives. To me it was unthinkable that it could be the United States doing this to its lawful residents.

  117. Wonder of wonders…RT the Russian propaganda channel, has been referenced here as….news…
    I have ‘experienced’ mellisa’s rants twice in the last week, does she ever work, or leave her trailer ? guess that is why she favors thrump, wants her own ‘entitlements’

  118. Here’s the irony – the single biggest terrorist nation on this planet, by any reasonable definition of terrorism, in aggregate since 1955, has been USA. Closely followed by UK and Israel.

  119. @Robert Hanson

    As far as your comments about Cuba go, Obama’s decision was absolutely the correct one, given his administration’s wise moves to normalize relations with Cuba.

    Cubans had previously had a far more lenient immigration policy than any other nation. That made sense when it was very difficult for Cubans to travel, especially to the US, since we pretty much made that impossible, but if we were going to normalize our relationship with Cuba, our wet foot/dry foot policy no longer made any sense and would not be fair given that most people from other countries from Mexico to Iraq to India have practically no real pathway to legally emigrate here at this point. He couldn’t normalize relations with Cuba to the extent he did and leave office with our exceptionally tolerant immigration policy for Cubans in place. It simply would not have made sense.

  120. While there is a great deal of online shouting about what “should be” there maybe ought to be some objective look at what the law is and what it has been as well as the reciprocity that Americans receive when visiting other countries. No person on earth has any “right” to visit another country, it is a privilege. The USA and every other country may deny a visa to any person for any reason. The USA and any other country may revoke any visa issued at any time for any reason. If you don’t like the laws in America get involved to change them. Individuals ignoring laws they don’t agree with is the easy way to chaos for those too lazy to do the hard work of revising or repealing laws. Call or write your congressional representative!

  121. I have read these posts with increasing sadness and apprehension. It might be a naive stance but I am alarmed by the vitriol and hatred expressed by many. As fellow travellers, could we please maintain some dignity and perspective in this debate. Whilst it is difficult to remove politics from this issue, we must respect those who hold a contrary opinion and attempt to reconcile our views on the grounds that we all seek to remain safe and civilised. And we all have the right to free travel unless there is compelling evidence to the contrary.

  122. After reading all comments here, I am more than ever convinced that the “United” States are no more, and a Civil War is just around the corner.

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