Royal Jordanian Gets Political With Latest Fare Sale

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Happy election day to those in the US!

Aeromexico has been having some fun with this election, and in particular with Donald Trump. In May they published an ad about borders, and in particular about the impact of building a wall. Then just last month they had a Donald Trump-themed fare sale, called “Bad Hombres, Great Deals.” They promised not to “leave [us] in suspense” with a “YUGE” fare sale.

Well, now another foreign carrier is capitalizing on the election, and this time it’s Royal Jordanian on their Facebook page. Specifically, they have a fare sales to the US:

Just in case he wins…

Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to!


  1. @Ben (not Lucky) – Over 5 million people in Mexico are unemployed, so that shouldn’t be a problem 😉

    But seriously, Mexico is high on my list, especially now that the Peso devalued big time. I’ve been to beach towns several times, and I’d love to see Mexico City. But man is it difficult to find cheap airfare, and I’m in Denver with a huge Mexican population.

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