Hilarious: Air Canada Gets Political, Encourages You To “Test Drive” Canada

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You’ve gotta love how our neighbors to the north and south are taking advantage of the US presidential election for their ads. A bit over a week ago I posted about the Aeromexico ad subtly taking aim at Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico. The ad feels more like a serious social justice campaign until the last few seconds, when it’s revealed that Aeromexico is behind the ad.

It’s not just our neighbors to the south which are taking aim at the current presidential election. Air Canada just released an ad which takes a more humorous approach towards it, engaging those who say they’ll move to Canada if they don’t like the outcome of the presidential election.

In this ad, Air Canada encourages you to “test drive Canada” before moving there. Of course you should fly Air Canada for your trip as well. Here’s the ad:

Here’s the inspiration for the ad, per AdWeek:

“The unprecedented interest in moving to Canada presented a powerful social context to make Air Canada more relevant to American travelers,” JWT creative director David Federico tells AdFreak. “Our challenge was to acknowledge where the tension was coming from, but avoid weighing into specific politics.”

“Following the California primary, conversation around ‘moving to Canada’ spiked once again,” notes JWT creative director Josh Budd. “In anticipation of this, we set ourselves up to write, shoot, edit and post live content in response to American tweets. We posted 29 real-time responses—to celebrities and average folks alike.”

This campaign from Air Canada goes beyond the above 30 second clip. They also have region specific ones, like this one targeted at New Yorkers who might like to visit Montreal:

They also did a great job responding to celebrities on Twitter who had mentioned the possibility of moving to Canada, encouraging them to “test drive” it as well:

Well played, Air Canada! Well played!

  1. Love these. Americans have become so incredibly paranoid at seemingly everything, they have to protect themselves from anything. The ridiculousness is laughable, because it’s so sad.

    And, Canada isn’t the only alternative for Americans seeking sanity elsewhere.

  2. @Kelly – Your point was great: Constructive, added a lot to the conversation, and really managed to generate a lively discussion. You also avoided stupid, bizarre, useless, judgmental generalizations based on your own personal biases; the way you avoid falling into the common trap of sarcastic, faux pity is laudable.

    Hopefully you’ll stick around and continue to add so much value to every single post here in the future. I know I speak for many when I say yours is an important voice here on Ben’s blog.

  3. @J Dee – Not really; it made me laugh, actually. As did you, so thanks for that. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I always like to ask “Why are you moving to Canada and not Mexico”?

    Liberals do backflips when trying to answer the question because anything they say always qualifies as “racist” by their own definition.

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