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On one hand vacationing in The Hague (or Den Haag, if you prefer) seemed kind of random to me at first. However:

  • I had some friends that recently visited and really enjoyed it
  • There’s a Starwood Luxury Collection property there which gets great reviews
  • It’s only a 30 minute train ride from Amsterdam Airport, so is a really easy side trip in conjunction with a visit to Amsterdam

In theory I love Starwood’s Luxury Collection properties. I love hotel points, elite status, and the consistency which hotel chains offer, however don’t really like the cookie cutter hotels. That’s the benefit of Starwood’s Luxury Collection, as they’re all unique properties. They make you feel like you’re not staying at a chain hotel in terms of the design, though you still get consistent elite benefits.

Anyway, Hotel Des Indes is a Category 5 Starwood property, making a free night redemption 12,000-16,000 points per night. Given that the paid rate was 180EUR per night for my three night stay, that seemed like the better value.

Upon landing  at Amsterdam Airport I took the train to Den Haag, which took about 30 minutes. From there it was a 15 minute walk to Hotel Des Indes.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag exterior

The hotel has such a unique, bright yellow exterior.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag exterior

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag exterior

They were doing some renovations on the hotel, so the right side of the hotel was covered in blue “sheets.”

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag exterior

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag entrance

While it perhaps felt slightly past its prime, the lobby was charming.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag lobby

There was a revolving door at the entrance, and then seating on both the left and right.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag lobby

On the right side was the small reception desk. As I arrived there were a couple of people in line, so it took about 10 minutes before I was invited to sit down for check-in formalities.

There was some confusion over SPG benefits at first, or maybe something was just lost in translation. I asked about the possibility of a Platinum upgrade, and the associate confirmed I would “already be receiving Platinum benefits, like late check-out, points, and a welcome amenity.” I pushed a bit further, and after the front office manager was called over, was eventually assigned an executive room on the first floor (what we refer to as the second floor on my side of the Atlantic). 😉

I was also given the option between full breakfast in the restaurant or a 500 Starpoint welcome amenity, and of course I chose the former.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag reception

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag lobby

There are a couple of sets of elevators depending on where your room is located. The elevator for my room was located to the left of reception.

Hotel Des Indes Den Haag lobby

The hotel was just so gorgeous in a kind of shabby chic way. On the first floor there was an atrium of sorts, with a “grand” staircase.

Hotel Des Indes atrium

Hotel Des Indes staircase

The hallways were also kind of quirky, with huge flowers painted on the walls.

Hotel Des Indes hallway

My room, 129, was located at the far end of the hallway on the right.

Hotel Des Indes hallway

Hotel Des Indes room entrance

There was a vase or candle holder or something with the room number on it, which I thought was pretty cool.

Hotel Des Indes room number

Hotel Des Indes floorplan

The room featured an entryway with blood red walls, old pictures, and coat hooks, and almost felt a bit spooky.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room entrance

Then to the right was the bathroom. The bedroom was directly forward. While the square footage wasn’t huge, the room had super-high ceilings, which I loved.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room entryway

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room entryway

I mean, is that a grand bed or what?

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Across from the bed was a desk with a (not especially ergonomic) chair, and across from that was a coffee table with two chairs.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Then on the wall closest to the entrance was a swiveling TV along with the minibar and coffee machine.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room minibar

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room coffee machine

The hotel really is integrated pretty nicely into the city, as my room overlooked some houses across a pedestrian walkway.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room view

They were doing renovations on the other side of my room, so the view was a bit obstructed there.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room view

The bathroom was impressive for a standard room, with a walk-in shower, tub, sink, and toilet.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room bathroom

The sink sure was “grand.”

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room bathroom

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room sink

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room tub

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room toilet

I loved that the hotel offered Molton Brown amenities, which are among my favorite.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room toiletries

The shower had excellent water pressure and temperature control, and I loved the “Hotel Des Indes” logo on the door of the shower.

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room shower

Hotel Des Indes Executive Room shower

In terms of in-room internet, it was complimentary for all guests and actually high speed, though you had to log in every four hours. That was a bit of a pain, but as long as it’s high speed you won’t hear me complaining too much.

I had breakfast each morning in the hotel’s restaurant, located on the ground floor inside the atrium.

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant

As a Platinum member I received complimentary buffet breakfast. Specialty coffee and juice was included, as were cooked to order eggs.

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast

The buffet was in a separate room, and reasonably good. It doesn’t compare to the top buffets in the Middle East or Asia, of course, but for Europe it was solid.

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

In terms of continental options, there were all kinds of bread, meat, cheese, fruit, cereal, yogurt, and smoothies.

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Then there was also a hot selection, which included pancakes, scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, meat, and potatoes.

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

Hotel Des Indes Restaurant breakfast buffet

It was a nice breakfast, and service was attentive and friendly.

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there was a nice spa, pool, and gym in the basement, which I wasn’t expecting in a hotel this old.

Hotel Des Indes gym entrance

The gym was small and had a limited amount of equipment, though I was alone each time I used it, and the equipment was at least modern.

Hotel Des Indes gym

Then there was a small pool as well. It wasn’t really big enough to swim in, but I was impressed there was one at all.

Hotel Des Indes pool

Hotel Des Indes pool

Hotel Des Indes pool

While I didn’t get a spa treatment, I did have a look at the menu and a treatment room.

Hotel Des Indes massage prices

Hotel Des Indes massage room

Hotel Des Indes Bottom Line

I really liked this hotel. It was slightly past its prime, but it was charming, quirky, and unique, which isn’t something you often find in chain hotels. I also thought it was better maintained than most Luxury Collection properties I’ve stayed at.

I would return in a heartbeat. Admittedly The Hague isn’t really much of a tourist destination. There’s tons of government stuff there, but I kind of felt like I was the only tourist. And I loved that, especially in comparison to Amsterdam which was way overcrowded. There are lots of museums, and even though I’m not really into them, I found plenty to do in my three days there. There are tons of street cafes, parks, and other attractions to check out.

  1. I was there a few weeks ago and I went with Hilton, no spa and no pool but the rooms were much better, I am not a fan of shabby chic. And Hilton was only 70 euros a night for a king room, upgraded to a studio which was awesome with a proper pantry.

  2. Next time you go to The Netherlands, choose Utrecht. It’s a cute city in the center of the country, with many museums, a great center and lovely views. I know I’m from the Utrecht area, but trying to be neutral. The Hague is great if you like governmental organizations, but that’s about it. You were close to the ‘Plein’ (simply means square) which is a nice area in The Hague.

  3. “what we refer to as the second floor on my side of the Atlantic”

    Not sure which side you consider yourself from…

  4. Ben, there are so very many charming towns/cities in the Netherlands to visit. So very much to do outside of Amsterdam! And so close and so easy to access via train, making day trips quite feasible if that works better for you.

  5. nice review, I’ve long been interested in trying this place on one of my trips to AMS so appreciate it. FYI – There were some disturbing reports on FT about award rooms being single occupancy only a while back

  6. Happy to see this review as I am planning to stay at this hotel in Jan 2015. I’ll have a few days to kill at the end of a 2 month trip and rather than pay Amsterdam prices I’ll be happy to retire here for a few days of R&R and get a few nights under my belt for requalification in 2015.

  7. Hi Lucky, I hope that you had a good time in “Den Haag”. It’s my home town and I live just around the corner of Hotel Des Indes. I just feel the need to respond to some of the comments about “Den Haag”. It’s just not thru that Den Haag is all about governmental organizations. There also plenty of things for tourists to visit. Let me start what makes “Den Haag” unique. It is the only major city in Holland by the sea so you can go to the beach at “Scheveningen” There you will also find the Kurhaus Hotel. Another unique hotel. Some other highlights of Den Haag are: Madurodam, all of Holland in miniature form, The Mauritshuis where you can see “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”, Panorama Mesdag, the biggest 360 painting of Holland, The Pease Palace, “De Passage”, the oldest shopping mall of Holland.

  8. This is my kind of hotel. A couple of observations: one can tell you’re from Florida: it’s a revolving door, not a rotating door. As for the bed: Dun de de dun!

  9. Hi Ben, I booked this property for a stay in mid-summer using Starwood Luxury Privileges. Rate was very decent given the perks.

    Do you remember about their turndown service? How was it?

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