Review: Grand Hyatt New York

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I recently spent about a week in New York, and for the first few nights decided to check out the Grand Hyatt New York.

I’m loyal to Hyatt and spend a fair number of nights per year in New York hotels, though have never been to the Grand Hyatt, which is the largest and oldest Hyatt property in New York. If I’m not mistaken the “Grand” Hyatt name even originated at this hotel, since it’s located next to “Grand” Central.

Hyatt’s growth in New York City over the past several years has been amazing, and I love the variety of properties they have, both in terms of location and style.

I love Andaz properties, so naturally am a fan of the Andaz 5th Avenue and Andaz Wall Street, both of which are top notch properties. Earlier in the year I also checked out the Hyatt Times Square and Hyatt Union Square, both of which are unique properties as well.

I never really had much of a desire to stay at the Grand Hyatt New York, which is a mega hotel with 1,300+ rooms. Still, during my recent visit to New York it was the most reasonably priced option at ~$250 per night, so I figured I might as well stay there so I can review it and check it off “the list.”

The Grand Hyatt is located on 42nd between Lexington and Park. So while I don’t love the immediate area, it is centrally located for anywhere in the city you could want to visit.

I arrived late at night after taking an Uber from LaGuardia Airport.

Grand Hyatt New York exterior

The hotel definitely feels “grand,” with high ceilings and big pillars throughout the lobby.

I took the escalator from street level to the lobby.

Grand Hyatt New York entrance

Grand Hyatt New York entrance

There’s plenty of seating in the lobby, plus a few check-in desks. While it wasn’t crowded when I checked in after midnight, during the day there were dozens of people sitting around with luggage, presumably waiting for their rooms to become available.

Grand Hyatt New York lobby at night

Grand Hyatt New York lobby during the day

There’s also a Grand Club reception area located right behind the front desk, which I didn’t learn about until I checked out. Given that queues tend to get long in the main check-in area, this is an awesome feature for Grand Club guests and Diamond members. It’s worth noting that it’s only open during normal business hours, though.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club check-in

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club check-in

Anyway, the agent that checked me in was awesome, and quickly familiarized me with the features of the hotel. She explained the benefits I’d receive for being a Diamond guest, including:

  • Complimentary internet
  • 4PM check-out
  • Access to the Grand Club
  • Welcome amenity (I selected 1,000 Gold Passport points)

On top of that, Diamond members receive vouchers for complimentary water or coffee from the Market, located right next to the lobby. That’s a nice touch, in my opinion.

Grand Hyatt Diamond water/coffee vouchers

Grand Hyatt New York Market

I was directed to the elevators, and it was explained to me that I needed to take one of the five right elevators. There are 10 elevators, and half of them serve the bottom floors, while the other half serve the top floors.

Grand Hyatt New York lobby

Grand Hyatt New York hallway

I was assigned room 2726, located on the 27th floor.

Grand Hyatt New York hallway

This seemed to be a “Gold Passport Guest Floor,” whatever that means.

Grand Hyatt New York Gold Passport floor

My corner room was located at the far end of the hallway, which was quite a walk. This is indeed a massive hotel.

Grand Hyatt New York room entrance

Grand Hyatt New York floorplan

I was immediately impressed upon entering the room. There was an entryway, with a closet to the left and the bathroom to the right.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room entrance

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room entryway

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room closet

The room itself was massive by New York standards, with a king size bed, seating area, and lots of “open” space. It was almost under furnished, which is something you rarely find at hotels.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room

While there wasn’t a formal desk, the couch area had a nice coffee table which could be moved around to create a comfortable area from which to work.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room

The TV was in the middle of the room, so could be viewed at an angle from the bed or couch area.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room

I was pleasantly surprised by the room up until this point. I still prefer the Andaz properties, but for a 1,300+ room hotel, this was more than I was expecting.

And then I saw the bathroom. I’ve had bigger bathrooms than this on airplanes.

The toilet was literally “wedged” between the sink and shower, to the point that it was almost unusable.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room bathroom

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room bathroom

The shower was also unpleasantly tight.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room shower

It featured June Jacobs amenities.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room toiletries

The room featured pretty standard midtown views — nothing amazing, but not bad either for the 27th floor of a hotel.

Grand Hyatt New York King Deluxe room view

One area of the hotel that impressed me was the Grand Club, which is located on the 16th floor.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club hours

The lounge was recently renovated, and it’s gorgeous. It features tons of seating and was never crowded. Beyond that, I loved the variety of seating options, from couches to tables to an outdoor patio.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club

I just love that they have an outdoor patio, which is tough to beat in New York in summer.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club patio

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club patio

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club patio

The Grand Club serves breakfast from 6:30AM till 10AM on weekdays. Fortunately coffee is available from 6AM till 10PM, so as far as I’m concerned breakfast is served 16 hours a day. šŸ˜‰

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club coffee machine

The breakfast spread was mostly continental, but quite good. It featured fresh fruit, croissants, muffins, salmon, cheese, cold cuts, bagels, toast, cereal, etc.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Then there was a fridge with greek yogurt, yogurt parfaits, and fruit.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

There was also one rotating hot dish, which, to be honest, looked vomit inducing.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club breakfast spread

Then throughout the day drinks were available, plus cookies, chocolate, and a few types of snack mix.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club daytime snacks

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club daytime snacks

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club fridge

The evening service was available from 5PM till 8PM. There’s an honor bar with alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club fridge

And then there was a decent snack spread, including bread, cheese, veggies, and one rotating hot option.

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club evening spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club evening spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club evening spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club evening spread

Grand Hyatt New York Grand Club evening spread

Grand Hyatt New York gym

The hotel also has a well equipped “pencil gym” (it was long and narrow), which I only had time to use once during my stay.

Grand Hyatt New York gym

Grand Hyatt New York gym

Grand Hyatt New York gym

Grand Hyatt New York gym

Grand Hyatt New York Bottom Line

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the Grand Hyatt New York. Minus the bathroom, I thought the room was quite nice. The Grand Club was really impressive as well.

That being said, the bathroom I had really pissed me off, to the point that it’s almost enough reason for me not to return here, even if the price is right.

My preferred properties in New York remain either of the two Andaz properties, though I might give this hotel another try at some point if the price is right and hope for a better bathroom layout.

Redeeming Points at Grand Hyatt New York

The Grand Hyatt New York is a category six property in the World of Hyatt Program, making it 25,000 points per night. If you want to redeem for a suite you can do so for 40,000 points per night.

You could Earn World of Hyatt Points in several ways, including:

Earn World of Hyatt Points

Given that the rate was ~$250 per night when I stayed, paying cash was definitely the best option. However, during high season this hotel sometimes goes for $400+ per night, in which case it can make more sense to use points. However, keep in mind that the Andaz 5th Avenue is also a Category 6 property, so if I were redeeming points I’d definitely choose the Andaz if both were available.

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  1. Good One Luckmeister
    Vomit inducing is what I would describe much of the breakfast offerings at the Grand Hyatt New York club
    and the hospitality isn’t much better.Proof that New York can be unfriendly
    There are some select items that are ok but its sad in one of the greatest cities in the world this property cant produce the quality it offered years ago
    Its a last resort property in the big city of New York and only recommended if cheap IMHO

  2. FYI, that is also the room you’ll get if you pay cash and use a Diamond Suite Upgrade.

  3. I stayed there a couple years ago right after the club was renovated. We had a similar room, and I agree that the room was nice while the bathroom was awful. I enjoyed the club quite a bit, but I would use a suite upgrade if I returned.

    Personally, I think the location of the Grand Hyatt might suit my interests better than the Andaz 5th.

  4. I stayed there once and would stay again if the price was right. The room was enormous. The bathroom was as you described but that didn’t bother me. Of the NYC Hyatts I prefer the location of the Union Square, since I enjoy that neighborhood.

  5. Anyone have suggestions about the best Hyatt property for seeing b’way shows? I don’t mind a little walking, but since I’m female and usually alone, prefer not to be in an “iffy” part of town.

  6. You say the club was “recently” renovated. What’s your definition of “recently?”

  7. @ mark — In the past couple of years, I believe (which I consider recent for a hotel as old as this one).

  8. Shower pressure? And, who wants to play contortionist when having to use the bathroom. That’s a big turn off!

  9. @Lucky – generally it’s location is referred to as being on 42″nd” Street, with its dancing feet and all. ; )-

  10. Even as a lowly Platinum I received two vouchers for free bottled water or a coffee from the marketplace. I thought it was a nice touch.

  11. @mhb

    The new Hyatt Times Square would be your best bet for on Broadway theatre (i.e. the big shows), which are all in the Times Square/Theatre District, but the Grand Hyatt, Andaz 5th, Hyatt Place and Hyatt 48 Lex are all relatively, walking distance, close (especially in the summer/fall when the weather is better).

  12. worst bathrooms. ever. the toilet in the first given room was so high, my foot didn’t touch the ground. and I’m 5’10”.

  13. Thanks, Adam! It’s always nice to have a lot of choices. I usually go in March, so the weather is a bit unpredictable.

  14. Last year I brought a service “flaw” to the attention of the GM. The Grand Lounge Manager had set a policy that the hot item at the breakfast service would be brought out exactly 30 minutes AFTER opening. As policy. No exceptions. I complained to the GM that if the hotel was going to open the GL at a specific hour, all breakfast options should be available at that time. After some back-and-forth, the policy was changed, and as of my last few visits, things seemed to have been rectified.

  15. Lucky-

    You guys must get paid for Hyatt Reviews correct? There have been about 2 a day now for a month. Do you mind sharing with your viewers what it is you get just for fun?

    Not complaining at all, just curious.

  16. @ antignos — Ethically and legally I’d have to disclose if I were getting compensated in any way. I’m not. I just live in hotels full time, so am writing reviews of the stays I’ve made. šŸ™‚

  17. For ~$250 a night I would have complained to management about that bathroom situation.

  18. Thanks Lucky! Just seems to be a Hyatt review a day lately. I’ve been following the hotel journey and would like to read more about it to be honest.

  19. @ Todd — this was not sute but a King Deluxe room so why would I get it using a DSU? Or were you just saying that a low-level suite also has a similarly awful bathroom?

    @ Lucky – the bathroom is absolutely terrible. Why can’t they just have a smaller room and a slightly bigger bathroom?

  20. Just stayed at this hotel, its in terrible shape. I have followed this blog for years and trusted its advice but due to this experience I am unfollowing this blog because this review does not represent this hotel properly.

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